30 Tips On How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker Naturally

how to make your eyebrows thicker and darker

Which part of your face do you think is the determinant factor of the beauty? Is it the eyes, the lips or nose? People often pay more attention to these parts over other smaller details in the face, such as the gum, the nostril, the iris and also the eyebrows. Whether you believe or not, it’s eyebrows that somehow help shape your face in a proper way. A thick, well-designed pair of eyebrows will be the last part of the perfect makeup for all the facial defects. The definition on perfect eyebrows has changed during the history but in this modern time, the thick eyebrows become trendy. However, it is a sad fact that not everyone has a naturally thick pair of eyebrows. Therefore, VKool.com would like to share you some useful tips on how to make your eyebrows thicker and darker naturally at home. If you don’t want to waste your money for complicated interventions but still have the expected eyebrows, you should not miss this article.

I. Natural Products For Thickening Eyebrows

1. How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker – Castor Oil

Castor oil is a traditional method and also one of the most productive ways to enhance your eyebrows’ growth. It contains a variety of nourishing properties like antioxidants, protein, fatty acids and vitamins that are vital to boost your hair growth. Also, components contained in castor oil help to inhibit microorganisms that block hair follicles and cause hair loss. Here is the method to use castor oil to thicken eyebrows:

–    Remove your entire make- up.

–    Use lukewarm water to clean your whole face, especially the eyebrow area.

–    Dip a cotton pad into the castor oil and apply it on your eyebrows.

–    Massage your eyebrows gently in about 5 minutes.

–    Leave it on for at least 30 minutes or even overnight.

–    Rinse it off with lukewarm water.
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–    Apply your skincare routine as usual.

Castor oil has shown its useful functions on nurturing hair. You can easily search for before-and-after photos on the Internet and see the amazing transformation due to this powerful remedy. If you, by mistakes, tweeze or shave your eyebrows too much or you have naturally sparse eyebrows, buy yourself castor oil, apply this method and wait for a surprising result it brings back. However, one thing you have to keep in mind that sometimes castor oil can cause irritation or allergy to the sensitive skin. Therefore, let make sure that you have a patch test in advance. Stop using it when there is inflammation of the skin and ask for doctor advice for your safety.

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2. How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker – Coconut oil

Coconut oil has always been a popular treatment on how to make your eyebrows thicker. Coconut oil contains fatty acids, vitamin E with the function of medicinal properties that will combine with protein in hair to prevent hair damage or hair loss and also improve the blood circulation. Moreover, Lauric acid taking up 50% fatty acids in coconuts can act as a shield to prevent the development of harmful microorganism in hair follicles causing hair break or hair loss. Using coconut oil is also a super method that you can try at home to get the expected eyebrows. Let see how to make your eyebrows thicker with coconut oil:

–    Remove makeup on your face and clean your face properly.

–    Apply an appropriate amount of coconut oil on your eyebrows.

–    Massage for 5 minutes.

–    Let it on your eyebrows for at least 30 minutes or overnight.

You should apply this method every day to get the best result. And also, due to the outstanding benefits of coconut oil for your skin; you can use it as a skincare product as well.
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3. How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker – Olive Oil

Containing vitamins A and E, olive oil is known for encouraging the hair growth. Vitamin A supports the production of sebum and vitamin E functions to promote hair growth by nourish hair stand. No doubt to say using olive oil is one of the most effective ways on how to make your eyebrows thicker and darker naturally. There are two ways to use olive oil for your eyebrows:

–    Clean your face and apply olive oil on your eyebrows. Massage for a while and leave it overnight. Rinse it off in the next morning with lukewarm water.

–    Mix olive oil with honey with ratio 1:1. Apply this mixture on your eyebrows and massage. Leave it there for 30 minutes and rinse it off.

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4. How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker – Jojoba Oil

The key for making your eyebrow thicker is to unclog your hair pores and give nourishment to your hair follicles. And jojoba oil can perform this task in a surprisingly effective way. Moreover, jojoba oil is believed to prevent the hair breakages. Using jojoba oil is actually very easy. Just apply some drops on your eyebrows and massage. Leave it there overnight and wash it off in the next morning. To get the best result, you should keep practicing this jojoba oil method every day.

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5. How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker – Flaxseed Oil

how to make your eyebrows thicker - flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil contains fatty acids which are very necessary for hair growth. Therefore, flaxseed oil is well-known for a long time for being a useful and easy method on how to make your eyebrows thicker. This oil not only thickens your eyebrows but also darkens them. To use it, dip a cotton stick into the flaxseed oil and apply it on your eyebrows. Keep it on for the whole night and rinse it off in the next morning with warm water. After that, pat your eyebrows and skin around until they are dry. If you use this method every day, the result will be achieved sooner.

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6. How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker – Macadamia Nut Oil

Macadamia nut oil can give moisture to your eyebrows and the underlying skin around. It is considered to offer high values for cosmetics, according to a research on the properties of macadamia nut oil [1]. For that reason, it is highly recommended that you should use this oil as a treatment on how to make your eyebrows thicker and darker. To use macadamia for your brows, firstly make ¼ tsp of this oil warm and dip a clean cotton swab into. After that, apply it to your brows and keep it overnight. Rinse it off with lukewarm water on tomorrow morning. Use it daily for thicker and darker eyebrows.

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7. How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker – Linseed Oil And Sweet Almond Oil

The mixture of linseed oil and sweet almond oil can help to grow your eyebrows, condition and strengthen them. Therefore, this combination is considered as one of the most effective ways on how to make your eyebrows thicker. Massage your eyebrows with this mixture before you go to sleep and leave it there overnight. Then, clean it in the next morning. It is highly recommended that you use it daily for a better result.

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8. How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker – Sesame Seed Oil

Sesame seed oil possesses nourishing properties that promote your hair growth so it’s definitely good for your eyebrows growth. Apply an adequate amount of sesame seed oil onto your eyebrows and massage before going to sleep. Rinse it off on tomorrow morning.

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9. How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker – Lavender Essential Oil

A research of Boo Hyeong Lee, Jae Soon Lee, and Young Chul Kim on lavender oil has shown a significant result of this oil on hair growth [2].  Consequently, lavender essential oil is also trusted to be effective in making the eyebrows thicker. The method is quite simple:

–    Mix a few drop of lavender oil with jojoba oil and olive oil.

–    Apply this mixture onto your eyebrows.

–    Keep it for a night and rinse it off and clean your whole face.

However, lavender oil can cause irritation for sensitive skin. Therefore, it is better for you to take a patch test before using it on your face

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10. How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker – Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil contains some helpful properties that encourage your hair growth. This conclusion is supported by a research on the effect of rosemary on the hair growth process, which shows an outstanding improvement of hair growth after six months using rosemary essential oil [3]. This oil is believed to help stimulate your blood circulation and promotes the cell division so that it can make contributions your eyebrow growth. To use this method, let mix this oil and olive oil and apply it on your eyebrows as usual. Carefully take a patch test before deciding using it on your face.

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