16 Natural Home Remedies For Spider Bites You Should Know

home remedies for spider bites on legs

Can you stand with insect bites, especially spider bites? I beg that no one will say yes at all. You know why. Insect bites, generally and spider bites particularly can cause itching, pain, redness, and inflammation as well. Even though they are not very serious, people need to avoid them and treat them effectively as they got.

You know, spiders are normally around us. They often appear in your house, your warehouse, and other containers, especially where there is no regular cleaning.  Once they are near you, you are at the risk of spider bites. Depending on each spider species, you will get different bites. In general, toxins in spiders can cause necrotic sore, swelling, fever, and lightheadedness. This time, VKool.com will not show you the way to prevent spider bites. Instead, we would like to share various natural home remedies for spider bites. Actually, they are all available in your small kitchen but you may not know their great functions in treating spider bites. Let’s see how kitchen staples can help us!

16 Natural Home Remedies For Spider Bites You Should Know

I. Signs And Symptoms Of Spider Bites

Before exploring many home remedies for spider bites, you need to know how to recognize a spider bite once you get it. Typically, you can see that a spider bite and other bug bite look alike. They are a red and inflamed bump on your skin. Sometimes, you got itching and pain as well. Besides, harmless spider bites normally do not reveal any symptoms.

It is necessary to distinguish different types of bites so that we can have proper home remedies for spider bites. First of all, black widow spider bites may produce some signs and symptoms as followed. It causes pain. After you are bitten, the pain will come within an hour and it will occur around the spider bite mark. Possibly, the pain can spread to your back, abdomen, and chest later. Plus, excessive sweating can occur as well. Moreover, if you suffer from black widow spider bites, you may have cramps. Sometimes, it is such a serious severity that you feel like a ruptured appendix or appendicitis.

Secondly, you also can be bitten by brown recluse spiders. The bites may be different from that of black widow spiders. Within the first eight hours after being bitten, the pain typically increases, which can make you so upset. Brown recluse spider bites can be accompanied with a fever, body aches, and chills as well. If you do not want to apply any home remedies for spider bites, the bite will heal on its own within a week. However, in some cases, the center of the brown recluse spider bite can change into dark blue or even purple. That is when you are having a deep open sore, called as an ulcer. It can enlarge and cause the death of surrounding skin. Don’t worry because the ulcer will not enlarge anymore within 10 days. But it takes you months to heal the bite completely. In conclusion, possible signs and symptoms of spider bites are quite the same, which can be seen as redness, itching, swelling, and pain. Therefore, you can recognize by yourself.

In terms of other highly toxic spiders such as red back spiders, deadly funnel-web spiders, and white tail spiders, they are quite dangerous [1]. Therefore, you have to prevent them carefully. Anyway, we highly recommend you go to a doctor and ask for solutions. If you prefer natural treatments, you can refer to our home remedies for spider bites.

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II. Natural Home Remedies For Spider Bites

1. Onions

Have you heard about the benefit of onions for wound healing? Actually, it is another of the best home remedies for spider bites on legs, arms, and face as well. Even though scientists have not found out how onions work to heal the bite, people cannot deny the great ability to break down inflammatory compounds and the good effects they got after applying onions. Hence, we still highly recommend you using these natural home remedies for spider bites with the strong words. Onions are always available in your kitchen, thereby getting them easily.


  • Cut an onion into slices
  • Rub these slices on the bite and leave them for a few minutes
  • Remove onion slices and rinse off with clean water
  • Repeat until you get better result

2. Turmeric Powder

As you expect, turmeric powder really brings you great effects as home remedies for spider bites. It is because turmeric is loaded with antiseptic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, all of which contribute to creating a power to treat spider bites. Turmeric powder helps to accelerate the recovery speed thanks to the ability to relieve pain, fight inflammation, and reduce swelling.

If you do not want to skip this effective remedy, you can refer to our simple recipes below.


  • Turmeric powder: half a teaspoon
  • Olive oil: a little


  • Mix turmeric powder with olive oil to create a thick paste
  • Apply the solution to the spider bites and allow it to stand for 10-15 minutes
  • Then wash off with tepid water

Alternatively, you can have an effective combination of turmeric powder and Neem leaves, or called Indian lilac.


