15 Natural home remedies for stress and anxiety are revealed

home remedies for stress

There are a lot of treatments for stress and anxiety such as therapy treatment, medication treatment, and natural remedies. Natural remedies are a feasible solution for those people who need to make important changes in their lifestyle and who are difficult in finding out the time or willpower to do them. If you ignore stress, this condition can affect to your overall health in more ways than you may bargain for. I believe that ignoring stress is the last thing that you want to do. Some people use unhealthy ways for their stress such as excessive alcohol, cigarettes, and other bad habits that help calm down their mind, but these ways are counterproductive undeniably, and they are a sad trade-off. According to advice from mental experts, if you want to reduce your stress and anxiety naturally, safely, and quickly without worrying about side effects, you should try using all-natural remedies that will help you get instant stress relief with ease. Recently, VKool.com made a writing of 15 home natural remedies for stress and anxiety. This writing is a collection of natural remedies from doctors, reliable studies, and former stress sufferers. Please make sure that you will consult with your medical practitioner before following natural remedies presented in this article.

15 Home Natural Remedies For Stress & Anxiety You Should Know

1. Drinking A Cup Of Chamomile Tea

drinking a cup of chamomile tea download

When you have a jittery moment, you should drink a cup of chamomile tea that helps calm you down. Chamomile (matricaria recutita) contains some compounds that can bind to the similar brain receptors as pills like Valium. In addition, you can take chamomile as a supplement, typically standardized to include 1.2% apigenin (apigenin is known as an active ingredient), together with dried chamomile flowers.

According to a research at the UPMC (University of Pennsylvania Medical Center), the patients with GAD – generalized anxiety disorder who took the daily chamomile supplement for 8 weeks had an important decrease in their stress and anxiety symptoms compared to other patients taking placebo.

2. L-Theanine (Or Green Tea)

l-theanine (or green tea) download

An amino acid in the green tea called L-theanine can help stress & anxiety sufferers reduce their condition dramatically. Many researches indicate that L-theanine can help curb a rising heart rate & blood pressure, and reduce anxiety. In another study, researchers show that patients, who took 200 milligrams of L-theanine daily, became calmer & more focused.

You can get L-theanine in other sources such as black tea (camelia sinensis), camelia sasanqua, camelia japonica, bay boletus, supplements and fortified foods.

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3. Soothe With Salt Or Bathe In Baking Soda

soothe with salt or bathe in baking soda download

If you are suffering from stress, you should try this muscle-soothing bath to take your stress away. Simply, you just mix 1/2 cup of salt, 2 cups of baking soda and 1 cup of Epsom salts. Then, you need to add 1/2 cup of this mixture to your bath water. Finally, you store this dry mixture in a covered container and keep it away from moisture.

In addition, you can take a bath in only baking soda with ginger. Do you know a soothing bath in baking soda that is mixed with ginger can help relieve stress? You only have to add 1/3 cup of ginger with 1/3 cup of baking soda to a tub of the hot water and then enjoy the soak.

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4. Pucker Up For Peppermint

pucker up for peppermint download

One of other natural remedies for stress and anxiety is to drink a cup peppermint tea before going to bed. This way will help relieve your tension and then help you sleep easily.

To make a cup of peppermint tea, you need to add one teaspoon of dried leaves into a cup of the boiling water. Then, you can sweeten with honey & sip before bed. If you want to reap the fullest benefits of this tea, sipping it should be the last thing that you will do before you can tuck yourself in for the good night. In addition, during the day, in case you do not have enough time to drink a cup of peppermint tea, you can try a peppermint candy.

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5. Cook With Cardamom Seeds

cook with cardamom seeds download

Cardamom seeds are proven to speed the digestion, freshen the breath, and cheer the heart. In addition, they can help you have ability to bust your stress. To make a cardamom seed tea, you can cover 2 or 3 pods with the boiling water and then steep it for about 10 minutes. Cardamom pods can also be added to a normal pot of tea in order to get the calming effect. In addition, you can crush the cardamom pods and then you add to lentils or rice before cooking, or you can use in a vegetable stir-fry. Besides, cardamom seeds are known as a good addition to biscuits and cakes if you like its taste. Instead of cardamom pods, you can use one teaspoon of powdered cardamom that is available in any spice section of any grocery store. Keep reading the next part of this writing to discover other home natural remedies for stress and anxiety

6. Toast With Tarragon Tea Or Soak With Some Sesame Oil Drops

toast with tarragon tea or soak with some sesame oil drops download

A tarragon tea can help calm your nervous system. If you want to use it, you can add 1/2 teaspoon of dried tarragon to one cup of boiling water. In addition, you can use it fresh, snipped into your salads or vegetables. Besides, it will be a good seasoning for your creamy soups, or it can be added to your salad dressing of balsamic vinegar mixed with a dash of honey.

For a good relaxation technique, you should warm a few ounces of sesame oil and then you rub it all over the body from your head to your toe. In addition, you can use sunflower or corn oil that can work well. After massaging your body, you should take a hot and long soak in the tub.

7. Eat Oats Or Dine On Pasta 

eat oats or dine on pasta download

Oat is one of the good foods for fighting off high cholesterol and producing a calming effect, which helps fight off stress. Simply, you can use oats in bread recipes & desserts or for thickening in your soups. In addition, you can eat a bowl of oatmeal with milk in the morning that helps to boost your energy all day long.

