7 Severe consequences of depression

As sadness and anxiety are an indispensable part of our life, each of us passes through a blue mood at times. So when it comes to depression, many people think of it as simple as having a bad time and leave it untreated. In fact, depression cannot be easily willed or wished away. Without treatment, it can last for weeks, months or even years, cause serious consequences that affect every aspect of our life, and can drive a person to suicide.

7 Serious Consequence Of Depression That Everyone Should Know

consequences of depression - consequences of depression

Depression is a medical condition caused by several potential reasons. Some of the most common ones are heredity (family of the patient has a history of suffering from depression), side effects of medication such as high blood pressure medication and stress from life, relationships or work.

If you find yourself or anyone you know seems to withdraw from social, frequently feel hopeless and empty, lost interest in hobbies and have trouble in sleeping, remembering or concentrating,…, depression may be present.

Although depression has become a common disorder throughout the past few years, many people still haven’t known about its consequences yet. If you have depression and leave it untreated, consequences of depression will not only cost you a very high personal cost and dramatically affect to your health but also impacts on your quality of life. For example, it can cause distressing for your family and friends, affect your ability to parent and often makes it difficult for you to do your job. Depression also increases the risk of suicide, but treatment dramatically reduces this risk.

Fortunately, depression can be successfully treated with the help of health professional and modern technology. Base on the type of depression you have, treatment can be drugs, talking therapies and self-help, or a combination of those 3 methods.

However, many people who are enduring depression don’t reluctant to get treatment because of mistaken thoughts that it is shameful of experiencing mental illness. But don’t let this fear stop you from seeking treatment because below is what can happen to you if you ignore your illness. On this article, Vkool.com will reveal 7 consequences of depression to show you that seeking treatments for depression are essential. These consequences include:

1. Suicide:

consequences of depression - suicide

One of the most severe consequences of depression is that patients can attempt to harm themselves or suicide.

Nowadays, suicide is rising all over the world as a result of the increased stress sources in every aspect of life. Modern life is getting more and more difficult to live, and it is even more difficult for those who are experiencing depression. The thought of death is a very initial symptom of depression. It can be worsened by the time as patients refuse to take treatment.

If you or your friends are among the people who think that death is the only solution for your problem or your pain, remember that these terrible feelings and thoughts will pass away and you always have other choices.

Depression could lead to suicide if it is left untreated, so be careful!

2. Addiction

consequences of depression - addiction

Another one of the most severe consequences of depression for human health is that it can lead to addiction. Individuals with depression are usually experiencing a hard time fighting with different overwhelming feelings and symptoms before coming to terms with or recognizing the fact that they are depressed. In order to temporarily alleviate those symptoms, people suffering from depression turn to alcohol or other addictive substances. But the truth is that drugs or alcohol can only make the symptoms get worse while raising the chance that you get addiction.

In fact, the combination between depression and addiction is a dangerous mix. This could probably increase your risk of suicide, worsen your health and further your depression.

3. Trouble At School Or Work

consequences of depression - trouble at school or work

This is also among the worst consequences of depression on human life that people should watch out for good as it can also ruin your life without announcement! Depression can diminish a person’s ability to concentrate, remember and make decisions at school or at work. This severe consequence of depression is the reason why depressed people have difficulties to complete tasks or assignments, and tend to be slower and less productive than those normal ones. In addition, physical symptoms of depression like headaches and stomach problems can be serious enough that make an individual absent or leave school or office early.

So before depression gets worse and starts interfering with your studying and working results, you would better seek for treatment and get help from friends and family.

4. Relationship Problems

consequences of depression - relationship problems

When an individual suffers from consequences of depression, it not only affects negatively himself but also has the strong influence on their family, their parents, husband and wife, siblings, friends…Under depression, people are literally not themselves. This causes irritabilities which lead to conflicts, burdens of stress and makes it harder for friends and family to be their side.

5. Limit Ability To Parent

consequences of depression - limit ability to parent

Many recently conducted studies suggested that depression may affect the ability to parent successfully of patients. Some of the symptoms of depression make parent tend to focus on their own distress, which results in negative impacts on their children. According to researchers, women who are pregnant are the most common sufferers from depressive symptoms relating to parenting ability and maternal depression on pregnant period can be linked with unfavorable developments of their babies. In fact, this is also one of the worst consequences of depression on human beings that should be stopped as soon as possible!

6. Damage Your Brain

consequences of depression - damage your brain

Depression, especially when left untreated, depression disorder can dramatically damage your brain. Study after study has showed that depression is bad for your brain because it causes the shrinkage of key brain areas.

As you may have already known, some common symptoms of depression include mood changes, troubles in remembering things, difficulty in making decisions, planning, setting priorities and taking action. By using MRI scanning, doctors have found that these symptoms on a daily basis of depression sufferers are associated with abnormalities in specific areas of the brain, including the hippocampus, the anterior cingulate and the prefrontal cortex.

7. Health Concerns:

consequences of depression - health concerns

Lastly, sufferers can be affected by depression unhealthy symptoms such as having trouble in sleeping, eating and exercising. This is because they don’t willing to do anything except to withdraw from society and stay alone. Numerous studies on consequences of depression have showed that depression causes weight gain or loss in a short period of time. This can obviously cause other severe physical illness and other health issues.

Conclusively, depression seriously affects a person’s physical and mental health, diminishes her or his ability to meet responsibilities in life. The consequences of depression are not limited in sufferers themselves but also bring difficulties and tiredness to their family and friends. And seeking for depression treatment is essential because a severe consequence of untreated depression could be fatal.

Another thing that I hope my readers do after reading my writing about consequences of depression is to spend time to cover another article providing effective methods to deal with depression without drug – the Dealing With Depression Alone Naturally Without Drugs article. This writing is a useful collection of 63 tips on dealing with depression at home from reliable resource and all of them are very easy to apply. These strategies have effectively supported many people all over the world to dealing with their mental illness and help them back to normal life in a merely natural way.

This is the list of 5 consequences of depression that everyone being depressed should know about and remember for good. This is what can happen to you or someone you know unless getting appropriate depression treatment. So one thing you should always keep in mind, don’t ever let the fear or the shame of mental illness stop you from seeking treatment.

After reading this article about consequences of depression and learn the importance of getting treatment, if you think it will change and benefit those are experiencing from depression, do not hesitate to share this list with them and encourage them to overcome the tough time. And as an author of VKool, I always want to know your thought and opinion about my writing. So if you have any question, comment or feedback, do not forget to leave them in the comment section below. It would be my pleasure to read and answer them all and I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

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