Teach Yourself How To Have A Happy Family Life

how to have a happy family life

Updates: 07/18/2024

In this modern society, family closeness has been threatened by dramatic technological changes and a competitive culture. There is increasingly number of family issues in recent days, such as separation, selfishness, domestic violence, and turmoil. In this article, you will teach yourself how to have a happy family life so that you can start shaping a spiritual happy family.

Teach Yourself How To Have A Happy Family Life – Top 18 Secrets Revealed

1. Share Family History 

It is good if you can tell your children about the family history. Some studies indicated that children, who know more about their own family histories, containing challenges that their family have faced, and their achievements, tend to have higher self-esteem than other children. Also, they are more confident when coping with challenges in their lives. In addition, knowing the family history will be a good predictor of the emotional health of a kid.

2. Create Family Tradition

Family Sitting On Sofa In Front Of Christmas PresentsYou can begin unique traditions with the family. Family rituals are mandatory to maintain the close relationships. By this way, you will give each family member something special to hope and look forward to. For instance, you can go for a Grandma’s every weekend for dinner. Or, you can gather family members in every Friday night, then order pizza or play board games. These are some of family rituals, which are helpful to bind the whole family with the strings of affection.  Such activities can also help each of members in the family understand each other and learn to honor the others. In some cases, tradition might not be important to parents, yet they can give the children a special sense of belonging.

3. Appreciate Communication

In happy families, communication is key, especially positive communication. The members of such families talk to each other and find time to have discussions as well as family meetings. On the other hand, unhappy families tend to love emotional loners by keeping their feelings to themselves and they do not seem concerned if others are sad or upset.

Communication itself is the language of love for both you, as spouses, and your children. Parents have to take the initiative to set the tone for the communication of family, which contains the critical skill of listening.

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4. Put Laughter On Family To-Do List

secrets of a happy family book

If possible, you should find ways to inject laughter into your family’s daily life, even if at first it seems like an attempt. You can tell jokes at meals, initiate a family movie night and make a point to watch comedies on the regular basis. If your teenage son often forgets to clean up the sink in bathroom, you can leave a reminder note on the fridge or mirror. The advice is to make it fun to help your family’s environment more comfortable for each member.

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5. Hold Family Meetings

The fact is weekly family meetings are considered as a great chance for all members to communicate with each other. This is an opportunity that family members can express their own concerns they have without reprimand. You can brainstorm solutions of your family during the meetings. Plan the next week’s schedule so each member will know what they need to and what they can expect.

6. Help Siblings Get Along

In case that you have more than one child, then you are bound to have some sibling rivalry. In most families, it is rather hard for children to have to share us. Your children might have personality clashes or common clashes as they are in different ages and have different demands, or sometimes as they are close in age and want to have the same things.  Even those siblings who are considered as close and loving all have some conflicts. Therefore, you need to do something in order to help siblings get along and prevent, even transform sibling tensions.

7. Encourage Family Members

Happy families always encourage each other. It recommended that you should keep everyone in your family informed about each one’s life in order to supply frequent chances for encouragement. For example, if a kid knows that her sister or brother are going to take part in an important exam in school, then she can wish her sister  or her brother luck on it. Families can provide encouragement for others by attending their children’s school plays, basketball games, or recitals. Encouragement is important aspect that promotes the affection and happiness in the family. Yet, be lavish enough to motivate your family members in their effort, even for minor successes.

8. Regular Eat Dinner Together

secrets of a happy family for women

One of the most common ways to teach yourself how to have a happy family life that  you can apply instantly is eating dinner together. The advice is that your family should eat together as frequent as possible. In case that you cannot have a dinner with all family members, consider a family snack before going to bed or family breakfast in daily morning instead.

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9. Value Extended Family

Learning to teach yourself how to have a happy family life does not stop inside the family connections, but extended family connections. Happy families often stay connected with their relatives. They often communicate and get together with aunts, grandparents, uncles, nephews and nieces regardless of their living places.

In contrast, unhappy or separated families lose touch with their extended families. Often, the kids do not know who their relatives are. In some cases, children do not know their relatives’ names, ages, and careers. Family pride does not seem to exist.

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10. Be There For Your Children

secrets of a happy family for men

 You kids regard your presence as a signal of caring and connectedness, even when they might not to do so. The presence of parents provides children with a strong sense of security than almost any other quality parents could offer.

11. Discipline With The Consistency

Clearly expressed expectations and consistent watching will produce responsible children. So, it is good if you can make your goals of discipline one of responsibility, not evoking obedience.

