Top 20 Home Remedies For Malaria Fever

home remedies for malaria fever

Annually, the number of malaria diagnosed cases see a certain rise with the arrival of monsoon, in spite of the fact that this condition is totally not a seasonal specific. It occurs with the highest risk of transmission during the rainy season with high humidity.

Here are the top Home Remedies For Malaria Fever – Types, Symptoms, And Causes

Malaria is among the most common conditions prevalent in subtropical and tropical countries. The term “malaria” has been derived from one Italian word – “mala aria” – meaning “bad air” because it was once considered to occur due to bad air. Basically, malaria is an infectious disease with the trigger factor is “plasmodium” – a protozoan parasite.

The 3 major types of malaria – quartan fever, malignant tertian malaria, and tertian fever – are triggered depending upon the parasites causing it. The most common symptom among each of these malaria forms is high fever. The fever is associted with pain, headache, chills, and shivering in the limbs.

The body’s temperature of the patients will come down after some time with excess sweating. Avoiding stress in that time is very important for patients.

Symptoms of the disease:

  • Convulsion
  • Jaundice
  • Coma
  • Feeling of Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Excess sweating
  • Blood in stools
  • Headache and high fever
  • Chills in the body
  • Merozoites are released into the bloodstream
  • Anemia, caused by the red blood cells’ destruction

Causes Of Malaria

home remedies for malaria - causes of malaria

To learn exactly about home remedies for malaria and how to treat this condition at home, the very first thing people would need to do is to learn what triggers the condition, as well as the major causes that lead to the symptoms and signs of malaria.

Malaria is actually a parasitic condition involving anemia, shaking chills, flu-like symptoms, and high fevers. Malaria is actually triggered by a parasite passed from a person to another one via the infected Anopheles mosquitoes’ bites. When being affected, the parasites known as ‘sporozoites’ would be traveling along the bloodstream to patients’ liver. The parasites would be maturing and releasing a form of merozoites that have an access to patients’ bloodstream and spread the infectious issue to patients’ red blood cells.

Then, the parasites would multiply within the cells that break open in 2 – 3 days spreading the infectious issue. The signs of the infection would take from ten days to 1 month after the body is infected. They might be noticed within 8 days or 12 months after being infected. Some of the most obvious symptoms of this health issue are chills, shaking chills that may be ranging from moderate to serious along with diarrhea, vomiting, headache, and high fever.

Transmission Of Malaria

home remedies for malaria - transmission of malaria

A person could be affected by malaria parasite if the female mosquito or Anopheles transmits it while feeding on the blood. It needs to be noted that Culex or male mosquitoes could not transmit malaria, just female mosquitoes could be a duty of malaria that may take the parasite while feeding on the human blood of the patient. The plasmodium (malaria) parasites mixed with the saliva of the affected mosquito and could be passed on to the subject.

Due to the fact that the malaria parasite exists in the red blood cells, thus, it could be transmitted from 1 people to another one via other factors, such as sharing syringes and needles, organ transplant, or blood transfusion. This condition could be passed on from a woman during pregnancy to the infant during delivery which is also called congenital malaria. This health issue is not an airborne condition and could not be transmitted through sneeze or cough of the affected subject.

Possible Complications

home remedies for malaria - possible complications

Although, with the appearance of advanced medications, malaria has become a  curable and preventable disease, but if could also trigger some other concerning health complications if it is not diagnosed and treated on time.

The parasites inside the body could lead to various types of complications.

  • Haemorrhage – Spleen rupture triggering serious internal bleeding
  • Pulmonary Edema – Fluids in lungs leads to respiratory failure
  • Liver failure
  • Meningitis
  • Kidney failure
  • Haemolytic anemia – blood cells destruction
  • Cerebritis – brain infectious issue

There are various kinds of anti-malarial medical interventions prescribed for various cases. Anti-malarial medical interventions would not entirely protect the patient from getting affected. Patients need to avoid bites of mosquitoes by using mosquito creams, repellents, wearing protective clothing that would cover the legs and arms, and making use of screens on windows. Keep clean surroundings by avoiding drainage flow and swamps beside your residence.

