23 Ways To Prevent Childhood Obesity In America

Updates: 05/21/2024

The number of overweight children in modern society, especially developed countries like America has increased dramatically recently. This will result in some negative effects on both children and society. Obesity enhances even more children get older than normal. Also, they will get more diseases due to lack of physical activity. This article is designed to help parents and children themselves balance the development healthily and develop beneficial eating habits fast and easily. Read on top 23 practical ways to prevent childhood obesity in America to discover how valuable they are:

Top 23 Ways To Prevent Childhood Obesity In America

1. Education Preparation

This seems to be strange but it is strongly emphasized when it comes to obesity in children. Depend on what your role is, a child or a mom/dad; you can make use of this tip in different aspects. Suppose that you are a teen with the desire of preventing obesity, so take the advice in this article with the eye of a teen. In order to know how to prevent obesity in children, a child needs to be prepared education and knowledge about this problem. It might seem like a small step but you would be surprised how often it is skipped: learning how to properly take care your body is one of the keys of fighting obesity.

how to prevent obesity in children pdfYou can go to the grocery with your mother or father to know more about what your body needs and what does not need. Fruits and vegetables are Ok while fries and soda are not. Another way to increase the understanding about obesity prevention is to prepare the meals by your parents’ side to get more tips for keeping a healthy weight.

2. Eat Breakfast Every Day

It is necessary for parents to offer their kids nutritious meals and snacks with a proper number of calories. It is obvious that the home environment is the first place to set the foundation for proper nutrition. Importantly, beware that diet is three times more critical to controlling the weight with the exercise. Skipping breakfast is a lot like skipping rope because it gets you nowhere. You might think that cut calories by cutting down breakfast. Nevertheless, the opposite is true. It is proven that eating breakfast will allow people to consume fewer calories in a day. Those people who eat breakfast weight less than those who skip it. People who eat cereal in breakfast will have lower BMIs than who do not eat breakfast or dine on eggs and meats.

One more thing, when eating, just use smaller dishes. Portions might look bigger and you will eat less if you use small bowls or plates.

Also, you can find real exercises and explosive plans for weight loss, healthy tips and advice on how to reduce fat.

3. Eat Fiber Foods

American children have higher levels of obesity than those of other countries because American diets often lack vegetables and fiber foods. Good sources of high fiber foods contain few calories, lots of bulk, and little fat that will keep you full.

how to prevent obesity in children livestrong

They are digested slowly that means the blood sugar stay will stay at an even keel instead of quickly spiking and falling, which leaves people hungry in no time. Also, whole grains will supply nutrients like vitamin B6, magnesium which a lot of weight loss diets are deficient in. The great way to absorb a good volume of fiber is to begin a new day with the high-fiber cereals. Check out a complete list of super foods to eat to discover what you should take and what should not be taken.

4. Consume Raw, Leafy Green Vegetables

Green raw vegetables, such as zucchini, and broccoli are low in calories, yet high in water as well as slow-digesting fiber. Thus, they will let children feel full.

A large number of studies indicated that those people who ate salads tend to have higher level of vitamin E and C, and carotenoids, which are essential for overall health than those who did not. Also, people who eat a vegetarian diet might weight an average 3-20 percent less than meat eaters. So, parents or caretakers should include raw and leafy green vegetables in their children’s diet to keep their weight under control.

5. Make Use Of Protein In Fish, Chicken, And Beans

It is recommended that people who follow a high-protein diet which is rich in “slow-burning” carbohydrates as well as low on the glycemic index are less hungry or lose more weight than those on low-protein, and high-carbohydrates diets.

Thus, you should take advantage of protein in fish, beans, and chicken to maintain a healthy body while retaining a normal weight.

6. Consume Healthy Nuts

how to prevent obesity in children ukNuts are crunchy as well as salty. They will help you cut down weight and feel full. The proteins included in nuts might use up calories in compared with their digest. Those people who eat nuts also have lower BMIs than those who do not. In other words, if you consume almonds, you will be able to control blood sugar level on less medication, compared to those who do not.

7. Get Plenty Of Calcium 

Calcium might play an important part in how fat is broken down and stored. It is also critical for children in their development process. If fat cells contain lots of calcium, then they will be burned more. Eating three 175-gram servings of dairy food including 1,100 milligrams of calcium each day will reduce the daily calories by about 500. The most effective source of calcium is low-fat dairy. Besides, you can take calcium in other sources such as broccoli or fortified orange juice, too. 

8. Beware Drinks

Do you drink too many calories? Cut down sugary drinks in your diet to dramatically decrease the number of calories you consume every day. Sweetened drinks or fruit drinks offer nothing apart from sugar and calories. Every serving of soda will boost the risk of becoming obese by over 50 percent. Thus, keep in mind to limit how much you drink. There is a survey that points out kids ages 7 and older should drink no more than 12 ounces of 100 percent of fruit juice per day to get the best state of health. Water will be the healthiest option that you need to make use of. The recommended amount of water you should take every day is 8 glasses so that you will not only get healthy body but also keep fit well.

9. Snack Healthily

how to prevent obesity in children guide

Do not turn snacks into a formal meal. In reality, snacking itself is not bad for human health, as long as you are careful about the snacks you choose and how much you eat. In general, aim for snacks which are low in sugar, fat, and sodium. Try to limit them to 100 to 150 calories. Carbohydrates and protein are a good pairing – think crackers and cheese, fruit and yogurt – because this combo is filling enough to sustain you until mealtime.

10. Family Dinner

When a child is obese or overweight, it is a family problem. It might be due to unhealthy snacking. The solution here is having family meals that could help to decrease the risk of becoming obese and overweight.

