Cool And Crazy Things To Do Before You Turn 20, Guys!

things to do before you turn 20

Life as a teen may be pretty emotional and dramatic at time, yet it can also be wonderful that’s why I am showing you a list of cool and crazy things to do before you turn 20, guys! Check out this complete list below in the line of Lifestyle on VKool site.

24 Cool & Crazy Things To Do Before You Turn 20, Guys!

1. Overcome Your Fears

things to do before you turn 20

Yes! Some great things can be done afterwards. Nevertheless, when you are scared of something or doing something during your 20s, it will miss a lot of experience and chance in life. In other words, your fears are fends that stop you to develop your personality, discover the world, create open relationships and become more successful.

Before you turn 20, face your fears, instead of avoiding it. When you dare to face it, you will be stronger and want to challenge yourself to do more great things and have more experience in life.

For instance, if you are afraid of speaking in public and you have more presentations in public. Then, you should be more confident and happy to be in public and have interesting conversations and talks.

2. Make New Goals

things to do before you turn 20

Next to important things to do before you turn 20, this is to create new goals.

Actually, there are a lot of things for you to do and enjoy when you are young. But goal of your life is a foundation for you to be successful, get rich and attract well-being. Hence, focus on big goals such as study, finding a good job, chasing your dream or having a happy family.

Keep in mind that when you are young in your 20s, you are excited to build your flam of passion and keep it longer. So, make your big goals today and it will be late if you start doing something in your 30. In other words, you have to prepare for your future.

To start, make a list of things to do. Write down your dream job, your dream house, your dream husband or wife, your dream family and your dream future. They are the most practical things for you to start thinking and trying to make it become true soon.

3. Stand Up For Yourself & Someone Else

things to do before you turn 20

When you are still a teenager, you may just want to do something you like. But when your 20 is coming, you should be aware of the thing you do. Stand up for yourself first! Then, do it for someone else like your family or good friends. This is actually the way to control your life and drive it in the right way. For instance, you should not lend your friends money. If you do it often, it will be your bad habit and you will lose some friends. Also, you should learn to respect other people so that you will be kind and be happier.

When you are going to enrich your 20, you should learn to make your own decision. You have to think and figure out what is right, what is wrong and be responsible for the thing you did. The more you can stand up for yourself, the better you can take control of yourself and be more mature in thinking.

When you are able to stand up for yourself, then you should learn to stand up for others as people live with connections. If you can share your love, responsibility with someone, you can build a wide network of relationship and a bond with good people around you. As a result, standing up for others is the way to grow up and be a real adult, teenager!

4. Appreciate Your Family

things to do before you turn 20

When you were a toddle, you might repeat some sentences like “I Love You”, “I Love Mom” or “I Love Dad” many and many times. However, this seems to be reactions of a kid who is learning his or her mother tongue. But when you are mature in your 20s, you should be aware of your appreciation to your parents. Don’t hesitate to show your thanks and your love to them in different ways. For instance, you can buy a little gift for your parents and grandparents in the Mother’s Day or the Father’s day. On the other hands, you can remember your parents and call them in special days such as their birthdays or their wedding’s ceremony.  Don’t forget to say “Thank You” and give them some hugs. These are the most practical and sweetest ways to show your appreciation to your beloved ones. Then, they will be very happy and realize that you are no longer a kid. You have grown up and you are an adult.

5. Don’t Get Married Soon

things to do before you turn 20

Next to things to do before you turn 20, don’t settle down too soon! Of course, you can think about a dream marriage, a dream husband or wife and dream children. Yet, there are a lot of things for you to prepare for your own family now. Instead of earning money to pay for your family’s monthly bills, kid’s study, you can enjoy your single life with open relationships, new travels, new skills, new hobbies, new sports, and so on. We bet if you see your marriage friends who have to be tired of their own marriage problems, they will be jealous of your free and single life. So, enjoy your single life and focus on other foundations for your happy marriage in the future! This will come soon and become true if you prepare your knowledge and finance for it since today!

6. Change Your Hair

things to do before you turn 20

Like a young woman, form your lifestyle to be more confident and enjoy your life in your own way! Do something with your hair like changing your hair style or dyeing your hair, why not? You will look different and attract someone with your new hair. Most teenagers do it even men. Some hair styles are crazy, but keep it if this style makes you happy and don’t care about other people’s comments much. Be yourself and form your hair style with your own lifestyle. You just have only one teenage time, you should do something right to your age and psychology.