12. Express The Warmth And Affections

Many people claim that they love their family; however, when it comes to the action, they tend to maintain unexpressive and quite. In fact, family is where people learn the basics of affection, love, warmth, encouragement, and sharing. So, expressing your affection as well as attachment toward other family members with action, gestures, and words is so great. Tell just three short words “I love you” to make your parents, and kids understand your deep concern for them.

Do not overlook the opportunity to express your intimated feelings with your spouse as well as kids. Let your family move on the feeling of warmth. Some people feel embarrassed when expressing love, but unexpressed love is similar to no love.

13. If You Are Parents, Watch Your Language

secrets of a happy family program

In most happy families, parents avoid abusive language. They watch their words, attitude when saying to each other. They do not beat others up with cutting words, swearing or sarcasms. If there is criticism towards someone, it will not be communicated in such insulting manner.

However, in unhappy families, people tend to say whatever comes to their mind, especially when they are sad. They are often oblivious to how damaging and powerful words could be to the emotions, feelings as well as self-esteem of the other person.

14. Let The Kids Pick Their Punishments

The majority of parents tend to order their kids around. It seems easy and we are often right. But it rarely works well. According to studies, children who make their own timetables, set their own targets, and assess their own work might take greater control over their lives. Thus, we had better let the kids pick their own punishments as well as rewards. The tip here is, if you want your children to have certain skills, like making good decisions, you have to give them the right to practice when they are young.

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15. Parents Continue To Be A Couple

Wives and husbands in a happy family do not stop being a happy couple when they become a mom and dad. They still nurture their marriage. They seem to know instinctively that when marriage goes, their family also goes. Time to be a couple should be scheduled. Anniversaries should be celebrated and birthdays of members should be honored.

With unhappy families, parents may have a hard time of balancing their own roles as spouses with the role as parents. Over time, they put their marriage second to the children. Hence, it is great if two of you can remain the fire of love after marrying. By this way, you can build a happy family for both of you and children.

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16. Nurture Your Kids’ Positive Features

The next key to teach yourself how to have a happy family life is nurturing your kids’ positive features. The first stage to train you kids to be resilient is to boost their positive values. The most significant values are wisdom, love, inner peace, and self-discipline. The property of love is that you are positive to your family as well as yourself. Stimulate your each child to live for the gladness and build their own happiness. Show your kids that wisdom is to have healthy lifestyle, think positive, and relax enough. As a parent, you will find it difficult to teach children to wisdom if they want to do everything they want including eating sweets and often watching TV. When children grow up, they are stuck in short and long-term think. Because you are a parent, you should guide them on how to tune into themselves for stopping instant gratification and know his importance of self-discipline.

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nurture your kids’ positive features

17. Anchor All Positive Thoughts

To have happy family, parents should stimulate all family members to pay attention to their own thoughts. To implement effectively this, all family members need to have honest discussions, positive rituals, and positive activities including telling stories, saying prayers, reading spiritual books, and practicing medication. In your family, try to avoid using consumption as a mean of activities and reward. Instead, find inspiration by nurturing inner happiness with non-material pursuits and through gathering together and living one another. Each family member should have opportunities to work through their spiritual needs and concerns. In addition, show clear points of reference for each person to avoid confusion. It consists of explaining your beliefs and becoming honest to tell the shortcomings in the life.

18. Work Through A Spirit Role Model

Apart from consistently paying attention to your children’s positive activities and effects as a way to develop their own confidence and inner resilience, it is significant to bring a specific spiritual role model to your children. Eventually, having a role model helps your children receive support and realize their purpose to reach when trying to have a positive life. Almost everyone needs the inspiration from an active role model to foster the inner happiness.

work through a spirit role model

The role model is the combination of positive qualities in each person. It emphasizes that it is fundamental to know about the inner happiness and to get a satisfactory life. There is a wide range of models for the inner happiness. Those models play a role in inspiring children individually.

Make sure that positive stories should be mentioned. You should purchase the storybooks because they are full of meaningful stories that aid your children in understanding the goodness in the life and they will concern a unique spiritual model. Convey these stories to your kids by your heart and read those aloud. It is a better idea to find stories with heroes who win the bad guys in the world.

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Maintaining a happy family is not easy, but you can do it if you teach yourself how to have a happy family life with these 18 proven tips above.

If you want to add your own secrets on how to have a happy family life, feel free to drop your words at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

If you are looking for a step by step guide that shows you the meaning of a happy family and how to get it, you should read The Secrets of Happy Families book.

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