Top 10 Tips On How To Treat Jet Lag Symptoms Naturally

how to treat jet lag naturally

Jet lag is also called flight fatigue. It is a temporary disorder which may cause insomnia, fatigue as well as some different symptoms because of the air travel across various time zones. Now I suppose that it’s time for you to relax and read this article on our page VKool which will present to you 10 tips on how to treat jet lag so that you can deal with this problem easily

10 Tips On How To Treat Jet Lag Symptoms Naturally

1. Staying Hydrated

Keeping your body well hydrated is one of the best solutions for you in this case of jet lag. Therefore, what you need to do in order to stay hydrated is to drink more water before and during your flight. You also need to drink water even after your flight.

And you have to remember to stay away from alcohol such as wine and beer as well as caffeine like coffee for a few hours before you sleep because alcohol along with caffeine can cause dehydration.

2. Melatonin

how to treat jet lag - melatonin

Melatonin is considered as one of the effective remedies on how to treat jet lag naturally. They believe that melatonin supplement can fight against jet lag along with promoting sleep. Some studies find out that melatonin is able to reduce jet lag on the flight.

It is suggested that you ought to take 3 mg of melatonin one or two hours before you go to bed at your destination.

However, melatonin is safe if you take it in the short term. If you take it for a long time, it may cause some side effects. So you should ask the doctor for his/ her advice before taking melatonin

3. Moving Around

Another effective and simple tip on how to treat jet lag is to move around. During your flight, in order to get rid of jet lag, you just need to get up as well as walk around. Plus, you can take some static exercises or stretch.

Besides, remember not to take heavy exercises near your bedtime after you land since it may delay your sleep

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4. Re-creating The New Schedule Before Leaving

One of the effective tips for you to get rid of jet lag is to recreate your schedule before you leave. According to Avelino Verceles, he says that if you are leaving east; start to move your bedtime earlier. He also says that if you are traveling west, you do the opposite.

In addition, changing your bedtime about 30 minutes each night for various nights before leaving will also help you a lot.

You can try moving the time when you have meals closer to the time when you have meals at your destination, too.

5. Adjusting To The New Schedule While On The Plane

how to treat jet lag - adjusting to the new schedule while on the plane

One of the effective methods which should be mentioned on how to treat jet lag is to adjust to the new schedule while you are on the plane. In order to adjust to your new schedule, you ought to change your watch first. According to Siebert, he says that it is mostly psychological yet it may help you to know what you will do in the place where you will go.

And when you are on the plane, you should try to sleep if it is nighttime at the place where you are going as well as do the opposite if it is daytime. Remember not to compel it. When you compel yourself to sleep, it may cause frustration, which is able to prevent you from sleeping. If you are in this case, just take a rest only.

6. Arriving Early

Arriving early is a wonderful method on how to treat jet lag. If you have an event at the destination and you want to be on top, you ought to try to arrive earlier. You may arrive some days early. Thus, your body, along with your mind, can get used to it.

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7. Eating Reasonably

Some people who fly regularly believe that diet can help in treating jet lag. In fact, there isn’t a proof that diets are affecting in curing Jet Lag. However, we all recommend not eating fatty or high carb diets close our bedtime since it may be disruptive for us to sleep

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8. Taking A Hot Shower Or Bath

how to treat jet lag - taking a hot shower or bath

When talking about the tips on how to treat jet lag, it is recommended that taking a hot shower or bath will help to deal with this problem. When you have a hot bath or shower, your painful muscles can be eased from your travel. That also helps you to relax as well as the wind down. Plus, as you get out of your bath, your body temperature will be reduced, which may make you feel sleepy. Besides, taking a hot shower or bath is also a good way for your daily skin care

9. Minimizing Sleep Distractions

When you are on the plane or at your destination, an eye mask, together with earplugs, can help you to sleep.

Besides, in order to have a good sleep, what you need to do is to eliminate the distractions in your bedroom at the bedtime like the light which shines in through the window.

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10. Considering Medication

If you can find that any tips on how to treat jet lag work effectively in your case, you ought to consider having medication. When you see a doctor and take medication, it may help you to sleep or stay awake when necessary.

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That’s all about 10 tips on how to treat jet lag. If you want to know more useful information, you are able to visit our main page How to. After reading this article, I myself hope that you will find the best way for you to get rid of jet lag. But this is only for the informative purpose; you should consult the doctor for your situation before applying one of these tips which are mentioned above. If you have any questions or know the different tips to get rid of jet lag, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

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