17 home remedies for menstrual cramps, pain and heavy bleeding

home remedies for menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramp is a monthly worry for many women. Some pain and heavy bleeding during the period may be hidden signs of their health problems and disorders. Women can take pills to ease the pain. However, medicines probably are not safe to use in the long time. Ideally, women should apply natural tips and methods to deal with menstrual cramps. In this writing, I am going to show you basic information about menstrual cramps in women and the most useful and common home remedies for menstrual cramps, pain and heavy bleeding.

Top 17 Home Remedies For Menstrual Cramps, Pain & Heavy Bleeding

1. Banana


Evidence indicates that bananas can help reduce menstrual cramps. In addition, anti-cramping agents in bananas like vitamin B6 and potassium can help reduce water retention. Enjoy bananas as a snack, or mix it with plain yogurt, cereal or fruit salad. Just with a banana each day, you can ease your menstrual cramps and pain naturally. In addition, banana is high in calories so that this fruit can help you fell full for long hours. However, you should skip banana chips as this snack is packed with high fat and added sugar.

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2. Pineapple


Change your anti-period pain diet by eating pineapple daily. Within pineapple, this fruit contains bromelain, a great enzyme that helps relax body muscles and helps reduce menstrual cramps. Yet, be aware that bromelain in pineapple tastes not as good as the flesh. Similar to bananas, pineapples are high in calories and nutrients so that this fruit is ideal for you to consume daily and relieve stress during your period. Eat plain pineapple, or make pineapple smoothie, make pineapple juice or add it to your salad if you want.

3. Kale


Health and nutritional benefits of kale are very well-known today. Add to nutritional benefits of this dark green leafy vegetable is its rich-calcium property. Anecdotal evidence and modern scientific studies suggest that kale is beneficial in easing menstrual cramps as this important mineral.

Some experts claim that calcium’s function may be to alleviate pain related to menstruation. They show that mineral plays a great role in maintaining the muscle tone. Young kale leaves can be eaten as a raw food. So, add this vegetable to your salad for easing your menstrual cramps monthly.

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4. Spinach


Follow Popeye and eat spinach! It does not a slogan for ones who want to boost their strength immediately like Popeye, a famous Russian cartoon character. For women, this vegetable is beneficial, too. According to nutritionists, nutritional facts of spinach make it become a powerful home remedies for menstrual cramps. Concretely, vitamin B6, Magnesium and vitamin E in spinach can help fight off menstrual cramps if you eat this green leafy vegetable daily. This powerful vegetable is available in big supermarkets in different seasons in the year, so don’t skip it for treating your menstrual cramps naturally at home.

5. Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements

Beside consuming natural foods, you should take extra supplements such as multivitamin to maintain your adequate nutrition, enhance your immunity for beating period cramps. Vitamin A, magnesium, omega 6, vitamin D are essential nutrients that you should consider taking daily.

Vitamin A is high in beta-carotein, so it helps regulate estrogen levels in women.

Magnesium can aid in relaxing muscle tissue, hence it benefits women to reduce menstrual pain naturally.

Omega 6 assists women’s fertility by repairing their reproductive cell structures, decreasing inflammation and improving organ condition.

Vitamin D is proven to prevent menstrual cramps. As a report in the journal Health, a dose of 3 thousands IUV of this vitamin can drop pain by 41%.

6. Eliminating Dairy Products

Eliminating dairy products download

It is recommended that limiting dairy products can aid in eliminating painful period. In fact, there were a wide range of studies showing that menstrual cramp reduced in women who limited consuming excess dairy products. The reason is because dairy products can add more female hormones in period so that women get more painful menstrual cramps. If possible, you should choose organic dairy products or yogurt, as they are safer for you to consume daily and control your period pain.

7. Reduce Egg Yolk & Red Meat

Reduce egg yolk & red meat download

According to experts, you should limit egg yolk and red meat at almost 2 or 3 times per week. As egg yolk and red meat are rich in arachidonic acid. This acid is proven to raise cellular inflammation. Thus, women who are sensitive to arachidonic acid should not consume these foods much, especially before and at their periods. The inflammation, therefore, increases their menstrual cramps and pain. Instead, you can add more vegetables, fruits and water while doing light exercise to reverse the cellular inflammation.

8. Herbal Support

Herbal support

Beside foods to prevent menstrual pain, herbs are common home remedies for menstrual cramps, pain, blood clots and heavy bleeding. There is a variety of natural herbs can work for you to balance your hormones, boost your mood, ease the pain, stop heavy bleeding and so on.  Find some that are available in your living place such as ginger, tea. Keep reading the full list of home remedies for menstrual cramps below to get clear about these powerful herbs, their recipes and benefits.

