List of foods to avoid while breastfeeding: gassy, fatty, & more

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Your baby needs lots of nutrients to growth including fat, protein, and vitamins. Breast milk is the best for your baby because it not only helps your baby grow fast, but it also prevents some bacteria and viruses that can visit your baby. As the result, women should be careful in breastfeeding time if they do not want lose this benefit for the baby. In this article, will show you list of foods to avoid while breastfeeding including gassy foods, fatty, and some other kinds of foods. Keep reading it and find out what you should avoid to consume for the baby health.

List Of Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding Moms Should Know

1. Wheat 

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

When your babies grow body stools, gluten intolerance should not be used for them. If you eat wheat, you may get some problems from fussiness and tummy pain. As the result, you should reduce or eliminate wheat in your daily diets. This is one of the most common foods to avoid while breastfeeding women should remember.

2. Fish 

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Fish is very healthy for women and men, even for children and old people because it is high in nutrients. In some cases, fish is good for moms but you should choose the best kind of fish to eat while breastfeeding. Some sea foods are high in mercury, which can affect to your breast milk and it is not good for your baby’s health and you also should not eat them when you get pregnancy.

3. Caffeine 

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

While caffeine might be good for adult in some ways, it is not healthy for your baby and you. A little caffeine is fine but your baby cannot sleep when you drink too much coffee while you are breastfeeding him. Do you want your baby fall asleep soon? Sleep is the key for your baby’s growth.

4. Chocolate 

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

You do not need to get rid of chocolate completely but it should be added into the list of foods to avoid while breastfeeding because it contains caffeine. Some nursing mothers get laxative effect when eating chocolate. So you can concern about the diapers, baby’s behaviors after eating fatty chocolate.

5. Peppermint Or Parsley

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Peppermint is added into tea and parsley is commonly used in garnishing recipes. However, these herbs are not good for breast milk. It can affect to your milk supply to the baby. So you should eliminate those herbs if necessary.

6. Dairy Products 

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

One of the most common foods to avoid while breastfeeding is dairy product. You should eliminate dairy diet if your baby is fussy, get some skin problems, or get eczema after nursing. You should try to avoid dairy for few weeks to preent allergies.

7. Sage 

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Like peppermint and parsley, sage is a kind of herb that you should avoid while breastfeeding. This herb can reduce milk supply so you should limit or leave it aside until your baby is growing older. Many women consume more sage to treat oversupply. On the contrary, moms should get rid of sage immediately.

8. Citrus

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Citrus juice or orange juice is high in vitamin C, good for mom’s health, however, citrus juice has some ingredients that can cause itch, fussiness, diaper rash. So you should not drink citrus in this time, instead, you can eat mangoes or papaya to supply vitamin C.

9. Peanuts 

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Peanuts are foods to avoid while breastfeeding because they can cause allergy. If your baby is weaned, you should not eat peanuts as they are transmitted to breast milk. Make sure that your baby will not have any problem when eating breast milk, which concludes all the foods you eat.

10. Garlic 

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Garlic is a beneficial food for our health as its functions can prevent diseases, however, “heavy” smell of garlic can get into breast milk and your baby will get it. While garlic is healthy for adult, nursing mother should not eat as same as you do not have any baby.

11. Soy Beans 

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Many babies cannot get soy milk or soy beans and they can get allergy with soy beans. If you wonder soy beans are the reasons that your baby cries a lot, you can take consideration when eating this food. Actually, many people think that moms should not avoid some foods in the first time of breastfeeding, but, your baby may get some health problems from foods you intake.

12. Cayenne Peppers

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Some mothers like cayenne pepper even though they are breastfeeding. However, this routine may make their baby itchy and cry. You can add some spices without hot sauce. For example, you can add some ginger or lemon in your daily recipes.

13. Cauliflower 

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

According to some experience from old people, eating cauliflower can cause itch, fussiness for your baby. But you do not need to avoid this food entirely; instead, you should try to eat from the small amount to the bigger amount to test your baby’s stomach.

14. Corn 

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Allergy with corn is popular to newborn. Some ingredients in corn can affect to breast milk and make your baby stomachache, cry, feel itchy, and get some skin problems. So, nursing mother should limit eating corn if possible although this food is very healthy and can prevent some diseases for human.

15. Eggs 

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Eggs include full nutrients that necessary to improve mom’s health as well as improve baby’s growth. However, eggs appear in almost of the recipes from breast to snacks while baby can get allergy with white eggs. The best way to avoid allergy is to eliminate allergic foods from diet.

16. Seasoning Powder

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Seasoning powder can make your recipes more tasteful and delicious; however, it is not good for your baby’s growth. As the result, the best way to help your baby have a good health is to avoid eating seasoning powder while breastfeeding.

17. Alcohol And Gassy Drinks

foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Say no with alcohol and gassy drinks while you breastfeed because it is not healthy for newborn. Everything you eat will influence on the quality of breast milk, therefore, you should not drink alcohol in this time. If you are not sure about that, your doctor may give you some useful suggestions to grow baby safely.

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After reading my writing about list of top 17 foods to avoid while breastfeeding, I hope that every mom has some basic knowledge about foods that can affect badly to breast milk. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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