When families eat together, they will eat healthier meals with more vegetables and less fried foods. The good news is a lot of families saw improvements and positive results when practicing this tip. Having a dinner together at least six evenings each week will be able to decrease the risk of overweight by nearly 30 percent.

how to prevent obesity in children reviewBut, when eating together, do not turn on the TV because it can make the nutrition quality of the meal nosedive. Turn off the tube and spend time together.

11. Get Moving 

It is the best if your family can do yard work together once a week. Does your school provide physical activities?

To stay healthy and defeat weight gain, you had better follow at least 60 minutes of exercising every day. In fact, it is recommended that middle and high school students should get 225 minutes (about 4 hours) of physical activities each week to prevent weight gain and improve overall health effectively. Remember those 60 minutes could happen throughout a day; thus, sprinkle the schedules with simple activities that will get you moving.

Doing some common physical flexibility and mobility exercises to get your physical health better and boost the development of the body.

12. Limit TV Watching Time 

What is wrong with TV?  If you are parents, then try limiting the amount of time of watching TV of your children each day to prevent the condition of obesity effectively. Other similar activities to watching TV are using internet or playing video games also need to be controlled. If not, they will read less, perform worse in school and become obese fast. Two hours per day will be the number of hours your children should spend on TV and computer.

When it comes to effects of watching TV on eating habits, you need to stop eating in front of the TV.

 Limit the calorie intake by limiting time spent on eating in front of the tube. When watching the screen, we tend to overeat than normal.

how to prevent obesity in children download

13. Get Adequate Sleep

The next tips to prevent childhood obesity in America that you need to know is the role of sleep in keeping fit. Kids who are 10 years old or older and teens as well need about 9 or more hours of sleep each day. Nevertheless, more than 90 percent of teens do not get that requirement. For every extra hour of sleep a child gets, the risk of becoming overweight will reduce by about 9 percent.

In addition, a study found out that over deficiency of sleep during the week and weekends enhanced the risk of weight gain in middle school age boys while sleep on the weekend negatively impacted the weight of middle school age girls.

Sleep is extremely important for human, especially in children. People actually burn calories when sleeping. As normal, people can lose about 350 calories during 8 hours of sleep. Thus, do not skip this beneficial habit. To get a good night’s sleep easily, you can refer some nutrition tips for a peaceful sleep here.

If you want to get rid of excess weight and fat, then do not overlook the guide of ultimate ways to shed excess fat fast and guidelines for keeping fit easily in our website.

14. Set A Good Example

To help your child prevent his or her, you should be a good parent who practices healthy eating habit, healthy activities. This is the most practical way to teach your kid on how to get rid of obesity.

15. Teach Children To Be Active

Children should participate in 60-minute physical activities everyday. Encourage him or her to join you. Some moderate intensity activities you can suggest your child to do, including playing tag, brisk walking, jumping rope, swimming, playing soccer, or ballet dancing.

16. Ask Children For Regular Wellness Checkups prevent childhood obesity with grocery shop together

At overall wellness checkups, pediatricians will perform physical examinations, answer your child’s questions, administer immunizations, address some concerns about development and monitor his or her growth, including weight, height, and BMI to make sure these index are within a healthy range or not.

17. Help Children Form Healthy Eating Habits

A balanced diet is good for children’s growth. So, encourage your kid to consume a variety of healthy vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, protein, and low-fat dairy products. Limit your child to eat foods, which are high in calories, sugar and fat.

18. Grocery Shop Together prevent childhood obesity with ask children for regular wellness checkups

On weekend days, when all members in your family are free, you should plan ask them to go shopping together. While choosing foods, people will raise different ideas to buy a specific food. If the food your child chooses is not good for health, you can explain to help him or her get clear and give your child to make another food choice.

19. Do Not Use Foods To Motivate Children

Avoid using foods as a punishment or reward to motivate your child. Teach him or her that many foods are healthier to replace processed foods with high fat, high sugar and low nutritional values.

Help children to get clear benefits of eating healthy for better bone health, controlled blood pressure, decreased anxiety and healthy weight.

20. Care For Children To Get Enough Rest

Studies indicate that kids who regularly have fewer than the recommended hours of sleep a day are at the high risk for becoming overweight. School-aged kids need about 10 hours of night’s sleep, younger toddles need about 12 hours of night’s sleep per day and adolescents usually need about 9 hours of night’s sleep a day.

21. Avoid Teasing Children About Their Weights

Don’t comment about children’s weight in front of them. Don’t ridicule or belittle them, too. Encourage them to focus on positive habits, healthy styles and make sure that your child doesn’t relate the self-worth and the value of others to the body weight and size.

22. Warn Children About Serious Dangers of Unbalanced Diets  warn children about serious dangers of unbalanced diets

Make sure that your child is aware of the dangers of using laxatives or purging to shed his or her weight. Teach him or her that diet supplements and other substances may be so dangerous and should not be used unless they are directed by doctors or health care providers.

23. Teach Children To Be Patient

When children get taller, they also gain extra pounds. When overweight goes out of children’s control, teach them to be patient and follow a right weight loss routine and they will see the better results.

The vast majority of overweight teens will ultimately become overweight or obese adults. This might never be eliminated, yet we could certainly make an effort to help control this current epidemic using 23 practical ways to prevent childhood obesity in America recommended above.

If you feel these 23 ways to prevent childhood obesity in America introduced in this article are useful for you, and your family, leave all your comments at the end of this post to let us know what you think. We appreciate your contribution and will respond as soon as possible.

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