22 Best Weight Loss Tips For Men And Women To Stay On Track

best weight loss tips

You are ready to burn off some excess fat. Yet, you are tired of listening to all that tried-and-trued weight loss advice like limiting portions, eating more fruits and vegetables, or exercising more. Perhaps, what you really need now is some fresh weight loss tips. If so, you are at the right place because here, VKool.com will introduce top best weight loss tips for men and women to help you stay on track easily. Check out below!

22 Best Weight Loss Tips – Fresh Advice For Men And Women

1. Do Not Let Yourself Feel Too Hungry

do not let yourself feel too hungry

You make poor decisions when your judgment is compromised. Hunger is considered as the main culprit to eating urge which is hard to deny. When you feel too hungry, you tend to eat more than usual. Actually, it is difficult to hold off till you could feel satisfied. As a consequence, you will end up eating too much and then you will feel regretted about it. Thus, plan your meals as well as snacks properly so you can head off the intense hunger. Go for healthy snacks like a hard-cooked egg, an ounce of pistachios, whole grain crackers, raisins, or Greek yogurt. Besides, do not skip meals or skimp on them as well.

2. Take Care Of Your Own Calorie Allowance

take care of your own calorie allowance

In fact, each person has their own calorie budget, whether they are maintaining their weight or reducing a few pounds. However, many of them ignore this simple fact. Your calorie budget will allow you to create a healthy diet and helps in preventing anger to weight loss control. It is suggested the daily calorie intake is based on age, gender, and physical activity level. Once you acknowledge your calorie budget, you then could plan on how many servings of foods, like vegetables, fruits, low-fat daily, whole grains, and many other protein sources to go for each day.

3. Be Smart About Post-Workout

be smart about post-workout

Normally, people overestimate about the amount of calories they burnt during exercising or physical activities – that is often far less than the real number. As you overestimate the calories burnt during exercise, you might eat more than necessary, thereby making fat loss and maintenance hard. Those high-intensity exercises might drive women to consume more while moderate ones might be the key to effective weight control. In order to see how many average calories you burned during the daily activities, you could refer the chart from the CDC.

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4. Make Use Of Orange, Red, And Green Rule

make use of orange, red, and green rule

Keep in mind this rule: at every meal, you should add one certain food of any of these colors. Thanks to these foods, you will make sure you get proper calorie amount each meal. Besides, those colorful foods, fruits and vegetables will also improve your skin condition, making it healthier and younger as well.

5. Eat One Less Bite

eat one less bite

This is considered as one of the best weight loss tips. If you eat small bite, you will be able to save approximately 75 calories each day, equating to about an 8-pound weight loss annually.

6. Avoid Salty Foods

avoid salty foods

Did you know that salt is one of the biggest contributors to weight gain? Oftentimes, it is the reason why your pounds do not go down. It is shown that the average American consumes two times more than the necessary amount of salt you should take each day, thereby resulting in bloating, weight gain, and the ability in not achieving weight loss goals. Therefore, in order to limit the salt intake, you should check the nutrition labels when buying foods and opt for fresh over restaurant or packaged foods. That way, you will recognize your belly fat and face fat reduced.

7. Go For Spicy Flavors

go for spicy flavors

When cooking, you can add hot spices to meals so you can curb hunger effectively. Nevertheless, there is another reason for you to add some heat to your meal: it is found that the capsaicin can trigger the human brain to produce happy hormone named endorphins. This will give you a good mood along with a full belly.

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8. Try To Be A Heavy Drinker

try to be a heavy drinker

We all know that water is the important source of the life. Specifically, it is necessary for people to keep their body hydrated and healthy. However, many people tend to retain the “water weight” by not taking enough of it instead of having too much. Fact is, the demand of individuals varies, yet the general advised daily amount is about 64 ounces. By taking enough water, it will take up the space in the stomach so you are going to feel much fuller while still getting fewer calories.

9. Diet Soda Will Not Help You Shed Excess Weight

diet soda will not help you shed excess weight

It is discovered that the more diet sodas an individual takes, the greater the risk of overweight. Taking up two or more cans each day will enhance your waistline by 5 times. The artificial sweeteners could disrupt the natural ability of the human body to regulate calorie intake. It means that those who opt for diet foods might be more likely to eat too much, as their bodies is being tricked into thinking it is consuming sugar, thus you even crave more.

On the other hand, it is also found that even a diet soda per day could be associated with the higher risk of metabolic syndrome. This syndrome comes with a number of symptoms such as belly fat and high cholesterol, putting you at the potential risk of heart disease.

10. Focus On Nutrient Balance Rather Than Calorie Counting

focus on nutrient balance rather than calorie counting

Another one in the list of best weight loss tips for women and men is that you should make sure that your meals contain protein, carbs, and fat, rather than just counting calories (such as a 100-calorie pack), helping give your body more energy while still helping your body what it needs, such as longer-digesting nutrients, so you can stay fuller for a longer amount of time.

11. Get Foods Away Where You Are Eating

get foods away where you are eating

If you keep food eyesight while eating, you might find yourself being provoked to reach for it even when you are not hungry. Therefore, you should keep foods in the kitchen, portion out an enough serving on the plate, then simply eat. By that way, if you want to eat more, you have to get up, thereby helpinging you be more mindful of your weight loss goals.

