Good & comfortable sleeping positions during pregnancy

sleeping positions during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women often find themselves wresting in bed and trying to get comfortable before falling asleep. However, unfortunately, their regular sleeping positions might no longer work for them during pregnancy. In fact, there are a lot of reasons causing this discomfort, and some good and comfortable sleeping positions during pregnancy you can try to help you get necessary rest. Check them out from!

I. Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy – Why You Are So Uncomfortable In Your Normal Sleeping Positions? 

sleeping positions during pregnancy

Since women are pregnant, their bodies go through various changes. These changes might disrupt their usual peaceful slumber. The first and most pressing reason behind sleep problems during pregnancy might be the increasing size of the fetus, which could make it difficult for women to find a comfortable sleeping position. If you have usually been a stomach or back sleeper, then you may find it hard when it comes to getting used to sleeping on your own side, according to the recommendation of doctors. Moreover, shifting around in bed will become harder as the pregnancy develops and your own size also increases.

Also, there are many other symptoms in terms of physical health interfering with sleep quality, which are:

  • The urge to pee: The kidneys of pregnant women are working much more difficult to filter the enhanced volume of blood, about 30-50% more than they had better pregnancy, moving via their bodies, thereby resulting in more urine. In addition, because the baby is growing and the uterus is getting bigger, so the pressure on the bladder promotes. As a result, they will cope with more trips to the bathroom, both day and night. However, the number of trips in nighttime might be much greater if the baby is especially active at night.

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  • Enhanced heart rate: another reason why sleep quality of expectant women is not as good as before getting pregnant is that their heart rate enhances during pregnancy to pump more blood. Because more of blood supply goes to the uterus, their heart will work harder in order to send sufficient blood to other body parts.
  • Shortness of breath: at the beginning, the breathing might be impacted by the enhancement of pregnancy hormones that will lead to your breathe in much more deeply. As a result, this makes you feel as if you have to work harder to take enough air. And, later on, your breathing will be more difficult when your own enlarging uterus gets more space than normal, thereby leading to pressure against the muscle below the lungs – the diaphragm.
  • Backaches And Leg Cramps: pains in your back and legs are resulted from the additional weight you are carrying. During pregnancy, the human body produces relaxin – a hormone that prepares the body for childbirth. When it comes to relaxin, one of its benefits is the loosening of ligaments via the body, thereby making expectant women less stable and more prone to injury, particularly in their own backs.

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  • Constipation and heartburn: a lot of pregnant women experience heartburn as well as constipation during pregnancy. Heartburn happens when the human stomach contents reflux back up into the esophagus. In reality, while having a baby, the whole digestive system will slow down and the food might remain within the stomach and intestines much longer, causing constipation and heartburn. These could be worsened over time during pregnancy when the developing uterus presses on stomach or the large intestine.

II. Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy – The Role Of Pregnancy Pillow 

sleeping positions during pregnancy

A pregnancy pillow is especially designed for pregnant women to brace some areas of their bodies and relieve them of the aches which generally associate with pregnancy. Maybe, you have heard about it, yet had no encouragement to learn more – till now. In fact, there are some types of pillows for pregnant women available in the current market.

Some devices work effectively in keeping pregnant women have a good and comfortable sleep. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is the most common used device for pregnant women.

1. Types Of Pillows For Pregnant Women 

Custom-Fill Full Body Pillow

sleeping positions during pregnancy

This is a C-shaped pillow which is designed to supply users with customized support during pregnancy. This type of pillow comes in 3 designs, which are head/neck support, leg/ankle/back support, and belly/back support.

Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

sleeping positions during pregnancy

This is designed to be placed under the baby bump if you sleep on your own side. By using it, you will be able to take the weight of your baby and reduce the pressure on the back. Normally, they are not so expensive and easy to find in the market.

Side Pillow

sleeping positions during pregnancy

By using side pillow, you can aid in appropriate head-neck-spine alignment. This type of pillow supplies users with relaxation to their head, neck muscle and does not take too much room.

