Fairs and festivals review – is the guide useful for you?

Fairs and Festivals

How “Fairs And Festivals” Helps People In Finding Business Opportunities

This fairs and festivals review discusses different aspects of Fairs and Festivals with 6 sections:

Events Listing – The Author’s Claim

Fairs and Festivals started up in 2005, by a group of small business owners, who are passionate about art and crafter. Moreover, they want to help other business owners by providing important and essential resources for business growth. Fairs and Festival claims that their service is the right tool for independent business man/woman who have creativity and capability but are looking for business opportunities. Once people have become member of the site, what they are guaranteed to receive includes:

  • An events, shows calendar that are always up-to-date with lots of detail
  • Numerous sale and marketing channel to increase sale
  • Marketing and Business tool for operating and promoting the business
  • Sell products and earn profit though license agreement or affiliates
  • Essential and expert tools for users to lean about the festival industry
  • Partners and contacts that users can make use of to build business and peers network

However, Fair and Festival does not target only businesses but also the public. Benefits that the service can bring to public customers are:

  • List of shows/events during the year with contact information
  • Informative articles and products
  • Special festival and fairs offers

About Fair And Festival Team – The Author Of Fairs And Festivals

Fair and Festival Team is a group of business owners who believed that their events listing services are helpful to other businesses. They are part of the American Renaissance which is ann organization represents artisans, crafters, concessionaires and entrepreneurs in the USA. For more information about the Fair and Festival, people can contact them via email Rachel [at] fairsandfestivals dot net.

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How Fairs And Festivals Works

If people are interested in Fairs and Festival events listing service, they can sign up to become a member of the site which is available at $34.95 for a year and $19.95 for 3 months. Once, they have become the member, they have the immediate access right to the member only event calendar. Moreover, they also receive a free Ebook “Craft Shows, Fairs, Festivals Profit” which includes informative content such as expert’s advices, taxes, licensing and pricing. If people are not sure whether they should become a member of the site or not, there are tons of useful articles that are free for the public about how art and craft resources, booth and food diplay, copyright issue, equipment, product and materials. After reading those articles, which are written by experts in the industry, business owners might realize that they can get even more useful information about how to boost their business growth with Fairs and Festiavals.

Furthermore, the benefits of purchasing monthly membership are:

  • Advance event search
  • Top favourite events
  • Page of user’s business with photos
  • Free newsletter
  • Detail information about each show/event ( price, admission date, vendor type, spaces and costs)
  • Browse Fairs and Festivals in different states

WE also provides a lot of writings about bussiness idea for all people who want to build a small business, such as: Garage gym empirecoffee shop secretsturning cupcakes into cash, and record label business.

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Fairs And Festivals – Advantages

fairs and festivals review

Fairs And Festivals – Disadvantages

  • The geographic distance between states might be a big issue for many business owners who can only operate in particular regions.
  • The services might contain too much informative for business owners who have little knowledge about licensing or affiliates.

Fairs And Festivals – Conclusion

Fairs and Festivals is a user-friendly events listing service that are helpful to both public users and business owners. For business owners, the services seem quite beneficial, at a affordable price which worth a try from them.

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