Strength Training Exercises For Men & Women Are Revealed

One of the most efficient secrets to improve health is to do strength exercises. Along with a proper diet, you should do regular workouts to get the best results. Learning exercises not only helps you get healthier, but it also helps you prevent harmful diseases. With the purpose of supporting people in health improvement, recently, has released a writing of top 16 strength training exercises for men and women with a hope to satisfy you much. You will get a stronger body and mind, more energy, and get more flexible if you follow properly the exercises revealed in this article.

Learn Strength Training Exercises For Men And Women

I. Strength Training Exercises For Men

strength training exercises

Guys, do you want to improve your strength? Do you want to get more muscles without storing fat? Actually, physical activities or strength training exercises in gym will boost your health and build a strong appearance for men.  Breathe deeply and be ready to learn exercises of strength improvement for men right now, you will feel change in your body after a time of following them.

1. Exercises For Chest 

strength training exercises

Building chest muscle is one of the most necessary strength training exercises. It will help you prevent diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and improve your metabolism that can help you get rid of sugar in blood.  Here are some helpful chest exercises you should do regularly as below:

  • Bench press: Lie on the bench, face up, hold the barbell, your forearms are above your head. Raise your weight and lower the chins forward your chest, lift again and exhale, lower the weight and inhale. Remember to choose a proper weight so you can do 8-12 times. Take a short break and repeat it. Add more weight whenever you are familiar with the weight.
  • Lift a barbell in front of your chest; raise it over your head from 8-12 times. Keep your back straight and raise your legs up. You may perform this exercise without using barbell.

2. Exercises For Arms 

strength training exercises

Do you want to have bugling biceps? Arm activities will be the effectual strength training exercises that you should not neglect. Practicing daily exercises will improve significantly the upper extremities and fight sarcopenia, which is a condition of losing muscle when you get older. Simply, you can increase arm muscles by lifting grandchildren, driving car, doing housework, opening jars, or carrying some things for your wife. Learn arm exercise as the following to get the dream:

  • To do curls, you may use a barbell or dumbbells with a proper weight in order to perform 8-12 times per row. Maintain your elbows correctly and lift the weights. Lower the weights if you want to move a bit your elbows. If you use a machine to do exercise, it is very convenient when your elbows are in rest on a pad.
  • Lie on the bench, hold a barbell over your head, and place your hands far from 18 inches. Straighten your wrists and keep your elbows towards your body. Raise the weight and reduce it from the chest for couple of inches. Lift it again, exhale and inhale when you lift and lower the weight.

When you think the more weights are suitable for you, let try it.

3. Exercises For Back And Shoulders 

strength training exercises

Building muscles for back is not as consistent as building shoulders muscles. Here are some strength training exercises for both back and shoulders that you can join in.

Exercises for building shoulder and back muscles:

  • Rowing: This is a marvelous sport to establish your back muscles. Pull a bar when you sit in a rowboat and bring the weights towards you. To push the bar, you should use legs for more effectiveness.
  • Also, rowing dumbbell with one arm is also an excellent exercise for increasing back muscles and shoulder muscles. Extend your left hand, left knee, and left arm on a bench. Your spine must be a parallel line to the ground. Raise a dumbbell and maintain your forearm correctly. Avoid lifting the dumbbell toward the chest. Remember to use a proper weight to repeat 8-12 times. Change the other side.
  • Shrug exercise: grasp a barbell, straighten down your arms, or use your hands to hold dumbbells and shrug the shoulders. Repeat it.
  • Lifting weights: Have you ever thought that you will quit lifting weights? Among the strength training exercise for men, lifting weights is a perfect exercise that can help athletes and bodybuilders get stronger.

Although all the exercises are very beneficial for your muscle health, you should not ignore the resistant performance. Additionally, you should increase weights in each set. Actually, aerobic exercise is one of the best body training exercises for men that can help you get fat loss faster, improve the fitness, and increase energy.  Weight training is the best optional choice if you want to develop your endurance, strength, and add more muscles.

4. Exercises For Your Core 

strength training exercises

Core exercise is one of the most fundamental exercises to improve back strength, posture, and stability. Apply the following exercises to build a stronger back and get six pack abs:

  • Sit-ups: this exercise is a conventional exercise to strengthen your abdomen but it may cause the neck strain at the first time you practice. Bend your knees, and against the lower back to the floor, and cross your arms on the chest. When sitting up, you should bend at your waist but not at your neck. Going to gyms to do this exercise is also a good idea because they will have sit-up machine and you will not worry about the position. Repeat it 8-12 times per rep.
  • To get lower back muscles, you may use lower back extension machine, which is safe for your back. Now lie on the floor, face down your arms, and raise your chest. If it is difficult to implement, you should keep your arms parallel under the chest and your arms. When lifting your chest, try to use your back as much as possible.
  • Lifting legs: lie down and place the arms on your side and lift the legs for 12 inches from the floor. If it is difficult to perform, you may lift each leg to get comfort.

