16 Best short hairstyles for mature women

The more you grow older, the more you need to get grace and charm. This is what some of the people would say about mature women out there. Mature women may be able to carry themselves better rather than any their younger counterparts, lovely short hairstyles for mature women might highlight their flaws easily. Therefore, mature women have take caution when it comes to going for a short hairstyle. They have to work well on their body type as well as facial features. If they do not take these factors into consideration, they could end up with poor hairstyles that do not suit them.

Short Hairstyles For Mature Women – The Best Choices:

Hairstyles for mature women are various and all of them will suit different cases. However, mature women know to wear well, so they can wear the right hairstyle for the right cases easily. If you get any questions about your suitable hairstyle, ask for advice from the hairstylists and they will help you make a right decision.

And here are some of good reasons why mature women should consider short hair:

Ÿ The short hair can give their faces a lift instead of drawing down their features.

Ÿ The short hair makes you look smart and professional

Ÿ The short haircuts need regular trims, so it will help improve the health of their hairs.

Ÿ The short hair will help develop self- confidence, and this is possibly the best reason for them to consider going short.

After all, wearing a short hairstyle that is flattering to the face, easy to care and appropriate to the lifestyle for just has to help you feel good!

Now is the difficult part: which short hairstyle will suit you? Above your ears and sleek? Fluffed around your ears and with a soft curl? A razor-cut look? Or a blunt bob? There are some short hairstyles that can help you look younger. Check out the list of best short hairstyles for mature women below and you will find some of different styles to select from. If you like multiple short hairstyles, ask the hairstylist which style would suit you most.

If you have never got a short hair before, it can be difficult to choose. The first thing you can do is to peruse many hairstyle magazines or look at your model roles for ideas. In the article today, I will reveal some of the best short hairstyles for mature women in details so you should not look down the following interesting hair facts as well as the most stylish short hairstyles. The short hairstyles for mature women that you will be able to explore in this entire article are:

1. The Tapered Haircut

short hairstyles for mature women - the tapered haircut

This is the first out of the best short hairstyles for mature women, especially those who get slimming hair that I would like to introduce in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn and make use for good!

It is a great hairstyle because it will add much volume on the top to your hairs. The tapered ends will offer you a clean look. Every woman should try out this style with a textured fringe. In fact, fringes or bangs can help cover up your wrinkles on the forehead. Use a round brush so that you can roll your length around the face.

Oval and round shaped faces will suit this hairstyle as it can balance out the faces with forward beautiful facing bangs. In case that you want to experiment, go for slightly curly hair.

The tapered haircut is actually a fashionable short hairstyle for mature women, so try it out!

2. The Layered Bob

short hairstyles for mature women - the layered bob

In case that you are finding to get a soft look, and the layered bob will be one of the best short hairstyles for mature women you can try. It gives your hair a feathered texture that creates more volume.Therefore, this hairstyle is really complimentary on mature women. If you want to get this hairstyle, you should ask the stylist for side-swept bangs that will help frame your face. For the most flattering hair when styling the bangs, you should brush them down and across the forehead, not away from your face. Maybe the reason for that is that fringe is a natural Botox. If you are still conscious about your forehead lines, this will help cover them. Just when you are nervous about your thin hair, you should get yourself the layered bob right now. With no fuss, you can style your hair easily. Always take caution when using blow dryer and hair-care products. Instead, using a light hair lotion can add the natural texture to your hair. This hairstyle will work well on round, heart or square shaped faces.

3. The Gatsby Short

short hairstyles for mature women - the gatsby short

This is a very nice hairstyle and you may be able to blend it with soft curls and swirls. Keep them straight during your regular day and add the elegant shape to them on a special night out. In case that you get a thinning hair, it is best to keep away from hair styling products such hair gels and sprays. You should also try to avoid using hot rollers and ironing. Instead, use a paddle brush or a wide teeth comb to set your hair.

This hairstyle will flatter the square and round shaped faces. If your hair is straight, wavy or even slightly curly, you can also have this short hairstyle.

This is, in fact, one of the best short hairstyles for mature women that you should try on to get a modern look.

4. The Sassy Pixie

short hairstyles for mature women - the sassy pixie

This short hairstyle can be styled as the way you desire. While your hair at the back is short, the length for the front that you can be free to choose. Keep them trimmed or layered on the sides around the ears.

This hairstyle is no fuss cuts with loads of attitude. You can choose it even if you get a curly hair. If you want to style your thin hair, use a hair wax to add volume to your hair. And if you want to give your hair some shine, you can consider using a medium hold cream. Round or heart shaped faces can be ideal to carry this one well.

