How To Be Efficient And Productive At Work

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Updates: 07/7/2024

There are various ways to get success in life. The key comes from you, including your experience, your passion, your hardness for your job. However, to achieve the best working output, you should prepare or learn working techniques. This writing will show you how to be efficient and productive at work tips and tricks.

How To Be Efficient And Productive At Work With 39 Tips

1. Prioritize Your Workday In Advance

Prioritize your to-do tasks before a night, and start doing each one in the morning. Think about important tasks first. List them in the order of priority either on sheets of paper, or in computer. Do the same for your weeks and months, as well.

Spend about 15 minutes designating your action plans at the end of Fridays. Note to know what to do at the next month and what your final goals are. This organization can help you streamline your daily work and give you strong motivation to complete all tasks. Remember that, you may never plan to fail, but just fail to plan.

2. Organize Your Workspace

Piles of work can have a negative affect on productivity. Therefore, take time to organize and file your important working items. File them to right places so that you can easy to access, find and remember them.

You should follow 1-month rule, cleanse your recycle bin regularly per month and start new working month with new tasks.

You also need to have certain tools and supplies to do your job such as staple removers, hole-punches, calculators at the ready. Outside of office jobs, working tools are different, yet the fundamental principles are not different. Have your tools become ready when you start working.

how to be efficient at work organize your workspaceBesides, when it comes to ways to be efficient at work, you also should pay attention to your working environment. Keep it become clean and orderly.

A disorderly workspace can hinder your work and lower your productivity. If you are struggling to seek some documents or a tool in a mountain of clutter, your work time is being wasted. Just keep items and tools you use daily out and other things can be squirreled away, but also easily and quickly retrievable.

Arrange your desk and workspace in your office so that you can easily find whatever you want. If you are not an officer, this principle still applied because any job needs to have tools to work. So organize your working items in the logical order and keep your tools clean, then you can find them immediately when you need.

3. Set Deadlines

To prioritize your workday, set realistic deadlines for all your tasks. If you can complete it at the right time, they never get done. If you are in a work team, push the tasks of the team to a schedule.

4. Upgrade Technology

In general, more gadgets go with more stress. Technology can bring us huge benefits as a digital assistant and a time saver. Hence, learn to apply new technology that helps you become professional and work more efficiently.

5. Avoid Doing Personal Affairs At Working Time

In fact, you can have occasional personal calls on your workday and some personal affairs may impact your working efficiency. However, you should control not to do personal affairs at working time as they can interrupt your concentration so that the productivity can decrease.

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6. Thought-Intensive In The Morning & Labor-Intensive In The Afternoon

Arrange your though-intensive tasks in the morning and labor-intensive task in the afternoon. This is powerful way to work more efficiently. For instance, in the morning, you can do scrutiny or intense examination while you can schedule conference calls and schedule meeting in the afternoon because this is good time to share ideas and interact with others.

delegate7. Delegate

Delegation is very important. You may don’t work in a team but it’s necessary to maximize potential of you to do better work. So, find your peers to help you save time, manage different tasks, set an agenda, and increase your productivity on working.

8. Cut The To-Do List

Just plan a realistic schedule with the tasks you can complete it in the right time. For instance, you list out 10 tasks to do in a week but you can cut down 3 or 4 tasks that you are not sure that it will be well done. As a result, you can be free from working pressure and get disappointed for your schedule.

9. Take More Breaks

You can get headache while working or after a long workday, so take more rest to “heal” your brain. There are different ways to relax. You can take a nap to balance your mental conditions. You can have a cup of coffee to get awake, eat snack or you can listen to music at the breaking time or even gossip with your colleague. Recharge your energy to get ready for the next task and work more efficiently. It’s not too hard to do!

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10.  Follow “The 80/20 Rule”

Have you ever heard this rule yet? Simply, you can understand that only 20% of what you work can produce 80% of your productivity. So, eliminate all things that do not matter during your day. Actually, they can have a minimal impact on your working results. For instance, you can break the next project down until you complete 20% of the task that gets 80% of the overall productivity.

11. Work Hard In The Morning how to be efficient at work work hard in the morning

Doing some stuff in the morning just makes you become a productivity killer. Instead of checking email or calendar, you can start your day by going out to have a healthy breakfast, read news, mediate or work out. Actually, this is a way for you to get fuel for your productive day.

12. Tackle Challenging Tasks

When your brain is fresh, knock out your challenging task. If you have meetings or busy work, save them to work in the afternoon. With this scheduling way to manage your time, you will be able to be more productive at work.

