Secret Of A Power Serve Review – Does Kyri’s Course Work?

secret of a power serve

How To Play Tennis With Secret Of A Power Serve

This is a complete secret of power serve review that will give user have an insight on all aspects of “Secret Of A Power Serve” training DVD. The review includes 6 parts as presents above:

1. How To Play Tennis – The Author’s Claim

2. About Coach Kyril and Mauro Marcos – Authors of “Secret Of A Power Serve”

3. How “Secret Of A Power Serve” Works?

4. “Secret Of A Power Serve” – Advantages

5. “Secret Of A Power Serve” – Disadvantages

6. “Secret Of A Power Serve” – Conclusion

How To Play Tennis – Author’s Claim

“Secret Of A Power Serve” is in fact a DVD that helps fellow tennis player at all level to achieve a powerful and smooth tennis serve. The author of the program claimed that the DVD includes the detail step-by-step techniques which guide all tennis players at all age/level on how to play tennis. Moreover, the tennis training guide would help users hit the sweet-spot more often (where the serve could be most powerful and achieve high speed).

In addition, the timing skill will be improved which helps user have fluid and smooth serve. The most important achievement that the author of the DVD offer for users is that if they follow the instruction, they would have such powerful serve that they have more aces, more score in a play and have more chance to be a successful tennis player.

play tennis

Also, Kyril and Mauro Marcos demonstrated that they really understand the need to improve of many tennis players who are having difficulty in playing tennis due to their serves. They ensure that once players watch the guideline, they will improve with pace rate and understand fully on how to play tennis and have a powerful and accurate serve.

About Coach Kyril And Mauro Marcos – Authors Of “Secret Of A Power Serve”

The two main authors/creators of “Secret Of A Power Serve” are Coach Kyril and tennis instructor Mauro Marcos, both have notable experience in coaching tennis. Mauro Marcos is a PTR certified tennis instructor at Professional Level and has over 30 years working and teaching tennis players at all level. Mauro worked with famous professional players such as Stan Smith and Jennifer Capriati before and now many clients flied to the US to receive training from him. Coach Kyril is a former NCAA Div, coach and experts tennis instructor who has impressive number of players who play under his guidance. Customers can find out more technical support from Mauro and Kryil at: coachkyril [at] coachkyriltennis dot com.

How “Secret Of A Power Serve” Works

Any tennis player who is interested in the tennis training guide with Mauro and Kyrill can simply log on into the Tennis Vault website at, then take the 15 day no risk trial, they then get the DVD “Secret Of A Power Serve” for free. Moreover, they have the access to the Vault Member Area where they can watch over 60 videos (over 10hours) that are exclusive to members about how to play tennis well. Then if customers decide they want to be monthly subscribers then they will pay 19.99$/month and get those 5 bonuses:

  • The Ten Laws Of Tennis Success E-Book
  • The Ten Laws of Tennis Success Course Checklist and Workbook
  • Focus & Win E-Book
  • The Ten Laws Companion Online Video Series
  • Secrets of the Power Serve Online Video

All those ebook content is about the secrets, tips, guideline on tennis training, how to hit more aces, having power serve, become stronger and improve tennis level and so on. If customers decided that they do not want to become monthly subscribers, then they can keep some ebook for free and pay only $7.95 for the DVD.

We also provide a lot of writings and reviews about many sports which you can choose for your entertainment, such as: consistent golf schoolebasketball drills, and epic soccer training.

Secret of a power serve order

Secret Of A Power Serve – Advantages

  • Flexible purchasing options for customers, from15 day free trial to buying the DVD at reasonable price and cancel of membership can be made anytime.
  • Save people money and time from costly private training session
  • Documentation supports for users are detailed and comes in various form from ebook to videos.
  • Videos are made continuously and updated every months
  • Users have 15 days trial for free and even 60days guarantee money back if users see no tips or guideline that can be applied to their case.
  • Users have the freedom to practice by themselves anytime they feel comfortable with high quality videos that can be watched both on PC and mobile or portable devices.
  • Players who follows the program have the real feel as professional players and get tips and guidance from professional coaches so that they improve their skills significantly
  • The training video is made to instruct people how to do step by step so that they can be able to perform by themselves successfully, not telling them to copy the action. (xuong dong) People will also learn how to avoid leg and foot related diseases.

secret of a power serve review

Secret Of A Power Serve – Disadvantages

Even though the DVD and the whole tennis training guide by coaches Kyrill and Mauro can be sounds considerably great for some tennis players, some might disagree. The video works and quality does not achieve the professional level like on television but still acceptable to follow. The website itself should look more simple and neat by categorizing information into sections so that readers can avoid loss in information.

Secret Of A Power Serve – Conclusion

To sum up, there have been a lot methods offers to customers on how to play tennis well, however, it is the choice of  players on whether they feel more comfortable hiring a personal coaches or they might just simply purchase a guiding DVD and joining online courses at more reasonable price. catch this chance riight now!

secret of a power serve

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