30 Bad Habits That Cause Belly Fat

bad habits that cause

Belly fat can be caused by many different reasons. One of the most common reasons for your current situation is maybe you are doing some bad habits that cause belly fat. However, almost all of us do not know exactly what they are to avoid, and the result is that our belly becomes bigger and bigger throughout days.

30 bad habits that cause belly fat

So are you ready to say goodbye to a flabby stomach and welcome a more gorgeous body? To do so, everything you need to do is just ensuring that you can avoid these 30 bad habits that cause belly fat, and you can return to the tract of improving your belly size and increase overall health.

Bad Habits That Cause Belly Fat – Top 30 Worst Habits Ever:

1. Avoiding All Fatty Foods:

Avoiding All Fatty Foods

The first out of bad habits that cause belly fat you should avoid making is to skip all fatty foods. While it is essential for everyone to follow a balanced diet, trying to avoidevery kind of fatty foods may be counter-productive. Foods that contain a high level of mono-saturated fats can help to burn belly fat and make you want to eat less. Experts recommend that you should better eat ¼ of an avocado or add vinegar or olive oil to your daily meal.

2. Saying No To All Carbohydrate Foods:

Saying No To All Carbohydrate Foods

While cutting out all white breads is a great thing you should do for your health, cutting out wholegrain cereals, breads,and any other rich sources of carbohydrate foods is totally not. These foods force yourdigestive system to work harder, allowing your insulin levels to gradually increase. This will help to reduce the chance that fat will stay in your stomach. Therefore, for good, you should enjoy oats, rice,or whole-wheat foods in a regular basis.

3. Cutting Out All Meat:

Cutting Out All Meat

This is also one of the bad habits that cause belly fat you should avoid if you want to get a lean body without stubborn extra fat in the stomach – where you always want to show off in public with a short, sexy crop-top T-shirt. Many people, especially women may often think that meats are jam-packed with fat and calories, and they will be less likely to have extrastomach fat if they cut meats out completely of their daily diet. This is totally not true. Our body needs protein to boost the metabolism as well as burn off stomach fat. Therefore, if you do have this one out of the bad habits that cause belly fat, you should immediately stop it and return to the healthy and nutritious meal plan.

4. Going “Lite”:

Many women believe that if they stick with lite products, they are getting a right way to lose stomach fat. Nevertheless, food stuff likesugar-free diet drinks and yogurts are often jam-packed with artificial sweeteners that are extremely more harmful to your health. In addition, some nutritionists even consider that these foods can trigger your metabolism to accelerate fat storage. This is also one out of the terrible habits that cause belly fat you should avoid.

5. Skipping Meals:

Skipping Meals

Maybe you often think that skipping meals, such as breakfast, as regularly as possible is the solution for stomach fat. In fact, it is totally not your way and you must immediately stop doing it. This bad habit will be able to make everything worse because you are likely to end up eating more later on if you skip the previous meal. You should better stick to small portions for every2 hours to keep your metabolism going and healthy. In fact, skipping meals is among the worst habits that cause belly fat people should never make if they do not want to store more fat in their stomach.

6. Kids’ Snack Habits Are Contagious:

Kids' Snack Habits Are Contagious

It is the diet dilemma of nearly all moms. Your childrenusually beg you to buy them sugary snacks, and then you also eat them sometimes unintentionally. Before you know it, you are helping with homework and munching on a snack-size package of cookies or a pop-tart.

How can you fix this? You should keep your mouth and your hands far away from kiddie foodsbecausethese foods are highly processed and can be digested in no time, giving you more unhealthy cravings. Family-friendly snacks should be high in water or fiber,not jam-packed with fat, and provide a low level of calories. You should try no-fuss fruits, such as berries or grapes, or add a bit of Parmesan to air-popped popcorn.

