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Despite being sold by a “doctor,” there isn’t much science behind this product. And when a huge section of customer reviews may be unreliable, you’ve got a product that could be a gamble. Here’s our review:

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Alpha Jym Overview

Alpha Jym is a supplement formulated for male enhancement, made by Jym, the brand run by “celebrity health consultant” Jim Stoppani, PhD. It’s supposed to increase the amount of testosterone in the body by supporting the body’s natural hormonal functions. The result is supposed to be a higher sex drive, more endurance, and better gains in the gym.

Like many testosterone supplements, it consists mostly of herb and plant extracts, and it uses its founder’s PhD liberally as a way to make you think this is a scientific supplement. We’ll see if it really is or not.

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Alpha Jym Claims

The main thing this product is supposed to do is to induce your body to create more testosterone. That’s about it. That one thing is supposed to solve a variety of problems: low muscle mass, low energy, low sex drive, too much belly fat – things that probably plague most men. This supplement promises to get rid of it all magically with a formula of ingredients that are supposed to trigger your body’s testosterone secretion system.

This supplement is one of many testosterone-enhancing products that tries to make you think that it’s scientifically-proven to work. They do this by posting pictures of people in lab coats, or exaggerating the number of clinical studies that have been performed on the ingredients or the supplement itself. This one goes one further – the company is run by a guy who says he’s a doctor. Of course this would make anyone go “well, that means this supplement is backed by science.”

Actually, Jim Stoppani has a doctorate in “exercise physiology,” not medicine. This means it makes as much sense to address someone with a Phd. in Computer Science as “Dr. So-and-So” as it does to call this guy “Dr. Stoppani.”

This product isn’t available directly through the product’s main website, but has to be bought elsewhere, like GNC or Amazon. Because of that, the prices vary wildly from anywhere between $27 to $40, give or take. It doesn’t look like there are any deals for buying more than one at a time, which is common in the nutritional supplement community and could have helped people save a bit more money in the long run, but no one seems to offer it right now.

That said, the company’s main website is pretty clean, and features articles and videos about health and supplements. They’ve also gone an extra step in inclusivity by having a “Girl Blog” section for female weight trainers, so kudos to them for that.

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Alpha Jym Ingredients

Alpha Jym has a concise list of ingredients. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Fenugreek
  • Damiana
  • Ashwagandha
  • Diindilomethane
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Quercetin

Fenugreek is a plant from the Mediterranean, and it’s been used for years both as an anti-inflammatory – as well as a sex drive enhancer for men and women. Since it’s an herb, it’s supposed to have fewer side effects than drug-based remedies for low libido.

Damiana extract is made from the bush of the same name, found widely throughout Mexico. It’s another libido enhancer, one that’s supposed to directly stimulate the nervous system and the brain.

Ashwagandha is used in Ayurvedic medicine in India as a treatment for lots of different symptoms, but it’s most often used in the West as a sex drive supplement. It has downsides, including side effects such as diarrhea and vomiting (yikes), and as we’ll see, the little evidence for it working is not as much as Alpha Jym would have you believe.

Diindilomethane is a compound found in some green, leafy vegetables, and is used in this supplement because, under certain circumstances, it can prevent estrogen production. With less estrogen competing with testosterone, men are supposed to see huge gains.

Tongkat Ali is a Malaysian aphrodisiac, used to treat low sex drive in both sexes for hundreds of years in Southeast Asia.

Quercetin is a bioflavonoid – which is a complicated word for an antioxidant, one that can help maintain cell health.

So basically this product consists almost entirely of aphrodisiacs, which is fine for a sex supplement, but not necessarily great for a workout supplement. Why aren’t there any ingredients focused exclusively on testosterone production?

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The Science Behind Alpha Jym

The website has lists of claims of the testosterone-inducing benefits of the ingredients in this formula, and what you’ll note when you read these claims is that despite making references to studies and trials, they don’t actually link to any of them. That means customers are meant to take these claims on faith, or are supposed to go out and do the research themselves. Not a great way to treat the customer.

We looked into the claims for some of these ingredients, and found that some of them actually come up short.

Ashwagandha, for example, is supposed to help with the sexual appetite.
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How? The website claims that it prevents “oxidative stress” to cells that produce testosterone. Weird, that’s the only place we’ve read that. Other companies have said that ashwagandha physically stimulates testosterone-producing glands in the body. But which claim is true? Turns out that neither of them are necessarily true. There’s actually “insufficient evidence” that ashwagandha does anything that it’s claimed to, and “more evidence is needed” to see if it has any worth (WebMD). Right now there’s no science behind this ingredient, just the claims of folk healers and Ayurvedic medicinal gurus.
Diindilomethane is supposed to help by keeping estrogen production down, freeing up the body’s receptors to react to testosterone instead. Again, there’s very little evidence to suggest that it works, and once again, there need to be more studies first before anyone can claim it’s effective (WebMD).

