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ForsLean is a patented plant extract used to trigger enzymes inside the body that burn fat and stimulate weight loss. The ingredient has been added to a variety of formulas aimed at treating a whole host of conditions; building muscle, improving blood circulation, increasing testosterone and helping people lose weight. We even saw that ForsLean made an appearance in a skin cream.

Each brand that adds ForsLean to their product makes a different product, so standard doses may vary, as does the potency of the product and the indications. Essentially, it’s hard to look at ForsLean as a product, because it takes so many different forms. So, with that in mind, we’ll need to emphasize the importance of reading labels.

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ForsLean Overview

ForsLean is a proprietary formula owned by the Sabinsa Corporation, a manufacturer and supplier of various standardized ingredients. ForsLean is made from the roots of the Coleus forskohlii plant, the only known plant source of the substance, Forskolin.

Coleus forskohlii is thought to be the ancient ancestor of a family of tubers, known as Kaffir Potatoes. This critical ingredient has long been used for countless ailments, passed on through generations. While the plant is thought to treat everything from asthma to obesity, coleus is most commonly used as a pickled topping in India.

We’re looking at ForsLean, a proprietary ingredient owned by the Sabinsa Corporation. The product contains a standardized extract of the coleus forskholii plant, aka coleus or Forskolin. The plant has become popular in the weight loss space but has long been used for a wide range of indications like high blood pressure and respiratory disorders like asthma.

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ForsLean Ingredients

ForsLean is made from just one, single ingredient, the coleus forskholii plant. ForsLean is a concentrated, standardized extract of this plant, but it is intended for the same uses you’ll typically see linked to taking forskolin.

A little background: forskolin supplements are probably most often used to treat conditions linked to male performance, both sexual and athletic.

The plant works to stimulate the blood flow, which may help men with erectile dysfunction get an erection more easily.

Additional uses for coleus include the use of the supplement for asthma and respiratory conditions, as well as high blood pressure, cancer, glaucoma, and more.

As far as weight is concerned, the makers of ForsLean, Sabinsa Corporation, have found that the supplement may be used to help obese or overweight men decrease their total amount of body fat. However, it won’t actually reduce their weight.

And, yes, for whatever reason, forskolin supplements don’t produce those same results in women who are obese or overweight. Despite these meager findings, there is no shortage of companies making forskolin supplements, featuring ForsLean, intended to help people lose weight.

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The Science of ForsLean

Because of the nature of this product–we’re looking at an ingredient, not a complete formula, for that reason it’s hard to get a sense of whether this is actually a good product for weight loss.

More proof needs to be given to help show whether or not this ingredient does genuinely suppress the appetite and boost the metabolism.

First of all, if you’re looking to lose weight, you’re going to want to invest in a supplement that helps you achieve your weight loss goals. Unfortunately, there is minimal evidence showing ForsLean as a useful weight loss tool. The makers of ForsLean have created a supplement tested for safety time and time again, so significant side effects are not our primary concern.

That said, the manufacturers of ForsLean have provided pretty minimal information linked to their ingredient. Users gain access to a flow chart that represents fat-burning, but beyond that, we’re left in the dark, and we weren’t able to find any information explaining whether or not ForsLean is any better than its not-patented relative, coleus forskohlii.

Additionally, some research has shown that forskolin might help users manage their weight, particularly if they are obese. Research from the North American Association for the Study of Obesity has found that the root extract works better for men than women. That said, women might experience some weight loss while using the supplement, and are unlikely to gain weight.

There are other benefits, as we’ve mentioned, associated with the use of coleus. According to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the herb exhibits similar qualities to drugs used to lower blood pressure. For this reason, users taking blood pressure medication should avoid taking any forskolin supplements. This combination may cause blood pressure to drop to dangerous lows.

Additionally, patients taking nitrates or other products used to increase blood flow should avoid taking coleus, as the combination may lead to dizziness or lightheadedness.

While there don’t seem to be too many issues regarding the safety of this ingredient, coleus might interfere with metabolization of a wide range of drugs broken down by the CYP3A enzyme. Nevertheless, it is wise to clear the use of coleus or any other herbal supplement with your doctor before using.

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Word on the Street About ForsLean

As we’ve mentioned, ForsLean is featured in a broad spectrum of products. Some are essentially encapsulated versions of the product, while others feature a blend of ingredients. With the variation in products, comes an uncertainty–is there an ideal dosage? Does this product work for women? Can it help you lose weight?

According to reviewers of Nature’s Plus Forskolin supplement, ForsLean isn’t an especially effective weight loss tool (something the makers of the ingredient have highlighted).

And that’s just one product. Vitacost carries a whole range of forskolin supplements that feature ForsLean as a key ingredient. All have an average rating that hovers between two and three stars.

On the plus side, we did not see any reports that this ingredient caused any adverse reactions with use, and it seems to be a rather safe supplement. The downside is, the product is marketed as a weight loss tool, and it doesn’t seem to yield the results promised.

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Is ForsLean Worth a Try?

ForsLean looks like it could be a good ingredient for a few different indications–erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, and asthma. Its countless other ailments and conditions still require further research.

By all accounts, we believe that this particular ingredient is likely safe, at least for people who aren’t taking other medications. But, the problem lies in the fact that ForsLean is not a supplement designed to help people lose weight. It might help some obese men lose weight, but the average dieter is out of luck–as are obese women.

Finally, obese men looking to lose weight will likely need additional support from lifestyle changes and potentially, other supplements. ForsLean on its own likely won’t help people lose weight; it simply may change fat composition.

Ultimately, this ingredient may work for some users, but the evidence doesn’t suggest that forskolin is an ideal weight loss supplement. In fact, our biggest problem with the use of this product is the fact that it’s marketed for weight loss. It seems that ForsLean is better off when used to manage blood pressure or erectile dysfunction.

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ForsLean FAQs

  1. Which products contain ForsLean?
    Several different supplements feature ForsLean, sometimes alone, sometimes alongside amino acids or digestive enzymes. Nature’s Plus makes a forskolin supplement, as does Vitacost, Irwin Naturals, Paradise Herbs, Twinlab, and countless others. You can easily find forskolin supplements anywhere herbal supplements are sold.
  2. Why doesn’t ForsLean work for women?

    It’s unclear why fat loss does not occur in obese women at the same level as it does for men. Some studies have shown that it might cause weight gain for female dieters, while others have found that it made no difference.
    In any case, even the makers of this product have posted on their website that ForsLean likely won’t promote weight loss in men or women. Rather, males may see a reduction in fat with use.
  3. How much do ForsLean products cost?

    Prices vary between brands, but forskolin supplements are relatively affordable. We’ve found that most products range between $10 and $20 for a one-month supply.

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