How To Save Money Fast, Easily And Effectively

how to save money fast

Updates: 07/11/2024

Financial crisis got you down? Sometimes the hardest thing about saving money is just getting started. It could be difficult to figure out simple ways on how to save money fast, easily and effectively. Follow these top straightforward tips on saving money to gain a lifetime of financial goal.

How To Save Money Fast, Easily And Effectively – 24 Tips

1. Record Your Expenses

tips on saving money fastThe first one in tips on how to save money fast, easily and effectively here is to know how much you are spending.  For just one month, you can keep a record of things that you have spent. That means every newspaper, every coffee, and every break-time snack you buy for the whole month. Once you that data, organize it by category, such as gas, mortgage, and groceries before getting the total amount for each.

2. Make A Budget

After having an idea of what you spend in one month, you could build a budget for planning your spending, then limit your over spending, and ensure that you put your money away for a rainy day. Remember to contain expenses which occur regularly, but not every month, such as car maintenance check-ups.

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3. Plan On Saving Money

tips on saving money for a carTaking into consideration your monthly earnings and expenses, create a category of savings within your budget, and try to make it at least 10 percent of your net income. When you expenses does not let you save that much, it may be time to cut back. Then, you had better look for non-necessaries that you could spend less on, such as dining out, entertainment, and so on. After that, you can think about saving your money on essentials like your vehicle or home.

4. Turn Off The TV

In fact, one big way to save your money is to watch less TV. There are many benefits to this action: less use of electricity, more time to concentrate on other things in life, less exposure to the guilt-inducing advertisements, etc. It is rather great to unwind in the evening, yet, you can seek another hobby to do that.

5. Master The Thirty Day Rule

Remember that whenever you are considering purchasing any unnecessary thing, then wait thirty days and ask yourself that whether you still want to own that item. Often, you might find that the instant urge of purchasing has passed. Obviously, you can save yourself some money just by waiting. If possible, you could even keep your thirty-day list in which you include all of the items and the days you will reconsider it. That way, you will forget about unimportant things.

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6. Write Down The List Before Shopping

tips on saving money for college studentsPeople should not go to the supermarket or any store without a strong idea of what are going to be bought while in these places. It is essential for you to create a detailed list of what you will purchase before going, and then you strictly stick to when shopping. Keep in mind that you should not put anything which is not included in the list, regardless of the temptation. If you can do so, you will get out of the store with some money saved.

7. Invite Your Friends Over Rather Than Going Out

Most activity at your own home will cost less than going out. The advice is that whenever you want to have meals with friends, instead of dinning out, invite them over and have a cookout for a meal, play cards, and have some drinks. By this way, everyone still will have fun, the expense will be reduced, and other people will likely reciprocate afterwards.

8. Repair Damaged Clothing Rather Than Throwing Out It

Do not toss out the T-shirt jus due to a broken button. You can sew a new one on with some closely – matched ones. Similarly, do not toss out your pants due to a hold in them. May be, you can put a patch of some sort and use them when you work around your house. Most people can do simple sewing, and you are not the exception. It just takes from you several minutes while saving for you a lot of money by keeping you from get new clothes when you do not actually need to.

9. Clean Out The Closet

tips on saving money for a house

The suggestion is you can go through the closet and look for some of the unessential or old stuffs in there. Have a sale with it or take it to the consignment shop, even you can donate it for a tax deduction. Things that you do not want to use any more can be turned into money in the pocket. What is more, it is usually a psychological load off your mind for cleaning out the closets.

10. Cut Down Fast Foods, Microwave Meals, Or Any Convenience Foods

Rather than eating fast food when you get home, try to make some healthy and simple dishes that can take with you. Just an hour of preparation in the weekend can give you a lot of cheap as well as handy meals which will save ton of cash for you. Also, they do not eat into your time when you are too busy.

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11. Stop Smoking Cigarettes, Drink Alcohol, Or Use Drugs

The above things are expensive habits which waste money and do not give anything in return. Moreover, it is necessary for you to kick these habits because they also negative impact your health. So, stop these habits and you will find that your money staying in the pocked it stead of floating away.

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12. Turn Off Light Before Leaving

tips on saving money guideDid you know that just one minute of turning off the lights before going out for 2 hours, you are saving $50 per hour? Quite impressive savings, especially if you do it before longer trips. Use less energy and you will save money and save the world as well.

13. Set Up CFL Or Even LED Bulbs

These bulbs may cost you more initially, yet in the long term, they have a longer life than ordinary incandescent ones and they both consume less electricity. CFLs can use about 25% of the electricity of an incandescent while LEDs use just 2% of those. Now, CFLs are cheaper than LEDs and give better light, yet not as good as in incandescent ones. This can trim a moderate amount from your bill of electricity.

