How To Meditate Properly And Deeply For Beginners At Home

how to meditate properly

Do you know that by spending just a little time of preparing for the meditation, you will be able to actually have a deeper experience in meditation? Meditation is the art of focusing 100% of the attention in one area. The practice comes with a myriad of well-publicized health benefits including decreased anxiety, increased concentration, and a general feeling of happiness. When you practice meditation regularly, then it also means that you are following a natural mental growth strategy that can help you develop your overall “health”.  If you are a newbie in meditation field, then this article will provide you with 17 critical tips on how to meditate properly in order to help you get the best meditation results. The followings are very simple tips that you can learn in five minutes.

How To Meditate Properly – 17 Essential Tips For Beginners

1. Choose The Right Time And Place

Meditation will be entirely relaxation time if you choose the convenient time for doing this; therefore, it should be done when you are totally free and comfortable. So, it should be done entirely at your convenience. You had better choose the time that you are sure that you will not be disturbed by others and you really feel that moment and enjoy with your whole mind and body.

Times that are especially good for meditation are early in the morning or the nature transitions between day and night – the hours of sunrise and sunset are actually suitable for the meditationpractice. Also, a quiet with peaceful surroundings could make the meditation practice more relaxing and enjoyable. To establish consistency, meditate at the same time and in the same place every day. Just try it!

how to meditate properly at home

2.  Wear Comfortable Clothes 

One of the major goals of meditation is to calm the mind and block out external factors – however, this can be difficult if you feel physically uncomfortable due to tight or restrictive clothing. Try to wear loose clothing during meditation practice and make sure to remove your shoes.

3. Commit For The Long Haul

When you begin with the clear idea in your mind that the greatest benefits from meditation will accumulate with time, and see it as an ongoing process, you are less likely to give up in frustration. Meditation requires consistency, being there whether you want to or not. You will have days when you just do not feel like it, but that is precisely the time you should get on the cushion to observe and work with your resistance.

If you want to learn more tips on how to meditate properly, you can check the book of natural deep meditation tips and the e-guide of christian meditation quick steps

4. Do Physical Warm Ups Before Meditation

how to meditate properly video

Many people use warm up exercises before meditating and it is a good idea. By this way, you can prepare your body and your mind for meditating consistently and effectively. This is considered as the fundamental tip in hundreds of tips on how to meditate properly that every meditator should know.

5. Sit Straightly But Comfortably

The posture also affects the result of meditation, too. Make sure you are comfortable, relaxed, and steady. Sit upright with a straight spine; keep the shoulders and the neck at the relaxing position. At first it seems like a lot of effort when trying to relax, but keeping your back straight actually places less stress on your spine, which will be more comfortable over the duration of your meditation. If you are slumped your mind will drift. Your mind and your body are intertwined. If your body is well-balanced, obviously, your mind will also be in balance. To straighten up, imagine that your head is touching the sky. Then, place your feet flat on the floor, your arms and palms turned upward, at the joint between your thighs and torso.

However, if you prefer movement meditation such as Tai Chi, then you will obviously be standing.
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And, if you would like to sit in a kneeling position, it is possible to use a meditation bench that can help to keep your back straight and take the pressure off your legs.

6. Do not Stress About It

This may be the most important tip for beginners, and the hardest to implement. Many people in beginning meditation become anxious about whether they are doing it right or not, or whether something they experience should be happening or not. However, it is totally not good for those beginners who have just started meditating if they concern too much about the results. You will see improvements steadily but the results it brings will be great that you might not think of.

You can discover some tips on how to relax effectively and naturally with music tips for relaxation and tips on eliminating fatigue.

7. Set The Mood

how to meditate properly youtube

Set the mood for your first meditation. A scented candle, a bouquet of flowers or something else pleasing to you are great little touches to enhance your first meditation. If you have a little extra in the bank why not invest in a meditation robe? This loose fitting garment will only enhance your comfort whilst meditating.

8. Do It With A Empty Stomach

how to meditate properly wikihowYou should practice meditation when your stomach is relatively empty. It means that the ood time for mediating is before a meal.
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This recommendation is explained that after eating, you may doze off while meditating. However, also do not meditate when you are extremely hungry. Because you will keep thinking about your empty stomach as well as food the whole meditating time and do not totally focus on meditating! It is the best if you can wait two hours after a full meal or an hour after a snack or a caffeine drink before meditating, as the digestive system can be very distracting.

9. Take A Deep Breath

It is a simple preparation for an easy meditation. Paying attention to the breath is a great way to anchor yourself in the present moment. You do not need to regulate the breath – just let it be natural. Do not force the breath but help it be long and steady. Nevertheless, if possible, inhale slowly, counting to eight. Hold the breath for eight more counts, and then exhale slowly to the same count. Without pausing, inhale again — hold — exhale, each to the count of eight. This also helps to steady the rhythm of the breath and leads the mind to a peaceful meditative state.

10. Associate With Spiritual People

One of the greatest supports through the ups and downs of your spiritual growth is time spent with others who are treading the path of meditation. Weekly group meditations are a must for the serious meditators.

11. Practice Visualization. 

Visualization is another popular meditation technique, which involves in creating a peaceful place in your mind and exploring it, until you reach a state of complete calm. The place can be anywhere you like – however, it should not be entirely real, it should be unique and personalized for you.

12. Calm Your Mind And Concentrate

Try to clear your mind of thoughts. Pay attention that I’ve said not “clear”, but “try to”. Why I say that?  Trying to stop thoughts just makes you feel agitated because it is very difficult even for experienced meditators, and impossible for inexperienced practitioners. Your brain has the habit of thinking, which is also called “chattering”. It is not easy to stop the process at your request.

But don’t get stuck in thinking about “not thinking”! Try to take the attitude of a detached observer concerning your own thoughts.

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13. Silence

Silence is healing. Although there are many kind of meditation music around, yet nothing defeats simple silence.
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When you are in silence, you really get to experience what your mind is doing. There is steadiness and calmness which come from sitting in silence. In time outer and inner silence meet and you come to rest in the moment.
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14. Do Not Expect The Results Too Early

how to meditate properly on god's wordUse a proven technique and stick with it for some times. Don’t try to gauge your practice by what happens during meditation, and do not expect immediate results. Instead, observe over weeks or months how your life is going. Are you more patient, kind, and happy? If so, something is working.

15. Enjoyment

Most of all, it is important to enjoy meditation moment. You may like to try sitting with a hint of a smile. Be kind and peace to yourself. Start sitting just a little everyday. It is helpful to establish a daily habit.

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16. Make Meditation A Habit, Not A Decision

If you wake up in the morning, and have a conversation with yourself to try to convince yourself to meditate, you have already lost. You need to make meditating a habit, not a temporary decision. Habits become, through repetition and unconscious association, our default way of behaving.
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Natural inertia will work in our favour – it takes effort to establish a habit, but once well-established, it takes effort to break it.

17. Follow A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can contribute to more efficient and beneficial meditation. Thus, you should create a healthy diet plan, exercise and get enough sleep. Also, you need to avoid drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or watching too much TV before practicing meditation. These activities can numb the mind and prevent you from achieving the level of concentration necessary for successful meditation.

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Or, if you are interested in learning how to harness the hidden power of your mind, then you should refer the book of quick mind reading and mentalism techniques

With these great meditation tips on how to meditate properly, hope you have learned something new! Well, learning how to meditate properly, and keeping it simple and innocent might require from you a lot of patience and effort. Yet, the effectiveness it can bring to you might make you surprised.
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