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Experience New Internet Search Engine With Curation Soft

For more knowledge about this curation soft program, just take a look:

  1. What Is Curation Soft?
  2. How Will Curation Soft Help You To Find The Content You Want And How Will Curation Soft Benefit You?
  3. How Much To Get Started?
  4. What Will You Get From Curation Soft?
  5. Does Curation Soft Give Any Support?

curation soft

What Is Curation Soft?

Curation Soft features content and traffic assistance for people. It gives people various resources, links, a long with videos, and pictures that they have researched. It is not aggregation or auto blogging. It provides a valuable, needed service in the market. The operation scale of this program is rather large. You can discover, review and curate content from Wikipedia, Google Blogs and News, Slideshares, YouTube, Twitter, Flikr or any RSS feed that you are interested.

How Will Curation Soft Help You To Find The Content You Want And How Will Curation Soft Benefit You?

These 2 questions might confuse your mind at this moment, right? Let me explain how this software works.

  • It is easy to use and fast. By design, the Curation Soft is a user-friendly program.  You can search by keyword, choose your content, or drag and drop, even add your commentary and post. The results are generated with lightning speed. Instead of dreading every day for sharing and posting, you will find it is actually fun to use Curation Soft
  • This programcovers multiple content sources. Curation Soft wraps all the buzz in your market. You can use this program to search blogs or other sources like YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, and more are in development.
  • This software also boosts your search engine rankings

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  • It  saves time for users. You can fire up Curation Soft and achieve a full, exceptionally curated post in a fraction of the time. Curated content will make your blog a hot destination of quality with filtered content
  • This internet search engine can work anywhere. Users can drag and drop content on any platform, static & dynamic HTML pages, remote blogs, and even forums that accept HTML.
  • You can build your own castle. It means that the content your post is stored on other competitors of this software and benefits them.
  • This system generates backlinks every time you link to a blog in the Curation Soft.
  • All the content that this internet search engine returns is safe to use. The producer respects copyrights and does not want to get you into trouble.

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How Much To Get Started?

In order to use this program, customers have three options with different prices:

  • Free version: You can use as long as you want. It only contains one content source (Google Blog). Of course, as its name, it is all free
  • Pro version: It contains 10 built-in content sources and costs $47 per year
  • Lifetime version: It has lifetime license and updates and 10 built-in content sources. You just pay a once-off fee of $ 97 for this

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What Will Curation Soft You Get From?

When ordering this program, users will have a chance to receive one of 3 below things depending on demand:

  • The Free version: it is perfect for Hobbyist Bloggers. You will also get Ad supported  Software
  • The Pro version: you are not limited in discovering content, get higher-quality results. It  pluses with Ad Free Sofware
  • The Lifetime version: it is ideal for business use, also limitless content discovery

Please pay attention, with the Pro and Premium (lifetime) version, user can install on maximum 3 computers

curation soft

Please access to the official website for more details

Does Curation Soft Give Any Support?

For any question about the product, you can visit the FAQ page here to get more information

Besides, you can contact to the manufacturer at support [at] curationsoft [dot] com for more distinguished requirements

curation soft review

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