14 Personal Hygiene Tips For Young Ladies And Adults

personal hygiene

Good personal hygiene practice is the first step to a better health. Daily habits such as bathing, flossing, brushing and washing your hands may look boring and monotonous, but they come under very important personal hygiene. They help you feel good and keep you free from viruses, bacteria and illnesses. In this writing, I am going to give you top 14 personal hygiene tips for young ladies and adults that you should follow routinely.

Top Personal Hygiene Tips For Young Ladies And Adults

1. Cleansing Tips

cleansing tips

According to the site KidHealth, your natural body oils and discharge are a good form of the protection against infections. Excessive washing, or harsh soaps and cleaners may strip away your skin protective barrier and leave you more and more vulnerable to the infections causing discomfort and odor.

So, remember to practice cleansing properly. Use gentle soaps and body washers with simple ingredients to cleanse your skin and protect it from side effects of commercial skincare products.

If possible, use natural remedies to cleanse your body. For instance, you can wash face with honey, especially dry skin. As honey includes natural anti-bacterium properties so that it aids in cleansing your body skin while moisturizing the skin effectively.

For reading more personal hygiene tips related to each body part, please search for them in next parts below.

2. Cleanse Your Ears 

cleanse your ears

Beside nail hygiene, mouth hygiene tips, I would like to remind you to take care of your ear hygiene. Do it after you have a bath. Use cotton buds to cleanse your ears gently as it helps avoid irritation to ear skin and protect your ears against ear infections and other problems.

Remember to cleanse your ears regularly but do not “dig” something too deeply inside the inner ears as it may affect your ear functioning related to deafness.

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3. Menstrual Care Tips For Women

menstrual care tips for women download

As a woman, you are programmed to care for necessary menstrual needs on your own, especially cleaning reproductive tract before, during and after menstruation.

You may feel unclean during and after your menstruation, so you turn to many douches for cleaning. According to experts, douching forces bacteria as well as debris up into reproductive tract. As a result, it can lead to a more painful condition, called pelvic inflammation. On another hand, some products you use during menses can cause irritation leading to infection, such as tampons or scented pads.

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4. Clothing Tips

clothing tips

Choose clothing you wear that allow air flow and secretions can evaporate. As there is no air flow to your skin, fungi and bacteria can grow in the dark folds and moist. Related to women’s disease, this condition can be a cause of vaginal yeast. Instead of wearing tight clothing, choose more comfortable materials and wear cotton underpants with cotton crotches. Avoid wearing leather pants, wet bathing suits or tight spandex through the day or for long period of time. In addition, change clothes after exercising, working out or joining strenuous activities that make you sweat a lot.

5. Personal Hygiene Tips For Your Oral Health

personal hygiene tips for your oral health download

With a fresh breath, you may often want to whisper sweet sonnets into your beloved’s ear, yet if you have any problem with your breath and smell in the mouth, you will never be confident to get closer to someone. As a young lady or an adult, take care about your breath and oral health.

You don’t need to invest in an electric toothbrush. Bye a normal one and practice your dental health care routine daily.

Floss everyday. In fact, flossing is very important, but few people do it regularly. But it is really worth for freshening your breath, preventing gum disease and saving you from dental problems.

Also, remember to brush your tongue. Give it a good scrub when you are brushing your teeth. However if your gag flex is sensitive, you want to try other tips. For instance, exhale through the mouth when you brush. Next, brush perpendicular to side to side of your tongue rather than forth and back.

Check out your tonsil stones and remove it for fresh breath.

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6. Personal Hygiene Tips In The Shower

personal hygiene tips in the shower download

Showering is an important part of personal hygiene. However, it is said that it is not necessary to shower everyday. In fact, taking a bath daily can strip away natural oils in your hair and skin and it forces your body to produce more as compensation. Of course, you can get away from taking daily bath once – every other day. Similarly, you can skip shampooing once or twice every other day.

Remember to cool off your body before taking shower. This sounds masochistic, but it is right to practice this step in the summer. In fact, when you are hot, sweat and body heat meeting with cold water will cause stroke. So, it is not safe for you to take a bath while you are relieving sweat or you are hot.

