How to get water out of your ear fast and easily

how to get water out of your ear

Water in the ear is considered as a mild problem that can happen to anybody when swimming or taking a shower. Many people often ignore this problem. Normally, water in the ear will not cause any problem. However, in some cases, it can be the cause of ear pain, itching, or reduced hearing of the ears…. if more serious, it may cause ear infection. That is why you should find out the way how to get water out of your ear if you discover that the water exist in the ear.

How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear Fast And Easily – 9 Useful And Simple Remedies

Water in your ear may cause ear infection or other problems. So, removing it out of your ear as soon as posssible will help us avoid some problems related to the ear. This writing includes some simple remedies to do it.

Let refer these solutions:

1. Gravity:

how to get water out of your ear

Gravity is the best way for how to get water out of your ear fast and easily. Firstly, you must tilt your head sideways and keep the ear with water inside parallel with the ground. And now you use the palm of the hand against the ear and press strongly for some seconds and remove your hand quickly. This action will create a temporary vacuum to dislodge the fluid. And now, you need a cotton ear bud to remove carefully the water out of your ear.

Yawning or chewing also helps get water out of the ear.

2. Blow Dryer:

how to get water out of your ear

Blow dryer is a good choice to make trapped fluid evaporate quickly. The warm and dry air that created from blow dryer will help to evaporate the water, since then, remove the water from the ear easily.

Firstly, you pull your ear lobe and keep a blow dryer about 10 to 12 inches away from the ear and direct to your ear and turn on the dryer with warm heat and low air flow. Keep the blow dryer in the right position for about 30 seconds. Don’t let it over a few minutes for one time. You can do it again if the water is not removed absolutely.

3. Rubbing Alcohol And Vinegar: 

how to get water out of your ear

Rubbing alcohol and vinegar is one of the popular home remedies to remove fluid in the ear. Vinegar contains antibacterial properties that can contribute to kill germs in the ear. And rubbing alcohol is very effective in drying up water in the ear. This mixture can help to limit the growth bacteria.

At first, you need to mix one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol with the equal amount of vinegar together. And then fall in two or three drops of this liquid into the affected ear. Now, rub gently the opening of the ear and tilt the head until the fluid drain out after waiting for about 30 seconds.

4. Garlic:


It is rather surprise that garlic is also helpful for removing water out of the ear. Antibacterial properties in garlic can be effective in preventing ear from infection and reducing the pain.

In order to get water out of your ear, you need to extract the garlic juice by pressing a few garlic cloves and use two or three drops of garlic juice to put in the affected ear. Blow dry the ear like blow dryer remedy above after waiting for about 1 minute.

Alternatively, you can use the mixture of garlic and olive oil. With this solution, you need to crush some garlic cloves first, and the next, add a few olive oil to a small pan. Stir the crushed garlic and olive oil well and make it warm. Notice that you don’t boil or fry it.

Filter to get the mixture oil and use it to put inside the ear after making cool so as to remove discomfort and prevent from infection.

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5. Salt: 


Salt is also considered as a way how to get water out of your ear fast and simply because it can absorb water easily. The heat of hot salt is very effective in evaporating fluid and easing the pain.

At first, you need to make ¼ cup of salt hot in the microwave and tie hot salt in a cotton cloth. You simply keep this cloth near the opening of the ear that exists water for two or three minutes.

6. Olive Oil: 

how to get water out of your ear

Olive oil is one of the great remedies to remove water from your ear. Antiseptic properties of olive oil can help to limit the risk of ear infection. Besides that, olive oil is also used to prevent water from trapping in the ear when you go swimming by fall two or three drops of olive oil in the ear. Remedy to remove water out of the ear with using olive oil is very simple to do:

Firstly, put some olive oil in a small bowl to make it warm. The next is to fall a few drops of warm olive oil in your affected ear and wait for about 10 minutes. After that, turn your head sidewise and get the fluid and the oil out of your ear with soft ear bud.

7. Hydrogen Peroxide

how to get water out of your ear

Hydrogen peroxide is another simple and effective option for how to get water out of your ear fast and easily. Hydrogen peroxide contains effervescent property that can help get the fluid out of the ear. In addition, it has also the same effect on ear wax and other debris in your ear.

In order to remove water out of the ear, you only need to fall 4 or 5 drops of three percent hydrogen perogen in the affected ear and wait for about 1 or 2 minutes. After that, tilt your head downwards to make the water drain out easily.

Here are some simple ways for how to get water out of your ear fast and easily that we would like to share with you. In case none of these tips are effective, you should visit to a doctor to get the better advice and avoid further complications. Or if you have any better idea for how to get water out of your ear fast and easily, please share with us and other readers by commenting here.

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