27 natural home remedies for high blood pressure control

High blood pressure is actually a common and dangerous disease in nowadays life. The most common causes of high blood pressure are adrenal diseases, kidney diseases, pain relievers, birth control pills, stress, and lack of aerobic exercise, high intake of salt, excess intake of alcohol, genetic factors, and obesity. If you do not know how to relieve this disease and live with it for a long time, it will be really dangerous because high blood pressure can also lead to the death. That is the reason why today I am going to list down here 27 explosive natural home remedies for high blood pressure instantly that are proven to work. Take a look from VKool.com!

Top 16 Home Remedies To Lower High Blood Pressure Instantly

home remedies for high blood pressure

If high blood pressure is not cured on time, it will lead to other dangerous diseases, such as heart, kidney failure, stroke, and attacks. Even though medication and medical interferences are often suggested for hypertension patients to apply, people can also control the situation by applying some home remedies for high blood pressure with the common ingredients that you can find right in your own kitchen.

Let’s start your high blood pressure treating process with 27 natural foods and ingredients because foods are always the best method to deal with any disease. If you agree with this theory, you should keep your head on the following natural home remedies for high blood pressure control.

1. Vitamin D

home remedies for high blood pressure

Among natural home remedies for high blood pressure, vitamin D might be the first and foremost one. Vitamin D is found naturally in eggs, fish, fortified milk, cod liver oil and produced during exposure to the sun. The deficiency of vitamin D might have a big role in the growth of high blood pressure. Though it is not completely proven that there is a link between vitamin D and blood pressure level, there are many studies noting that blood pressure is usually increased when there is decreased exposure to vitamin D/sunlight.

Thus, one of the easiest home remedies for high blood pressure control is taking enough vitamin D.

2. Green Coffee Extract

home remedies for high blood pressure

Raw coffee beans which have not been roasted contain green coffee extract. It is shown that chlorogenic acid, the component in green coffee extract, might help in lowering blood pressure. Though chlorogenic acid is also available in the roasted coffee, roasted coffee intake has been pointed out to enhance the blood pressure level, according to some studies. The different effects of green and roasted coffee on blood pressure level might be because of a compound named hydroxyhydroquinone formed during the process of roasting and might block the good effects of chlorogenic acid on the blood pressure.

On the other hand, green coffee extract is also great for weight loss, thereby helping people with high blood pressure.

3. Diet And Weight Loss

home remedies for high blood pressure

Do you know that being overweight also puts increased pressure on the artery walls? Thus, it is necessary for people with high blood pressure to lower their excess weight by following a healthy weight loss diet. The diet should include lots of fruits and veggies, and lean protein, juicing veggies might help increase one’s intake of vegetable.

Particularly, vegetable juice from the green leafy veggies could enhance folic acid, the B vitamin which might help in lowering the blood pressure level in some individuals, possibly by decreasing enhanced homocysteine levels. In addition, dark leafy greens are high in potassium. It is shown that those people taking potassium supplementation are reported a reduction in their blood pressure level naturally.

4. Reduce Sodium Intake

home remedies for high blood pressure

Consuming too much sodium might result in fluid retention which could increase blood pressure, particularly in those who are sensitive to sodium. In fact, it is estimated that about 60% of those with essential hypertension might reduce their blood pressure to some degree by decreasing their sodium consumption.

Fact is, low potassium could increase sodium in body cells, as sodium and potassium balance each other.

5. Consume Alcohol In Moderation

home remedies for high blood pressure

It is said that moderate drinking – no more than one drink per day for females, and two drinks per day for males, comes with heart-health benefits. Studies suggest that the moderate consumption of alcohol, especially red wine, is associated with increasing levels of HDL level (good cholesterol) and a slight reduction of blood pressure; nevertheless, excessive intake of alcohol might increase triglyceride and enhance blood pressure. If you do drink, you should enjoy your alcoholic drink with a meal, which might blunt its effects on the blood pressure.