In fact, this is also among the best short hairstyles for mature women so you should add this into the list of your favorite short hairstyles.

If you are finding one of the best short hairstyles for mature women, do not get your eyes out of this article as I will continue to reveal other stylish short hairstyles for you right now.

5. The Tapered- Layer Bob

short hairstyles for mature women - the tapered- layer bob

Ask the stylist to make a chin-length bob with several tapered layers. This short hairstyle will bring you the feminine contours and help you get a modern look. In order to get the best result, ensure that you will part your hair in the right way that helps maintain the look. Use hot rollers to hold the ends rolled up to get the neat and polished look. If you get any frizzy hair , use the flat iron to deal with them; however, just use it when really necessary.

This short hairstyle will go well on round shaped faces. Also, if your hair is a bit wavy, you can pull up it nicely.

This is in brief, one of the best short hairstyles for mature women so you should keep your head on this fabulous hairstyle on try choosing it for a new look.

6. The Short Pixie

short hairstyles for mature women - the short pixie

Another out of the best short hairstyles for mature women that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn and remember to try it out if you think that it will suit your facial features.

The short pixie is a fashionable hairstyle for mature women. With this hairstyle, your hair will taper around your neck and ear, and long smooth hair will fall on your forehead like rainfall. Short pixie is known as the most preferred option of hairstyle for short hair. You can also have a few of edge cuts to your regular pixie to get a more sophisticated look.

7. The Classic Bob

short hairstyles for mature women - the classic bob

This short hairstyle has ever ruled the fashion over years and it will still continue to do this, so it is considered as one of the safest short hairstyles for mature women. Try out a deep side part with bangs or spice up with your favorite hair accessories. This hairstyle will make you look like a queen without spending much time for styling them.

Just a simple blow-drying is enough for your hair for a long day. Completely straightening your hair or adding some bangs is left to the preference. You may be able to need to invest in some hair-care products that can set your hair and nourish it at the same time. The classic bob is just for all, but it goes perfectly on heart and round shaped faces. If you get oval or long shaped faces, get some bangs and they will also suit you.

This is actually also one out of the best short hairstyles for mature women that a lot of women in the world love and have been worn.

8. The Long Pixie

short hairstyles for mature women - the long pixie

When it comes to short hairstyles for mature women, do not forget to mention to the long pixie. This hairstyle is great for all women as it will work on all of hair textures from thin to thick. When it comes to style this hairstyle, you should create a deep side part. It will be flattering on most of the face shapes, and simultaneously it stimulates some pieces of your hair to fall across your face youthfully. In order to style it, after drying the hair, you should use a dry hair spray to make the movement.

9. The Textured Bob

short hairstyles for mature women - the textured bob

This is also one of the best short hairstyles for mature women that you should consider trying it on for good, especially if you get a thin hair.

Getting a short bob, you are certainly on the right track. A bob haircut is known to be perfect for mature women. This hairstyle is ideal for thin and fine hair that needs a lift to the hair. In order to disguise thinning more, you should add texture to your bob haircut. After blow-drying, use a light texture spray on your hair, and then take a curling iron (1 inch or even smaller for short cuts) to make tousled waves over your hair. In order to get the most natural result, you should twist sections of your hair in random directions.

10. The Piece-y pixie

short hairstyles for mature women - the piece-y pixie

Another one on the list of the best short hairstyles for mature women that I would like to reveal in this entire article today and want you and my other readers to learn and consider choosing it if you are trying to get a new look.

For short pixie, you will want to do all things to avoid the helmet hair, and piece-y will be your ultimate goal. Brushing the hair into a nice coif is more aging than styling it with texture and movement.

In order to get the nice look, apply some styling cream on your fingers, part some small sections of your hair, and then twist them in various directions. Some pieces of your hair should frame the face while others should fly away from the head in order to give your hair more volume.

Continue reading this entire article to discover other short hairstyles that can suit your facial features as well as your favorite style.

11. The Sleek Crop

short hairstyles for mature women - the sleek crop

If you have a super short hair, you will not get a ton of styling leeway, but you still want to make it polished. For maximum texture, you should let your hair air-dry, and then use pomade to add lots of definition to your strands. Remember that the more movement and lift you can create, the better your hair is.

In fact, this is among the best short hairstyles for mature women so you should try wearing it for a modern look.

