12 Football Strength Training Workouts For Beginners!

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Soccer is perhaps the most demanding of all sports. In the modern game (at any level) soccer training and conditioning is essential.

And, strength training now plays a major role in soccer. If a football team want to win in a certain championship, then the best physical condition is a must. For the football fan, shape is less necessary, but it should absolutely be a concern. Staying in shape is the one thing that you could do to improve your playing and strength that you have complete control over. In the article, you will get to know the 12 basic football strength training workouts that allow you to develop the essential core strength and explosive power you need to keep playing strong deep into the football match. Here they are:

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1. Proper Warm Up

Letting foot ball players performing soccer drills without a warm-up session will make them prone to injuries. You need to begin your soccer workout by doing light jog to warm your muscles up. This will allow your muscles’ stretching to be more active and dynamic.
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This kind of exercise is particularly necessary for your body’s optimal performance. However, this is an area of sports that is commonly omitted when it comes to performance improvement training. It is good enough for you to implement a thirty minute warm-up session. Dynamic warm up is more advantageous than static warm up.

2. Stadium Stairs

There are a lot of possibilities to improve the Stadium Stairs workout. Either you add in abdominal workouts at the top (or the bottom) or you can run around the stadium’s perimeter. After that, you can alternate going up and down each flight of stairs to boost the fat-burning process effectively.

This workout is really easy to implement for most people who are a football fans. It is not necessary for them to implement the workout in a stadium, but they can freely use a local mountain or a staircase in your home to do the workout. There is one thing that do not expect stadium access unless you are a member, or close friend of the team it hosts.

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3. Jump Rope

This is one of the most popular in series of football strength training workouts that you can apply right in your house. Jumping rope is a totally simple exercise. You can take advantage of it in various ways. Obviously, the easiest manner to do this is jumping rope for consolidating your agility and using it as a station in your workout regimen.

The other way to use it is in between sets on the other exercises. If you are lifting weights or doing several other fitness training workouts, jumping rope can keep your heart rate in the fat-burning zone.

4. Russian Twist

football strength training pdf

The Russian twist is considered as an great core workout that can support you burn excess fat and be more explosive. No matter you play neighborhood basketball, or just try to get in shape for improving your overall health, this workout is a winner.

This workout can be done anywhere and it just takes little space to implement it. With this exercise, you also can apply to break out any time you are tired. By this way, you can speed up your blood flowing as well as boost your energy dramatically.

Whatever you are following, a strong core is the important background of a healthy athlete. The Russian Twist workout is an easy manner to build the foundation and enables you to strengthen the back half of your body.

5. Supermans

The Superman workout is precisely how to concentrate on the back half of your body that the Russian Twist ignores. When you are finished twisting, flip over on your stomach and take off.

This can work for the entire length of the back of your body including calves, neck and arms, glutes, back, hamstrings. Go for height and maximum lift off the ground. Do not begin shooting to touch your toes backwards.

6. Triangle Run

 The exercise of triangle running involves in running from one point to another, in the shape of a triangle. Three points  will form a triangle  and they can be marked by cones, or any other highly visible objects. Do the exercise by the way that while dribbling a soccer ball, you run around every cone continuously. However, you do not need to do this exercise with a ball, instead, you can simply sprinting as quickly as possible from one point to the next. Alternatively, a rectangle shape can be replaced for the triangle. The target is to do some running or jogging to promote endurance.

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7. Ladder Drills

These workouts help you burn fat when improving your agility. Quick-twitch muscle is important for every walk of life and especially for football players and ladder is the most rapid ways to form it. This type of workout is very flexible for people to use. With this exercise, you could use it as instructions or you also could apply many variation of this theme. In case that you do not want to purchase a ladder, simply take some steel-cut oats of flour, then place the ladder pattern in the yard. Even, you can use sand taken from the sand pit to do this.

8. Squats

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Playing football requires strong legs from players. Therefore, the squat is one of the best football strength training exercises available for building up your leg muscle. In order to do this exercise, you simply stand with your feet open about shoulder-width apart, then stick out your buttocks while keeping the back straight. Steadily lower your body so that the knees get to a 90-degree angle. Slowly move your body back up. You can repeat the squats about 10 repetitions. Sure, you might not make your legs strong enough to support heavy construction equipment, yet this workout will make your legs in perfect shape for playing soccer.

9. Plyometrics Workouts

Getting in soccer shape also means working on building the muscle strength of your players. Playing soccer well is all about kicking the ball precisely and skillfully with proper force.

To build your muscle strength, you could do plyometrics exercises. They are very efficient in assisting players in getting powerful muscle contractions, that result in power kicks. Yet, plyometrics exercises do not get involved in making use of free weights, but basic exercise mechanisms and provide people with excellent results. For example, you can run in slow motion, just like in a replay. Then, jump up and down using alternate legs. Steadily and slowly boost the height and length of the jumps. Also have them increase the length of the slow motion running stride. This exercise is great for building flexibility and muscle strength. 

10. Leg Press

This exercise requires knee extension and could be implement from many postures. This exercise can be started from the sitting position plus with the knees as well as hips flexed. Peak torque is operated at about 120 of knee extension. However, if the hip is flexed too much, the angle of your knee will not allow enough force to be developed to move heavy weights.

Or, you can follow the alternative beginning posture that is a recumbent supine position from which the weights are pushed vertically and upwards. The soccer fitness coaches recommend that the lowering of the weights to the starting position is performed under careful control.

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11. High Knee Running

This football strength training exercise will speed up your running tempo and knee lift that can transfer your current speed to a faster sprinting speed. It is best performed when using the agility training ladder. This kind of tool is used in many drills. Firstly, you stand 10 yards from the end of the ladder and start jogging on the spot. Then, lift the knees high so that your thighs are parallel to the floor.
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Keep the knees up and run forward when still concentrate on a fast foot strike rate rather than forward speed. You had better run the length of the ladder while ensuring you step in each box once with each foot. At last, accelerate and sprint 20 yards.

After that, you can start repeating the previous process. Do this exercise; you will improve both your knee strength and the flexibility of your legs. 

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12. Leg Curls

If you want to increase your strength resistance fast, then you should follow the strength-building resistance training exercise called the leg curl. And, the most comfortable and easiest way to implement a leg curl is on a training station, such as one at your gym. With this method, you will lift a heavy weight with the legs, and then “curling” the weight down also with the legs. This exercise is extremely efficient at working your hamstrings.

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With these great football strength training workouts, hope you have learned something new! Well, following football strength training workouts above requires much effort and patience, and maintaining it sustainably is the key to make you successful.
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