How to do Kegels for women correctly and cautions

how to do kegels for women

Kegels can help people control or prevent urinary incontinence and pelvic floor problems. You can practice Kegel exercises that are also called pelvic floor muscle exercises, discreetly anytime.

Start by learning what this type of exercise can benefit you — then follow instructions for relaxing and contracting your pelvic floor muscles.

There are different Kegel exercises for both men and women. In this article on site VKool we focus on showing information about Kegel exercises for women, the benefits of Kegel exercises for women, top 13 Kegel exercises for women and some cautions.

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How To Do Kegels For Women Correctly With Cautions

I. Who Will Benefit From Kegels?

how to do kegels for women

Kegel exercises can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which support the rectum, bladder, uterus and vagina. Kegels are especially useful for groups of women below:

1. Pregmant & Post-Partum Women

how to do kegels for women

Women who just had babies or who are pregnant should do Kegel exercises. For more details, these exercises can help tone loose the vaginal muscle in post-partum women and prevent the urine leakage in pregnant women.

2. Women With Urinary Incontinence

how to do kegels for women

Urinary incontinence is a lost of the bladder control. Women can get different type of the urinary incontinence, particularly in post-partum women. By doing Kegels, they can improve their incontinence significantly.

3. Women With The High Risk Of Prolapsed Uterus

how to do kegels for women

It is recommended that women with the high risk of prolapsed uterus should do Kegel exercises. Prolapsed uterus is a condition that occurs when one’s uterus starts slipping down from its usual place in the body through cervix and into vagina. The prolapsed uterus often occurs in women with weak pelvic floor muscles. Especially, women delivering their children vaginally, plus postmenopausal women both are at in the high risk of forming the uterine prolapse.

4. Women With Jobs Requiring Heavy Lifting

how to do kegels for women

For women, whose job requires heavy lifting such as manufacturing and delivery, they should do Kegel exercises as the straining and lifting can lead to be prolapsed.

5. Women Who Want To Get Pregnant

how to do kegels for women

As you age, your muscles tend to be weaker, loose tone and your vaginal muscles aren’t exempt. Yet, good news is that you can minimize these conditions and improve your sexual health with a regular Kegel exercise routine.

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II. Benefits Of Kegel Exercises For Women

how to do kegels for women

Before learning how to do Kegels for women, get clear about benefits of Kegel exercises for women.

Many causes can make the pelvic floor muscles weakened such as being overweight, aging, surgery, childbirth and pregnancy.

You can benefit from Kegel exercises when you:

  • Leak stool or fecal incontinence
  • Have a sudden urge to the urinate or release a large amount of your urine (also urinary incontinence)
  • Leak several drops of urine while you coughing, laughing or sneezing

Kegels can be done after childbirth or during pregnancy to prevent the urinary incontinence. Kegels along with sex therapy and counseling may also be beneficial for women with persistent difficulty to reach an orgasm.

Remember that Kegels are less helpful for those who suffer from severe or serious urine leakage when sneezing, coughing or laughing. In addition, Kegels may not be helpful for those, who leak a small amount of their urine unexpectedly because of a full bladder (or overflow incontinence).

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III. Basic Steps To Do Kegel Exercises For Women

When it comes to how to do Kegels for women, you firstly need to know how to identify the pelvic floor muscles in women, contract as well as relax them.

1. Find Pelvic Floor Muscles

how to do kegels for women

When you’re going to do Kegel exercises, find the right set of your pelvic floor muscles. It may be tricky for beginners to identify these muscle groups. A way to find them correctly is to place your clean finger inside the vagina and tighten the vaginal muscles around the finger.

Also, you can locate your pelvic floor muscles by stopping your urine mid-flow. The muscles that use for that action are actually pelvic floor muscles. Besides, get clear about how it feels when contracting and relaxing.

Nevertheless, you should practice this way to learn only purposes. It will be not good to start or stop the urine regularly and frequently if you perform Kegels while having a full bladder. The incomplete emptying of your bladder may raise higher risk for urinary tract infections.

Meet your gynecologist and take with him if you are not sure that you couldn’t found the right muscles. He may instruct you to use an object – a vaginal cone to insert it into your vagina. You will use the pelvic floor muscles to keep that vaginal cone in place.

In addition, bio-feedback training may also be helpful in assisting to identify and isolate the pelvic floor muscles. In the procedure, your doctor inserts a small probe into the vagina (or put adhesive electrodes outside the anus or vagina. The doctor will ask you to do a certain Kegel exercise. A monitor at that time will show if you could contract the correct muscles or not and the time you could hold a contraction.

In short, Kegel exercises are be performed by squeezing the pelvic floor muscles and holding for a short period of time. The key to do these exercises correctly is to isolate your pelvic floor muscles as well as use them alone. It is very easy to squeeze muscles in your abdomen and buttocks at the same time. Hence, pay attention to the body and be sure you are working your right muscles.

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2. Start Slow & Build Up

how to do kegels for women

Next to ways on how to do Kegels for women, pay attention to this basic one.

