16 Natural Home Remedies For Spider Bites You Should Know

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

home remedies for spider bites - apple cider vinegar

Anyone who does not know the amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar for anti-inflammation and bacterial infection should quickly note it down. Spider bites will not be a nightmare anymore if you apply apple cider vinegar as a natural treatment. Reducing pain, swelling, and itching is the function of this remedy. In addition, it contributes to managing the pH level that helps the recovery process as well.


  • Dilute 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water and consume it daily
  • Or else, you can use apple cider vinegar as a toner by mixing it with water and pour it into a spray. Then spray it on the affected skin area every night before going to bed.
  • Maintain the habit in a certain time until you get better with your bites.

9. Baking Soda

It would be a mistake if we mention apple cider vinegar but not baking soda. You can mix baking soda with some water to form a paste and apply it to the affected skin. You will see the changes after several days using this remedy. Besides, a combination of baking soda and butter is also another of home remedies for spider bites that you should apply. Simply, you mix baking soda with butter and rub the solution on the bites and surrounding areas in a while. Repeat the process to get the final effects.

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10. Salt

Don’t ignore the great use of this spice in your kitchen. Salt is an example. It is also categorized into the group of natural home remedies for spider bites. The direction is as simple as the remedy name. You can follow our suggestion below.


  • Take a bandage and wet it with a little water
  • Then sprinkle salt on the bandage and place on the affected area
  • Fix it and leave for a while

Note: Kosher salt or sea salt are recommended in this method.

11. Potatoes

All the home remedies for spider bites that we are suggesting you are very familiar. Potatoes are another name among them. This remedy helps you cleanse the wound very well so that it is applied to protect yours from bacteria and other harmful factors.


  • Cut a potato into thin slices
  • Apply some slices on the affected area and secure with a medical tape such as duct tape or scotch tape
  • Maintain for 12 hours. Then replace with other slices.
  • Keep doing this to treat the bites completely

12. Activated Charcoal

Did you hear about the useful functions of activated charcoal? It is known as a natural component with the ability to remove toxic substances. Besides, activated charcoal also helps reduce tenderness along with inflammation significantly. Especially, activated charcoal is able to treat brown recluse spider bites. In a book of John Dinsley, Dr. Martha, MD, an emergency room physician working in a Kentucky hospital, said that he used activated charcoal routinely for drug overdose and poisonings as well. He had also ordered an activated charcoal poultice to fight against toxic spider bites [4]. Spider bites often cause minimal harm and sometimes they cause danger to our body. Therefore, you need to treat them with some home remedies for spider bites at first.

However, in cases of difficult breath, nausea, lesions, faintness, muscles spasms, and so on, you are supposed to go to the doctor and ask for medical advice.

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13. Basil

use dried basil

If there is some basil leaves or dried basil in your kitchen, you can use it immediately as another of home remedies for spider bites. Everything you need to do is crushing basil leaves and rub onto the irritated skin. Dried basil leaves help relieve the itching and reduce inflammation. This remedy will help you feel more comfortable after applying.

14. Cabbage

Do you love cabbage? Personally, it is my own favorite vegetable. Green veggies, generally and cabbage, particularly are healthy food items for us. It is also used as a natural treatment for spider bites. If you do not know this benefit of raw cabbage, you are skipping a good remedy.

If you get some pieces of raw cabbage and rub on a bandage, leave it through the night, and remove it in the next morning, the itching, swelling, and pain will be reduced remarkably. This method will heal the infection and remove toxins effectually.

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15. Hydrogen Peroxide

Like other home remedies for spider bites, hydrogen peroxide also brings a powerful antibacterial property, which helps so much to treat other insect bites as well. Hydrogen peroxide is an inexpensive remedy that you can have it available at anytime you want. Therefore, you’d better keep it in your little emergency box.

To treat spider bites at home, you can apply this substance on the affected skin areas and leave it for a while. It will help to remove toxins and reduce some symptoms of spider bites. Furthermore., it can act as a great bleaching agent for your skin as well [5]. You can buy this remedy in various medicines, mouthwash, and toothpaste stores.

16. Aspirin

After all, we cannot skip aspirin that is an indispensable medicine in your family. Actually, aspirin is a multifunctional remedy for many skin issues. Spider bites and other insect bites are not an exception. It contributes to healing the wounds and neutralizing the venom to accelerate the recovery speed. Especially, with the powerful anti-inflammatory function, aspirin can be a big aid in controlling symptoms of spider bites.


  • Firstly, soak 1 to 2 tablets of aspirin in a little clean water and then crush them finely to make a paste.
  • Apply this paste to your affected area
  • Then leave it for a few hours.
  • Finally, wash this paste thoroughly with tepid water.
  • You should repeat this way for 1 or 2 more times during the day if needed.
  • Note: Aspirin is suggested for only external use, not for the internal aim.

III. Home Remedies for Spider Bites – Additional Quick Tips

In this article, we would like to show you some additional quick tips when being bitten by spider bites.

  • Keep an eye on your spider bite for a few days to check on your recovery from the symptoms of this problem.
  • Try to remember the type or look of the spider that gives you a bite. This will be also helpful for your treatment plan.
  • You should be very careful when you want to clean out your sheds, garages, attics, basements, and crawl spaces.
  • Always put on a hat, a long-sleeve shirt & pants, gloves, and boots when you handle the stored boxes or firewood to prevent spider bites.
  • Check and shake out your gardening tools that you do not use for some time.
  • Use tight-fitting screens on doors and windows to avoid spiders from entering your house.
  • Get rid of piles of rocks from the garden area.
  • Remove the old boxes, clothes, and other unwanted things from the storage areas.

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We have introduced you sixteen effective home remedies for spider bites and some additional quick tips to follow. They are natural and safe for your wound. Nevertheless, it seems that the effect of each remedy depends on each situation and the severity of the bites. Therefore, after all, we recommend you going to the doctor for more accurate and proper recommendations. For more information, please refer to our main page Home Remedies.


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