The most crucial impact is to improve the living standard of everyone by using mosquito nets and installing screened windows. ITNs (insecticide – treated bed nets) are useful for relieving malaria rate. If there are tiny holes, mosquitoes could pass through the uncured nets, but the treated nets ensure that the mosquito and another type of insect are killed.

Anti-malarial medical intervention could also be administered that could prevent the parasite from growing inside the blood stream. This control type is also called “suppression”.

Those living in regions where malaria is commonly and usually found developing immunity to the condition. Nevertheless, visitors would not have this immune ability and need to use some medical intervention for the preventing purpose. The symptoms of the condition, including chills and fever could be controlled with the Indian natural treatments for fever and cold.

Before going aboard or traveling to other regions throughout your country, you should meet and consult your health care provider. The treating process should start two weeks before you have the trip for preventing malaria. It might also continue for 30 days after you travel out of your area.

It should be also noted for those living in malaria-prone regions to learn how to prevent the risks of this condition. The very initial thing to do should be controlling the administer vector, meaning that people will need to stay away or control the vector of the condition. Controlling the population of mosquitoes is a useful and essential method that can help in reducing the malaria incidence and other mosquito-borne conditions.

Precautions To Be Taken For Malaria Prevention

home remedies for malaria - precautions to be taken for malaria prevention

There is an old saying that preventing is always better than treating the disease. Unhealthy feeding habits and unhygienic surroundings could act powerfully as the triggers for this condition and so that people should follow the steps below to prevent the risks of malaria:

  • Use mosquito coils or mosquito repellents while sleeping. If you have any allergy to them, you could make use of mosquito nets for avoiding mosquito bites.
  • Keep the surrounding areas Keep your home hygienic, dry, and clean with the windows open. This would help a lot in preventing the entry of mosquito. Use disinfectants, such as phenyl, dettol, etc. for cleaning your toilets and house.
  • Do not let the water stagnate because this could serve as the breeding ground for Anophele mosquito which multiply and reproduce, therefore spreading the fever to any place they go. Water bodies need to get mosquito repellent or other efficient chemicals sprayed to prevent malaria and related disease.

Home Remedies For Malaria Fever – Best Natural Treatments

home remedies for malaria - home remedies for malaria fever – best natural treatments

Quick Tips And Home Remedies For Malaria

Here are some of the quickest and most effective home remedies for malaria, as well as tips on how to relieve the signs and symptoms of the condition right at the comfort of your own home so that you should not skip yet keep your head in the following methods:

  • Consult a prestigious doctor to get proper and timely preventative anti-malarial medical intervention if you tend to travel to a high-risk region.
  • Wear long-sleeved clothes.
  • If you can, keep staying in quarters with air conditioning or screened quarters.
  • When looking for insect repellents, you should choose the ones with higher percentages of the active repellent ingredients to get better duration. For instance, a 10% DEET formula might just protect patients for 1 – 2 hours. Meanwhile, researchers have discovered that DEET concentration efficacy may top out at 50% and above that number provides no any better duration.
  • The mosquitoes that transmit malaria attacks during sleeping. Try to plan activities that allow yourself to be in the regions that are protected between dawn and dusk.
  • Use flying insect sprays and insecticides to relieve the number of mosquitoes in regions where you would be spending a great time period.
  • If you can, avoid spending prolonged amounts of time or camping in the regions where there is standing water. Keep your pans and pots emptied of water. The open vessels to drink water should be well-covered. Mosquitoes use the regions of standing water to lay eggs.

Unhealthy lifestyles and wrong eating habits are the real major triggers for irritating the formation of malaria, according to Naturopathy. The daily intake of flesh, canned foods, denatured foods, and alcoholic beverages are also some of the main factors causing the development of malaria as well.