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5. Exercises For Your Legs 

strength training exercises

Strengthening your legs is one of the most basic strength training exercises that you should address. Leg exercise not only builds muscles on legs but it will help you improve your lower body health. It will burn more calories and prevent loss of muscle. Here are some useful leg exercises for men:

  • Squats: these are the common exercise to enlarge muscles on thighs and build the quadriceps. Be careful if you do not want to have knee injury. Basically, you can hold a barbell on the shoulders behind the neck, lower the torso while you bend your legs. Do not go all down because it will cause knee strain. Simply, you can stand your back on opposite of the wall, lower a bit and bend your legs. Stand up again. Moreover, you can use a squat machine to do this exercise by sitting or lying the feet against a platform. When you lift the weight, keep pushing against the platform. Do it from 8-12 times to get the best results.
  • Thigh exercise: bend your knees, lock your feet behind a bar, and pull forward. Use a thigh machine at gym. Another way to improve your thigh muscles is to lie your stomach on the bench, hook the heels, bend your legs, and pull the bar upwards.
  • Leg lunge: this is one of the most effective strength training exercises for your legs. Grasp a dumbbell, face your palms toward the body, place your arms parallel to the body, bend the knee, and force the weight. Start again and change your leg. Repeat 8-12 times for each leg.
  • If you want to build calf muscles, you should raise a barbell, and hold it contrary to the thighs. You may get a dumbbell in each hand and keep your arms straight down. Repeat 8-12 times and increase the weight if you feel stronger.

To get the best effectiveness, you should do those exercises regularly and permanently. Follow instructions, you will prevent the injuries and pain in body parts. Performing exercises daily, you will have a strong muscle, add glucose easier and your skeletal muscle will be more active.

II. Strength Training Exercises For Women

strength training exercises

Strength training exercise actually brings a lot of benefits for your health. It will reduce the risk of diabetes, cholesterol level, and prevent blood pressure. By doing exercise every day, you will have full of energy to do activities and improve your coordination, strength, and flexibility. In fact, women may strengthen their health by performing strength enhancement exercises at home.

1. Squat Exercise  

strength training exercises

If you do not have time to go to gym and do exercises with dumbbell, barbells, or deadlifts, you may take advantage of the items in your home such as gym bag, sand, or dirt. All the exercises shared in this writing will help you healthier, improve metabolism and have strength to do daily tasks such as moving heavy boxes or furniture.

For squat exercise, you need to have a gym bag of weight. Overhead squat is one of the best body strength training exercises you can start right now. It will work for abdominal muscles, shoulder, lower back, hamstrings, triceps, and glutes. Now stand up, hold the gym bag over your head, and keep the bad solidly. Straighten your arms and expand the feet during the exercise. Hence, thrust the hips and bend your knee and descend down. When your hips and your knee are parallel, hold it for a second and restart the original position. Do it again from 5-12 times and add more weight if you feel stronger. In case you cannot keep your hips parallel to the knee, you can do the wall squats to improve your strength. If you do not perform correctly, you may feel pain in joins and in your knees. At the first time, you may not need to go parallel.

2. Deadlift Exercise 

strength training exercises

Before implementing this exercise, you need to have a weighted gym bag. Deadlift is a good choice for your lower body strength. It works for your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and back. Have the bag in front of the feet, stand your feet close together, stand behind the gym bag, push your hips back, bend your knee, and grasp the gym bag. Be sure to straighten your back during the performance. To restart the standing position, you should keep your legs and back straight. If your back and legs are slouched, it will cause injury for you. To get the best effectiveness, you should do it at least five times to build muscles and strength. Add more weights when you feel easy to do the exercise.

3. Kettlebell Swing Exercise 

strength training exercises

To do this exercise, you need to prepare a weighted water jug. This is one of the most fundamental strength training exercises for women lower body. It will work your calves, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings.

Now hold the jug with your hands and keep it below the pelvis. Straighten your arms, lean down, push your butt, bend the upper body, and straighten your back. Remember to bend your knee slightly. Thrust the pelvis and squat back up with your heavy force. Make sure to avoid lifting up with your arms but keep them straight but to use the pelvis and legs to move water jug. When you reach the jug near the chest, you should lower the body and restart the original position by pushing your butt. Repeat it 20 times if possible.

4. Leg Squat Exercise 

strength training exercises

To do leg exercise you should have a chair of a table and two water jugs. This exercise will stress on the glute muscles, which will help you have a firm bottom. Besides, it will be beneficial for your hamstrings and quads.