One of other remedies for stress and anxiety is to dine on pasta. As you are faced with having a late-night meal, you should choose pasta, because it will cause an increase in the brain chemical named serotonin that has a calming effect on body. In addition, rice can produce the same effect.

8. Eat Whole-Wheat Bread And Foods Rich In B Vitamins

eat whole-wheat bread and foods rich in b vitamins download

Whole-wheat bread is high in the B vitamins that sustain the human nervous system. To create a good diet for fighting off stress, you need to maintain roughly 60 % of your daily calories that should come from those starchy foods, and that is divided among your meals.

B vitamins are proven to promote the proper functioning of our brain & nervous system. B vitamins also help induce relaxation & fight fatigue. In fact, the indicators of deficiency of vitamin B include depression, irritability and apathy; therefore, to stave off these symptoms, you need to increase your intake of natural foods that are rich in B vitamins.

Vitamin B groups are typically found in the bran and germ of cereal grains, beans, eggs, liver, peas and dairy products. In addition, other foods that are also rich in B vitamins are whole-grain cereal, whole-wheat pita bread, pasta & brown rice.

9. Breathe Deeply And Slowly

breathe deeply and slowly download

When you are suffering from stress, one of the fastest remedies for stress is making a breath exercise. Many researchers say that taking steady and slow abdominal breaths will help you cool off in any stressful situation in order that you are able to think more clearly. You can try this short breathing-relaxation exercise by breathing in to the count of 5. Next, you hold your breath for 5 counts, and you exhale for 5 counts. You should repeat one more time.

10. Take Time Out To Relax 

take time out to relax

You should spend at least 10 minutes each day on doing something that helps relax you. You can schedule your time in your planner or calendar if necessary.

Relaxation exercises will release your muscle tension and then reduce your stress fast. To do these exercises, you need to inhale & tighten a group of muscles, and then you exhale and relax them. Next, you can proceed to other muscle groups by repeating steps as you do with the first group of muscles. You can start with your toes and then gradually work your way up to face.

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11. Sleep


Sleep is one of the most important natural remedies for stress. Experts say that too much sleep will leave you sluggish & depressed, and too little sleep can leave you cranky, irritable & on edge. To get enough sleep for your body to reduce stress, you need to try to find out the right balance, which will allow you to feel well rested and ready for all day long. You should promote a better sleep by establishing your bedtime rituals, which signal to your brain that it is the right time to fall asleep. In addition, you need to avoid exercising in the 3 hours before sleep or have a warm bath. You can eat some types of foods that help promote sleep such as carbohydrates, peanuts, figs, bananas, and dairy. These foods contain a substance named tryptophans, a precursor for producing melatonin. Besides, you should avoid having a big meal close to your bedtime, because it can result in reflux, indigestion or heartburn.

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12. Aromatherapy


One of special remedies for stress is using an aromatherapy. Inhaling certain scents has been indicated to have an instant stress relief effect by reducing anxiety, raising mood, and aiding in concentration and focus. Experts show that the smells can help stimulate the limbic system that in turn releases the chemicals, which affect to the brain and promote feelings of calmness, relaxation, love & excitement. Some popular oils for getting stress relief & overcoming mental fatigue include cypress, lavender and rosemary.

13. Keep A Healthy Eating 

keep a healthy eating

According to many studies on the link between junk food and health, researchers have discovered that junk food can make people depressed and overweight. When you are suffering from stress, you need to avoid eating junk foods and other unhealthy foods. You should add healthy foods into your diet plan such as whole grains and protein.

These healthy foods will help you improve your mood and get a long-lasting energy to deal with everything, which comes your way throughout the day. Some foods that are especially efficient for stress-busting involve salmon, blueberries and almonds, according to scientists.

In addition, you need to put down an extra cup of coffee. Many studies have indicated that drinking a few cups of coffee throughout the day may offer health benefits, but too much caffeine can make you anxious and jittery, and finally lead to a crash.

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14. Passionflower


The passionflower has long been known as a “folk remedy” for insomnia and anxiety. In addition, a few recent studies have indicated that this herb can be comparable in effectiveness to the benzodiazepine drugs that are often used to treat stress condition. Although not proven, it is believed that this herb works by boosting levels of a chemical named GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the brain. As a result, this reduces the activity of some of brain cells and results in making you find more relaxed. This herb is available in a wide range of forms such as teas, infusions, liquid extracts & tinctures. However, it is not recommended to use for children or for pregnant women. You need to consult a doctor before adding it into your diet, particularly if you are using other medications.

15. Snack On Celery, Chew On Cherries And Dine On Lettuce

snack on celery, chew on cherries and dine on lettuce download

The phytonutrients or phthalides found in celery can give people with stress a sedative effect; therefore, if you are having stress, you can eat chopped celery into a salad. In addition, you can chew on cherries because they help soothe your nervous system and then alleviate stress. You can eat them fresh or eat in any way you like. Besides, another way for dealing with stress instantly is to dine on lettuce. Experts say that this stress-reducing veggie will give you a sedative effect.

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After reading my writing of 15 home natural remedies for stress and anxiety, I hope that this writing helps you get more choice for dealing with your stress and anxiety. However, it is solely for the informational purpose, it is not intended to give medical advice, and any person who decides to try anything contained within should first contact a medical practitioner for advice. If you have any question, you can leave it below. Now are you ready to deal with your stress without drugs or pills?

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