List Of The Signs And Symptoms Of STDs

symptoms of stds in men

If you have sex with your partner, whether in anal, oral or vaginal intercourse as well as genital touching, you can get sexually transmitted diseases or also called STDs. Gay or straight, single or married, you are all vulnerable to STDs and their symptoms. Hoping your partner has no STD is not a good way to protect you, you need to surely know.

List Of Signs And Symptoms Of STDs – Top 14 Types of STDs

Well, I will reveal some of the common signs and symptoms of STDs in details. So, if you are concerning about sexual health and common symptoms of STDs that you and your partner can experience at least once in your lives, pay your greater attention to this article and then go to see a doctor for a medical help as soon as possible.

Here are some common signs and symptoms that you should remember and then try to make a test on sexual health soon.

I. How To Identify Infection

The symptoms of STDs are not always obvious. So, in case you suspect that you have STD symptoms or are exposed to an STD, visit a doctor right away. Some STDs symptoms are easy to treat while others need more medical help to manage them. If diagnosed with an STD, get treated. If untreated, STDs can increase the risk of getting another STD. This is because an STD can boost an immune response in your genital area or lead to sores.

According to a study [1], STDs often have no obvious symptoms and you can pass these infections to your partner. So, it is advised to use the condom during sex and visit a doctor regularly, so you can identify and then cure an infection before you pass it on. Some diseases can be transmitted without having sexual contact, by having contact with the blood of an infected person while others can only be transmitted via sexual contact.

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II. Types Of STDs And Their Common Symptoms

1. Symptoms Of STDs – Gonorrhea

symptoms of stds - gonorrhea

Here are some of the common symptoms of STDs that I want to mention in this entire article and want you and my other readers to know and then find a solution soon.

According to a research [2], gonorrhea is a bacterial infection occurring in the genital tract. Also, it can occur in the throat, mouth, eyes, and anus. The first symptom of gonorrhea often occurs within 10 days after exposure. Nonetheless, a few people can be infected for months before symptoms occur.
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Some symptoms of gonorrhea may be:

  • Thick bloody or cloudy discharge from the vagina or penis
  • Bleeding between periods or heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Burning sensation or pain when urinating
  • Swollen and painful testicles
  • Anal itching
  • Fever, tiredness, sore throat, pinkeye
  • Painful bowel movements

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2. Chlamydia

It is also a bacterial infection occurring in the genital tract. According to a research about the facts on chlamydia [3], you may find it difficult to detect as the early stage of this infection often leads to few or even no symptoms. It often takes you 1-3 weeks to show its symptoms after your exposure to chlamydia. Even, when symptoms occur, they are mild, so you should overlook them. In fact, this is also among the most common symptoms of STDs that people should not look down!

Some common symptoms of chlamydia may include:

  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Discharge from the penis in men and vagina in women
  • Painful urination
  • Pain during sexual contact
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Testicular pain in men

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3. Symptoms Of STDs – Trichomoniasis

It is a common STD caused by an one-celled parasite named Trichomonas vaginalis. And this organism will spread during sexual contact with an infected person.
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The organism often infects the men’s urinary tract, but often shows no signs and symptoms. On the other hand, this infection often infects women’s vagina. When its symptoms occur, they may be present within 5-28 days after exposure and they may range from mild to severe irritation and inflammation.

Some signs and symptoms of trichomoniasis may be:

  • White, yellowish or greenish vaginal discharge
  • Strong vaginal odor
  • Discharge from the penis in men
  • Vaginal irritation or itching
  • Irritation or itching inside the penis
  • Painful urination, painful ejaculation
  • Discomfort during coitus
  • Pain during sexual contact
  • Lower abdominal pain

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4. Vaginal Yeast

When it comes to symptoms of STDs, you should not skip out those of vaginal yeast. Due to the overgrowth of the fungus called Candida, this infection can spread through unprotected sexual intercourse. Some signs and symptoms of this infection are:

  • Vaginal burning, itching
  • Vaginal discharge in small or large amounts
  • Rash, soreness
  • Pain during sexual contact

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5. Symptoms Of STDs – HIV

symptoms of stds - hiv

HIV is an infection caused by the human immunodeficiency virus. According to a research about HIV infection and cancer risk [4], this disease interferes with the ability of the body to fight against viruses, fungi, and bacteria that lead to illnesses and even AIDS and cancers, which are life-threatening diseases.

