Lipogen PS Plus Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The basic formula, mostly negative reviews, and overly high price keep this from becoming a worthwhile supplement. It’s just not a decent enough formula to expect reliable nootropic support.

More on the specifics behind Lipogen PS Plus is detailed in our review.

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Lipogen PS Plus Overview

Lipogen PS Plus is a nootropic supplement meant to enhance both memory and focus. The biggest problem with this supplement is the fact that they use a very simple formula of ingredients which are often already in other nootropics. There’s nothing at all unique about this other than the MCT oil which should be regulated to prevent digestive issues.

The customers review also made it clear that results are unlikely, far too many complained that it didn’t do anything. The incredibly high price also makes it hard to take seriously, other brands use the same basic formula with a lot more nootropic ingredients for a reduced cost. There’s no justification why anyone should pay a premium for a simple formula of what many said was ineffective ingredients.

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Lipogen PS Plus Claims

They make it clear that the benefits are for:

  • Improving memory
  • Supporting focus

It’s also said that this is “shown to” deliver the mentioned benefits. They don’t spend much time giving descriptions or providing proof. No testimonials, studies, or any mention of the science is offered anywhere.

There’s nothing to debate in this basic formula but it’s not helping the supplements credibility when you can’t read much about what makes it work. We also have no way of determining whether or not they performed any science to come up with this blend.

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Lipogen PS Plus Ingredients

  • Phosphatidylserine
  • MCT Oil
  • Phospholipids
  • Glycerides

Phosphatidylserine is a natural chemical that the body makes and which is rich in certain foods. This is sometimes used to help support cognitive function and it’s a fairly common nootropic ingredient. They can help regulate healthy cell function and it can prevent the breakdown of healthy brain function. It’s especially essential for proper communication between cells.

This is the main active ingredient where most of the benefits are meant to come from. They extract it from a natural soy lecithin source, which is a fatty blend that is taken from soy. Typically amounts of this are too low where it won’t have high enough amounts of soy to potentially cause allergies.

MCT Oil is rich in saturated fat acids which are meant to help support weight loss and cognitive health. Fats are easy to digest and offer a reliable source of energy for the body. This has to be regulated however since taking it in large amounts can cause digestive issues including diarrhea. Fortunately we couldn’t find any mention of side effects from the few reviews written online.

Phospholipids are naturally found in cell membranes and they help provide structure. It often contains different fat soluble vitamins, and they help with energy storage.

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The Science Behind Lipogen PS Plus

The claim is that they use a unique blend of both Phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidic Acid with MCT oil for enhanced cognition. There’s no doubt that these ingredients can be effective, but it would have improved their case had they listed the studies.

They don’t even go into the specifics to see exactly how it will affect brain health. All they say is that Phosphatidylserine is an important part of cell membranes.

It’s not descriptive enough and makes it difficult to see what it can truly offer. All this hurts their case when what they use is a fairly basic formula of common nootropic ingredients.

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Word on the Street About Lipogen PS Plus

“You get the same kind of effects from taking sunflower lecithin”

“no health benefits at all, if anything I felt dumber”

“Not at all what I wanted, ineffective”

“I guess it depends on the user but it worked for me”

Though there were only a handful of reviews offered online, the consensus was that it was ineffective. Results weren’t experienced from users who repeatedly said it was not worth it. At this time there were only 2 positive reviews, but they failed to mention the specifics and another person admitted the benefits may be solely unique to them.

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Is Lipogen PS Plus Worth a Try?

A high amount of users said it didn’t offer reliable support, and it makes sense when you examine the ingredients. It’s not clear why they would make such a simple formula and expect users to be satisfied. Little support is offered here and you can get the exact same benefits from simply eating rich foods.

Realistically most of the support is only offered by a single ingredient which is not only already found in many nootropics, but on its own it won’t offer reliable enough benefits. This then raises serious questions about its cost, it just doesn’t make sense that they would charge so much for so little.

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Lipogen PS Plus FAQ

  1. What are some typical Lipogen PS Plus reviews?
    People often complained that it did not do anything.
  1. What is the Lipogen PS Plus website?
    It’s sold on
  1. Where to buy Lipogen PS Plus?
    You can only get it on their official website.
  1. Is there a Lipogen PS Plus coupon?
    There’s currently no coupon offered.
  1. Can I get Lipogen PS Plus on Amazon?
    Amazon has a page for it but it’s not in stock.
  1. What is the current Lipogen PS Plus best price?
    The website sells a 60 soft gel bottle for $54.
  1. What does WebMD say about Lipogen PS Plus?
    They do not mention this supplement on their website.
  1. Is Lipogen PS Plus FDA approved?
    No, this is a supplement and isn’t FDA approved.
  1. Are there any Lipogen PS Plus side effects?
    It’s impossible to say but customers didn’t mention symptoms.
  1. Where to buy Lipogen PS Plus?
    The official website is currently the only known source for it.
  1. Does Lipogen PS Plus work?
    Most of the reviews we found said it was ineffective so it’s impossible to say what will result.
  1. Can I get Lipogen PS Plus at Walgreens?
    No, they do not sell it at Walgreens.
  1. Do I have to worry about the safety of Lipogen PS Plus?
    The few reviews we found didn’t mention side effects and generally the additives used are likely to be side effect free, but we don’t know for certain if it’s safe to use.

So What Really Works?

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