  • Turmeric powder: 3 teaspoons
  • Neem leaves: 1 handful


  • Put all the ingredients in a blender
  • Add a little freshwater and start to blend them to get a thick paste
  • Apply the solution to the affected skin areas and maintain for 20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water
  • Do this regularly to treat spider bites completely

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3. Ice Packs

home remedies for spider bites - ice pack

One of the easiest home remedies for spider bites is using ice packs, which is considered as the first-aid for the bite. When you realize the bite, it is important to clean the wound. You need a mild soap and freshwater to do so. Rinse your bite with them and then prepare an ice pack to place on the affected skin area. Because ice cubes have the low temperature, which plays an essential role in numbing the nerve endings, soothing the itching sensation, as well as relieving the swelling and inflammation. You will feel better right after applying the cold ice onto your skin.

No difficulty to apply this tip, right? Everything you need to do is simply taking a few ice cubes and wrapping them with a towel. Then place the pack on the bite and maintain for 10 minutes. The method is recommended using within the first 24 hours after the bite. You can repeat it many times if you feel not good with your wound. In cases of ice cubes unavailable, you can place the bite under the cool running water and keep it for a few minutes to soothe the pain. Then find ice cubes later. However, using ice cubes directly is totally not recommended because they can result in some side effects that are out of control.

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4. Lemon Juice

Regarding the best natural remedies for spider bites, we cannot skip lemon whose juice is a magical treatment. According to scientists, lemon juice could help reduce itching, swelling, and fight inflammation. It also acts as a natural astringent, which dries out skin rashes due to spider bites rapidly and prevent further infection. In general, lemons are a common fruit that we can find in your kitchen easily, thereby not skipping the following recipe.


  • Take the extracted juice of a lemon
  • Then apply the lemon juice to the spider bite and leave it for a while until the juice is dried out totally
  • Finally, wash off with tepid water
  • Alternatively, use half a lemon to rub on the bite for a couple of minutes and let it stay for another 5 minutes before rinsing off with water

Lemon juice is another of the most effective home remedies for spider bites, thus, you should take its health advantage to treat spider bites naturally. According to a study on lemon in 2005, the anti-inflammatory effect of lemon is so amazing that it can treat spider bites completely [2].

5. Garlic 

Not only are lemons natural home remedies for spider bites, but garlic is also a great solution for that. Both of them contain antibiotics that are helpful for killing bacteria. Simultaneously, it speeds up the recovery process as well. Our easy recipe will help you to make use of both ingredients together.


  • Garlic: 1 clove
  • Lemon: 1


  • Peel the skin of a raw garlic clove and crush it.
  • Mix crushed garlic with lemon juice and apply it to the bite
  • Let it stay for half an hour before rinsing off with cold water
  • Do this daily to get the best result

Note: You can apply the crushed garlic directly on the affected skin area. Garlic itself has an enough ability to fight with spider bites. Nevertheless, sometimes, garlic can cause skin irritations but they are not a big problem.

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6. Aloe Vera

One more familiar name, like other of home remedies for spider bites, is Aloe Vera. For no reason, do we forget this magical natural ingredient for skin care? Its gel is really a safe treatment with the amazing natural antiseptic, soothing, and anti-inflammatory functions. As a result, we can believe in the ability to relieve pain, itching, and swelling of Aloe Vera. With the same effect as lemon and garlic have, Aloe Vera gel also contributes to accelerating the healing speed but it is thanks to the moisturizing benefit.  Keeping the skin moisturized can support the recovery well. It does not take you much time and effort, thus, you are suggested to follow the recipe below.


  • Wash and peel the Aloe Vera leaf to get its gel
  • Directly apply the gel onto the spider bite and the skin surrounded
  • Repeat a few times per day and keep doing for a few days

Note: You can peel Aloe Vera leaves at the same time and store them in your fridge to apply gradually.

If you are interested in the amazing benefits of Aloe Vera, you can refer to this study [3]

7. Peppermint

If you just consider peppermint leaves as a type of cooking and decorating ingredients, you are making a regretting mistake. In fact, peppermint leaves have various health and skin benefits. When it acts as one of the home remedies for spider bites, it gives you a powerful soothing property. A typical composition of peppermint is menthol that is famous for the natural analgesic property. It works well as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce pain, swelling, and fight inflammation caused by spider bites. Besides, your itchy feeling will disappear, if you use peppermint leaves as natural home remedies for spider bites.

Let’s check out the recipe to see how to make use of this useful remedy.


  • Cut a big handful of peppermint leaves and squeeze to get the juice
  • Rub the peppermint juice on the bites and maintain for more than 20 minutes
  • Wash off with cool water and repeat 2-3 times per day

Note: You can use a few drops of peppermint oil in case of not having leaves available. Nevertheless, to avoid undesirable side effects, you should do a small test in advance.

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