Today, in this article, I will introduce some of the best home remedies for malaria fever that are proven to work efficiently for stopping the symptoms of this disease at home fast and naturally. The home remedies for malaria are:

1. Learn About The Different Types Of Malaria

home remedies for malaria - learn about the different types of malaria

This is the very first thing and also among the most important home remedies for malaria that we would like to introduce in the article today and want people to learn and make use for good!

Malaria is usually seen in one of 3 manners: as a malaria relapse, as severe malaria, or as uncomplicated malaria. Uncomplicated malaria is the most well-known type of this condition, but people rarely see it in hospital settings as people often mistake it for flu, cold, or a common infectious issue. Those living in the high-risk regions usually recognize the signs and symptoms similar to uncomplicated malaria and cure it on their own. On the other hand, harmful malaria could be potentially lethal and lead to organ failure. It may require an instant medical intervention, and the relapses after the first bout of malaria usually go unnoticed as they might not always appear with obvious signs.

2. Determine If You Are At Risks Of Malaria

home remedies for malaria - determine if you are at risks of malaria

Although some specific people are at higher risks of this condition, everyone could get malaria. People should be aware of the trigger factors to know whether or not there is a chance you have been infected by the disease. In a few cases, it could be spread via organ transplants or blood transfusions if the medical staff has been wrong in donor screening. Sharing needles for infectious issue could also contribute to spreading the condition. Nevertheless, because the condition is most often spread by the bites of mosquito, most patients of malaria are found in subtropical and tropical climates.

  • The CDC provides a thorough list of malaria risks in the nation.Nations, where people have higher risks of developing malaria among others, are Liberia, Côte d’Ivoire, Chad, Cameroon, and Angola. The deadliest strains of this condition could be found in the south of the Sahara, Africa.
  • Remember that the risks are posed not just to those living in these nations and regions, but also people who travel through them.

3. Carefully Watch Out For Signs And Symptoms Of Serious Malaria

home remedies for malaria - carefully watch out for signs and symptoms of serious malaria

Several people experience nonspecific signs like vomiting, nausea, headaches, fatigue, or body aches. If the ailment progresses to a stage where it could interfere with metabolism function, blood, or organ, the medical signs could become even more severe. Serious malaria is potentially lethal, and could require instant medical care and intervention. Do not forget to consult a prestigious doctor or emergency medical service if you see any of the symptoms below:

  • Strange behavior modifications
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Seizures
  • Anemia (you might have dizziness, look pale, feel very weak or tired, or your heart rate becomes rapid)
  • Reddish or dark urine (from hemoglobin)
  • Trouble breathing
  • Abnormal blood coagulation
  • Low blood pressure levels
  • Kidney failure (pressure, chest pain, swollen feet or legs from fluid retention, or decreased urine)
  • Low blood sugar levels (particularly in women during pregnancy)

4. Recognize The Signs Of Uncomplicated Malaria

home remedies for malaria - recognize the signs of uncomplicated malaria

Uncomplicated malaria could appear in the recurring “attack” that often last 6 – 10 hours. During these bouts, patients would experience the cold stage, to the hot stage, and to the sweating stage.

  • In the cold stage, patients would feel shiver and cold.
  • In the hot stage, patients would notice symptoms including vomiting, headaches, and fever. Children might notice seizures.
  • During the sweating stage, patients would experience excess sweating and fatigue while their body gets its temperature normal.
  • Other signs maybe rapid breathing and yellowed skin from mild jaundice.

5. Watch For Signs After You Have Been In A High-Risk Nation

home remedies for malaria - watch for signs after you have been in a high-risk nation

Normally, malaria has an incubation period of about 7 – 30 days before the signs start appearing. However, if you are a traveler living in a low-risk nation, you might have taken anti-malarial preventative medications before going to the nation. If you get malaria despite those medications, the medications could still help in slowing down the progression of the condition. People may have to wait for months for the symptoms of malaria to appear. To ensure the safety, patients should be vigilant for an entire year after going to a high-risk region. Remind a prestigious doctor of your travels during all check-up during the year.