7. Make Dinner For Your Parents

things to do before you turn 20

When you were little, you might still remember that your parents cooked delicious meals for you. And they will be very happy, if today you enter the kitchen and cook something for them. This is a practical way to show your care and your love to them. Take time to do it for changing your family’s atmosphere, when it comes to things to do before you turn 20. Moreover, keep in mind that, when you start working, you won’t have a lot of time to do this for your parents, so stay with them, cook and have more eating times with them.

8. Wear Something Ridiculous

things to do before you turn 20

Like creating your hair style, teenagers can wear something ridiculous, too! Old people will definitely think that you are crazy, but don’t care. If you think your clothes are nice, wear them and smile with your confidence. Your friend at the same age will be jealous because they can’t be stylist like you, we guess so!

9. Travel

things to do before you turn 20

This is a flat world, so you can do anything simply! For some teenagers, they spend a lot of time at school and studying. For some others, they are interested in social media. But some are very crazy with short and long trips. When they travel, they learn a lot of things, discover various cultures, understand more people, make more friends and enjoy their lives. How about you? Are you in the group of those loving travels? If you find some significant and happy things through trips, pick up your knapsack and go. There are a lot of interesting travels waiting for you forwards.

Money is not a problem. If you don’t have much money, you can still enjoy trips in some ways. For instance, you can choose short trips, or you can join a volunteer organization and have free trips to do something great for other people.

10. Start A Journal

things to do before you turn 20

As mentioned above, when you are older you have to do many things for your own family, job and children. At that time, you will have no time to recall many things in the past. So, do something to save your memory of your youth! The best idea for you is to start a journal. Write something everyday. Write down your real thoughts, your dream, your life as a student or a stupid one and the process you are mature in thinking like an adult. Ten years later, when you open your diary, you will find something funny and significant.

11. Try An Adrenaline Sport

things to do before you turn 20

People are awesome, the youth are awesome, you are awesome, too. Keep these words in your mind and try an adrenaline sport! Most young people with enough strength and courage can do it. You are young, and you should learn to do the same. Many teenagers are fancy at sky diving, bungee jumping and white water rafting. Why don’t you challenge yourself to learn there adrenaline sports once in your life? Don’t you know that when you have your own family, your children will be very happy and proud of you if you show your achievement in sports with them. Furthermore, adrenaline sports are also ways to overcome your fear and help you to be stronger to face up with difficulties in life.

So, don’t hesitate to choose an adrenaline sport and enjoy it immediately!

12. Spend The Whole Day Off Partying

things to do before you turn 20

Being free and crazy will make your life have more fun! So, enjoy parties and have more fun after hard studying days. Teenagers are still normal people, they need to study and relax to balance their lives. So, it’s ok if you spend the whole day off partying and studying hard in the next days.

13. Stay Up All Night

things to do before you turn 20

Next to crazy things to do before you turn 20, stay up all night as you cannot do it in the next years of your 30s or 40s. Actually, young people are full of energy and they can do great things with their passion. They can study hard all night, they can enjoy their times with good friends all night, they can entertain with video games through the night. But this is memorable time for them. Do it today so that you won’t have to regret something. As you know time flies, and people usually impute the blame to time and the past!

14. Go To A Concert

things to do before you turn 20

Young people are always those who love music and be a fan of a musical band or an artist. If you can, don’t miss concert in your teenager time. This will bring you more passion for music, for your favorite artists. When you get old, you will be proud to tell your children that you were very crazy for a certain song or an artist when you were a high school student.

Moreover, music likes great entertainment, this can help you balance your life and join groups of people who love music like you. You will have more great time in public, have more friends and share your music interest with other people.

15. Make New Friends

things to do before you turn 20

Continue to things to do before you turn 20, make as much good friends as possible!

We can make new friends in different period of our lives. When you were young, you made friend with your mom. When you study at school, you have school friends, when you get old, you will have old friends. So, making friends is common in our lives, not only young people. Teenagers, however, like to have more friend in this period of time. They love to find friends in different ways such as making friends online, making friends in parties, making friends in holidays, making friends at school, making friends in new living places. Especially, they get attracted by friends of the opposite sex. Most are happy to be attractive to the opposite sex in different ways like study scores, clothes, voice, hair style, and so on.

