Different Eye Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes, & Other

different eye makeup looks

Makeup is crucial to every woman. It will make them more beautiful and help them more confident when going out. Eye makeup is very difficult to someone and it depends on your eye color and your face shape, you can find out many ways to make up your eyes. If you want to discover easy and different ways to beautify your eyes, you should read this writing released from VKool.com. The article includes the different eye makeup looks for blue eyes, brown eyes, and other eye colors.

Different Eye Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes, And Other

1. Purple Eye Makeup Look 

eye makeup looks

Purple is one of the most trendy eye makeup looks for blue eyes. You should use the dark navy blue and it will make your blue eye look attractive. Make sure that you do not use navy or dark too much. You can use some light blue gel liner. You also do not need to define your eyes.

2. Natural Eye Makeup Look 

There are many trends of eye makeup looks every year but natural eye makeup look seems to live so long after time to time. Here are some tips for natural eye makeup trends you should try:

  • You can use gray, black, or brown kohl pencil to line your upper lash line. Nevertheless, you should line 2/3 of the top lash line and 1/3 of the bottom lash line. Besides, you should use a cotton bud to smudge your line.
  • If you want to have larger eyes you should use white eyeliner. This secret will make your eyes brighter.
  • Use eye shadow: if you want to have eyes more professional, you can choose the colors of silvers, browns, or gold. The suggestion is to use neutral tone to the lid and use the light dark to soften the top of lid. Make sure that you blend the colors if you want to get natural eye makeup look.
  • Curl the lashes will help your eyes bright and seems to be awake.
  • Eyelid makeup looks: you should use neutral tone first. Draw X line and apply crayon for the eyes, then add two shadow tones to the eyelid. You should use light tone to your lids use warm tone to the crease.
  • For lash line: instead of using classic liner, you should use thick shadow to make up your lash line. You can use dark charcoal shadow or angled shadow to intensify the lash line. Avoid dragging the angled brush, look at the straight in the mirror and stamp the wing on the eye corner, erect to the end of the eyelashes. Dip the angled brush again and link to the lid wing. Remove the mistake and soften it by using your finger.
  • Now finish the eye makeup look with the peach-nude.

3. Green Smokey Eye Makeup Look 

eye makeup looks

This belongs to beauty tips of eye makeup looks for black eyes, brown eyes, and light blue eyes.

The steps are:

  • Use a cotton pad to get clear skin face. Then use the base of eye shadow to the eye lids.
  • Apply the green pencil as the bas to the eye lids.
  • Use green color to the crease and use the dark green shade to the lid.
  • Blend the shades correctly and try to avoid leaving the harsh lines. Make sure that you blend the color seamlessly.
  • Apply the eyeliner in the green shade on the top of lash line. Blend it slightly.
  • Chooses some black or brown eye shadow and blend it as V shape, for ¼ of the lid.
  • Use kohl pencil, kajal, or highlighter to finish your look.
  • You should use a proper mascara amount to get the best result. But you may not use mascara if you do not want it.

4. Soft Eye Makeup Look 

eye makeup looks

Soft eye makeup look is also a great advice for women who do not like heavy makeup looks. You can use soft liquid liner, soft pencil to smudge slightly. Hard line will make your eye looks more aging. You also should avoid heavy mascara if you do not want to be older than your age.

5. Neutral Colors For Eye Makeup 

eye makeup looks

If you want your eyes look natural, you can use neutral shades like brown, peach, or taupe to make your brown eyes more fantastic

6. Butterfly Eye Makeup Look 

eye makeup looks

  • Firstly, moisturize the eye with eye cream. Then, you apply the liquid conceal or cream to the region of under your eye to hide dark circles.
  • Next, use black pencil to apply the eye corner as the C shape.
  • Hold a pencil brush or smudge brush to apply in the eye corner, blur the kajal edge slowly. You can use cotton swab instead of using smudge brush.
  • Use kajal to apply black eye shadow. Do not sweep eye shadow but pat it gently. You can make the brush wet if you want to intensify the color of eye shadow. Next, get the orange eye shadow to apply into the eyelid center. You can apply lightly yellow-gold eye shadow to the corner.
  • Now apply the white eye shadow to the brow to make your eyes brighter. You can use a little white cream to make your eye shadow look vibrant. You should blend gently the eye shadow.
  • Use the black eyeliner to line the eyes and then use mascara to curl the eyelashes.
  • If you want to create some random dots, you can use some white dot on the butterfly.

7. Fire And Ice Eye Makeup Look 

eye makeup looks

This is also one of the greatest eye makeup looks for women and you should try this beauty tip as the following:

  • First, you apply skin colored base on lash line, inner corner, and the lid.
  • Then use the fluffy eye shadow brush to apply yellow gold to the lid into the crease.
  • Get a little amount of copper pigment to put in your crease, blend it a bit.
  • Apply the matte brown in to the corner; make sure that you drag it to the lid to make the best effect.
  • Now make up the inner corner with a champagne color.
  • Use the dark brown liner to line the upper lash line.
  • Now line the lower lash line with dark silver color, use the eyeliner brush to do this task.
  • Use black eyeliner to line the lower lash line. Dot the linter between the lashes to define your eyes.
  • Use silver liner to line the waterline.
  • Now use the mascara to apply on the bottoms and the top of lashes.

8. Smokey Eye Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes 

eye makeup looks

Smokey is one of the best eye makeup looks for people who have brown eyes. Firstly, you get a cream shadow by using your eye shadow brush or finger to cover the eyelid. You can use dark gray or back cream shadow to cover the region. You should cover from the top of lashes to the eye crease. Secondly, you apply the powdered shadow to cover the cream shadow. Make sure that you use the same color with the color of the cream shadow.

Therefore, you can use blue-gray, dark gray or black to makeup.

  • Blend the brush in the crease shadow.
  • Highlight the brow bone by using eye shadow brush or your finger.
  • Apply black eyeliner dark blue or dark gray.
  • Complete the eye makeup look with mascara. You should apply 2 or 3 coats of gray or back mascara to the top of lashes. Also, you can add a mascara coat to the bottom lashes to make your look more dramatic.

9. White Liner Eye Makeup 

eye makeup looks

White liner is very nice for brown eyes when you mix with some metallic tones. Your eyes will look incredible. People think white liner is not beautiful but it is really attractive.

10. Cat Eye Makeup Look 

eye makeup looks

  • Choose slight eye shadow shade and apply it to the eyelid.
  • Next, apply the highlight color from the inner brow, follow the brow arch naturally.
  • Apply the dark brown to the crease of the eyelid.
  • Blend the crease gently.
  • Use the eyeliner pencil to dot the lash line from inner to the outer. You should do 4 dots.
  • Use a liquid liner to link the dots.
  • Expand the past corner of the eye. When you crease the outline, you should fill it.
  • Now apply the eyeliner to the bottom of lash line. You can apply thick or then depending on your like. But make sure that it is close to the lash line.
  • Apply the dark mascara and finish the look.

If you want to get more useful tips and tricks, you may visit our main Beauty page.

After reading my writing of 10 different eye makeup looks for brown eyes, blue eyes, black eyes, etc, I hope that you have already learned the most useful secrets to have better makeup. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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