14. Clean The Car’s Air Filter

In reality, a clean air filter could improve your gas mileage by about 7%. That means you can save up to $100 for each 10000 miles you drive in the average vehicle. Furthermore, cleaning the air filter is so easy and quick which just takes from you some minutes by following the guidelines in the automobile’s manual. Then, you will be good to go.

15. Find A Cheaper Grocery Store

You had better do a comparison. Most of us often go shopping at just one grocery store; even it is not the one that provides the best deals on our purchases. Fortunately, you can find the cheapest store around by keeping track of about 20 things you buy often, then shop these items at a different stores. Finally, you will find out the one that on top of your purchases. Make that store your regular shopping place so you will automatically save your money.

tips on saving money pdf

16. Cancel Unused Memberships Of Clubs, Gym, Etc

If you are paying dues at a club that you never use, such as membership of a country club or gym, you can cancel them. Even if you think that you may use them again in certain day, you can renew those memberships at the later date. Hit the stress for walking or running to get better physical health instead of going to expensive gym clubs. By this way, you can save money significantly.

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17. Shopping Used Items Like Clothes, Sport Equipment, Older Games

Quite often, people could find the exact item that they want with the clever shopping at used equipment stores, consignment shops, or used game stores, etc. Try to make these shops a part of the normal routine. You can go these stores first as you are looking for some potential items so that you can save a huge amount of money.

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18. Air Up Your Tires

When it comes to tips on how to save money fast, easily and effectively, this one seems so small, but it can do great for you. In the current world, the cost of gas is increasing day by day. Airing up your tires can be a good action to save money. For every two PSI that your tires are below the standard level, you might lose 1% on your gas mileage. The majority of cars are often five to ten PSI below the recommended level. That means when airing up all of the tires you will improve your own gas mileage by about 5%. That is simple. Read your car manual to see what the recommended tire pressure is, then go straight ahead to a close gas station. Then ask the attendant to check the tires and use the pump for filling them up to the recommended level. Do it right now to save your cash!

19. Buy Things Based On Reliability buy things based on reliability

If you go shopping without the limitation of finance, I bet you want to put many things into your basket. However, we are discussing on how to save money. So, we don’t care how much money you have, how rich or how poor you are. In fact, saving money is a recommended ways while there are many poor people and unlucky lives out there. Buy things that you needs first. If not, they only make your room smaller or messy. Think about their benefits before deciding to purchase or order online. At the end of month, if you count your spent money, you may get happy for saving a lot of money. Of course, for the sake of reliability, you can use your money you saved for a significant event such as buying a gift for your parents or friends. How do you think about this practical money saving and expending tip?

20. Think About Your Collections

think about your collections

Collecting something maybe an interesting habit that many people follow. But if you are thinking about saving your own money, you should think about your collecting seriously. Point out some questions: Does that collection have any great value? Is it beneficial for you? What will happen if you stop adding new things in your current collection? Make a comparison between saving money and continue your hobby, what are more essential than each other? If the answer is money, you should be ready to skip that hobby and count your saved money every month.

There are a lot of other easy ways to help you save money fast and effectively, so if you want to know more, you should read the How To Save Money book.

21. Drink More Water

Sounds weird, right? But it’s true. Drinking more water can contribute to financial benefits. The thing you need to do is drinking a big glass of water before a meal. Water benefits you to digest food better, then it will make you feel full, so you won’t eat many foods and you can save your money on snacks and foods.

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22. Take Part In Free Customer Rewards, Or Sale-Off Programs

take part in free customer rewards, or sale-off programs

Why not? Be practical to join these events. Keep in mind that you are trying to save your precious money by any way. Getting free customer rewards is a great activity that makes your day significant. If you want to hunt well-known trademark clothes and accessories from Chanel or Gucci, you should search for sale-off program and go quickly before someone has already taken what you want.

23. Swap Music, Books, Software On The Internet

Be a smarter purchaser to use completely free digital products on the Internet such as Apps, eBook, software, etc instead of ordering them from services like Ebay or Amazon.

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24. Challenge Yourself To Make Your Own Things challenge yourself to make your own things

Actually, saving money is not totally a difficult task. Feel free to turn it into an interest. For instance, you can make your DIY cakes for your family, or you can make your homemade gift to give someone in his or her special day. There are various ideas for you to do. If you want to show your creativity and your flexibility in saving money, you can learn more tips on how to save money from your friends and neighbors.

Well, the article ended up being a longer than I predicted. Despite the length though, when it comes to tips on how to save money fast, easily and effectively, these numbers of tips might not be enough. Make it your sub-conscious habit to save things that you do daily, even if it is a few dollars. For the long term, it will add up a significant saved.

Leave your comments at the end of this post of the 24 tips on how to save money fast, easily and effectively to let us know what you think. We will answer all soon!

There are a lot of other easy ways to help you save money fast and effectively, so if you want to know more, you should read the How To Save Money book.

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