7. You Graze At The Office

You Graze At The Office

Between a coworker’s homemade brownies, the vending machine, and the office candy bowl, maybe your office stocks a lot of snacks. And since you are just nibbling, the calories do not count, right? This is also one of the bad habits that cause belly fat you should avoid.

How can you fix this? You should launch a counteroffensive by storing healthy snacks, such as dark chocolate or tamari-roasted almonds, which you actually prefer rather than the junk foods. You should know that these treats will give you the power to resist the disastrous jelly doughnuts. If you know clearly that you will not be able to leave your desk in the afternoon, you should brown-bag it for lunch. With healthy foods within your reach, you will not need to reach for candy jars of your colleges.

8. You Work At Home:

You Work At Home

When you work at home, it will be just you and the fridge stay together without anyone watching. Because you do not have any meeting or structured activity, you can play with the dog, toss in a load of laundry, check the mail,and grab a snack.

You should stop this right away to keep fit again! You need to keep a log of your activities every day, such as every time you get up to eat. If you see how often you are indulging, you will be able to feel anxiety and want to cut back your meal. If you still have some cravings for snacks, you should eat at the kitchen tableand do not do anything else. Without the distraction of the newspaper, TV, or computer, you will be much more aware of how often you reach for foods due to the habits rather than for satisfying a real hunger and find a proper solution for this.

9. You Always Eat In The Car:

You Always Eat In The Car

If you realize that you spend a lot of time in your car, maybe you will also see that you probablyeat a large amount ofcalories-richfoods you find anywhere inside your car. Maybe you leave down snacks straight out of your bag with not much idea of how much youhave consumed, or you can pull them into the nearest drive-thru for reaching whenever you want to snack.

It is really one terrible out of the bad habits that cause belly fat you should throw away! But how? You should preempt unrestrained noshing by packing portable snacks that can be calories-controlled like an apple or a small bagof cashews. Even half a cup of whole wheat will be able tohelp youwith this trick. If the fried foods are still calling out to you from a favorite restaurant, you should drive home through another roadto avoid passingthe fast-food restaurants that are “waving to call you”. That is the useful advice of an expert, how do you think about it?

10. Snack Unhealthy Foods Before Dinner:

Snack Unhealthy Foods Before Dinner

Snacking unhealthy foods before dinner is also one out of the habits that cause belly fat you should avoid making. You are very hungry by the time you come back home from the office. You feel like you can “devour” whatever you can reach out for, whether it is healthy or not. Even if you want to accept this truth or not, this habit is really bad and will leave your body some stubborn extra pounds that are not simple to be burned off.

How can you fix this? A prestigious expert – Patricia Bannan, RD, the author ofEat Right When Time Is Tight– said that “planning is the key for everything, including getting rid of bad habits”. Before you come back home, you should eat something light that can be digested easily and nourishing to contemporarily satisfy your cravings and hunger. If you are starving while cooking in the kitchen, you should munch on raw vegetableslike sugar snap peas. You should better set yourself up for success by determining the meals you will cook quickly and cook dishes that take not too much time, such as frozen vegetables with microwaveable brown rice and a rotisserie chicken. You will be healthy and get lean body with a fast dinner on the table with quick and healthy meals.

11. Do Not Get The Best Guidance:

Another of the bad habits that cause belly fat you should avoid is that you do not take right fitness guidance. A recent study exposes that signing up for or tweets or e-mails that provide weight-loss advice will help you get rid of some extra pounds. When researchers from Canada sent exercise and diet advice to over 1,000 working adults weekly, they found out that the recipients ate smarter and boosted their physical activities. People who did not receive the reminders did not have any change. Fortunately, we release the best fitness and diet guidance every single day on VKool.com, so you can see and make use of these greatest and latest tips and advice.

