Point Guard Academy Review – Can Damin Altizer’s Book Work?

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For those who are serious about improving their basketball skill as a point guard, then my entire Point Guard Academy review will offer you the most effective solution for their concern. Read on 7 parts below to discover what Point Guard Academy is and how it can benefit you:

1. Point Guard Academy – What Is It?

2. How Does It Work?

3. Point Guard Academy Review – Product Details

4. How Much Does It Cost?

5. The Full Package Of Point Guard Academy

6. What’s About Guarantee?

7. Does Damin Altizer Offer Any Support?

Point guard academy reviews

Point Guard Academy – What Is It?

Point guard academy real user reviewPoint Guard Academy, founded by Damin Altizer, is a very unique program. It not only teaches you the necessary skills to become a great player, but goes far beyond that by imparting basketball knowledge as well as passion to coaches and players.  This is comprehensive skill, leadership and mentality program that will bring you through 12 weeks of point guard training. Based on the real user named Quoc Tu, this Point Guard Academy review on VKool aims to show you all remarkable features and benefits of this product.

According to Quoc Tu, Program is the only system combining basketball skill, leadership, and mentality in comparison with other products floating on the Internet. It is broken down into 8 separate modules which allow you to enhance your skills in every area of the game. When using the program, every day will be defined for you so that you can get over the 12-week training period. The purpose of Point Guard Academy is to help you, as a basketball player, think and play smart. Fact is, it is an intense learning experience for those college-aged male and female student-athletes. Unlike other basketball camps, the course is designed to help players play their game intelligently, train purposefully, and be “real leaders of the games”. In other words, this product is not merely a basketball camp, yet it combines skills, drills, games plus with classroom sessions and step-by-step instructional videos.

To help you understand more clearly about this program, the following sections in my Point Guard Academy review will offer some in-depth insights.

How Does It Work?

The Point Guard Academy is considered as an exclusive fusion of systems concentrating on all aspects of elite point guard development. When using this product, you are going to work on various skills each day of the week whilst working through visualization and leadership exercise routines and weekly mentality challenges. This system covers different aspects of basketball playing, ranging from roll execution, ball handling, to leadership concepts or mentality training. The training course allows you to train up to 6 times per week, yet it is divided into small parts to help you easily. Jam packed with the elite, newest skill developing methods, the exercises introduced in this e-guide will enhance your game to a new level.

Point guard academy ebook and video

As mentioned above in the first part of this Point Guard Academy review, there are 8 modules which contain motivational-audios, helping to inspire you before each workout.

Furthermore, contained in this e-guide is a curriculum which is devised properly to make sure that those using the program will experience calculated progressions to gain optimum results.

Every skill program and mentality exercise accompanies printable sheet of progress that will help you set a specific goal easily.  Each drill is illustrated specifically so that you will know how to perform each one appropriately while at the gym. Moreover, the author also introduces to you high-quality videos that provide you with more than 50 new drills to assist you in practicing the drills precisely. Thanks to the demonstrations as well as teaching points in the system, you will steadily improve your basketball IQ and skill level concurrently.

Upon learning Damin Altizer’s e-course, not only will you get the most comprehensive exercise for improving basketball skills, but you also get tips to boost your mental strength and develop your leadership skills. The mentality and leadership course lasts for 5 weeks. During these 5 weeks, you will learn steps how to set daily goal appropriately and exercises to mobilize your mind’s ability to increase your game performance.

The last but not least important part of the program is guest articles from the most well-known basketball players as well as trainers all around the world. These articles will be useful for your development in terms of basketball skills.

To know how users evaluated this program, see some testimonials below:

Point guard academy testimonial

Point Guard Academy Review – Product Details

Take a close look into the content of the e-book, here are some of what you are going to learn within this program:

  • Attacking Flat/Horns Screens
  • Hedge Reads and Reactions
  • Hitting the pop/roll man
  • Forming teammates
  • Interior drive footwork
  • Wall push-up drill
  • Supermen
  • Quick feet agility work
  • Advanced space creation separation
  • Keys for “eye fakes”
  • Practicing a dribble shot fake
  • Drills named “Wall ball”
  • Tennis ball work
  • Mastering the explosion of 3 steps
  • The audio of train hard, train smart
  • Becoming a “vocal” leader
  • Motivation audio
  • Taking tips from professional leaders
  • Physical exercises for playing basketball more effectively
  • One-man quick break drills
  • Stopping right at full speed
  • Improving mobility and flexibility
  • Situations of full court
  • Methods to inspire
  • Visualization exercises
  • Advanced basketball techniques
  • And much more

Fact is, unlike other basketball training courses which may just help you become a better basketball player, Point Guard Academy will make you a basketball thinker. This difference is exactly the reason enough to select this product over all other basketball camps. Also, you will learn leadership and court presence so you will improve your skill set.

Point guard skills academy basketball camp

How Much Does It Cost?

This might be your next concern upon reading my Point Guard Academy review. In fact, this program is by far the efficient and comprehensive program you will find on the Internet. If you are considering giving this product a try today, there is good news to you. With just one-off investment of $67, you will get an instant access to the whole package of Point Guard Academy. When compared to training sessions with private trainers, this payment is just a small amount. Especially, there will no printing costs or shipping fees when using this product as the main guide of this system is designed in PDF format and the audios coming with it are high quality. The book itself could be downloaded immediately after your own order has been placed. Hence, do not hesitate to make use of Damin Altizer’s training guide for point guards at this low price!

Point guard academy download

The Full Package Of Point Guard Academy

Right after ordering this product, you will get the whole system of Point Guard Academy that contains several components, including:

  • Component 1 – The complete guide of 12-week training
  • Component 2 – 8 unique system modules
  • Component 3 – Comprehensive PG development curriculum
  • Component 4 – Progression sheets and diagrammed drills
  • Component 5 – The complete series of HD drill videos
  • Component 6 – Mentality and leadership course
  • Component 7 – Guest articles from the most famous basketball players and coaches all over the world

The entire components above are packed within just $67. Is it attractive enough to stimulate you to move the first step now?

What’s About Guarantee?

If you are concerning whether or not this basketball training program is really worth buying, or if you want to save money while still improving basketball skills, then you should not ignore my complete Point Guard Academy review. Program should be considered when you want to find out the real solution for basketball performance improvement. To help you make the final decision without any doubt in mind, Damin Altizeroffers a full 60 day full money back Guarantee. Thus, if you feel the program is not as good as the advertisement or the claims of author, for any reason, you will get every penny of your payment immediately. No question asked or hassle. There will be no risk at all for you when using this product.

So, there is no reason to deny giving it a try.

Just take action now!

Point guard academy money back guarantee

Does Damin Altizer Offer Any Support?

For any further request or questions related to the program, just feel free contact to the author via this address: info [at] DaminAltizerBasketball dot com

Do you have any idea contributing to my entire Point Guard Academy pdf review or any other entertainment topics introduced in Vkool.com? If yes, simply drop your words at the comment section below to share your idea with us.

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