16. Get Out More

things to do before you turn 20

Young people are most dynamic and enjoy outdoor activities. This is also ways for them to develop their emotional and physical health. Instead of watching TV, looking at your computer’s screen, or chatting with friends online, you should get out, take deep breath, walk and run, and play with your friends. Parents always like to see you grow in this healthy way and they will be happy if you are dynamic, active and engage nature.

17. Try Something New

things to do before you turn 20

When it comes to cool and crazy things to do before you turn 20, trying something new seems to be abstract. Simply, think about a new good thing you have never do before and do it. For instance, if you never go fishing, why don’t you enjoy this activity with your family in a vacation? If you can catch a big fish, you may be very excited and form this interesting hobby for training your patience. In another example, if you never read books in a book coffee shop, why don’t you try doing it while inviting some friends and have some conversations with them. Sounds great, right?

All adults do it, if you are reaching your 20, think about some new things to do like so.

18. Practice Being Charitable

things to do before you turn 20

Yes! Do something for your community. You are young, you may have not much money, but you can contribute your knowledge, your energy, your passion for other people who need you. Think about charity or volunteer activities in your local place first. By donating something, someone will appreciate you and you will feel that you are an important person and you can share your kindness. Everybody loves kindness, friendliness and smiles. So, be generous to help someone, teenagers!

19. Open A Bank Account

things to do before you turn 20

Right! You are young, so you need to think about finance for your future. Teachers don’t teach you on how to spend your money. But if you are aware that a bank account can help you manage your money effectively, you will learn more about this issue on your own. What did you do to manage your money and prepare it for your future? Do you think that it will be good if you have some money for interest things? For instance, if you can save about $25 to $100 per money, you will be free to think a bout a vacation with your friends. Also, if you have money in your own bank account, you can buy your friend a gift without asking your parents for your extra pocket money. Do you think this is a good finance solution for you?

20. Start A Date

things to do before you turn 20

When it comes to interesting things to do before you turn 20, why don’t you date someone? Of course, young people like dating and they are curious to start their first date. Have you ever dated someone? Don’t be afraid of this as it’s normal for teenagers. Adults call young people’s date is blind date because this date is hard to go to a marriage in the future. But you as a teenager should not care about this much. Do things that should naturally come in most teenagers. If it can’t happen to you, you are not normal. You should try it and experience it. After each date, you will understand your personality to know who are well-matched to you and you will be more mature in the next dates.

21. Join A Club

things to do before you turn 20

There are different clubs for people of different ages. For teenagers, they have many choices. For instance, you can learn to play guitar. You can join a painting club. You can join a tennis club. You can join a dance club. You can join a boxing club, and so on. Just be a part of a group, make your connection with other mates and improve your skills for a certain goal you set.

22. Wait Until You Are Legal To Drink

things to do before you turn 20

Next to things to do before you turn 20, follow the law. Most teenagers are scared of police as they like to be rebellious and want to break the government law. For instance, many college students drive cars without driving license. Some drink alcohol before their 18. In fact, our social need to have rules to protect us. When you are still young and the governmental law does not allow you to break the law, follow it. Do not rush adulthood. Learn to stand up for yourself. Learn to stop wasting your parent’s money for your penalty. The law is to protect you. So, wait until you are legal to do something like adults when it comes to things to do before you turn 20.

23. Exercise

things to do before you turn 20

Your body will not be 18 anymore. It will age. So exercise regularly to keep you healthy for working, studying, hanging out and do more things you like. Then, you won’t be regretful for wasting your time on sleeping, TV, social media and stuff.

24. Learn To Cook

things to do before you turn 20

Last but not least among things to do before you turn 20, learn to cook though you are teenager boy or girl. It’s won’t be late for you to be a good husband or wife if you can cook. Your partner will be happy as you can prepare meals for the whole family and share the household with you. If you can cook, it shows that you are able to care for health and your own life. In addition, cooking can be fun as it is an art. People who can create new recipes therefore can cook well may be an artist.

Bottom line:

There are wilder and more various things to do before you turn 20, there are common ones for you to opt for. Try doing these cool and crazy things to do before you turn 20, guys! For any feedbacks about this article, drop your comment at the end of the post!

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