6. Tamarind Decoction

home remedies for malaria - tamarind decoction

A prepared decoction made from tamarind can aid a lot in relieving the signs and symptoms of the malaria condition such as a fever and headache. Patients who suffer from malaria could consume this on a regular basis to get an ideal reduction.

7. Cold Compress

It is extremely necessary for people to bring down the fever temperature of the patients who suffer from this condition. Thus, you can try making use of a cold compress. You can prepare cold water to dip a towel in and use it to wrap the body. Repeat this treatment procedure till your high fever temperature reduces. Apply this treatment method 3 times per day to achieve ideal results as desired.

8. Fast On Fruit Juice:

fast on fruit juice

This is the first out of the most efficient home remedies for malaria that I want to reveal in this entire writing.

People can fast on water and orange juice within just a few days. People must fast on orange juice depending on the severity of their fever. As a patient of malaria, for the first few days, you should munch on fresh fruits to fix and nourish your infected cells. You should also add milk to your meals after a few days. Raw vegetables and fresh fruits should be consumed in moderation for bringing about desired results. Making use of this home remedy and the following natural tips will help you even prevent the occurrence of this condition. By keeping your body away from mosquitoes and by eating the right kind of foods, everyone will be able to keep themselves healthy.

Read more: How To Improve Immune System With Autoimmunity Bible to get more knowledge about how to boost your immunity to be able to fight against and beat off diseases, including malaria.

9. Holy Basil:

home remedies for malaria-holy basil

Holy basil leaf is very good for the malaria  prevention. To make use of this herbal remedy, you just need to make a homemade paste by mixing 3 grams of black pepper powder with 11 grams of holy basil leaves. You should consume this paste every day in the cold stages of the fever due to malaria.
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This will help you monitor  the severity of your condition.

10. Alum:

home remedies for malaria-alum

Alum needs to be dried, powdered, and roasted before being used in the treatment for malaria. You should consume 1/2 teaspoon after 2 hours of an expected fever attack, and one teaspoon of this powder 4 hours before the expected attack. This will help you relieve the symptoms of malaria effectively. In fact, this is also one of the best home remedies for malaria that people should make use for good!

11. Lime And Lemon:

home remedies for malaria-lime and lemon

Lemon and lime play an important role in reducing the quartan type of a fever due to malaria. Add the juice extracted from one whole lemon to  4 to 5 drops of lime, and dissolve this mixture into a glass of water. You should consume this solution before the onset of fever.

12. Chirayata:

home remedies for malaria-chirayata

Chirayata is one herb which is also called Swertia andrographis paniculata. It is very good for people to deal with constant malarial fever stages. It can help to decrease the temperature of the body as well. Add a stick of cinnamon, 2 cloves, and 15 gm of chirayata to 250 ml of water, and boil the mixture over medium heat. You just need to consume 1 – 2 teaspoons of this home remedy for beating off malaria. This is also one of the most effective home remedies for malaria that people should not look down!

13. Cinnamon:

home remedies for malaria-cinnamon

Another out of the best home remedies for malaria fever that I want to introduce in this entire article is that people should make use of cinnamon. Cinnamon is one of the precious home remedies for malaria fever. You should boil 1 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon with a tea spoon of honey, and one pinch of pepper powder in one glass of water. You should take this home remedy every day for benefiting from the powerful healing effect for malaria that these natural ingredients bring about.

14. Artemisia Annua:

home remedies for malaria-artemisia annua

Sweet wormwood, or artemisia annua is yet another useful natural agent which can help people fight against malaria. You will need to steep the herbs in cold water, and you should consume this solution directly in order to achieve best results.

15. Fever Nut:

home remedies for malaria-fever nut

Another useful home treatment for malaria is making use of fever nut seeds. This type of seeds could be obtained from every herbal store in forms of preserved herbal for long-term use. You just need to mix 6 grams of fever nut seeds in one cup of water and consume it 2 hours before the expected time for an attack, and you should consume the same dosage 1 hour after the attack. Whether the attacks occur or not, the similar procedure needs to be resorted.

