Top 7 Foods & Smoothies With Banana For Acid Reflux Condition

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Acid reflux, also known as acid indigestion, is a common phenomenon in the humans that regularly occurs as the acid in the stomach flows back into the esophagus even with other contents. As usual, the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) closes soon after food goes through it, but when this LES functions improperly then the stomach acid will flow back up to the esophagus. That means the lining of the esophagus will be irritated thereby causing acid reflux.

Acid reflux can be seen from the heartburn, nausea, hard swallowing, bloating, or the burning sensation in the upper abdomen, in the chest, and the bone behind the breast. People have been found many ways to treat acid reflux including medical methods, but it is advised to apply effective home remedies in which you mainly avoid the beverage and food triggering the problem in the combination with consuming some foods that are good for the digestion. And the banana is considered as an excellent one for this problem. This fruit is able to neutralize the stomach, so a regular consumption of banana can help remove acid reflux quickly and completely

This time, will introduce to you 7 natural ways of using the banana for acid reflux condition. We would like to ensure that all of the suggested recipes are the best ones for those who want to treat acid reflux with the natural remedy as banana that is really safe and effective. The information about the digestive disorder and each ingredient for recipes are found in really reliable sources, thus, you can actually rely on them. However, our article does not aim at the medical method and just for the informational purpose. Spend a little time reading our writing to see more healthy foods and smoothies of bananas for acid reflux treatment.

Top 7 Foods And Smoothies With Banana For Acid Reflux Condition

1. Banana for Acid Reflux

banana for acid reflux - banana for acid reflux

Banana for acid reflux is not a strange concept for almost of people particularly for those who face to this digestive disorder. Banana contains some certain properties that make it ideal for treating acid reflux and preventing the return of this condition.

Banana is very rich in potassium, an alkalizing mineral that is beneficial for getting a better digestion and food absorption into the stomach while aiding in the reduction of the acidity in the stomach. It also contains Protease Inhibitors, a compound functioning in eliminating certain bacteria from the stomach. Additionally, the esophageal sphincter can become stronger due to its worthy source of vitamin B6, minerals, and fiber.

The rich fiber presented in the banana acts as an anti – acid reflux property because it gets rid of the harmful toxins from the stomach. The fruit also helps produce more mucus to improve the protection against acids by stimulating the stomach lining. Some certain components in banana help maintain a proper pH level and suppress the acid secretion in the stomach. In other words, banana acts as a natural factor to reduce the acid level and coat the stomach lining fighting against the gastric acid and other bad effects.

According to the studies before, people should consume banana on a regular basis which is good not only for the digestive system but also for the beauty care. Some ways of consuming banana are recommended as follow:

  • Eat a banana before each meal.
  • Eat a low fat bananas sandwich with cinnamon and other fruits, banana bread, banana cake, and banana muffins.
  • Use bananas as an adding ingredient of your every morning cereal, your smoothies, yogurt, and salads.

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2. Combination Of Oatmeal And Banana For Acid Reflux

As mentioned earlier, acid reflux often occurs when the stomach contents flow back into the esophagus and causes a burning sensation in the chest. When this acid reflux limits what foods are tolerated, oatmeal, a fiber-rich whole grain can benefit those who face to this problem. Oatmeal is really a great food for acid reflux treatment and it is also combined with banana for a better one.

A high fiber level makes oatmeal beneficial for treating acid reflux. According to the research, fiber prevents constipation, improves the intestinal health, and keeps the body feel full longer after eating. Therefore, fiber helps curb portions and prevent acid reflux. Oatmeal, in a combination, helps take advantage of banana for acid reflux and below is the excellent recipe:

  • Take a ripe banana, peel and cut it into slices
  • Cook an adequate amount of oatmeal and add banana slices and stir them in together
  • Consume the mixed food as a breakfast each day to treat constipation and acid reflux.

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3. Mixture Of Cinnamon Powder And Banana For Acid Reflux

Cinnamon has been considered as an effective natural treatment for digestive problems including acid reflux.
It reduces acid in the stomach acid while facilitating the digestion by its antibiotic and antifungal properties. Cinnamon can be combined with many other ingredients to make better food for the digestive system including ginger for tea, or banana for a well- mixed food. And now is the recipe of banana and cinnamon powder combination.

  • Take a ripe banana, peel and cut it into slices
  • Add some sugar and cinnamon powder to these banana slices then mix gently
  • Eat these mixed banana pieces regularly to prevent acid reflux.

