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An expensive but underwhelming testosterone booster, that uses some quality ingredients, but also includes the possibility of negative side effects. Read on to learn the ins and outs of the product. Start by clicking on the table of contents for a layout of what we address.

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TestX Core Overview

TestX Core is a testosterone booster that increases the hormones within the user so that they experience an increase in muscle mass and regain the sex drive they are used to from their youth. It is made up of natural ingredients and states that in addition to its other benefits, it can also increase feelings of confidence and provide more energy to the consumers.

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TestX Core Claims

The website for the product makes several claims regarding the effectiveness of the supplement, but doesn’t provide any real clinical research or studies to back up their claims. The main claims that are made through the website are that the product will naturally increase muscle mass, improve workouts, increase hormone production, and shorten the recovery time between workouts.

Additionally, as a result of the increase in hormone production, they state that users should expect to see improvements in their sexual performance, fat loss, improved mental focus, and more strength.

Unfortunately, there is no effort made on the part of the manufacturer to get specific with any of these claims on a practical level. There is no testimony from any medical professionals nor are there any links to studies or anything substantive to make these claims believable. It seems that they hope consumers will just take these proclamations at face value rather than scrutinizing them.

A monthly supply of the product is sold for the very high price of .
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50. There is a free trial that is offered, but like many free trials it requires that the user provide payment information ahead of time, meaning that they will be charged the full retail price of the product as soon as the trial ends.
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TestX Core Ingredients

The formula for the product is not overly confusing, as it utilizes six active ingredients. While the product website does offer a full list of the ingredients that are used, it does not offer any specifics about how the ingredients function within the body or the dosages that are used. Fortunately, the Amazon page for the product does provide a look at the supplement facts label which gives the ingredient amounts that are used. Here are the six active ingredients that are used:

  • Horny Goat Weed Extract
  • Maca Extract
  • Korean Ginseng
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Zinc Citrate
  • Fenugreek Saponis

There are multiple aphrodisiacs within the product, in the form of Horny Goat Weed and Maca both of which can increase the sex drive of the user, and act as stimulants which provides additional energy in the short-term. Meanwhile Tribulus Terrestris is a well-known and often used ingredient in many male enhancement products for its ability to increase the amount of testosterone that is produced.

That said, the inclusion of Fenugreek Saponis is a concern, as it is believed to be beneficial to an increase in libido as well as athletic performance, but there is little research to back that up. Additionally, it carries with it the possibility of creating some negative side effects including diarrhea, a maple syrup odor in urine, and nasal congestion.

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The Science Behind TestX Core

Those visiting the TestX Core website and expecting to find solid scientific research or studies to support the claims made by the manufacturer will end up being sorely disappointed. There is a lot of writing done on the site, but practically nothing provided in terms of specific, verifiable numbers or data.

There is some mention throughout the site of studies, but they are typically studies that are not directly related to the product and there are no links provided, so users cannot verify the studies for themselves. It seems the manufacturers of the product are hoping that potential consumers will be so excited by the potential benefits of the product that they will ignore the fact that there is nothing backing the claims up.

Specific information that the site does provide revolves around exercises and routines that the consumers can use to increase the effectiveness of their workouts on their own, separate from using the product. While this additional information seems like an added benefit, it can also be viewed as a method of covering for possibly lackluster benefits from the product itself by having the user incorporate natural methods of improving themselves and attributing that improvement to the supplement.

Like many male enhancement supplements, TestX Core is eager to sing its own praises but doesn’t hold up to even small amounts of scrutiny.

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Word on the Street about TestX Core

The product is also made available for purchase through Amazon, and there is a substantial amount of consumer reviews that are included on the product page. Currently there a 41 user reviews that have been submitted to Amazon, and unlike the testimonials that are provided through the product website, these reviews are generally objective or unbiased.

Based on the reviews we have viewed, the general reaction to TestX Core has not been kind. The average of the 41 submitted reviews is 2.5 out 5, with 63% of those 41 reviews being for just one star. The most common complaint regarding the product was that there was simply no effect felt by the user and no discernable benefits. Furthermore, some users stated that they experienced negative side effects such as blood in their stool.

