19 Types Of Hats For Men & Women – Choose Ones That Fit You

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Hat is one of the most effective accessories ever. Unfortunately, choosing the right types of hats can be a real obstacle for all people! The following blog will help all people choose the best types of hats. Firstly, people have to decide: what types of hats they look for? Do they need them for occasions? Fortunately, there are endless types of hats in stores, people can select between different shapes, patterns, fabrics, and colors. People should visit various stores, and consult a professional help or a friend to find the best one for them.

My research on how to choose the right types of hats leads me to the following concisions:

I. Types Of Hats For Men

types of hats for men download

Types of hats for men are not popular, especially the dressy kind, like the fedora. However, it doesn’t mean men can’t wear this kind of hat. All men should follow some simple and useful style guidelines, and they will be fine. All men and women should check out our website to learn about how to choose the best hats with some useful online shopping tips.

Types Of Hats – Short, Full Face

types of hats - short, full face download

Evidently, all the men should balance his round face with a simple hat with a decent brim, and high crown that can create a good looking for all of them. This brings the feeling of the elongated face and makes men higher. They need to avoid tilting the hat, because this can shorten the men’s face further.

2. Types Of Hats For Top-Heavy Face

types of hats for top-heavy face download

If man has a special prominent forehead, the best way is to find a simple hat that can be able to balance out the bottom and the top half of his face. A hat with short or medium height with the little brim rolled at the sides and back will be able to lessen the effect of the top half of his face and lower it to a proportional size. People should know that nothing is wrong with a prominent forehead.

3. Types Of Hats – Long, Thin Face

types of hats - long, thin face download

If men have long face, their primary concern is to find out a hat to shorten the special appearance of their face. A black hat with a wide brim and a low crown will be able to offset the length of men’s long face. The wearers should tilt their hat back and slightly to a side, and cue the harmony of the face.

4. Types Of Hats – Square Face

types of hats - square face download

The square face can bring a healthier pallor, and it will require a simple hat which will be able to add curvature and can soften all edges of the men’s face. To choose this, men need to choose a full hat with the rounded crown, the medium height, and a wide brim. A considerable tilt to one side can cushion contours of the face.

5. Types Of Hats – Oval Face

types of hats - oval face download

A man with an oval face is a lucky guy. With this beautiful face that is almost symmetrical, the man with this face will be able to take his pick of all kinds of hats and be always confident that it can look great. This man does not be afraid to do something different. This shape can go with almost hats.

6. Types Of Hats – Anomalous Face

types of hats - anomalous face download

If any man does not fall into any of these cited categories, or who just need a more fail-safe selection, this man can choose a medium brimmed trilby for a special classic look that can fit almost shapes of face and match with almost clothes. All men can check out our website to know more how to be stylish with some of fashion tips for men.

II. Types Of Hats – For Women

types of hats - for women download

Face is one of the most important things that almost people will notice a lady, and a beautiful hat can make a special impression on any person. This means that it is more important for all ladies to know their shape of face to find out what types of hats are good for them. These hats will compliment their style and make them feel more confident with fabulous looks. Hats will be one of the best accessories for all ladies.
Hats can be better for bad hair if people have frizzy hair and they do not have time for shampooing, blow-drying, and styling. Whether it shines or rains, a hat can protect all of them. There is list of common techniques to choose hats and tips for different types of hats for the different shapes of faces to support all ladies in finding a suitable hat.

1. Some Common Tips To Choose Right Types Of Hats

some common tips to choose right types of hats download


All ladies need to keep these common tips in mind when buying for their own hats:

    • Find out hats that were made of natural fibers, like cotton, linen, silk, and wool.  These natural fabrics can let the head breathe, and make all ladies feel comfortable. If these hats are not made from natural fibers, then all women need to make sure the lining of the hat is made from these natural fibers.
    • Don’t forget that all hats are made to perfectly fit heads with all hair. So, you should choose the type of hat that is suitable for your hair style and compliments your best features
    • Select a comfortable hat that can provide full coverage of the hairline.
    • People need some different styles that can fit their own lifestyle. Look for hats they can bring to work, or on the weekend or some hats for going out date or some formal events.
    • Sun protection is one of the important effects of the hat that all ladies need to consider. Choose simple hats with the special wide brim or special hats which are equipped with UV protection.
    • Choose right colors that can complement the women’s skin tone. If their skin is a little sallow, they should choose blues and pinks, or some colors which can be complementary.

