How to treat the flu symptoms naturally – 8 tips

Influenza is also called the flu which affects many people every year. It sometimes causes unpleasant symptoms. By knowing the facts and causes of the flu, we will discover the ways to prevent and the techniques and nutritional strategies on how to treat the flu in order to keep the influenza at bay. Therefore, you should consider trying these tips bellow to recover the flu and stay healthy.

How To Treat The Flu Symptoms Naturally – The Effective Techniques And Home Remedies Forever

Influenza is the contagious illness caused by influenza A or B viruses. Flu commonly happens in early spring and winter. The patients will be affected by flu through respiration track. Because it depends on the disease to have suitable treatment, it is important to distinguish the flu and common cold. Both flu and common cold are viral infection which can spread from person to person. Despite the similar symptoms, the flu is more severe than the common cold as patients will influenza shudder with the thought of getting out of bed. The cold symptoms involve sneezing, sore throat and congestion while the patients with the flu will have high fever for a few days and then experience weakness, fatigue and body aches. We have known over 100 types of cold viruses and every year new strains of the flu appear. Although antibiotics are known as the common treatment for both the flu and cold, antibiotics are proven to be ineffective to treat these diseases completely. The possible reason may be that the flu and cold are contagious. There are many causes for why people easily catch the flu in winter. The first reason is that the viruses stay longer in the humid environment. Moreover, people tend to stay indoors and create the opportunity for viruses to spread. Fortunately, you can cure the flu with natural ways. On, I would like to introduce to you some effective techniques and home remedies on how to treat the flu symptoms naturally.

1. Know When You Start Treating:

how to treat the flu-know when you start treating

The reason why knowing when you start treating is the first tip on how to treat the flu may be that some unpleasant symptoms are parts of the healing process. They are evidences that immune system is battling the flu. For example, when you experience a fever, it means that your immune system is trying to kill viruses in the hotter environment. In hot environment, the germ-killing bacterial in your blood will activate effectively and quickly. Moreover, coughing will prevent the thick mucus from carrying the germ to your lung by clearing the breathing passages

2. Blow Your Nose:

how to treat the flu-blow your nose

It is important not to sniff your mucus back. When you have the flu, you need to blow your nose immediately. However, if you blow your nose too hard, it will cause earache. The best way to clear your nose is using a tissue and trying to blow your nose gently by pressing the finger to one of your nostrils.

3. Warm Salt Water – The Effective Home Remedies To Treat Stuffy Nose:

how to treat the flu-warm salt water

If you experience the stuffy nose, you should consider warm salt water as the way on how to treat the flu. Salt water will help your nose as the nasal decongestant and get rid of virus particles from your nose. All you need is adding a pinch of salt and sufficient of bicarbonate of soda into a cup of warm water in order to make a mixture. Pour the warm salt water in a bulb syringe. Press your finger to one nostril and squirt the salt water from bulb syringe into the other nostril. One or two drops are enough. If you want to achieve satisfactory result, you should repeat this treatment two or three times.

4. The Need To Stay Warm And Relax: 

how to treat the flu-the need to stay warm and relax

As the way on how to treat the flu, staying warm and relaxing is effective to help you restore your energy when your immune system fights against the bad bacterial and viruses. Moreover, your body during recovering process needs enough time to repair the problems.

5. Home Remedy Gargle:

how to treat the flu-home remedy gargle

If you want to look for the way on how to treat the flu, there are many home remedies for you to try.Gargle is effective remedy for sore throat and gives you relief. The recipe with gargle will help you remove the tickle in your throat because an astringent gargle, for example tea, contains tannins.

Tannins will help the patients with the flu to tighten membranes.

6. Drink Hot Liquids:

how to treat the flu-drink hot liquids

Hot liquids not only make you hydrated but also treat nasal congestion. Moreover it is effective to relieve the unpleasant inflamed membranes in your nose and your throat. If the flu keeps you from sleeping, you should try a cup of hot herbal tea as the way on how to treat the flu. You can add enough honey with a little bit whiskey or bourbon. However, it is important to limit the alcohol because too much alcohol will have the side effects and cannot help to cure the flu.

7. Take A Steamy Shower:

how to treat the flu-take a steamy shower

If you try to take a steamy shower, your nasal passages will be moisturized. Steamy shower also helps you relax. If you suffer from severe flu, you can sit on the chair and let take a steamy shower with sponge bath.

8. Using Temperature To Treat The Flu:

how to treat the flu-using temperature to treat the flu

If you look for the ways on how to treat the flu, temperature can work. Hot and cold packs are available at every chemist.

Another solution is to make your own. All things you need are damp flannel. And then heat it in the microwave for 55 seconds or you wrap the frozen peas into a cloth as a cold pack. By applying hot or cold packs on your congested sinuses, you can reduce the flu symptoms.

These are 8 ways on how to treat the flu symptoms naturally that I want to introduce to you. If you have any questions to ask, please leave them bellow. I will answer as soon as I can. Thank you for reading.

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