16. Grapefruit:

home remedies for malaria-grapefruit

Vegetables and fruits are always beneficial when it comes to healing diseases for the body. Grapefruit juice or raw grapefruit is also very useful for you to keep the intensity of malarial infection under control. The natural quinine-like substances could be extracted from grapefruits by boiling 1/4 of it and straining the pulp. In fact, this is a wonderful herbal treatment for malaria that people should make use for good! Grapefruit includes a natural quinine-like substance that if you want to benefit from this, you should take by boiling 1/4 of A grapefruit and straining the. Other fruits, such as apples and oranges can also aid well in healing malaria naturally.

17. Cold Packs:

home remedies for malaria-cold packs

The best of home remedies for malaria fever – reducing the body’s temperature during the fever time is applying cold pack onto our whole body. You can prepare this pack by wringing out a large square piece or a sheet of linen material in cold water. Cover it tightly round your body and legs, and then use a small blanket or any type of warm materia to cover it completely. You should keep this pack for about 60 minutes and apply it at a gap if every two to three hours throughout the day, the temperature is high. You can also make use of hot water bottles to apply onto the feet and against the sides of your whole body. You can also apply this onto your forehead. When you notice the body’s temperature is high, you need to think about this simple remedy as it can bring down your body’s temperature significantly.

18. Fenugreek Seeds:

home remedies for malaria-fenugreek seeds

Patients living with malaria often feel weak because of the terrible influences of intermittent fevers. Meanwhile, one of the best home remedies for malaria weakness due to a fever is fenugreek seeds. This type of seeds can support effectively in boosting fast recovery from malaria by fighting the parasites and boosting your immune system. Therefore, many malarial patients are advisable to increase their daily intake of fenugreek seeds. In fact, this is also one of the most efficient home remedies for malaria fever that I want to introduce in this entire article and want my readers to learn and make use when needed.

19. Datura:

home remedies for malaria-datura

Datura is an Indian herbal remedy which is very good and powerul for dealing with the symptoms of malaria. The leaves of Indian datura are an ideal home remedy for the tertian type of malaria. You should add 2 ½ freshly sprouted datura leaves and make them into the form of pills by rubbing them onto jaggery. You should take this at least 2 hours before the onset of the paroxysm.

20. Malaria Diet:

home remedies for malaria-malaria diet

This is the last but very important out of the best home remedies for malaria fever in children and adults that I want to introduce in the entire writing today and want my readers to learn and make use for good!

Heathy eating plays an essentia role in rapid treating malaria fever. After the malarial fever has reduced, experts and doctors suggested that for the first few days of the condition, patients should maintain an exclusive diet with fresh fruits along with milk. After that, patients should follow the balanced diet including raw vegetables and fresh fruits only. Develop a healthy habit of eating light without using much butter or oil. Spicy, oily, and junk foods can just worsen your situation. Fruits, such as banana, apple, guava, and grapes can aid in fast recovery for patients suffering from malaria.

Now, what I recommend my readers to do after following my article today and catch the home remedies for malaria fever I included above is to spend more time reading another related article – the Top 13 Natural Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites article. In fact, this writing contains an entire collection of 13 most effective natural home remedies that will help to cope with mosquito bites – one of the main and most common causes of malaria.
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These home remedies do not take people too much money, time, and effort to apply, as well as will never cause any harmful side effect, so people should feel secure when making use of the remedies inside.

The full gathering of home remedies for malaria fever that I – author Lien Nguyen of – introduced in this writing are 100% natural and proven completely safe and simple to apply. Thus, if you are among people who are struggling with the malaria condition, you should not miss this chance. Everything is free for you, and comes with my sincere, so do not worry about anything related to the effectiveness of the remedies or whether or not they will cause some unwanted side effect.

If you think that the home remedies for malaria fever that I included in the full article today are necessary for you as you are also looking for good natural ways to deal with your malaria condition, let me see your comments and feedbacks. Or else, if you even think that these home remedies are very useful and might be able to cure many other people in the world, feel free to share this list widely to make use together with other sufferers.

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