8 warning signs and symptoms of leukemia in children and adults

Leukemia is known as a type of cancer of blood cells.

This disease starts in the bone marrow where produce the blood cells and in the soft tissue inside the bones. They can result in abnormal white blood cells that called leukemia cells in your body. Now its cause is not identified clearly. Most of us believe that the main reasons are inherited and environmental factors that lead to leukemia. Some risk factors like some chemicals, ionizing radiation, smoking, Down syndrome can cause leukemia. Anyone from young children to adults may face with it. However, different ages will face with different types of leukemia. For example, acute lymphoblastic leukemia is the most popular in young children while chronic lymphocytic leukemia is more popular in the adults over 55 years old.

And how do you know about it?

Warning Signs And Symptoms Of Leukemia In Children And Adults You Need To Know.

The best way for you is to know about its warning signs and symptoms of leukemia in children and adults.

Knowing it warning signs and symptoms of leukemia in children and adults is very important for discovering and treating in time in case someone can face up with it. Let’s start learning the basic and obvious signs and symptoms of leukemia. Some of them can make you surprised:

1. Abnormal Bruising And Excessive Bleeding:

signs and symptoms of leukemia-abnormal bruising and excessive bleeding

One of the most popular signs and symptoms of leukemia in children and adults is bruising and bleeding easily. More seriously, you may have heavy menstrual bleeding, tiny red spots under the skin or bleeding gums can be happen. When you see that every minor bump on your body can make you bruise or a very small cut make you bleed so much, you should be careful as it can be a warning sign of leukemia.

2. The Same Symptoms As The Flu:

signs and symptoms of leukemia-the same symptoms as the flu

Many symptoms like flu including night sweating, muscles aches and pains, fever, persistent chills can be the symptoms of many different diseases. If these signs and symptoms can fade after some days, you may have flu. On the contrary, they can be the symptoms of more serious diseases like leukemia. In this case, you should go to visit your doctor for advice.

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3. Chronic Fatigue And Persistent Weakness:

signs and symptoms of leukemia-chronic fatigue and persistent weakness

Chronic fatigue and persistent weakness are also early warning signs and symptoms of leukemia that you should know. Normally, fatigue is so common that anyone can overlook it easily because they think that it is very normal. Every time you have fatigue, you can feel your health changes obviously, weak and low energy. When you feel to be too difficult to get out of the bed or to finish your daily activities like going to school, or something like that, you may face with chronic fatigue. The main reason for this situation is due to anemia or a decreased number of red blood cells in your bloodstream that prevent the oxygen from your tissues or muscles and lead to the feeling of fatigue and weakness. When your body has some signs of fatigue, you should pay attention to your body much more.

4. Lose Your Weight:

signs and symptoms of leukemia-lose your weight

If you are losing your weight for no reason, it can be a sign of leukemia. Of course if you only lose weight suddenly, it is not absolutely related to cancer or leukemia. It can be sign of other diseases or the result of changing your regular diet or habits. If it becomes more serious, you had better go to visit your doctor to check. Remember that your weight can be fluctuated during your period of time. However, losing weight often leads to a feeling of weakness and low energy that can affect on your health as well as your daily activities. So, you should keep your healthy weight in order to get the best health.

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5. More Frequent Infections:

signs and symptoms of leukemia-more frequent infections

If you are facing leukemia, frequent infections can come with you more often. Infections can happen in any area in your body like skin, ear, throat, or something like that. This situation occur as leukemia damage your healthy white blood cells in your body and prevent the bone marrow from producing healthy white blood cells, since then, reduce your immunized and healing ability of your body. For children, their white blood cells are not mature and difficult to fight infection, since then, they may be easier to experience repetitive viral or bacterial infections than the adults.

6. Headaches And Other Neurological Complaints:

signs and symptoms of leukemia-headaches and other neurological complaints

Some neurologic symptoms like vomiting, nausea, dizziness, seizures and headaches can come with you if you are facing with leukemia. Depending on different types of leukemia and the age of patient, the degree of this sign will be different.

7. Anemia:

signs and symptoms of leukemia-anemia

Anemia is one of the common signs and symptoms of leukemia in children. When they have leukemia, there are lack of normal healthy red blood cells and platelets that are carried through the body. Thereby, anemia appears. For the children with anemia, they can look tired, pale, bleed and bruise easily, a common sign of leukemia that are mentioned on the above.

8. Bone And Joint Pain:

signs and symptoms of leukemia-bone and joint pain

Bone and joint contain a large amount of bone marrow that can produce the blood cells in your body. If you have leukemia, you also can suffer bone and joint pain. This condition occurs when the numbers of abnormal white blood cells in your marrow is excessive.

In summary, you cannot identify whether you have leukemia or not. If you have the above warning signs and symptoms of leukemia, you had better go to visit your doctor to check because all of these conditions can be symptoms of other conditions not cancer as you think.

Here are some warning signs and symptoms of leukemia in children and adults that we want to share with you. If you have any question about this topic, you can write it in the following part of this website. We will try to reply for you as soon as possible.

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