7. Down South

down south

Down south is understood a place where your skin easily gets dirty. On given days, all business in your boxers is yours alone. However, when things get up personal and close, bad hygiene downstairs should become more noticeable.

Use baby wipes and make use of them as babies do. It is recommended that using soap is the best hygienic way to cleanse this body area. So, apply one or all these tips if you think they are necessary to follow.

8. Makeup Hygiene Tips

makeup hygiene tips

Makeup and cosmetic ingredient is not friendly and natural as you always think. So, remember to cleanse your makeup from your skin as a hygienic task. For instance, you should remove your makeup after arriving home, including eyebrow pencil lines, mascara, face makeup creams, and other makeup parts.

Besides, remember to wash your makeup tools weekly with mild baby shampoos or washers. Dry your washed makeup tools by clean towels to prevent bacteria.

In addition, as a rule avoid using fingers to apply your makeup unless a professional makeup artist does it for you. Why does this rule set? Simply, your sharp fingernails or ring may hurt your eyes and reduce the perfect of the makeup.

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9. Trim Your Nails 

trim your nails

As I mentioned above, your long finger nails may be a great obstacle while you doing makeup. Moreover, keep your nails being trimmed and in right shape can help you prevent hangnails and infected nail beds.

If possible, you should trim your nails weekly, brush them 3 or 5 times a week with soap to release dirt and residue remaining beneath the nails.

According to experts, fingernails need to be trimmed straight rounded at the top whereas toenails need be trimmed straight across.

The good time to cut and trim your nails is after having bath when your skin and nails are soft as well as easy to trim.

It is also necessary to moisturize your cuticles and nails regularly.

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10. Take Care Of Your Hair  

take care of your hair download

Wash your hair regularly to keep your hair healthy, get rid of dandruff, get comfortable and have good night’s sleep.

In addition, you should care about hair remove, especially under your armpits, legs and pubic hair. Cut or shave them with shaving gel or cream. Next, remember to moisturize the shaved skin areas immediately. If possible, consider using natural remedies to care for your skin.

11. Wear Clean Clothes 

wear clean clothes

Next to important personal hygiene tips, pay attention to your clothing hygiene. Wear fresh sets of clothes that allow your skin to “breath” and prevent skin issues. Especially, you should pay attention to wash dirty socks and underwear everyday. Remember to keep them not smelly and dry. Change your clothes after physical activities and after you relieve excess sweat.

12. Odor Tips

odor tips

A study from The University of Iowa points out that both men and women have their own natural smell. In fact, body smell is healthy and this is a natural part of each body.

According to researchers, when the feminine use deodorants or perfumes to cover up their scent, it cannot be eliminated. The body natural scent is not detectable to other people through clothes. However, if you have an abnormally fishy scent, it is like a sign of an infection such as bacterial vaginosis. In this case, antibiotics can be beneficial for you to clear up this problem.

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13. Foot Care Tips

foot care tips

If possible, stay in bare feet at home. Properly wash your feet between the toe fingers. Make sure to wear fit shoes socks.
Wash your feet properly while having a bath, especially between the fingers.

Soak the feet in a soapy run off. Scrub all your toes and the 2 bottoms of your feet that help you kick foot fungus and unsightly or odorous issues.

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14. Genital Care 

genital care

Last but not least among important personal hygiene tips, keep this area shaved. Rinse your genitals with warm or not-too-hot water and use a mild soap to wash if necessary.

For men, wash their genitals with fingers. Shower on outside. Retract foreskin. Just rinse in water with clean fingers.

For women, remember to rinse the external genitals and avoid cleaning inside the vagina. Clean the vaginal area twice every day. Use panty liners instead of tampons. Avoid using scented vagina washers or commercial products with toxic chemicals that are linked to serious harm and cancer such as BHA, DEA, PEG compounds, triclosan and a lot more.

I’ve shown you top 14 personal hygiene tips for young ladies and adults. Make use of all these basic tips to get healthy and confident every day. For any feedback about the article of personal hygiene tips, drop your comment at the bottom of the page. To read more related writings, visit Home Health on VKool site, Thanks for reading!

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