Some devices work effectively in keeping pregnant women have a good and comfortable sleep. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is the most common used device for pregnant women.

Neck Support Pillow

sleeping positions during pregnancy

Another type of pregnancy pillow is neck support pillow which could help you sleep on your side easily. These pillows support the head and neck, and also keep the spine relaxed and straight because the curved position of the human spine could lead to serious aches within a pregnant body.

Back Support Pillow

sleeping positions during pregnancy

The last type of pregnant pillow is back support pillow, which wraps around your back and warrant back support as well as prevent you from rolling constantly onto your side while sleeping.

2. How To Choose Best Pillow For Pregnant Women 


sleeping positions during pregnancy

This is one of factors affecting your sleep quality you need to consider. Is it the shoulder that hurts you more or your own back? Basing on the kind of pain and the painful area, you need to opt for the proper design. Also, your sleeping style affects the quality of your sleep as well. It is recommended that after 21 weeks, a woman should sleep on her side, and preferably on her left.

Some devices work effectively in keeping pregnant women have a good and comfortable sleep. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is the most common used device for pregnant women.


sleeping positions during pregnancy

Material has specific selection criterion in terms of the “feel” and quality of a certain pillow. In reality, people may want it to be soft, yet you should keep in mind the followings:

  • Be soft and safe for the skin
  • Be of a good quality
  • Be made of organic material
  • Have a detachable cover that could be removed to wash
  • Not include allergens
  • Size

The size of any pillow is up to the preference of its user. Some people love small wedges at their own side, while some go for their shoulder, back, legs.


sleeping positions during pregnancy

If you really want to have a pillow which could be used in different kinds of positions, then you should choose a long pillow rather than short ones, because it offers users with better flexibility.

3. Benefits Of A Pregnancy Pillow 

Sleeping pillows used for expectant women are so necessary for the safety of the baby. Some benefits of this type of pillows are listed below:

  • It Can Brace And Support The Tummy 

sleeping positions during pregnancy

Aside from a lot of hormonal changes taking place during pregnancy, there are also a variety of physical changes as well. During pregnancy, the abdomen will grow in size constantly day by day. The enhancing load lays pressure on the neck as well as spine. These pillows are specially designed in a way which their pressure will be decreased and the muscles of the back are supported. They also help those expectant women sleep safely and comfortably, and cuddle on the soft pillow with no pain or discomfort.

Some devices work effectively in keeping pregnant women have a good and comfortable sleep. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is the most common used device for pregnant women.

  • It Can Prevent Allergies 

sleeping positions during pregnancy

If you choose a pillow with good material, such as a pillow which is made with hypoallergenic polyfills, then it could help you prevent allergies, skin problems and also breathing issues.

  • It Can Stimulate Relaxed Sleep

sleeping positions during pregnancy

Pregnancy pillows are particularly designed in such a manner that could supply users with maximum support necessary for a pregnant woman. Fact is, they are commonly available in different forms and sizes, and people can select whichever is best suited basing on the painful area, their own body shape, and the trimester that they are passing through.

III. Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

1. Sleeping On Your Side 

sleeping positions during pregnancy

As mentioned earlier in the previous parts of this article, good sleeping positions during pregnancy is on your side. During the early months of pregnancy, sleeping on your sides is helpful for both yourself and your baby. The most comfortable position is to sleep on the side with the knees bent when the fetus grows. With this position, the baby weight will not put pressure on your back, spine and the large vein that can transports blood from lower body parts to the heart, making the job of the heart much easier.

Some devices work effectively in keeping pregnant women have a good and comfortable sleep. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is the most common used device for pregnant women.