13. Improve Email Etiquette

Email is actually a productivity killer and distraction from work. So, don’t fall into this trap. As a rule, when receiving an email with many recipients, do a favor by BCC’ing them on the reply. If the email chain goes more than 2 replies, it is time to pick up some calls.

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14. Create A Work System

You might develop your productivity-ruining habits years by years. Manage distracting ways by creating a more productive work system: what time to check emails compulsively, how to plan work each morning, afternoon and evening. Otherwise, you will get distracted from accomplishing important tasks and goals throughout a day.

15. Stop Laziness

Laziness is the number-one contributor to productivity loss. In fact, emails and meetings are just ways to stop doing real work. Instead, you should focus on doing main work efficiently as possible.

16. Stop Doing Multi-Task how to be efficient at work stop doing multi-task

Focusing on a single task well is more efficient than doing 10 multi-tasks at the same time. So, work smarter! If not, you are going to wasting more energy and time to fix your mistakes of uncompleted tasks.

17. Use Appropriate Communication

Next to the tips on how to be efficient at work, you must know the importance of appropriate communication. You may waste your time if your communication or presentation is poor or ambiguous. As a result, people cannot understand your words, get wrong your purpose, even, cause serious consequences.

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18. Apply A Detailed Schedule

With productivity tools and available scheduling, can handle your work more efficiently. So, create a routine or detailed schedule to be ready for a new working day and month. The more you control your schedule and calendar, the easier you can reach your goals.

19. Practice Lean how to be efficient at work practice lean

You might get frustrated because your working office is messy and you cannot seek any items you need to work with. A simple yet very important rule for you is practicing lean. Keep everything at its proper place. So, if you want to use it, you won’t waste time and energy searching for it around your working place.

20. Time Activities

Count how much time you waste and how much time you work efficiently.

For efficient people, they set time for their tasks and keep them following their planned schedule. Try to log your time on activities everyday. Spend weekends to set specific times for all tasks and activities throughout a new week and reach your goals at the right time.

21. Commit To Downtime

While working, you cannot get rid of feelings of tiredness and stress. People who sacrifice their downtime think that they benefit someone but actually they detract from their own working productivity. Efficient people can know when they get rest and they perform their efficiency at their peak. Even, one efficient person can work as 3 average employees.

22. Plan Projects

Effort can be wasted if one doesn’t have a clear routine to reach. Impatience is an enemy of efficiency. Efficient people know how they have to take the time to break down a task or project into small steps and have success consistently. Actually, it’s not easy to plan a project. It needs challenges and responsibilities for a clear path. So, plan your task to achieve objectives you wish in record time.

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23. Use New Tools To Organize Work Well

In modern life, many applications are made to help people work faster and more efficiently. Many jobs need specific tools to aid in working such as computers, calculator, fax, specialized software and so on. Take part in a reputable course or training to learn new tools. You absolutely will get more efficient output, then.

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24. Manage Emails how to be efficient at work manage emails

Your job may need to work with emails. So learn how to be efficient at work with this job. Set a specific time to check and answer your emails and messages. Respond messages in groups of people and check all emails only 3 or 4 time a day.

25. Say No

Actually, this is a small word, but not easy to say. In some cases, you must say no when someone asks you to do the thing that’s not your priority or passion. As if you have no clear answer, you may get some wrong understanding from the asker.

26. Don’t Wait For The Perfection

Don’t wait your time on how to perfect a thing that is unnecessary or beyond your ability. Actually, perfectionism just leads to poor and micro-managing relationship, procrastination, depression, stress, anxiety and low productivity.

27. Ask For A Help

If you get overwhelmed and exhausted at work, explain your situation to your supervisor or boss to have co-workers or get a help to complete your task. Remember that always be positive to find out different solutions for your work.

28. Eliminate Personal Distractions

Though you work in any company or organization, you may get distractions. Do you make sure that you can focus on your task when getting noises or working with talkative colleague? Actually, when it comes to ways on how to be efficient at work, there are simple yet effective tips for you. If your office allows you to listen to music while working, take your MP3 player and enjoy your music as a way to eliminate your distraction.

29. Sleep Enough

As a rule, make sure that you get 8 hours of night’s sleep to be efficient at work. The tiredness can attack you and kill your productivity during your workday. Accordingly, this situation can lead to other worse health problems such as weak brain, weak vision, fatigue and so on.