12. Not Multitasking While Watching TV:

Not Multitasking While Watching TV

I do not need to tell you that if you watch TV too much, you will be able to gain weight unexpectedly. However, here is what you may not realize: you can totally put a TV into your bedroom and feel free to watch it. You just need to do something else instead of always sitting stably while watching your favorite channel. Washing dishes in 30 minutes can help you burn 70 calories. So does ironing. Here is another thing you should remember to do if you can: cutting TV time even a little can also help you burn calories and extra pounds. In a recent study of researchers at the University of Vermont, overweight people who cut their daily TV viewing time in half (from an average of 5 hours – 2.5) could burn an extra 119 calories per day. A research said that nearly everything you do, even reading or thinking, can force you use more energy and burn more calories than watching TV.

13. Drinking Soda:

Bad Habits that Cause Belly Fat - Drinking soda

Experts said that people can measure their risk of obesity by measuring their soda consumption. Compared to people who do not drink sweetened sodas, here is what the daily consumption means:

– ½ can equivalent to 26 % increased risk of obesity or being overweight

– ½ – 1 can equivalent to 30.4 % increased risk of obesity or being overweight

– 1 – 2 cans equivalent to 32.8 % increased risk of obesity or being overweight

– Over 2 cans equivalent to 47.2 % increased risk of obesity or being overweight

That is a quite noticeable set of stats. You do not have to guzzle double gulps from 7 to 11 to pull yourself down into the hole of risk. What you should do is just indulging in 1 or 2 cans of soda per day. Because high-fructose corn syrup is very cheap, food marketers make serving sizes bigger (even the small size servings at most movie theaters are enough to drown a raccoon). That means we drink too much and do not even be aware of it. In the 1950s, in average, a person drank 11 gallons of soda every year. By the mid-2000s, people drank 46 gallons of soda per year. There is a fact that carbonated soft drinks provide the biggest amount of calories in the American diets.

14. Taking Big Bites

Taking Big Bites

Recently, Dutch experts discovered that fast chewing and making big bites can lead to overeating. In this research, people who chewed big bites of foods for 3 seconds consumed 52 % more foods before feeling full than people who chewed small bites for 9 seconds. That is because tasting foods for a longer time period (no matter how large your bites are) will signal your brain to make you feel full sooner.

Bonus advice: Now if you want to know how to optimize your daily diet, you need to realize the foods that marketers try to convince you to buy are healthy or not.

15. Choosing The Low-Carb Options:

Choosing The Low-Carb Options

Choosing the “low carb” options is also one out of the list of bad habits that cause belly fat you should avoid.  Low carbohydrate foods are a relatively new invent on the marketing front of beverage and food producers. Despite the statements that they can supposedly help people lose belly fat, they will not do us healthy favors. A whole lot of these foods often provide more calories than their “original” substitute products. You should keep in your mind that the more these foods are tampered with before you eat them, the more health issues they are likely to bring about. These matters almost always result in “destroying” your 6-pack abs, and that is the thing that marketers will never tell customers.

16. Procrastination:

The biggest issue that stops a large number of people from moving forward with their lives is procrastination. For good, you should stop saying you will do something and making plans to do those things but leaving no real action. What you should do is just getting it done. It is a quite big and serious problem when it comes to exercising. There is no excuse for you if you just came up with a plan and then did nothing to run and complete its initial goal. You should get rid of this bad habit so that you will have a 1000% higher chance of eliminating stomach fat within a very short period of time.

17. Not Drinking Enough Water:

Not Drinking Enough Water

You should fill up your stomach to help it get rid of extra fat. That may sound counterintuitive. However, when you hydrate it with good old H2O, it will work. An expert said that if you drink a lot of water, your body’s fluid balance will be maintained, your body will be able to guard against water retention, and you can prevent constipation, which leads to bloat. You should sip water as a way to beat off unintentionally snacking – one of the main culprits of stomach fat. When your body is hydrated, you will be less likely to eat than when you are thirsty. In brief, do not drink enough water throughout the day is also one of the worst habits that cause belly fat you should avoid at all costs to keep your stomach lean.