2. Sleeping On The Left Side 

sleeping positions during pregnancy

Another tip on sleeping positions during pregnancy is to sleep on the left side. Oftentimes, it is recommended by doctors. This is because the liver locates on the right side of the human body; sleeping on the left side will make sure that the pressure of the growing uterus will not be applied directly onto the liver, thereby improving the circulation of the heart and to the uterus, fetus, and kidneys as well. Also, lying on your side will reduce the pressure put on your back during pregnancy. Nevertheless, you should worry too much about shifting positions at night. Shifting positions are natural parts of the sleep. During later months of the pregnancy, you will not be able to sleep on the back because it might become much more uncomfortable.

If you often shift on the back whilst sleeping, then your baby weight will put pressure on the inferior vena cava, you might wake up by the discomfort. In that case, you should get consultations of the doctor to use the right pillow to keep you feeling good.

3. Cushion Up 

sleeping positions during pregnancy

Placing a pillow under the belly and behind the back could supply you with a great support when it comes to good sleeping position during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Besides, experiment with a proper pillow to find your comfortable sleeping positions. Some women find it rather comfortable to place a rolled-up blanket at the small of your own back so as in order to get the pressure off the back.

IV. Worst Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy 

1. Sleep On The Back 

sleeping positions during pregnancy

If you often sleep on your back even during pregnancy, then you need to remove that habit. Sleeping on the back leads to a lot of problems containing pain in back, digestive issues, difficulty in breathing, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure and slower blood circulation to the heart and the fetus. These issues happen as the tummy rests on the intestines and main blood vessels like the vana cava and aorta upon you sleep on the back.

Some devices work effectively in keeping pregnant women have a good and comfortable sleep. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is the most common used device for pregnant women.

2. Sleep On The Abdomen 

sleeping positions during pregnancy

In those later months of pregnancy, many physical changes will happen in your abdomen, making it difficult for you to lie on the abdomen or stomach.

V. Tips For Sleeping Success 

sleeping positions during pregnancy

Though they might seem appealing when you are feeling desperate to take some sleep, keep in mind that those OTC sleep aids, containing herbal remedies absolutely are not recommended for pregnant women. As alternatives, you can refer some tips for sleep below to have a good night’s sleep during pregnancy:

  • Reduce caffeinated beverages such as coffee, soda, and tea from your current diet. limit any consumption of them to the morning or early afternoon
  • Do not drink too much fluid or eat too much in several hours before hitting the hay at night. However, you should still make sure that you take enough nutrients as well as liquids all day long. Some females find it useful to consume more at breakfast as well as lunch and have a smaller dinner. In case you are suffering from severe nausea, then eating several crackers before hitting the hay is a good solution.
  • Create a routine of sleeping and getting up at the same time every day
  • Also, avoid rigorous physical activities before going to bed. Rather than, you should do something comfortable and relaxing, such as soaking in warm bath for about 15 minutes or having a caffeine-free, warm drink, like honey, milk, or a cup of herbal tea.
  • If the leg cramp interferes with your sleep, then it might help when pressing the feet hard against the wall or stand on your leg. Be sure that you get enough calcium as well as other vitamins in your diet for decreasing leg cramps.
  • Join in a yoga class or other relaxation techniques to help you unwind after a hard working day or a busy day. Yet, discuss new activities with your doctor first.
  • If anxiety and fear keeps you awake, you can consider taking part in parenting or childbirth class. Having good preparation of knowledge about having a baby will help you ease the fear which might keep you constantly awake at night.
  • Many pregnant women find drawing a warm bath or taking a warm shower before bedtime can help them relax and fall asleep easily. Other women find sipping a bit of chamomile tea and inhaling a little bit of lavender essential oil is all that is essential to help them fall asleep.

These above are what you need to pay attention during pregnancy in order to not only have good nights’ sleep but also have a healthy baby. Good positions and extra padding from pillows is often the key to a good night’s sleep during pregnancy. Follow these lifestyle tips on sleeping positions during pregnancy and you will limit maximally the discomfort happening in this period.

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Some devices work effectively in keeping pregnant women have a good and comfortable sleep. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is the most common used device for pregnant women.

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