A complete guide of high protein diet plan for heart disease you can read on now.

6. Reduce Caffeine Intake

home remedies for high blood pressure

Regarding to home remedies for high blood pressure, you need to take the step of reducing your caffeine consumption instantly. The high intake of caffeine might increase your high blood pressure. Fact is, there are a great number of people with high blood pressure report that they notice an enhancement in their blood pressure level after consuming large amount of caffeine.

You can replace caffeine with green tea because the catechins in green tea have been found to be able to reduce blood pressure.

7. Exercise More

home remedies for high blood pressure

If you had better plan an exercise regime of 30 minutes per day to lower your blood pressure level naturally. You could bring down your blood pressure level significantly by doing aerobic exercise most days of the week. Pick something you like such as swimming, running, walking, and stick with it.

8. Don’t Smoke

home remedies for high blood pressure

According to studies, smokers are prone to have hypertension. However, even though cigarettes could cause temporary spike in blood pressure, smoking itself is not thought to lead to chronic hypertension. Rather than, factors associated with smoking, such as lack of exercise, heavy alcohol consumption might be responsible.

Nonetheless, giving up smoking might help reduce your blood pressure a little bit, aside from countless other health benefits.

9. Manage Stress

home remedies for high blood pressure

Not only will managing stress in your daily life help you have a healthy mental life, but it also helps decrease your blood pressure level.

In reality, there are various ways you could do to relieve stress, be it playing sports, listening to music, or taking a walk.

You can refer 24 natural ways to manage stress at home and at work effectively here.

10. Yoga

home remedies for high blood pressure

Yoga is an effective de-stressor you can take advantage of. According to a recent study, yogic breathing exercises could contribute to a reduction in those with high blood pressure, possibly through their impacts on the autonomic nervous system, which governs digestion, heart rate, and many other unconscious functions.

However, you should not think of yoga as supplying the same benefit as the aerobic exercise. Each type potentially offers different benefits in different ways.

11. Meditate

home remedies for high blood pressure

When it comes to meditation, its benefits might be countless but not proven enough. Meditation, whether it gets involved in chanting, visualization, or breathing, could be an effective tool for managing stress for many people. The important thing is that you should commit to doing it persistently and consistently.

12. Banana


Banana is one of the best fruits that high blood pressure sufferers should eat everyday to control the disease. Banana is high in potassium – a substance that can aid people in reducing the blood pressure level

As well, banana is free of cholesterol and it has low sodium level. Therefore, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, you should try to eat 1 or 2 bananas every day. Besides eating banana, you should also eat dried winter squash apricots, cantaloupe, baked sweet potatoes raisins, zucchini, spinach, orange juice, and currants.

13. Garlic


Both cooked and raw garlic are proven to be able to help human beings reduce the cholesterol level and control the high blood pressure level as well. When your blood pressure level increase negatively, you should eat 1 to 2 garlic cloves every day after crushing it slightly with your hands. Crushed garlic cloves can set up hydrogen sulfide – a compound that can reduce the pressure on the heart, remove gas, and promote good blood flow. You can also make a natural remedy from garlic by adding 5 to 6 drops of garlic juice to 4 teaspoon of warm water and drink the liquid twice per day.

14. Celery


Celery contains a lot of 3-N-butylphthalide – a kind of ‘phytochemical’ content that can help you a lot in calming the increase of you blood pressure level. When you consume celery every day, you will see a noticeable improvement in your blood pressure level within a very short period of time. Celery will also help to reduce the stress hormones that constrict blood vessels and lead to high blood pressure as well. For good, you should eat a stalk of celery with a glass of plain water every day.

