How To Turn A Man On With Words And Touch – 30 Tips Are Revealed

how to turn a man on

Want to learn how to turn a man on with words and touch? Yeah, of course, just get naked, you can do this. Yet, not this time. Here, we at VKool introduce to you top useful tips to turn on the hot button of your man. The tips range from top qualities of a woman, words and touches that men appreciate.

How To Turn A Man On – 30 Tips To Arouse Men

1. Confidence


A confident woman knows who she really is and embraces her self-worth. It will draw attention of most men. Also, it raises a desire of a man for that woman. Confidence is an attractive point, yet you should not be confused confidence with arrogance and being stank.

2. Sense Of Humor

sense of humor

Some women are just too serious, and do not know how to have a good time. You do not have to tell jokes to toss out every time you talk to a guy. Yet, the ability to laugh and smile could go a long way. If you could make your man laugh too, that is a big bonus when it comes to how to turn a man on.

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3. Poise


A girl who knows how to carry herself s a great turn on for many men. She knows how to be an attractive lady on the street. Yet, knowing how to be classy when necessary is highly respected. When a woman is emotionally unstable, that will make most guys eradicate that woman from any potential of serious relationship and will flat out turn men off.

4. Knowing How To Cook 

knowing how to cook download

We know the saying, “the shortest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Though I do not totally agree with this quote, I know that when a man finds a girl who could cook, he will feel excited. Literally, he will talk to his friends, “this woman is fine, has a great job, she could cook and is super cool as well.” Of course, this might not be a turn on for every man, yet it surely has never been a turn off. I bet that. Cooking skills are a good plus.

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5. Loyal


There are many men who do not trust women. They might have seen lots of betrayal in other situations. Thus, when men come across women that they view as loyal, it could have a great influence on those men. Loyalty is the attribute which it might take longer to evaluate, yet once it is evaluated, it could speak volumes.

6. Desire/Passion


If a girl comes off as boring and lack any passion in her own life, it could really make her less attractive in men’s eyes. However, when a girl is comfortable as well as a confident enough to show passion and desire, that could be a big turn on. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you have to throw yourself at a man, but simply means that you should have the energy to spark flying.

7. Intelligence


In contrast to what many women might believe, a lot of men love smart women. In fact, they do not love the woman who thinks that her intelligence gives her own the right to be rude or disrespectful. A large number of men appreciate a sharp woman who could have a good conversation on different topics. On the other hand, an intelligent woman will add value to the relationship and many men will be turned on by that.

8. Unselfish


Well, selfish is never sexy. If you continually have a “me” attitude, you could push a man far away and cause him to lose his passion for you. If you have a giving, caring spirit, this is precisely what men appreciate about that woman.

9. Blow In His Ears

blow in his ears download

The human ears are an erogenous zone of both women and men. Thus, blowing in your man’s ear is a good way to get him hard. It is really subtle yet thrilling. This will create a maneuver which is sure to send shivers down your man’s spine. Add in several nips and nibbles if you love because those will sizzle his libido furthermore.

10. Wear Perfume

wear perfume

This is a great basic manner to get a guy hard. You could kind of tailor your scent choice to something that you know he will love but it is always better to err on the musky side because this is the most similar to the scents associated with sex.

You should also avoid those strong perfumes or perfumes with the scent of an “old lady”. Most importantly, you should apply perfume correctly.

11. Use Your Body Language

use your body language download

Use your own body language to put the ideas in his head. Just an action of sensually lick an ice cream whilst you are on a date could turn him on. Run your hand up and down the top of your thigh whilst you are sitting together on the couch. Then, lean your body in close to talk to him. After that, bend over drastically to pick something up off the floor. That will make him think sexual thoughts, so make use of some special situations you find yourself in.

12. Nibble His Neck

nibble his neck

When it comes to how to turn a man on with touch, focus on his neck. Similar to the ears, the neck is considered as an amazing erogenous zone. Therefore, giving a guy a touch in this region will absolutely capture his attention. However, you should not begin with biting or sucking, but teasing. Take advantage of your tongue and lips, save your teeth for later.

13. Touch Yourself

touch yourself

This is one of sure-fire way on how to turn a man on, even you do not have to involve touching him. Many men go wild as they see their partners; whether they are male or female, touch themselves. If you are really comfortable and willing to try it, do not hesitate. Show your man what turns you on by touching yourself and then get ready for the fireworks.

14. Tease With A Touch

tease with a touch download

You could tease in different manners, and touching is considered as one of the most effective. There are various ways to go about this. For example, you could keep things innocent and light, by running your hand up your man’s leg or over his chest. You could also get downright dirty and touch the man in the places you acknowledge he loves.

15. Tell Him What You Want

tell him what you want download

Most men love women who know what they want and men even really love it when women tell them what they really want. Just simply let him know what might turn you on and he will do that. This will excite him at the same time.