Quercetin is used here as another way to prevent estrogen production – but we’ve never seen anyone else claim that this is what it’s good for. We’ve only ever seen it used as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. Where is Dr. Jim getting this information from?
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We would have liked to see more ingredients that can actually increase testosterone production, instead of ingredients with little proof that they work.

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Word on the Street about Alpha Jym

Alpha Jym doesn’t have many reviews online – only about fifty people across several websites, from what we saw – and though the reception has been more or less positive, we found something out: the Jym supplement line has been given a C rating from FakeSpot, meaning that up to 20% of customer reviews for their products may be fake. This casts the dependability of all the testimonials into doubt, so we don’t know which reviews to trust.

“I wish it was in stock more often, because this really worked for me.”

“I’ve been taking this for a month, and I’ve seen big gains in strength and muscle.”

“I took this for three days and started feeling sick and dizzy – I had to stop taking it.”

“I have kidney problems so I couldn’t use it. I wish they’d warned me earlier.”

“This took about two weeks to finally kick in, and I’m really seeing the results.”

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Is Alpha Jym Worth a Try?

Alpha Jym contains some ingredients that don’t measure up to the scientific standards the brand sets for itself. In spite of grand claims, all we get is another herbal supplement with poor science and an over-hyped “doctor” selling it to you. Combine that with untrustworthy customer reviews, and you’ve got a supplement that we would recommend people be cautious about.

Take a look at the other supplements out there before settling on trying Alpha Jym.

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Alpha Jym vs Nugenix

These products are fairly similar, in that they’re both marketed as testosterone boosters. Nugenix has more of a focus on the over-50 crowd, and doesn’t make as much about the sexual effects of the supplement. Alpha Jym does, however. Alpha Jym is more herb-based, and features way more aphrodisiacs than Nugenix. Nugenix also offers a free trial through its website, which Alpha Jym doesn’t.

Alpha Jym vs Testofuel

Both of these supplements are workout-based, and focus on testosterone production as the mode of working. Testofuel uses d-aspartic acid as its main ingredient, though, instead of fenugreek and the other herbs that Alpha Jym relies on. Testofuel is the only such product its company makes, however, and doesn’t seem to have a full line of products like the Jym line has. Testofuel also has offers for people who want to buy more than one box at a time, although the price quickly grows when you do this.

Alpha Jym vs True Grit

These supplements both have the same main claim – to increase testosterone levels – but True Grit additionally promises to decrease cortisol levels as well. They also claim that it will work in as little as 7 days, where as Alpha Jym doesn’t make a claim about how quickly it works. Both of them contain similar ingredients like fenugreek and ashwagandha, but that’s where their similarities stop. They both last for thirty days per bottle, although True Grit makes you take more pills for the same promised effects.

Alpha Jym vs Animal Stak

Both of these testosterone boosters make similar claims about their effectiveness, but their ingredients are a little different. Animal Stak contains more minerals and vitamins, it seems, and it contains tribulus terrestris, while Alpha Jym doesn’t. Also, unlike Alpha Jym, Animal Stak is supposed to help promote more levels of growth hormone for muscle building, not just testosterone.

Alpha Jym vs Ape

Ape (by Athletic Edge) and Alpha Jym are both workout-based, and both seek to increase testosterone levels. Ape requires you to take fewer pills for the same effects, however, and contains more vitamins and minerals (Alpha Jym claims you should take vitamin supplements separately). Once again both contain fenugreek, but Ape contains other plant extracts that Alpha Jym doesn’t, like maca and bioperine. They’re around the same price ($40) depending on where you buy Alpha Jym at.

Alpha Jym FAQ

  1. Is Alpha Jym available on Amazon?
    Yes, you can purchase it there (cheaper than GNC).
  2. How is Alpha Jym vs Testofuel?
    Read our comparison (above) for more on these two products.
  3. Should you cycle Alpha Jym?
    Yes, you should take this product for a few weeks, and then lay off for another few weeks before resuming. More information can be found on the product information.
  4. Can you get Alpha Jym at GNC?
    Yes, right now it’s available there.
  5. Is there a difference between Alpha Jym and Zma Jym?
    Zma Jym is a zinc and magnesium supplement, while Alpha Jym is an herb-based testosterone booster.
  6. What’s on the Alpha Jym label?
    You’ll find normal information such as the supplier, ingredients, dosage, and instructions for taking.
  7. Does Alpha Jym have any negative side effects?
    From what we saw, there aren’t any negative side effects unless you have kidney problems. At least one person we know of had dizziness and headaches as a result of taking it.
  8. Is Alpha Jym linked to cancer?
    No, we’ve never heard of any connection between the two.
  9. How long does it take for Alpha Jym to work?
    We didn’t see any specific claims, but in all likelihood it could take a few weeks to see results.
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So What Really Works?

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