12. The Full Fringe

short hairstyles for mature women - the full fringe

When it comes to adding loads of volume to your hair, this will be one of the best short hairstyles for mature women that you should be finding out. It will create a lot of drama for your hair in order to get the attention. The stylist can make some good waves while chopping your hair, but it is also the maintenance that you require taking caution. You do not forget to trim your hair regularly to keep the fringe. If you think that you are too lazy to keep the bangs, you should choose softer bangs because they will grow out more easily than blunt ones. This hairstyle is for all of the women who have round shaped faces with medium to fine hair.

13. The Blunt Bob

short hairstyles for mature women - the blunt bob

The blunt bob is another one of the best short hairstyles for mature women that you should try at least once in your life. If you want to wear your straight and blunt bob haircut, you will want to add as much volume as you can to make it more youthful. Apply a little volumizing mousse on all damp hair from the roots, and then blow-dry your hair with a round brush to create lift.

14. The Classy Pixie Haircut

short hairstyles for mature women - the classy pixie haircut

Sometimes some of the mature women who select too short haircuts will need some coziness and lightness in their look. Therefore, this hairstyle is not only comfortable but also classy. It will help you look nice even in your natural gray hair and is great for all of the occasions. You can style it into a spiky haircut and then enjoy the flashiness it will add to your appearance.

This is in brief one of the best short hairstyles for mature women so that people should not look down yet try opting for good.

15. The Curly Bob Haircut

short hairstyles for mature women - the curly bob haircut

Another one of the best short hairstyles for mature women that you should not miss is the curly bob haircut.Long curls for mature women sometimes look dull and not attractive. In order to refresh it, you need to chop off the locks. And short curly bob is a fashionable option for a mature woman. It not only makes you look more youthful, but also helps you easily take care of.

16. The Short Tapered

short hairstyles for mature women - the short tapered

This is the last but very important out of the best short hairstyles for mature women that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers to choose it if you are finding a short hairstyle that suits you.

This is a common hairstyle for a mature woman. Short tapered is one of the best ideas as the elegance and sleekness work for a chic mature woman. This hairstyle gets its own way to bring a youthful look to everyone who got it.It will accent some nice trims if you color the tapered with natural or warm colors.

Look at all of your pictures over the years. Which short hairstyles will look best on you? Which ones do your family members and friends say suited you best? When will you feel most confident with your new look? Now, there are some hair visualization tools that let you try out different colors and hairstyles on a picture of your own face. If you are really unsure of how suitable when making a change in your look, some of the good software can really help you ease your fears. Try some hairstyles and if it does not suit you, get inspirations from some of other selections.

In case that you are afraid your short hair will make you look older than you actually are, you may be right. But it is not something to blame, it has more to do with your styling. In addition, some short hairstyles like the bob and the pixie are ageless and timeless, but in order to get these flattering haircuts, they need to be styled correctly. If not, they can age you immediately, no matter how old you really are. For softer hair, you should avoid heavy products and embrace your natural texture. Moreover, another youthful styling trick for you is to create waves by using a curling iron, and add as much volume as you can. And even these small changes take any time at all, they determine whether the hairstyle is adding or subtracting years from the face.

Another thing that I would like you as well as other readers to do after reading this entire article about the best short hairstyles for mature women is to spend time reading another writing that introduces the best cute medium long hairstyles for women – the 11 Cute Medium Long Hairstyles For Women In 2024 Are Revealed article. This is actually an interesting article of medium long hairstyles that a lot of women in the world love so that readers of VKool should read this recommended article and choose one of these hairstyles for good. In fact, the hairstyles introduced in this recommended article are very easy while still looking so nice. Thus, do not hesitate to learn and try making these hairstyles to have the best image and a brand new you for the upcoming party if you have long hair and want to make a chance. One more thing, these hairstyles are very simple to make so that women will not need to worry about facing any possible difficulty when trying one of them right at the comfort of your very own home.

This is the list of 16 best short hairstyles for mature women that everyone who wants to have a new look starting at their hair should read and remember for good. In fact, these short hairstyles have been given by professional hairstylists so you should not hesitate to choose one of them to get a fashion look.

After reading the list of best short hairstyles for mature women and learn how to make use of these hairstyles to cover up some hair problems, if you think that list is very good for you and can also help other mature women you know who are finding the best option for their hair, you do not hesitate to share this list with them and simultaneously encourage them to choose one of these above short hairstyles. One more thing, as an author of VKool, I always want to know my dear readers’ opinions, so if you have any experiences related to this article, remember to share with others by leaving your feedbacks in the comment section below, I will reply you as soon as possible.

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