Top 12 Health, Skin And Hair Benefits Of Propolis

health benefits of propolis

Bee is one of the interesting animals in nature. However, when talking about the bee, people usually think about honey as well as some products which are made from honey. Furthermore, there is one thing that you ought to know when talking about the bee. That is propolis. Have you ever heard about propolis? And have you ever thought about the benefits of propolis for your health, your skin as well as your hair? If you haven’t heard about the benefits which propolis can bring to you? So now it’s time for you to relax and read this article on our page, which will present to you some advantages of propolis for your overall health, your skin along with your hair.

Top 12 Health, Skin And Hair Benefits Of Propolis

Benefits Of Propolis For Health

1. Kill Bacteria

One of the benefits of propolis which should be mentioned first is to kill bacteria. According to a study, it has investigated the capabilities of anti-bacterial properties in propolis in the mouth as well as more especially related to the root canals.

Besides that, some researchers have compared bee propolis with the calcium hydroxide, which seems that it is an effective anti-microbial. Furthermore, it is found that propolis is considerably more powerful at removing the certain germs than the calcium is.

Moreover, propolis has been used in order to kill the flu and cold for a long time. And a study clearly presents how the strong bacteria-killing properties in propolis work throughout your body.

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2. Lower Blood Pressure

benefits of propolis - lower blood pressure

When talking about the wonderful benefits of propolis, it is also said to lower your blood pressure. As you can see, nitric dioxide is a pretty important substance for the healthy heart. Furthermore, the inner lining of the blood vessels uses nitric oxide in order to indicate your surrounding smooth muscles to calm down. Thus, it results in widening your blood vessels along with increasing your blood flow.

In addition to that, the decrease in the nitric oxide bioavailability plays an important part in developing high blood pressure. And without nitric oxide, you may have a heart attack. In that case, it is suggested that someone who suffers from high blood pressure ought to consume propolis because it is proved to decrease the TH (an enzyme which is called Tyrosine hydroxylase) which can limit the amount of nitric oxide that you produce, and then as a result, it helps to lower blood pressure.

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3. Treat Bone Disease

One of the health benefits of propolis which should also be mentioned is to treat the bone disease as well as keep the bones healthy.

Recently, some scientists have studied that Caffeic Acid Phenethyl  Ester, which is a strong compound that is found in propolis, is able to prevent or reverse the osteolytic bone diseases. Also, they have discovered that this compound is very effective in suppressing the inflammatory compounds which may cause bone diseases. Besides, propolis is also recommended to become a potential treatment for the bone wasting diseases such as osteoporosis.

Therefore, if you are suffering from the bone density loss or you have the history of this disease in your family, what you need to do is to take a dose of propolis every day, which can help you to get rid of this disease soon.

4. Treat Allergies

Treating the symptoms of seasonal allergies is also one of the main health benefits of propolis which you ought to know.

According to some studies, they presented that when they gave the rats the propolis for about two weeks and they found that propolis appreciably inhibited the histamine release from the mast cells of the rats. As you know, histamine is a compound which can make you sneeze and give you a runny nose or watery eyes. It generally makes your life become more difficult. That’s why anti-histamines are the major allergy drugs which are sold over the counter.

And it is clearly proven that propolis can be beneficial in relieving the allergic rhinitis symptoms through the histamine release inhibition. Thus, when the season allergy is coming, do not take the bee pollen only, why don’t you take a dose of propolis as well?

5. Improve Prostate Cancer Cell Death

benefits of propolis - improve prostate cancer cell death

If you want to look for the health benefits of propolis, improving prostate cancer cell death is also listed. As you can see, prostate cancer is one of the popularly diagnosed cancers in men. However, there is wonderful news about this deadly disease. Propolis is shown to suppress or prevent this kind of cancer.

Furthermore, some scientists checked the cancer killing effects of the propolis tincture on both common kinds of prostate cancer. And they concluded that the propolis tincture could improve the dead cells in prostate cancer cells. It also recommended the significant role of propolis in preventing prostate cancer.

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6. Kill Colon Cancer Cells

Besides helping in improving prostate cancer cell death, propolis also can help to kill the colon cancer cells. Up to now, some scientists have decided to look at the anti-microbial and anti-cancer ability of propolis at the same time.

According to some studies, the scientists tested propolis against the colon cancer cells. And they found that propolis made the cancer cell die by necrosis. It means that propolis could help to interrupt the blood supply to your cancer cells and then made them die. Meanwhile, chemotherapy did the opposite thing. It might kill both cancer cells and healthy and living cells

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7. Treat Food Poisoning

One of the wonderful health benefits of propolis is to treat food poisoning. As you know, there are three bugs which are popularly found in most of the food poisoning situations. They are Staphylococcus aureus, Campylobacter jejuni as well as Enterobacter faecalis. According to some research, they have found that propolis can help to inhibit the development of these bugs thanks to its antimicrobial properties.