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30. Get Exercise how to be efficient at work get exercise

Next to tips on how to be efficient at work, you also need to do exercise regularly to balance your physical health. You may sit at the office all workday and after then, you can take a walk, run or play other sports to enhance your health and protect you from common health problems such as heart disease and obesity.

31. Keep Your Elevated Moods With Positive Thoughts

If you want to enhance your working efficiency, you have to work with seriousness. However, do not force yourself in this unnatural way. Actually, this is not a good idea. Instead, you should be stress-free, anxiety-free. Feel free to increase your efficiency more naturally. Keep your spirits high, find someone to talk and they will help boost your motivation or eat out, or travel to regain your peacefulness. Why don’t you try some of these ways?

Moreover, you should think about good things you are going to reach to. If you work hard and efficiently, you can get more experience for high salary jobs, or you can earn more money to buy your new car or house or for any purpose, you are planning to achieve it.

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To discover how to be effective, increase productivity, overcome procrastination, & get motivated at work, you should read the Get More Done in Less Time book.

32. Don’t Abuse Harmful Medications And Drinks don’t abuse harmful medications and drinks

Yes! That’s right! Do not abuse some drugs and drinks such as anti-sleep pills, alcohol or coffee. Since you use them with high doses, they can damage both your health and your mental. Some typical symptoms include immune problems, digestive problems, skin problems, tiredness and so on.

33. Reward Yourself

If you have successfully boosted your efficiency, why don’t you celebrate? You totally deserve it. In fact, it’s so hard to lose a bad habit as well as cultivate good ones. Thus, reward yourself for what you have ever successfully done. Eat out with some of your close friends. Buy yourself a gift on Friday, go to the cinema or have a talk with your parents. If you have more spare time, you can make a tour to balance your life after hard working days. Rewarding yourself actually can help increase feeling of your accomplishment and this is a key part of keeping you having more passion to continue your work.

34. Answer Short Emails On Your Cell Phone

Smartphone with internet can help you work more efficiently everywhere by allowing you answer emails fast and instantly. But you should reply or create short emails in order to save time for other tasks. For instance, you can take time to answer a few emails while you are in an elevator or wait for someone in a bus station, in an office or anywhere if you have a cell phone in hand.

But don’t overdo it, though, especially in the dinner time.

35. Manage Your Social Media Use manage your social media use

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, they are all tempting to look at and very distracting. You should check these profiles at fixed times on a day and limit time you in using them, except your work requirement related to social media. Be sure that you don’t leave Facebook, Twitter or other social media window on your desktop in the working time at the office as they will only keep interrupting your focus on your work and your work flow.

36. Use Google Apps To Work Anywhere

Are you a cloud computing nut? Let Google feed it you. You can use a variety of powerful Google Apps for your work.

You can forward all your emails to a single Gmail account, by this way, you can manage all your emails without losing anything.

Google calendars allow you to set up notifications, then send them to your email or smart phone for upcoming dates and important conference calls.

With Google Docs, you can also test spreadsheets and create draft writings on Google Docs. It is helpful once you log in from different computers and just continue working.

37. Write Down Ideas On A Paper Or Electronic Devices write down ideas on a paper or electronic devices

You should create a new habit of writing down your daily tasks or any ideas on notepapers. Some great ideas just come in seconds and if you don’t take note instantly, you may forget them as fast as they were created in your brain.

With a new idea or a scheduled day shown on a note page, you can be ready to do it without getting stuck. As a result, this simple tip can help you work more efficiently and effectively.

Do not write too many words, make it as simple and clear as possible. Show just key words, including exact time for each task in order of time from morning to afternoon and night. If possible, highlight important task to keep it in your mind for longer.

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38. Working With Multiple Monitors

When it comes to how to be efficient and productive at work tips, to increase your work efficiency, why don’t you use multiple computer monitors? Instead of using a single monitor, you can work with an extra one, or an extra laptop. Depending on your work features, if you can, get more monitors to boost your work productivity twice, and even more.

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39. Never Get “Too Comfortable”

Actually, I mean you should not require too many comfort at work such as having a cold bath before working time, getting air-condition for work and having a cup of coffee in the morning or at noon. In fact, the requirement of comfort is only the way you pamper yourself and these activities can waste your time. Just get ready to start a working day, even you have no cold shower, or no coffee! Over time, you can train yourself for getting comfortable with that “not-too-comfortable” condition.

I’ve shown you 39 tips on how to be efficient and productive at work. Practice these tips to boost your work productivity today!

At last, I welcome all your feedbacks about this article!

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