15. Lemon


It will be good for high blood pressure subjects if they consum lemon every day. This habit will help people control hypertension well. Lemon juice can aid people in making the blood vessels pliable and soft, and lemon also help to remove the rigidity to reduce the the high blood pressure level. In reality, when you consume lemon frequently, you will get lower risk of heart failure, resulting from its invaluable Vitamin B property. Therefore, people who are suffering from high blood pressure should drink fresh lemon water a lot of times every day. For good, you should drink a glass of lemon juice with warm water early in every morning before eating anything. To get the better result, you should not add sugar or salt to the liquid.

16. Honey

Honey dipper in a wooden bowl

Honey can help to lower the pressure from your heart and honey can also calm the blood vessels, so this ingredient is really helpful for people to reduce high blood pressure. If you are suffering from hypertension, you should consume 1 to 2 teaspoon of honey every day. It will be good if you eat 2 teaspoon of honey before eating anything in the early morning. Besides, you can make a special liquid of 2 teaspoon of cumin seed powder, a teaspoon ginger juice, and a teaspoon honey to eat twice per day. You can also try another efficiently natural remedy with a mixture of honey and basil juice in equal amount and consume daily before eating anything.

17. Onion Juice

Onion juice

You can also use onion juice to lower the high blood pressure level effectively. For good, you should eat 1 raw onion with medium size every day. You can also make a mixture of honey and onion juice to consume regularly. To make this mixture, you need a half teaspoon of honey and a half teaspoon of onion juice to mix them together, and consume the mixture twice a day to reduce your blood pressure level. If you keep consuming this mixture twice a day for 1 – 2 weeks, you will see a huge positive modification in your health.

If you want to lower your blood pressure, the first thing you should do is losing extra fat within your body because fatty subjects are the most high blood pressure-prone ones. If you are overweight, you will have the high risk of this condition.

18. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

If you are suffering from mild hypertension, you should better eat this natural ingredient. This ingredient can “smooth” your blood flow by preventing platelets from accumulating in the blood and clumping together. You should add cayenne pepper to a vegetable salad or a plate of fruit.

19. Coconut Water

Coconut water

Ones who are suffering from high blood pressure should learn how to keep their body well-hydrated. To do so, people should drink 8 – 10 glasses of water every day. Besides water, people can drink coconut water instead because it is very tasty and nutritious. Coconut water can also help you a lot in reducing the blood pressure level. If you consume coconut water regularly, you will see a significantly positive change in your blood pressure level. Moreover, you should add coconut oil to daily meals.

Also, you can find more home remedies to lower high ood pressure, such as how to get rid of high blood pressure without using medication and the best advice to lower high blood pressure.

20. Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon seeds

This food contains a chemical compound that is called “cucurbocitrin”. This compound will aid you in widening the blood capillaries. As well, this compound can help your body to significantly improve the kidneys function. This ingredient can help a lot in decreasing the blood pressure level and in dealing with arthritis.

You should take 2 teaspoons of watermelon seeds (dried), gently crush them, and then, add them to a cup of boiling water. After that, you need to steep the mixture in about an hour. Finally, you need to strain it and take 4 tablespoon of the water at regular intervals in a day.

21. Raw Cacao

Raw cacao

Raw cacao is very rich in flavonoids and other nutrients that are anti-inflammatory. This ingredient is another natural food weapon that can help to fight against hypertension. Try it and I bet that you will want to keep this ingredient stocked in the health arsenal. The flavonoids in cacao work as adaptogens that help your body reduce stress effectively. In fact, stress is one of the most common factors that lead to hypertension. Also, the flavonoids help to regulate the levels of stress hormone throughout your body, which is very important in the blood pressure regulation.

Many researches have also discovered that cacao flavonoids can decrease the blood pressure levels demonstrably upon consumption. They can also protect your body from heart disease and stroke, which are associated with high blood pressure.

22. Raw Almonds

Raw almonds

The next in 16 natural home remedies to lower high blood pressure that I introduce today is that you should raw almonds regularly.