18. Keeping A Messy House:

If you let “dust balls” take shelter under your sofa, you are missing out a belly-flattening workout at your own home. Can you believe this? The rotational movements linked to sweeping and vacuuming force your core muscles work harder, and common household cleaning tasks can help to burn a noticeable amount of calories. A 150-pound woman gets 85 calories burned during 30 minutes cleaning dust. Vacuuming or mopping will zap 119 calories every 30 minutes and sidewalk ỏ sweeping your porch will burn off 136 calories in 30 minutes, too.

19. Doing Cardio-Only Workouts:

Doing Cardio-Only Workouts

Exercising the wrong way is also one of the bad habits that cause belly fat you should avoid at all costs. Of course we all know that cardio workouts can help to melt fat effectively. However, if you are skipping core-strengthening resistance workouts, you may not be able to see your abs. You need to bring them out by alternating strength training exercises with aerobic activities. Korean experts divided 30 obese women into 3 groups: those who completed 3 cardio workouts and 3 strength-training a week, those who performed 60 minutes of cardio throughout the week, and a control group. The study found that women in the combined resistance training and aerobic group could get rid of more stomach fat and achieved more muscles than those who just performed cardio workouts within 24 weeks.

20. Having Poor Posture:

Having Poor Posture

Standing up straight or sitting is not just about form or manners. Proper posture can help to keep muscles, including lower back, hips, and abs strong and the stomach looking leaner. Australian experts researched on 20 adults’ postures when they stood with the belly hanging out and their back arched or sat hunched in a chair. Then they conducted the same study in some people when they sat up straight or stood. The researchers discovered that belly and back muscles were slack while slouching but contracted if people straightened up.

21. Skipping Veggies:

Skipping veggies

Maybe you have hated cauliflower, kale, beets, and turnips since you were a child. However, if you want to get flat stomach, now is time for you to change your mind. Vegetable is very rich in fiber. Fiber is a nutrient that can help to aid your digestion system and relieving constipation, which leads to extra belly fat. In addition, you should add to your daily meals some healthy veggies, including broccoli, berries, bran, and beans to beat off hunger and cravings. Fiber can help to promote fullness, preventing you from making poor choices of foods and overeating, helping you get rid of extra fat at all.

22. Getting Fatigue And Stress:

Getting fatigue and stress

Regular freak-outs spell more than a few grays and wrinkles. Stress can be showed up on your waistline. Studies have discovered that a great cortisol level – the hormone that your body releases when you are under stressful situations, has been connected to the abnormal accumulation of abdominal fat. In a prestigious research, researchers discovered that women who carried more fat around their hips secreted more cortisol when they face stressful situations compared to slender women who have excessive stomach fat.

23. Drinking Excessively:

Drinking excessively

Many people think that drinking alcohol is good for their weight loss process. Actually, drinking a small red wine glass during dinner can help you get rid of belly fat. However, if you overuse this drink, the consequence will be showed on your beer stomach. Alcohol can delay the ability to metabolize fat of your liver and also suppresses the hormone testosterone – the primary metabolic hormone. Many prestigious researches showed that lower testosterone levels are directly connected to higher belly fat levels. And the reason for your belly fat is because alcohol provides a large amount of calories, and it can also make people overeat.

24. Smoke:

woman smoke

The first out of the bad habits that cause belly fat is smoking. Maybe lighting up can make smokers thinner than people who do not smoke at all. However, cigarette smoking can make your body stores its fat. In a prestigious study in adults, experts discovered that smokers had lower BMIs than nonsmokers. However, their waist-to-hip ratios were higher. In addition, the research suggests that an apple-shaped body which carries more weight around the waist will put you at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, fertility complications, and obesity than a pear-shaped body (in people who have extra fat concentrated on their hip). That is the reason why you should quit smoking if you want to lose weight healthily and naturally.