9. Change Your Diets

Change your diets download

Be sure that you get enough Omega-3 and limit polyunsaturated fats in excess amounts. Many women report their improvement thanks to Paleo diets. In addition, limit the intake of added sugar, salty foods, caffeine, inflammatory foods and cold foods. Also, eat enough good fats such as coconut oil and avocados. Plus, stay away from ingredients that unbalance estrogen in women such as soy bean. Next, limit consuming refined carbohydrates while stick to some whole grains such as millet, oats, brown rice and quinoa. Moreover, you should eat 3 servings of whole grains a day.

Avoid sugary and processed foods, too. Consider choosing the limited amounts of agave and honey. Select Stevia as an alternative sweetener if possible.

10. Exercise


Women need to do exercise during their period to stay motivated and relieve inflammation. However, women should do only light exercise and stretches for preventing heavy bleeding and heavy pain. According to scientists, by doing exercise in the period, women can release endorphins that reduce their cramps and counteract prostaglandins. You can exercise 3 to 4 times a week for your overall health. If possible, exercise gradually through month to prevent your painful menstrual cramps for good.

11. Apply Heat

Apply heat

Apply heat can instantly ease your menstrual cramps and pain. As the heat helps relax contracting muscles in the uterus that mainly cause the period pain. There are different heating pads and patches for you to choose such as Bengay, ThermaCare, reusable or electric ones. Buy one in case you are prone to suffer from menstrual pain, especially at night. Normally, applying plastic bottle with warm water on your abdomen can help ease that affected area effectively, too.

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12. Drink Chamomile Tea

Drink chamomile tea download

Chamomile tea is a powerful fragrant tea that aids in reducing inflammation, prostaglandin production, so it helps women relieve menstrual cramps effectively.

You can seek for chamomile tea in your local supermarkets. Remember to drink the hot tea to get the best effects of the menstrual pain reduction. In fact, by drinking hot chamomile tea, you are applying the heat near your abdomen to ease your painful menstrual cramps. Beside chamomile tea, you can use other herbs and make your own teas to treat your menstrual cramps such as ginger or peppermint. Read more details about these herbs in the next parts of the home remedies for menstrual cramps article.

13. Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon is a powerful herb that contains antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, so it is useful to improve menstrual cramp condition in women. You can use cinnamon powder or cinnamon tea. To make cinnamon tea, boil it into water pot for 10 minutes and drink it when hot. Add a little honey or sugar to sweeten the tea, if you want. With cinnamon powder, take about a teaspoon of the powder, place it in your cup, add hot water there and stir the mixture well. Then, drink immediately.

14. Ginger


As I mentioned above, ginger can work to eliminate menstrual cramps like chamomile and cinnamon. It helps lower prostaglandins, a factor causing pain while helping you improve your better mood. Also, ginger helps calm the stomach as well as soothe the period cramps. You can make use of ginger in different ways. For instance, drinking ginger tea, drinking fresh ginger slices, or adding ginger to foods as a herb or drinking ginger powder.

15. Peppermint 


Next to useful home remedies for menstrual cramps, peppermint is one of the well-known treatments for the menstrual cramps, too. It aids in relaxing your muscles, increasing your appetite and healing the cramps. There are different ways to consume peppermint. For instance, you can drink peppermint powder, drink peppermint tea or massage your skin with peppermint oil. In another way, you can suck peppermint candies to get relaxed during your period or twice a day.

16. Acupuncture


Beside powerful herbs to ease menstrual cramps in women, you can apply acupuncture. This traditional Chinese cure can work to relieve your painful menstrual cramps in the long term. Acupuncture works by stimulating some certain points in your body to change the health condition. This method can help improve different health problems at the same time. So, your menstrual cramps will be cured as a result of the powerful healing technique.

17. Reduce Stress

Reduce stress download

Stress may cause progesterone and make you suffer from more serious menstrual cramps and pain. By controlling your mood and getting rid of stress, your progesterone will drop. So, minimize the exposure to stress. When you can reduce your bad mood and stress, both physiological and emotional, you will be able to improve your hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) acid that causes the progesterone levels up.

I’ve shown you totally top 17 home remedies for menstrual cramps, pain and heavy bleeding. Hope that you can make use of all these simple yet effective remedies to eliminate this health condition soon. Comment on these home remedies for menstrual cramps if you want to show your own idea. Read more home health article on Vkool and support our site.

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