Besides using cinnamon powder as a food ingredient, you can chew cinnamon gum to get some surprising results for the digestion. Chewing cinnamon gum encourages saliva production thereby neutralizing acid in the stomach. In addition, gum chewing requires frequent swallowing, which helps remove irritating acid from the esophagus quickly. But remember choose non-mint flavors because other favors as peppermint and spearmint may relax the LES and make the symptoms more severe. Cinnamon gum is the best one for you.

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4. Special Banana Milk

banana for acid reflux - special banana milk

After the food recommendation is some favorite beverage made from banana for Acid Reflux. The first one is banana milk that is not only beneficial for the digestive tract but also good for the skin health. This kind of milk contains best antacid properties beneficial in reducing the acid reflux in the stomach.

You can make your own banana milk with available ingredients at home as the follow recipe:


  • 1 to 2 bananas
  • Normal milk or soy milk
  • A little honey


  • Peel and cut your banana into slices then put them in a blender
  • Pour an adequate amount of your chosen milk into and blend them together at a high speed
  • Add the honey to the mixture and top up the beverage shake with some chopped banana pieces
  • Consume this drink this regularly.

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5. Smoothies Of Strawberry And Banana For Acid Reflux

banana for acid reflux - smoothies of strawberry and banana for acid reflux

The next beverage is suggested to use the banana for acid reflux is banana- strawberry smoothies. Strawberries are known as an excellent fruit due to their surprising taste, attractive color, and health benefits. They are also combined with banana and other fruits to make healthy beverages or smoothies to deal with many health diseases. The smoothies below are recommended for those who suffer from acid reflux problem.


  • ½ to 1 banana
  • 1 cup of strawberries
  • ½ cup of mango juice
  • ¼ cup of fat- free yogurt


  • Peel and cut your banana into slices then put them into a blender
  • Add your cup of strawberries to the blender and blend them well
  • Strain the mixture into a large glass then pour the mango juice and stir it in
  • Top the smoothies with ¼ cup of yogurt
  • Mix them all before consuming
  • Have this favorite beverage regular to remove the acid reflux condition.

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6. Smoothies Of Avocado And Banana For Acid Reflux

The final suggested drink with banana for acid reflux if banana- avocado smoothies. Avocado is an amazing fruit with many health benefits. It contains a lot of good fat essential for the growth of the whole body.  Avocado is added to banana in a small quantity to make another excellent beverage that is ideal for acid reflux treatment. Remember to use avocado in a mild portion as the directions below:


  • 3 to bananas
  • ½ piece skin-moved avocado
  • ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon of Chia seeds
  • 3/2 cups of almond milk
  • ½ teaspoon of vanilla paste
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of bee pollen
  • Some ice cubes


  • Peel and cut your banana into slices
  • Put the banana slices, avocado, ground cinnamon, chia seeds, milk, vanilla paste into a blender then blend them at a high speed for 3 minutes.
  • Strain the mixture into a large glass and add the honey and bee pollen to then mix them again
  • Add your ice cubes and drink the smoothie twice or more a week.

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7. Some More Tips

The consumption of unripe banana can cause acid reflux as its potassium then turns into potassium nitrate thereby leading to this digestive disorder. The unripe banana contains a kind of indigestible carbohydrate possible to stimulate the gut fermentation that then causes acid reflux. In addition, overripe bananas that become more acidic can cause heartburn. To conclude, you should eat fresh bananas that are neither overripe nor unripe to help you prevent and treat acid reflux.

And there are some tips for you when consuming banana as a natural remedy for acid reflux:

  • The proteins in bananas are similar to latex which can cause allergies in some certain people. Therefore, ask your doctor before using bananas for acid reflux as a natural treatment.
  • Banana contains a large amount of insoluble fiber which can cause you some abnormal pain, bloating, and gas if you eat them much. So, make sure that you keep in a proper consumption of banana daily.
  • If you are in case of fructose intolerance, a form of sugar resisting proper digestion, also consult your doctor before adding it to your daily diet.
  • Finally, stop using bananas for acid reflux if you get anything wrong with it. Recommended article:

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Our main Health page contains very much information related to health problem, so check out it if you want to learn more. We hope that our writing of 7 natural ways with the usage of the banana for acid reflux will supply you with more some simple ways to treat the digestive disorder with this potent fruit. You can believe in all of the food and smoothies recipes that are also safe and effective for your problem. However, you should check out your reaction by conducting a small test with these recipes adding them to your diet. Finally, leave all your questions and comments below then we would reply you as soon as possible. And don’t forget to let us know if you have other experiences with more ways of using the banana for acid reflux.

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