Max Keylogger Review – Does This System Really Work?

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Computer Monitoring System – Author’s Claims

Max keylogger is known as the best Keylogger and PC monitoring software.

This Max Keylogger is the easy computer monitoring system that is the best choice for people who do not want to effort with PC configuration issues as well as required complete monitoring reports. Besides, the program also is known as the full PC surveillance software package or the keystroke logger and monitoring software, which is developed to keep track of all keystrokes. The program permits users to remote keylogger recording or computer monitoring in real time including logs any password as well as tracks internet sessions, and makes screenshots, and much more.

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The program also let users record as well as monitor every activity happens on their computer. It also gives users the security of knowing they will be able to pull together every screenshot as well as every keystroke with ease. In addition, the author stresses that every keystroke from online email, popular chat as well as social sites is recorded such as ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Myspace, Twitter, Skype, MSN Messenger, Facebook, AIM and any more other programs.

Computer Monitoring System – About The Author

Max keylogger is developed by a team of programmers in MaxKeylogger Company. If people have any question about Max keylogger, people can contact the developer at here support [at] maxkeylogger dot com.

Computer Monitoring System – How Max Keylogger Works

The Max Keylogger Software is an innovative system that is suitable for

  • Internet cafes and computer classes: this program allows its managers to know what the consumers and learners have been doing on the computers.
  • All Users: this program can build a full control on users’ own PC, and they can be clear about what was run as well as when was run, as well as what text was typed, and much more. In addition, users can restore the previously typed text if they have lost it. They also can restore the forgotten password or even the lost email.
  • Parents: the parents can follow up all programs their children have run. They also can find out what their children have search on the Internet. The program protects their children form online dangers.
  • CEOs: this program can control all computers in companies so the CEOs can clear about all their employees’ performances or even actions anyone using their official computer.
  • System administrators: this program can help users clearly know about what have been put on showed in the system. It protects themselves know everything other peoples do on their computer.

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In addition, The Max Keylogger Software covers a lot of features such as:

  • Monitor Different Kinds of Events
  • User-Friendly
  • Track the Events Privately
  • Snapshot Monitoring
  • Keystrokes Tracking
  • Application Activity recorder
  • Clipboard Recording
  • FTP setting
  • Email log files
  • Login Password logging
  • Voice chat conversation sniffing
  • Hot key and run command setting
  • Undetectable
  • And more

File size of this program is 2 M, and its current version is 3.5.8. The program is compatible with Windows 7/2000/2003/2024/XP/Vista 32 and 64 Bit. It specialized on protecting users’ business, protecting themselves know everything other people do on their computer as well as protecting their children form online dangers.

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Remote Computer Monitoring – Pros Of Max Keylogger

  • The Max Keylogger Software covers detailed instructions that help users understand with ease
  • The Software is suitable for everyone who wants to manager computer as well as their children.
  • This can get an interface that is easy to use and safe to use
  • The usefull software provides everything users need from control their computers to record every keystroke from online email, popular chat as well as social sites
  • Users will get a 24/7 support via email from the provider
  • The provider offers a policy of back money within 8 weeks if the Max Keylogger Software does not work for users.

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Remote Computer Monitoring – Cons Of Max Keylogger

The Max Keylogger Software covers many strong points; however, it also has some disadvantages. It only can control children when they use computer and access to internet. It cannot manage children in case they do other things such as reading 18+ books or playing game in the bar, and more, so parents have to take care more to their children.

Remote Computer Monitoring – Conclusion

This full max keylogger review is made by me truthfully to see whether Max Keylogger software works for your problem or not. In my opinion, you should try it.

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