Best Exercises For Men To Lose Weight

Besides having a good diet, one of the most important factors of effective weight loss is regular exercise. By performing a set of workouts regularly, you will be able to burn excess calories that could have been stored as fat. Therefore, it is easier to control your weight. Additionally, you will also have the chance to boost your immune system, giving your body the ability to prevent many dangerous diseases as well as enhance your overall health. You will soon reach your weight goals by keeping a correct balance between the number of calories taken and the number of calories burned. The process will be speed up and you will successfully lose weight and improve your health by making exercise a part of your daily routine. In this Best exercises for men to lose weight article, you will discover the best exercises for men that you can perform every day in order to lose weight, improve your health, feel better as well as look healthier.

Best Exercises For Men To Lose Weight – Regular Exercises & Activities For Weight Loss


Cardio is one of the most popular exercises to lose weight. It contains two major keys that decide the results of weight loss which are its efficiency as well as its ability to boost your metabolism. While carrying out your own weight loss program, it is necessary to try out different cardio exercise and you will receive incredible results. Below are some recommended cardio exercises that speed up your weight loss journey and help you reach your fitness goals in no time.

1. High Intensity Interval Training (Hiit)

high intensity interval training

Normally, a HIIT session lasts for about 20 minutes (warming up and cooling down session are not included). For the best results possible, it is necessary to perform HIIT every second to third day. The reason of this is because you will have to perform each rep with greater intensity. However, remember not to fool yourself into reducing the amount of work in a day and doing HIIT every day since you will need at least a day for your muscle to rest and recover because HIIT burns energy from your muscle system.

2. Kettlebell


Compared with other basic isolation exercises such as curls or crunches, the basic exercises that consist of a Kettlebell make your body work harder, hence burn a greater number of calories since they work your total body. The workouts usually last very long. Therefore, in order to finish the job, a set of workouts that lasts for about 30 to 45 minutes is enough.

3. Circuit Training

circuit training

Circuit training simply brings about a high intensity workout that consists of many aerobic exercises along with resistance training. By doing circuit training, you are performing different exercises, one after the other, creating a circuit with small rests in between. Usually, circuit training includes both anaerobic and aerobic exercises. However, it is so flexible that you can comfortably design your own physical routine after doing a little research on the Internet and asking for help from friends, fitness websites or blogs.

4. Plyometric


Plyometric contractions, which is often referred to the stretch shortening cycle, consists of a process that make the body muscles go under a set of quick lengthening movement. After that, there is a short transition time where the muscle length is not changed. Then there is a short movement, which is explosive, which alternately activates different muscles in order to create maximum force. In this phase, the maximum strength is not necessarily increased.

5. Stair Training

stair training

The lower body will be toned and your body’s cardiovascular stamina will be rapidly increased by performing stair exercises. At the beginning, it may seem to be extremely tiring since your body needs time to adapt. But after time of practicing and with persistence, you will notice significant changes in your body. You will not feel discouraged so easily and quickly, you will be able to perform other tasks with gusto and enhance the quality of your daily activities. Stair training is as great as gym cardio training. In order to get better results, it is a good idea to combine stair training with interval training as well as circuit training routines.

6. Swimming


Rigorous swimming, either with the breast stroke or the butterfly, can help your body burn about 350 calories in 30 minutes. Besides, leisurely swimming can also help your body burn about 200 to 250 calories each 30 minutes. If you keep swimming for about an hour, you are allowing your body to burn a number of calories at approximately 400 to 700, which is incredible.

7. Outdoor Cycling

outdoor cycling

Compared with indoor cycling, outdoor cycling can bring about many more benefits and do a lot more to your total fitness levels. This happens because you are challenged with a bunch of different terrains as well as difficult routes. Your speed as well as the resistance of the route you are going will decide the number of calories burnt. Normally, if you keep your speed at about 10mph, you will be able to burn more than 370 calories. Moreover, you can burn nearly 750 calories at 12 to 14mph and more than 1100 calories if you cycle at 20mph and above. Although the upper body will not be worked much through outdoor cycling but the lower muscles will be significantly toned.

8. Jumping Ropes

jumping ropes

This form of cardio is effective yet super simple. You can totally lose weight with just a few minutes of jumping rope a day. By performing this, you will be able to work your whole body and achieve better coordination between hands and eyes. After a time of practicing, you can make this exercise even more challenging by adding other patterns, such as speed steps, side steps or cross mode. You can burn more than 930 calories after an hour of performing this exercise at a moderate level.

9. Jogging


Along with the exercises mentioned above, jogging is also a good way to work your entire body as well as burn some calories. It is necessary to try to jog at a speed of more than 8mph in order to get the best potential of calories burning. You can even make it more challenging by adding rough, rugged terrains as well as inclined and hilly areas.

10. Tennis


It cannot be denied that tennis is an absolutely fun game. It allows your body to burn a big number of calories as well as enhance your speed in motion, reaction time and strength. If you keep playing tennis for an hour, you will have the chance to burn about 600 to 900 calories of your body fat.

11. Hiking


Hiking is indeed a super recreational activity which can help you sweat and keep you energetic. It brings about numerous health benefits, such as the ability to enhance your muscular fitness, decrease depression, control healthy weight and effectively lubricate your joints.

12. Zumba


By performing Zumba, you will have the opportunity to burn a high number of calories through the intense aerobic activities along with interval training. Depends on many different factors such as gender, body weight, fitness level as well as other physical factors, performing Zumba will allow your body to burn about 400 to 600 calories an hour.

13. Cross Fit

cross fit

Cross fit is a movement which is very functional, always varied and is performed at a high level of intensity. If your goals are to lose weight, to perform other activities faster and to be stronger, cross fit is the perfect option for you. You will have the chance to improve your physical skills and take advantage of the function of your body parts.

14. Kickboxing


It is proven that kickboxing has the ability to develop amazing cardiovascular fitness. Unlike some common cardio activities such as cycling or running, kickboxing brings the concentration to your entire body while working on your core muscles. It gives your body a chance to burn more calories while having a lot more fun, compared with regular walking and jogging. The reason of this is because you perform different moves in one session instead of repeatedly doing only one movement continuously for a period of time.

15. Basketball


Basketball is considered as one of the simplest and most effective tools to enhance flexibility, increase your endurance level as well as your cardio respiratory health. While playing basketball, you will have to run quickly after your directions, which give you a chance to tone your body muscles as well as burn a high number of calories. Normally, you will be able to burn about 600 to 900 calories after an hour of playing basketball.

That is the end of this article of best exercises for men to lose weight. Hopefully after reading this article, you will discover different best exercises for men to lose weight and to achieve a better body and optimum health. If you find these best exercises for men to lose weight article informative and useful, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment down the section below.

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