12. Keep Your Food Diary

keep your food diary

Of course, you have heard this one when it comes to best weight loss tips, time and time again. Yet, it is really important if you are serious about losing weight. Actually, it helps you stay on track in the long term. It is pointed out that those people who kept their regular food records might lose twice as much weight as those who did not. Yet, keep in mind that, while keeping your food record, you should track what you consumed, how much you consumed, anything added to your food like condiments and oils, and what you drank. Additionally, you should also record your appetite and mood as well in order to learn more about your eating patterns.

13. Begin With Soup

begin with soup

Those people who consume a low-calorie vegetable soup before each meal might take about 20% fewer calories at meals. Just simply make a low-calorie broth-based veggetable soup before the largest meal of a day so you can cut the calorie intake and lose excess weight without being hungry.

14. Take Time To Eat Slowly

take time to eat slowly

Those quick eaters are usually overweight in compared to those slow eaters. It might take about 20 minutes for the human stomach to send a message to the brain that a person has eaten enough and are full. Therefore, if you eat quickly, the satiety cues of your own body will not be able to recognize that feeling, leading to overeat. Thus, you should slow down your eating speed, chew every bite for at least 10 times, put the fork down between bites, and foster a relaxing environment for eating instead of eating on the go.

15. Outsmart The Hunger Hormone

outsmart the hunger hormone

Normally, even the most focused and motivated dieters also struggle to be able to keep track of weight loss results once hunger invades. The human body secrete a hormone named ghrelin, controlling hunger and driving the appetite. And, if you do not understand, regulate and control your ghrelin, you might forget about weight loss. Hence, the best manner to control ghrelin is eating balanced, small meals every 3 hours. That is because this hormone will spike after 3-4 hours of fasting, so regular eating will help you keep the eating provoke at bay. Also, the ghrelin might spike if people are deprived of carbohydrates, so it is crucial to give their bodies and brain the right carb fuel necessary. If you skip meals and avoid carbs, you might invite ghrelin to spike, thereby provoking the emotional hunger. As a result, you will crave for sugar and damage your healthy eating habits.

16. Dine Anytime

dine anytime

People often think that they might gain weight as a direct result of dinning after 7 p.m. However, it is not always true. Many times, we stop eating by 5 p.m, resulting in overeating the next day. This cycle is not good for you because it can shut down the metabolism. Fact is, you had better eat 70% of the required calorie intake before dinnertime and the left 30% at the dinner, regardless of the time. Give yourself at least 90 minutes to finish your eating before planning hitting the hay because only with this amount of time, you will be able to sleep comfortably.

17. Focus On Nutrition

focus on nutrition

After many studies about fitness and weight loss, it is recommended that people should devote about 80% of their efforts to nutrition and the left 20% to exercise.

And, one of the best ways to do this is scheduling time to plan a healthy weight. Restaurant dishes often come with lots of fat and salt. So, avoid eating restaurant foods. Instead, you should cook at home to monitor your calorie intake better.

For example, you can schedule one day of the week, like Sunday afternoon, to pre-cook for the whole week. Once you have all menu for the week, you just need 15 minutes in the kitchen to put the prepared foods together – less time than you may spend heating up a salt-, sugar-, and fat-filled frozen pizza.

18. Practice Deep Breathing

practice deep breathing

This might be not relevant to weight loss, yet it does. After all, you have to breathe every second, right? However, not many of us breathe consciously or deeply. Just think about it: when was the last time you took a slow, long, deep breath and then slowly let it out? Deep breaths of that type might take you out of your immersion in momentary stress, give more oxygen to your brain, and reduce anxiety. By disassociating from the stress, you will not be triggered to overeating because many of us often eat more when we feel stressed.

19. Eat Before An Event Or Party

eat before an event or party

If you are going to go to a party or event, then do not starve yourself before arriving that place. It is found that people may overeat, especailly carbs, cheesy, or fried foods, in comparison if they eat before the event. By getting some calories at first before arriving to the party, you will cut down the calorie intake afterwards.

20. Wear The Clothes That Fit

wear the clothes that fit

One of the top enemies of dieters when it comes to fashion is elastic waistband. When wearing the clothes that fit your body well, you will feel good and have awareness gauges which put you such clear signs of filled up. Therefore, you should make use of this one among best weight loss tips to keep your stay mindful of weight loss goals, thereby keeping your away from overeating.

21. Celebrate Positive Self-Talk

celebrate positive self-talk

You can replace “fat” with “fit”, “could” with “could not”, weak” with “strong”, and “unhealthy” with “healthy” in your self-talk. It might take lots of practice yet it could begin to rewire the way you think about your own health as well as weight goals.

If you have positive thoughts and attitude, it might be less likely to trigger your bad eating habits.

22. Take Time To Give Yourself A Treat

take time to give yourself a treat

The last one in this list of best weight loss tips for women and men might surprise you at first. However, you had better try out this tip to permanently decrease your cravings: portion out a serving of what you want to snack, take one minute to smell it before looking at it, then think about it. Eat a small bite and chew slowly for about 10 times, focus on how it tastes and how its texture is, swallow after that. Then, ask yourself that if you want to eat one more bite or that bite satisfied you. In case that you still want to eat more, you can repeat the routine above, but chew for about 20 times. If you take time to eat slowly, you will be more mindful of how that snack really tastes, then you will feel much more satisfied.

Above are top 22 best weight loss tips for men and women that are really fresh and creative. Hopefully, you find these tips are useful for you as well as your weight loss process. Try out all of them and you will see great results soon.

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