If you are beginners to Kegel exercises, perform each step slowly. Squeeze the pelvic floor muscles and hold them for 2 to 4 seconds, then loose the muscle and relax. Repeat about 5 -10 times. Since this type of workout for sex gets easy, women can hold their pelvic floor for longer time and increase the repetitions.

3. Perfect Your Technique

how to do kegels for women

When you could identify your pelvic floor muscles, get started by emptying your bladder, then lie on the back. Tighten the pelvic floor muscles, hold a contraction for about 5 seconds, then relax for the next 5 seconds. Try 4 or 5 times in a row. Next, work up to keep your pelvic floor muscles that are contracted for about 10 seconds at a time, then relax for about 10 seconds between the contractions.

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4. Maintain Your Focus

how to do kegels for women

To get the best results, women should focus on tightening their pelvic floor muscles only. Avoid flexing the muscles in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Also, be careful when holding the breath. In the right way, you should breathe during the exercise performance freely.

5. Repeat 3 Times Per Day

how to do kegels for women

When it comes to ways on how to do Kegels for women, remember to practice these exercises regularly.

Aim to do at least 3 sets of ten repetitions per day. Avoid making a habit of doing Kegel exercises by starting and stopping the urine stream. In addition, you should know that practicing Kegels while emptying the bladder may weaken the pelvic floor muscles, lead to the incomplete emptying of bladder and increase higher risk of urinary tract infections.

Do Kegel exercises regularly. When you have the techniques down, you will do these Kegel exercises any place and any time that you like. For example, you can do 1 set each time you sit on the chair to check e-mails, or when your are stuck in traffic or you are waiting for a bus.

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IV. 12 Kegel Exercises For Women

Here come top 12 exercises on how to do Kegels for women that you should know.

1. The Pelvic Tilt

how to do kegels for women

Do this exercise by releasing your hips to open up the pelvic area and increase the blood flow to the V-zone. Try this as a part of your warm-up. While you are standing, tilt the pelvis forward, and then backward. When thrusting forward, contract your glutes and your abs, then breathe out. Release and breath in when you tilt back. Do 8 reps, followed by 8 fast reps.

2. The Hipster

how to do kegels for women

In this exercise, perform the same move as the pelvic tilt, yet pop the hips from side to side, instead of doing straight forward & back. Do 8 times slowly and then faster.

3. The Serpent

how to do kegels for women

Next to instructions on how to do Kegels for women, try The Serpent.

To do this exercise, roll the hips in 1 direction 8 times, then switch directions for 8 repetitions. Be sure that your lower abdominals and butt muscles are engaged the whole time.

4. The Classic Kegel

how to do kegels for women

Start by contracting and releasing your PC muscles 4 to 8 times, then engage them. Next, hold for several seconds before you release. Be sure that you are not squeezing the glutes. It does not matter you are standing, laying down or sitting. Even, you can get this Kegel exercise any time you are brushing your teeth, or you are hitting the brake when driving.

5. The Push

how to do kegels for women

Among ways on how to do Kegels for women, The Push is easy to follow. This is actually a classic Kegel exercise. But, instead of releasing the PC muscles when exhaling, you push out forcefully.

This exercise is so simply, do it anytime you are free at home or at work.

6. The Bridge

how to do kegels for women

Start by lying flat on the back with the knees bent, the feet flatting on the floor hip-width, and the arms straight down at the sides. Next, lift your pelvis by keeping the glutes relaxed and contracting the PC muscles. With the PCs still engaged, you have to lift and lower the bent legs off the floor. This move is as if you were marching: first your left leg, then your right leg. When you have lifted each foot for 5 times, release the PCs and lower to the floor. Do 3 sets.

7. Side Leg Lift

how to do kegels for women

Have you tried the Side Leg Lift exercise among different ways on how to do Kegels for women? Start by lying on the left side, with the left knee slightly bent, the right leg extended, straight out, heel flexed. Next, raise the right leg up and down for 5 times when you lift; and contract the PCs. Then, move the right leg so that it is in front of the left leg. Next, lift and lower 5 times. Do it again with the right leg positioned behind the left leg. Do 3 sets, and then switch sides.

8. The Butterfly

how to do kegels for women

Start by lying on the back with the knees bent & drawn in toward the chest. Next, open the bent legs out as far as they can go. Breathe in, contract the PC muscles, then tilt the pelvis forward slightly. Then, release the PCs when you return the legs to center. Do 3 sets of 5 reps.

9. The Breath Of Fire

how to do kegels for women

Next to ways on how to do Kegels for women, try The Breath Of Fire.

Start by sitting in a cross-legged position with the spine straight and the hands on the knees. Close the eyes, contract the PCs, and take about 15 short – fast inhales & exhales through the nose. Relax & breathe normally.

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10. The Pleasure Beads

how to do kegels for women

Puts 2 little balls inside to do pleasure beads, and this is also a Kegel exercise. Insert them, then try to lift the beads up by using your pelvic muscles. Try to hold for 2 to 10 seconds. Next, release – relax and do it again. Alternately, leave them inside you for about 30 minutes when you are cleaning up your house, walking the dog or whatever your PC muscles contract around them naturally.