2. Types Of Hats Which Match With Outfit

types of hats which match with outfit download

As I mentioned, all women should remember the reason why they choose hats. If this hat is for a really special event they should visualize what kind of clothes they have prepared, and what kinds of hat can be perfectly matched with their body types. In some cases, the hat needs to work as the natural accessory to balance the total outlook. Fascinator, for example is a type of cocktail hat, which can be worn on very formal events like weddings. So, I recommend that all women need to avoid the weird shapes, and then get some stylish and simple hats.

3. Types Of Hats – Avoid The Annoying “Hat Hair” Effect

types of hats - avoid the annoying hat hair effect download

Probably almost ladies can be noticed how messy the hair looks after they take off the hat. The famous stylist – Amanda Bernstein also reveals her secrets of how to avoid this bad effect. Before wearing the hat on, all ladies need to brush, and blow-dry their hair with the wrong direction. Therefore, they can give an extra body to their hair, thus it can get more volume and never look flattened after that. If women have long or medium hair, they should tie their hair on with the pony tail shape. It will be a good idea in order to keep their fringe under their hat. In case, their hair is flyaway or it can suffer from any static, the ladies should make use of a brush with bristles in order to keep their hair calm down.

4. Types Of Hats – For Oval Face Frame

types of hats - for oval face frame download

If women have a beautiful oval face, she will get easier to choose hats, because their face shape can suitable to any types of hat.

5. Types Of Hats – For Long Face/ Elongated Face Frame

If some ladies have long face, they should choose a simple hat which can fit close to their head, with no a high crown. They also need to avoid some hats with little brim, and choose a hat which can fit low on their forehead. They also can select a sun hat, fake fur, floppy hat with the luxurious style of brimmed asymmetric hat or a large brimmed hat. They can pull the brim of hat down to their eyebrows. One perfect hat can bring the multi effects on these kinds of clothes in different ways in order to get beautiful fashion looks.

6. Types Of Hats – For Square/Wide Face Frame

types of hats - for square-wide face frame download

Women with the square face need a rounded hat without angles. They should choose a simple hat with medium or wide brim, or the hat with a little flop. Then they can wear high on their forehead with two large earrings. They also can select a round hat with a special large brim. Brixton hat, pillbox hat or straw cowboy-ish wide hat will be perfect for these women.

7. Types Of Hats – For Triangle Face Frame

types of hats - for triangle face frame download

Women have triangle shaped face will need a simple hat that can wear high on their forehead, such as the Angle brim, or the new kinds of boy hats.

8. Types Of Hats – For Round Face Frame

types of hats - for round face frame download

Ladies with the round face will need a hat with a high crown. Or they can wear a simple hat with an asymmetrical brim which will help cut off their round face. They can wear the large hats or full hats with large earrings.
Women can also check out our website to know more information about how to choose comfortable shoes and the tips to go shopping online.  

9. Types Of Hats – For Heart Face Frame

types of hats - for heart face frame download

Heart shaped faces can be easier, and more flexible for selecting a hat. The women with this shaped face can choose the straight hats with wider crown than their cheekbones. Select an upturned brim to attract all attention to their eyes. They also can choose a square crown or the high crown with some decorative details. They can get rid of types of hats, or choose smaller hat with common medium rim. They need to avoid a straight brim, because it can cut the face in two parts.

Ladies should have fun, and remember that choosing the right hats can be the good way to create a fashion statement. All kinds of hats will make them stand out of a big crowd. And hats are also a good way to gain the confidence.

10. Types Of Hats – Narrow

types of hats – narrow download

A simple hat with a drooping brim of medium width will be the best suited for this face shape. Women can find out semi-soft crowns or the simple hats with soft and small trimmings, like soft bows and feathers.

11. Types Of Hats – Sharp, Angular

types of hats - sharp, angular download

These ladies need to find out medium-sized hats with common drooping brims that will provide shadow to their face and reduce the length. A perfect hat with soft crowns can drape softly on the side. They should avoid all severe brims which can roll up from their face with some stiff trimmings.

12. Types Of Hats – Large

types of hats – large download

These women should choose wide-brimmed hats which can turn up at the side or back. They also avoid some loose-fitting hats, because they can emphasize the face size. They need to choose hats with small and dainty trimmings.

13. Types Of Hats – Small

types of hats – small download


These women should choose a small hat with a medium brim that can turn away from the face, and they need to avoid oversized, large or heavy crowns or brims.

This is an amazing and useful hat fit guide for both women and men to choose types of hats for the long winter. If you think this is an useful blog, please share this post with many other people. Or you can leave your comments at the end of this blog if you are interested in this topic. I appreciate your contribution.

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