When a patient is infected with HIV, he or she may find no symptoms at first. Some people grow a flu-like illness, often 2-6 weeks after they are infected. The only way to help you know whether or not you have HIV is to make a test.
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The early symptoms of HIV often disappear within 1-4 weeks and are often mistaken for symptoms of other viral infections. Some early signs and symptoms of HIV may be:

  • Headache, fever, sore throat
  • Swollen lymph glands
  • Fatigue, rash

More severe symptoms of HIV may not occur for 10 years or even more after the first infection. As the virus continues multiplying and destroying the immune cells, you may have some mild infections or chronic symptoms such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Fever
  • Weight loss
  • Cough and breath shortness

Some signs and symptoms of HIV infection in the late stage are:

  • Soaking night sweats
  • Persistent and unexplained fatigue
  • Chills or fever for a few weeks
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Swelling of lymph nodes for over 3 months
  • Persistent headaches
  • Unusual infections

6. HPV

HPV is a group of many different viruses. It sometimes has no symptom, Some signs and symptoms of HPV are:

  • Warts occur on thighs, penis, groin, anus, and scrotum in men
  • Warts occur in the vaginal area and the cervix

They are actually some common signs and symptoms of STDs that you should not ignore, especially if you are suspecting that you get HPV infection.

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7. Symptoms Of STDs – Vaginosis

Some signs and symptoms of vaginosis that you should not ignore, yet visit a doctor for an immediate treatment include:

  • Vaginal discharge of white and grayish color
  • Fishy smell after sexual contact.

There are some other common symptoms of STDs in this article. So, you should not stop right now, yet continue reading this entire article to discover them and then go to see a doctor soon.

8. Chancroid

Chancroid is also one of the common types of STDs. Some signs and symptoms of this infection are:

  • Red bumps and ulcers in genital areas
  • Bleeding ulcers
  • Pain during urination
  • Pain during coitus
  • Swollen lymph nodes.

Actually, they are actually some common symptoms of STDs in general and in Chancroid in particular. So, you should not look down any of these symptoms, but find the ways to deal with them soon.

9. Crabs

Many people are diagnosed to have crabs and to know more about this infection, you should know some signs and symptoms of crabs. These symptoms of STDs are:

  • Intense itching in the anal and genital areas
  • Mild fever, tiredness, and stress
  • Sense of irritation
  • Small lice and egg sacks on pubic hair.

10. Symptoms Of STDs – Hepatitis

symptoms of stds - hepatitis

Hepatitis is a liver disease caused by some different viruses and it can be transmitted via sexual intercourse. Some signs and symptoms of hepatitis include:

  • Dark urine, pale-colored stool
  • Loss of appetite, fatigue
  • Symptoms of flu
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Yellow skin and eyes

Continue reading this entire article to discover other symptoms of STDs and then try to find proper treatments to deal with these symptoms. Also, if you want to get more information about men’s sexual health, visit our page regularly!

11. Herpes

Many patients do not know that they get the virus as they do not see any symptoms. Some signs and symptoms of herpes you may experience:

  • Ulcers, scabs, itching, and pain in urethra
  • Sore on penis, thighs, scrotum, anus, mouth, and buttocks in men
  • Sore development in the cervix, vaginal area, external genitals, anus, mouth, and on buttocks.

These are also among the most common symptoms of STDs you should never look down!

12. Scabies

Patients with scabies can experience some common symptoms. Some of them are:

  • Intense itching at night
  • Little bumps and open sores due to scratching

In fact, scabies is one of the common types of STDs. So, after discovering symptoms of this sexual condition, you can detect it and then deal with them soon.

13. Symptoms Of STDs – Syphilis

The symptoms of syphilis [5] vary, depending on its stage. Also, they may not occur in a specific order, so some patients may not identify this disease for years.

  • Primary stage: small sores
  • Secondary stage: rash, fever, pain in joints and muscles, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes
  • Latent stage: some people may not experience any signs and symptoms unless it continues to develop to another stage.
  • Tertiary stage: damage of heart, nerves, brain, blood vessels, joints, and bones

14. Symptoms Of STDs – Molluscum Contagiosum

This is another type of STDs that many people in the world can suffer from. The signs and symptoms of STDs that this condition brings about are the occurrence of small bumps on the skin.
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So, if you see abnormal bumps on the skin, especially around the penis or vagina, you should go to see a doctor for medical help.

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So, if you are concerned about natural ways to treat this infection at the comfort of the home without needing to worry about side effects, you should spend time reading this recommended article right now and then try to apply one or more of these remedies for good.

If you think that this article today is helpful and can help other people you know who are suspecting whether or not they are suffering from STDs, feel free to share this list with them right now. And then, if they see these symptoms as I mentioned above, try to stimulate them to visit a doctor as soon as possible. One more thing, if you know other signs and symptoms of STDs, remember to share these symptoms you know with other readers by leaving your comments and feedbacks in the comment section below.

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