By just eating a pinch of truly raw almonds daily, you can see a significant modification in riding the levels of your blood pressure on tract. Some recent studies showed that raw almonds are a great source of monounsaturated fats that are scientifically proven to aid people in lowering the levels of blood cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as reducing arterial inflammation.

Although raw almonds are rich in calories and fat, they also help to speed up the weight loss process and enhance the building of lean muscles, meaning that this food can also promote healthy circulation naturally. When you serve almonds with other nuts that also support the blood pressure-lowering process, such as walnuts, they will become one of the most powerful foods that are good for heart and blood.

23. Turmeric


Turmeric has a super-food capacity and it is also known as curcumin. This herb has many benefits, one of which is the ability to decrease inflammation of the body considerably. It is a basic cause leading to high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Turmeric can help reinforce cardiovascular function and keep blood flow healthy by lowering inflammation.

When used together with non-irradiated pepper in which piperine is a primary active ingredient, turmeric will be well able to loosen up blood vessels and release the buildup resulting in high blood pressure. It is also a blood thinner. In this way, this awesome herb assists in fighting against hypertension.

24. Omega-3 Fatty Acids/ Fish Oil


omega-3 fatty acids - fish oil

Essential fatty acids also contain omega-3 fatty acids. We can easily found them in fish and plant foods. Several experiments in humans have shown that omega-3 fatty acids are able to lower blood pressure in the body of those who have high blood pressure. It might be thought that the omega-3 fatty acid DHA outperform EPA or eicosapentaenoic acid.

Some studies indicated that to receive a reduction of blood pressure, high dose of omega-3 fatty acids is necessary, but it can be an increased risk. Therefore, using 2 to 4 grams of omega-3 fatty acids each day in one year is acceptable.

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25. Hibiscus


Human studies show that hibiscus tea and supplements have the ability to reduce blood pressure. There are two studies conducted to test the influence of hibiscus tea and black tea. Hibiscus tea can help lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In addition, the other high quality studies warn you that taking hibiscus should be careful because side effects such as diuresis might happen during the time you consume hibiscus tea.

26. Dark Chocolate/ Cacao Extract


dark chocolate - cacao extract

Eating dark chocolate or products involved cacao can lower blood pressure of people who have high blood pressure or who are pre-hypertensive. 50g cacao is consumed per day can reduce 2 to 3mm Hg in blood pressure.

Chocolate may have an influence on the nitric oxide system leading to lower blood pressure and vasodilation. It can prevent angiotensin converting enzyme. You need to pay attention to one thing that chocolate contains caffeine and sugar. Large amounts of caffeine can make blood pressure increasingly high and the sugar in content can influence blood sugar levels.

Read on: 22 health and beauty benefits of Chocolate  you can take advantage of.

27. Red Wine

Red wine

Red wine is the last home remedy I will recommend for you in the article.

Drinking too much alcohol will put you into a risk of high blood pressure. However, in moderation, red wine can reduce blood sugar, soothe the arteries, and prevent diabetes. Women can consume one five-ounce glass each day whereas, men can consume up to two each day. Using a small amount of red wine can thwart high blood pressure and address existing hypertension.

A combination of some substances helping lower blood pressure is ethanol and antioxidant polyphenols.

One additional positive side of drinking a glass of wine in your dinner: It enables you to relax and savor your meal.

If you want to get more healthy foods and meal plans that are good for your overall health, you can check out some explosive e-books: super healthy foodsfoods that good for health, or healthy and delicious juice recipes.

To conclude, you can try some of the above mentioned natural remedies as part of treatment for high blood pressure. At the same time it is very essential to follow medical as well as dietary advices given by your doctor and go for regular checkups.

All of these natural home remedies to lower high blood pressure instantly above are what I have used to free myself from this condition, and now, I am glad to share my very own experiences with anyone who desires to live a healthy life without this dangerous disease.

If you feel the 16 home remedies for high blood pressure control I offer in this Home Remedies post are really useful for your current expectation, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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