There were also numerous complaints regarding the customer service provided by the company.

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Is TestX Core Worth a Try?

Because of the high price of the product and the poor consumer reviews it has received, consumers should not bother with TestX Core. Some of the ingredients that make up the product suggest that it has promise, but it does not seem to perform anywhere close to what the manufacturer suggests.

In addition to the other negative aspects of the product, the website through which it is advertised does not provide any clinical research of information to support the wide-ranging claims that it makes. We are also troubled by the number of consumers who stated they felt the product was a scam or experienced serious negative side effects after taking it.

Furthermore, the price of the product is a ridiculously high $71.95, with no money back guarantee offered. According to the unsatisfied consumer reviews, the customer service aspect of the company is frustrating to deal with.

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TestX Core vs NO Max Shred

NO Max Shred is a Nitric Oxide booster that uses a natural formula and is intended to improve workout endurance, increase focus, and allow for fast muscle gains. Unlike TestX Core, it does not specifically address sexual performance, and does not claim to boost testosterone. It is sold at a considerably cheaper price that TestX Core as well, though it features some lackluster consumer reviews similar to TestX Core.

TestX Core vs Testo Boost X

Testo Boost X features not only a similar name to TestX Core, but also uses some of the same ingredients, including Korean ginseng, and Tribulus Terrestris. The stated goals of the products are also similar in that they both aim to increase hormone production, improve vitality, and increase muscle mass. That said, Testo Boost X uses some more established ingredients, such as L-arginine, Creatine, and Tongkat Ali. Both products have the potential to create negative side effects, specifically diarrhea.

TestX Core vs TestX 180 Ignite

A similarly expensive product, though not quite as expensive as TestX Core, TestX 180 Ignite is a supplement that also aims to increase testosterone, and thereby increase libido, energy, and athletic performance. The consumer reviews we have seen for TestX 180 Ignite are better than TestX Core, though still not great. TestX 180 Ignite states that it is backed by real science and is “groundbreaking”, but like TestX Core, it does not offer much in the way of backing those claims up.

TestX Core vs AlphaTest

AlphaTest claims to increase free testosterone within just seven days of use, which is similar to the claims made by TestX Core. AlphaTest also states that it is “packed with cutting edge ingredients” though looking over the ingredient list, it appears to be pretty standard, using just three active ingredients, two of which – Fenugreek and Zinc – are also used in TestX Core and are hardly cutting edge. Both products have the potential for negative side effects, including diarrhea, though AlphaTest users also complained of headaches.

TestX Core FAQ

  1. Does TestX Core Offer a Free Trial of its Product?

A free trial of TestX Core is offered through the product website, though consumers should be warned that once the free trial ends they will be automatically charged for the product.

  1. Are there any side effects to be aware of when taking TestX Core?

There are some negative side effects users should be aware of when taking TextX Core, such as diarrhea, and nasal congestion. Some users have also stated that they experienced bloody stool when using the product.
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  1. Is TestX Core available for purchase through Amazon?

TestX Core is available for purchase through Amazon, though it is sold at the same price as it is through the website.

  1. What are the active ingredients that make up TestX Core?

The active ingredients within TestX Core are Horny Goat Weed Extract, Maca Extract, Korean Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, Zinc Citrate, and Fenugreek Saponis.

  1. What is the price of TestX Core?

A month’s supply of TestX Core is sold for $71.95.

  1. Where can I find reviews of TestX Core?

Reviews of TestX Core are available through its Amazon page. Currently there are 41 reviews, and they are largely negative.

  1. Is it safe to take TestX Core?

Though there could be some negative side effects as a result of taking TestX Core, they are not life-threatening, so it should be safe to use in that regard.

  1. Can TestX Core be purchased through GNC?

TestX Core is currently not sold through GNC.

  1. Will TestX Core help me to build muscles?

The product claims to be able to help users to build muscles, but there is no clinical research to back that claim up.

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