16. Give Your Man A Peek

give your man a peek download

A lot of men are strongly visual, so another tantalizing manner to turn a man on is by letting him know what he likes and wants. You do not necessarily have to go the full Monty. Oftentimes, just a glimpse of slow bend could help spark your man’s imagination more than most explicit images.

17. Touch Your Man Everywhere But There

touch your man everywhere but there download

As mentioned above, women do not have to take the most obvious route. If you touch your man’s stuff, this will surely get him hard. Yet, instead of going right for the hot button, you can touch him everywhere else. The anticipation will get him hard soon.

18. Browse Around

browse around

Take your man to the lingerie store to browse some of the sexy undergarments. Opt for some items that both of you love and try them on for him. If possible, buy it and give your man a private show at your home.

19. Massage Him

massage him

The next tip on how to turn a man on is through giving him a relaxing, nice massage as he gets home. Begin with his shoulders and back, then you venture off into those more personal areas. Or, you could touch the lower areas of his body to get him hard no matter how tired he is at that time.

20. Go Commando

go commando

Going commando is one of the oldest tips of getting a guy on, yet it always works. Keep in mind that, the next time you go out with your man, do not wear the undies. Whilst you are in the middle of the evening, nonchalantly tell your man that you are not putting any undies on and this will make him crazy.

21. Make Your Man Feel Sexy 

make your man feel sexy download

Fact is, knowing how to turn a man on is about knowing how to stroke his ego. Once he feels sexy around you, then he will be a lot more turned on when being around you. He has great shoulders, a sexy smile, and the cutest tight bum? Give your man the compliments he deserves.

22. Reveal Your Wild Side

reveal your wild side download

Every man loves a cute and sweet girlfriend who could have a great time with his family. However, in order to be more desirable, you should reveal more about you wild side. Actually, there is nothing that could get a guy hard more than knowing that his lover is a little minx on the wild side as she is not trying to make goody impressions.

Show your wild side by drinking bottoms up and wolf whistle, smiling mischievously or laughing out like you do not care. Let him know that you have a mysterious side and he will not be able to resist you.

23. Bite Your Lips While Having Conversations

bite your lips while having conversations download

To make him think more about your lips, you bite your lips while looking up at him via your lashes. This will tell him you are willing to devour him, but you are just polite to say it.

24. Flirt With Him

flirt with him

Yes, flirt with your man by put his hand around your waist. Play games in the public and talk dirty with your man like he tries to pick you up. Also, have a conversation at the coffee shop like you are totally strangers to each other and flirt outrageously. Let your man know that the love is still wild and young.

25. Flirt With Other Men

flirt with other men download

Now, this may surprise you. Nevertheless, it will work well. The more other men fancy you, the more your man is going to desire you. Thus, just because you are being in a steady and firm relationship, that does not mean you should not flirt with other men.

You can flirt like there is no tomorrow, yet keep in mind that you should play hard to get with them. Do not cross the invisible barrier. You had better stick to some rules. You could see yet you could not touch. That way, you will not only turn your man on, but also keep your relationship steady.

26. Show Your Skin

show your skin

Though this seems an old manner when it comes to learning how to turn a man on, the art of showing skin is the central of the issue. Every man wants his lover to look gorgeous when they are on a date. However, every now and then, you should wear something rather than revealing as going out. One of the biggest turn on for men is a bit of skin.

27. Talk Dirty In Bed

talk dirty in bed download

How to turn a man on with words? Talk dirty. Whisper dirty things in your man’s ear, and you will make his mind explode in ecstasy. Begin talking dirty in bed by whispering what your wildest thoughts are. Remember to call his name and ask your man to do dirty things to you. In reality, there is nothing more exciting than talking dirty during the intercourse.

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28. Take Control

take control

Once you want to know how to turn a man on in bed, it is necessary for you to learn how to take control and how it works. Merely, you do not need to take control all the time, yet an occasional romp where you play the mistress could work wonders for your desire of turning your man on. Hold your man by his hair and push him down, spank him, and command him to do what you want. He sure loves it.

29. Use A Blindfold

use a blindfold

This is a good way to treat your guy to new sensations. He will not know where you will kiss, stroke, or lick, and he will love it. You should not be afraid to experiment using the pearls or hair when rubbing against his “little-boy”.

 30. Change Temperature

change temperature download

This could be a big turn-on. Assuming you have just gotten his shirt off, and you are kissing his sexy chest, lick a long line with the tongue and blow on it. The heat followed by the cold will give your man’s body the burn of sensation to concentrate on and rev up his engines. Yet, you should not forget the oldie yet goldie ice cube.

These 30 simple yet effective tips on how to turn a man on with words and touch hopefully could help you know how to seduce your man easily. Bear in mind that you should not be too clingy. Give your partner some space, so when you touch him, he will actually feel it.

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