Now get two water jugs in hands, straighten your arms, face the chair or the table, prop your feet on it until the toes rest on the surface. Keep one leg straight and another leg will be propped back to the chair of table. Now bend the leg and do not go your knee to your toes. Bend the leg on the table or chair, continue it until the leg on table or chair touches the ground. Hold it for one second; restart the original position by keeping tour leg straight. Do it at least 5 reps.

5. Hammer Exercise 

strength training exercises

The items you need to do this exercise are two water jugs. This is one of the most important strength training exercises for your bicep muscles. To do it, you should gasp both weight water jugs in hands and straighten your arms by your body sides. Straighten your wrists. Now bring the jugs upward by using your forearm and contracting the biceps. End the process and keep it for a second when your hand can contact with your arms. Squeeze the biceps. Reduce the water jugs back into the original position and repeat it 5-12 times.

6. Pressing Overhead Exercise

strength training exercises

Pressing overhead is also a good strength training exercise for your back, arms, traps, deltoids, and triceps. To begin this activity, you need to have a weighted gym bag. Now stand your feet and expand the shoulder wid. Push the chest up, hold the gym bag until it is in front of the shoulders, and rest on the collarbone. Restart the position. Hence, squeeze the glutes, push the bag up move your head back, hold the bag over the head and your arms should be straight for seconds, lower the bag to the shoulder and repeat it. Do it again for 12 times.

7. Jump Exercise 

strength training exercises

To get started this exercise, you need to prepare a weighted water jugs. It will work for your calves, hamstrings, and the glutes. Now straighten your body, your feet are positioned and shoulders are wide apart. Backward your hips, bend your knees, try to straighten your back and avoid slouching forward or rounding it. Keep your hips and knees are parallel, jump up high, and keep your body straight. Squat down, bend your knees, and bring your hips backward. Repeat 5-12 times. You can make the exercise more difficult by jumping while each hand carries one weighted jug.

8. Push-Up Exercise 

strength training exercises

Push –up exercise is one of the most common strength training exercises for women that you should follow. This is very beneficial for your upper body, shoulders, triceps, and your chest. To begin, you should place hands and feet on the floor. Your fingertips face forward, position your hands, and expand the shoulder, straighten your back, bend your arms, reduce your body until your chest nearly touches the ground. Hold it for a second. Now keep your arms straight again and repeat it for 12 times. You can add a book or a gym bag on the back if you want it more difficult and get more weight.

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9. Dipping Chair Exercises 

strength training exercises

It is very simple. You need to prepare a chair, which you usually use to study. This exercise will be a perfect method for your deltoids, pectorals, and triceps. To start, you should stand in front of the chair and face away it. Place your hands on the seat edge and your shoulders are wide apart. Straighten your arms, bend your knees, bend your arms for 90 degree angle, reduce your body, hold it for a second and keep your arms straight, restart the original position. Do it at least 5-12 times. To add difficulty, you may add gym bag, textbook, or heavy things in the lap.

10. Crunch Exercise

strength training exercises

This exercise does not require any item or equipment but it is very excellent for our abs.

Now lie your back on a hard and smooth surface. Bend your legs and your hands are behind the head or on the chest. Imagine that you pull the belly back to the spine, contract the abdominal muscles, and lift the shoulders. Straighten your neck but avoid using your hands to pull the neck. Hold it for seconds. With this exercise, you must feel light burned in the abs.

11. Ball Exercise 

strength training exercises

Exercising with ball is one of the most effective strength training exercises to improve your health, get fitness, improve flexibility, and develop your strength. Ball exercises are very simple and easy to implement. Here are some suggestions to do with ball that women should follow every week.

  • Stand stably; place the ball between the wall and your back. You may replace the wall by a tree if you have a large garden and a big tree there. Place the feet forward in front of the hips, now your hands are on the thighs, squat it when the thighs and ground are parallel. Rise it up onto the balls and your arms are over the head. Repeat it. This exercise is very helpful to your butt and legs.
  • Grasp dumbbells in hands, sit on a chair or ball, and bend the knees, place the feet on the floor. Expand the arms, face forward the palms, curl the weights to the shoulders, rotate the palms, and stress the dumbbells over the head. Restart this exercise with the original position.
  • Hold two dumbbells in two hands, lie down, bend your knees and heels on a ball or chair, expand the arms over the chest, face the palms and bend the elbows slightly. Reduce the weights out and restart the position. Hence, bend the elbows, reduce the weight toward the head, and extend the arms back to the beginning position.

Both strength training exercises for men and women are worth learning as they improve your health day by day. Furthermore, those exercises bring lots of interests such as stress reduction relaxation, and energy in life.

To get more tips and tricks on health and strength training, you should go to our main Fitness and Exercises page. After reading my writing of top 16 strength training exercises for men and women, I hope that you will get useful information how to improve your strength. Those exercises not only help you get stronger, healthier, but they also help you boost metabolism to prevent disease. Now are you ready to do the exercises right now?

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