In addition, they have said that the propolis preparations might be used as the support to the traditional therapy for infection; particularly antibiotics show that there is no activity against the micro-organisms.

Hence, keeping a bottle of the propolis tincture with you and taking a dose will help to get rid of food poisoning after you have just eaten in the unfamiliar restaurant.

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8. Protect Injured Teeth

To be honest, there is a study about the benefits of propolis on dental health. And actually, this study is quite difficult to understand. Clearly, traumatic injuries to your teeth present a challenging case for the clinician due to the post-treatment complications like inflammation. Besides that, in this study, some scientists evaluated the propolis as the anti – resorptive agent. And basically, they just wondered to know whether propolis was able to help in controlling the inflammation when the teeth of somebody got knocked out in order that they were able to place the teeth back in.

And what they found out was that propolis could really help. It is able to affect the strong anti-inflammatory activity in a lot of areas of your body. As you know, inflammation is very responsible for several diseases like heart disease, Alzheimers, arthritis and so on. And most of the recent research shows that people who consume propolis regularly have less inflammation in the bodies as well as less disease. Therefore, they may have healthier and longer lives.

9. Treat Heat Stress And Athletic Performance

benefits of propolis - treat heat stress and athletic performance

When talking about the health benefits of Propolis, treating heat stress as well as athletic performance is also listed. As you can see, propolis has a lot of antioxidants. Recently, some research has discovered how useful these antioxidants may be for the athletes when they protect the athletes from overheating, following an article which is in the Journal of Food Science.

Besides that, there is an active ingredient which is found in propolis. It is called caffeine acid phenethyl ester which is abbreviated to CAPE. And it causes a wide spectrum of the biological activities consisting of antiviral, anti-inflammatory as well as the antioxidant.

Furthermore, heat stress is concerned as the major factor underlying the primary fatigue as well as dehydration which can be seen during the prolonged exercises in the heat. And some researchers concluded that CAPE might help in promoting the athletic performance. That’s why athletes often take propolis, particularly during summer.

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10. Treat Warts

When someone asks for the benefits of propolis, treating warts is also one of the wonderful benefits which propolis brings to our lives.

According to a report which is mentioned in the International Journal of Dermatology that was published in November 2024, it presented that propolis has a strong activity against warts.

And following an experiment which lasted three months, 135 patients who suffered from a plenty of different kinds of warts received Echinacea, oral propolis or a placebo. The result of this experiment was that a cure for the number of patients with popular warts who were treated by propolis was achieved in 75%. And this is much better than the result of those patients who were treated with the placebo or Echinacea.

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11. Wound Healing

One of the wonderful benefits of propolis which need to be mentioned is to heal the wound. As you know, propolis is said to have natural antiseptic qualities. It is one of the worthiest aspects of it.

Therefore, if you want to protect your open sores or cuts from the infection, just spread some propolis extract or propolis on your wound. The antioxidants in propolis may act to promote the wound healing process, stimulate the blood flow as well as the development in those areas, together with decreasing inflammation.

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12. Keep Hair And Nails Healthy

For those people who like taking the organic method to the cosmetic appearance, propolis has been known as a good way in order to improve the beauty of the hair and nails for many years. Whether it is used to directly apply on your hair, scalp or nails or you consume it, propolis can really help you to shine your true beauty from within.

Furthermore, with those people who are suffering from hair loss, propolis is considered as the wonderful treatment for this case thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, taking propolis internally is the best way to deal with this problem. You can use propolis tincture or propolis capsule. And it is recommended that you ought to consume 1000 mg to 2000 mg of propolis every day.

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Although propolis brings a lot of wonderful and impressive advantages to our skin, hair and overall health all of which are mentioned above, it still has some disadvantages. Some side effects which have been reported may happen, consisting of those people who are suffering from asthma and those people who have bleeding problems. It may slow the blood clotting as well as impact respiration negatively.

In conclusion, this article is only for the informative aim. Hence, if you want to use propolis in order to improve your overall health, hair and skin, you ought to consult the doctor’s advice before you use it.

Furthermore, if you want to know more useful information about the benefits of the different ingredients or herbs, you had better spend a little time on visiting our main page Health. If you know more information about the benefits of propolis, please don’t hesitate to tell us. Or whether you have any question about the advantages which propolis brings, you can leave us a message or a comment. We will response it as soon as we can.

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