25. Not Getting Enough Protein In Your Regular Diet:

Not getting enough protein in your regular diet

Have you been depriving your body of protein-rich foods? In general, an adult needs at least 20 – 25 grams of protein in every meal, depending on each people’s body size and activity level. In particular, a man should add an additional 10 grams of protein to every meal to get excellent health. In fact, you can balance out your blood sugar by increasing your protein consumption while reduce the levels of insulin to speed up your metabolic rate. In addition, protein helps to control hormones that increase your appetite, so you can get rid of extra fat without using any drug, pill, or medication. To power up your daily meals, you should eat high-protein foods, including salmon, eggs, skinless chicken, turkey, shellfish, and ricotta cheese. These are the best selections for you because of their high protein and low fat content – a wonderful combination of slimming down and shaping up.

26. Depriving Yourself Of Sleep:

Depriving yourself of sleep

It is necessary for an adult to sleep about 7 to 9 hours each night. When you cannot sleep enough, your cortisol (stress hormone) level increases and causes you to have terrible sugary foodscravings. With that in mind, it is harder for you to burn belly fat when you deprive yourself from sleep regularly. Therefore, to maintain normal stress hormone cortisol levels, you should try your best to sleep every night with the recommended hours backed by science. By this, you will be able to balance your cortisol levels while still boost the leptin production – a type of hormone which helps you control the appetite.

27. Consuming Low-fat Foods Often:

Consuming low-fat foods often

Some people assume that high-fat drinks and foods cause more fat storage in the stomach. In fact, monounsaturated fats are not bad at all. For good, you should consume foods like seeds, olive oil, and avocados because they will work very well to help you eliminate stomach fat. You should be wary of too many low-fat foods because manufacturers often add sugar to this stuff. If you consume a lot of sugar, your body will store more fat.

28. Eat Emotionally:

Eat emotionally

Do you eat absent-mindedly whenever your emotions are at their peak? The next time you see yourself doing this, you need to snap out of it before you end up eating a huge amount of unhealthy snacks. Eating emotionally has no effect on making you feel better after all, but just leave in your body an increasing amount of extra fat that is really hard to lose. The best way you should do to deal with this issue is drinking a glass of water, taking a relaxing walk, or talking to a friend to reduce stress more effectively. Instead of prisoning yourself in the bedroom with a mountain of unhealthy snacks, you can choose an activity that is much healthier and gives you better result. By this,you will be able to stop yourself from loading up on extra calories when you are feeling emotional.

29. Using A Larger Plate Each Time You Eat:

Using a larger plate each time you eat

Whether it is just a regular meal at home or a buffet dinner, you should pay attention to the size of the plate you will use during the meal. A recent survey conducted among obese individuals, it was found out that these people tend to use larger plates rather than medium-sized or small ones. Therefore, how does this habit become one of the bad habits that cause belly fat? It is very simple. With a large-size plate, you will see more space to put more food than you should eat on. When you have a larger space to put the foods on, you will consume more than your body needs, leading to the more fat stored inside your body. If you want to avoid this consequence, you should use smaller-size plates and resist the urge to eat when you have already ate enough.

30. Eating Late At Night:

While there is a fact that your body naturally burns some flab when you sleep, it might not be able to do so efficiently if you try to sleep with a full stomach. Besides the ability to cause belly fat, eating late and going to bed on a full stomach can increase the risk of developing acid reflux and indigestion issues because the gravity is no longer able to pull everything in your stomach straight down. To get out of this situation, you should eat smaller meals at night and do not lie down for at least 3 hours after your dinner.In case you feel hungry at night, you should snack on just fruits if you can instead of raiding the fridge for sweet desserts to satisfy your cravings.

Eating late at night

All of the above bad habits that cause belly fat are listed on the famous and prestigious lists. However, you cannot find the fullest list in anywhere else but VKool.com in my article. I have collected these things for weeks, and now, I am glad to share them with anyone who wants to get flat belly.

If you feel the bad habits that cause belly fat I offer in this article are really useful for you, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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