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11. The Goddess

how to do kegels for women

Lie on the ground, bend the knees out to side while touching the heels together. Next, grab the feet, pull them toward the chest, the heels are still touching, the knees are still wide. Try to hold for about 20. Then, you will feel a good stretch through your inner hips and thighs.

12. The Wild Child

how to do kegels for women

Last but not least in different Kegel exercises for women, try getting into the child’s pose like a yoga pose), yet with the knees far apart. Try to hold for about 20 seconds. This exercise is simple but effective for women. Do it anytime you are free and want to chill out on bed.

V. 6 Common Mistakes, Tips & Cautions To Improve

how to do kegels for women

While doing Kegel exercises, you may have some mistakes that give you back pain and pain in the abdomen. So, how to do Kegels for women correctly? Check out the 6 following common mistakes and some cautions to improve.

Keep in mind that when you contract the pelvic floor muscles, muscles in your sides, buttocks, back and abdomen should remain loose.

Moreover, don’t overdo the Kegel exercises. If your pelvic floor muscles work too hard, they may become tired as well as unable to fulfill the necessary functions.

Kegels are considered the most important workouts that women can practice to protect their health at any age.  These exercises help strengthen and tone their pelvic floor muscles that are responsible for assisting the bowel, bladder, uterus and aiding women maintaining the control over their bowel movements and urination.

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Kegel exercises are also helpful to a healthy childbirth, post-partum recovery and pregnancy. That is a big job for 1 set of muscles! Nevertheless, many women do not get full benefits of Kegel exercises as they do not know how to do Kegels for women correctly.

A research indicates that about 50% women are not able to finish a Kegel contraction correctly by using verbal or written or instructions alone. Hence, to help women get the most benefits of common Kegel exercises, we have created a complete list of the 8 most common mistakes while doing Kegels for women and effective solutions to help women avoid them.

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1. Using Wrong Muscles

how to do kegels for women

Always remember that correct Kegel exercise performance don’t involve tensing the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Instead of that, you’d better stay in a comfortable position, which let you isolate as well as contract your pelvic floor – motions of squeezing & lifting the vagina, anus, and urethra, and the rest of body must be relaxed.

In addition, take time to get clear how to do Kegels for women correctly before starting your workout. There are a lot of resources on how to do Kegels for women, and you can even meet a gynecologist and he or she will help you at an appointment. Do not be embarrassed as Kegel exercise are really important and good for women as a part of physical health care and your gynecologist should be happy to instruct you.

2. Incorrect Form

how to do kegels for women

Another mistake when doing Kegels for women is to strain or bear down the pelvic floor that is like having a bowel movement. Actually, this is incorrect, even it can increase the abdominal pressure and high risks that damage the pelvic floor muscles, the opposite of benefits of Kegel exercise. Be sure that you are contracting inwards & upwards. It should feel the same to a sensation of stopping the urination mid-stream as well as holding in gas.

3. No Variety

how to do kegels for women

The pelvic floor muscles are made up of two different muscle fibers types: slow-twitch and fast-twitch. The fast-twitch fibers can allow the muscles to react to the increase in pressure quickly – as if you sneeze or cough while the slow-twitch fibers support your pelvic organs in the long term. Unsurprisingly, the different types between these fibers require different types of workouts. To strengthen the entire pelvic floor and get the most benefits of every pelvic floor exercise, your routine needs to consist of the strong contractions and quick contraction (release exercises) held for a long count.

4. Following Wrong Routine

how to do kegels for women

Next to exercising the 2 different muscle types, it is also important for you to follow an exercise routine with the right contractions for your own strength-level during sessions. Ideally, your routine can increase difficulty levels when your strength and health improve. However, it may be hard for you to know when it will happen. Besides, performing few contractions will not be really effective. Similarly, over doing may cause your fatigue. In short, by following a right Kegel workout routine with the right contractions will help you improve your condition much more rapidly. Plus, it is important to realize how you feel while following the routine. In general, the right performance of Kegel exercises will not cause pain. If you have some pain while doing or after doing your Kegel exercises, meet your doctor to find the causes. If they are associated with your wrong routine, adjust your techniques and do steps correctly.

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5. Not Measuring Progress

how to do kegels for women

It is also vital to measure your results in any type of workout. Those who can see their improvement in the form of increased muscle tone or weight loss are motivated to keep doing. That may be important when you strengthen your pelvic floor; as you cannot see your muscle tone exactly improving when you do Kegel exercise.  Using a correct Kegel weight routine that you can progress from 1 weight level to the next one for seeing improvements over time.

6. Forgetting To Relax

how to do kegels for women

Do you know that contracting the pelvic floor muscles can help control your muscles and build your strength fast? However, relaxation of these muscles is only as important. Also, not releasing the contractions completely can over-tighten and overwork these muscles, leading to your discomfort and pelvic pain. Learning to relax these muscles hence will be helpful for women during childbirth. That makes it easier for babies to move throughout the birth canal as well as lessen chance of the vaginal tearing.  Be sure you are releasing completely after each squeeze for effective session as possible.

I’ve shown you basic information about Kegels for women, top 12 Kegel exercises and the 6 mistakes and solutions on how to do Kegels for women correctly. Comment on the article or share it with other women!

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