Top 11 good reasons to get married young in your 20s

reasons to get married young

There are actually lasting discussions about reasons to – or not to – get married young in your 20s. Some points of view put off getting married young as a wise decision – professionally and personally. In this writing on VKool site in the line of Relationships, we are discussing about some reasons to get married young in your 20s. If you care about this topic, check out it below!

11 Good Reasons To Get Married Young In Your 20s – VKool

1. Getting Marriage Early Makes You Happier

getting marriage early makes you happier download

According to a report from the National Marriage Project in 2024, people ages from 20 – 28 who feel highly satisfied with their own lives are already married, opposed to cohabiting or single. In addition, the highest number of those who talked about their marriage as ” happy” when they were from 24 – 26.

In the same project, the detailed results shown that 35% of cohabiting men and single men report they were very satisfied to compared with 52% of married men. 29% of cohabiting women and 33% of single women are satisfied compared with 47% of married women. In short, people who get married in the 20s are happier than those who unmarried in the 20s.

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2. Getting Married Young For Greater Romance

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When it comes to good reasons to get married young in your 20s, dont forget the element of romance, couples! Romantic love stories may occur at any age. Yet, the passionate and wild romance of young relationships are the greatest. The kisses, the touches, the words in love, all of them are romantic, wild and it’s worth for couples trying. When you decide to start your marriage life, you will achieve the romance completely. In other words, getting married early will be a journey for you to discover while you are still growing and getting mature in thinking.

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3. Getting Married Young Allows You Focus On Your Goals Earlier

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Make sure that you get married to enjoy your life with your spouse and have a happy family. When you are young, you have a lot of energy and passion in job and life. For this reason, getting married when you are young will force you to try your best. You will be responsible for your own life, your spouse, your children, for instance. Different from single ones who live free, married people will find their goals of career and life. If you are among them, you will figure out what I’ve meant quickly. For instance, you will have to set your short-term goals in 1 years and your long-term goals in 5 to 10 years. Especially, when you are a man, your goal is your whole family plan. The younger you get married, the better goal maker you will be. So, think about this benefit of getting married young to be a more mature one.

4. Couples Marrying Young Have More Sex

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There are not much discussion on this aspect. It’s obviously that young people have stronger want for sex. As you know sex accounts for 50% of the success of a marriage. So, if you are satisfied with sex early, you will balance your physical and mental condition and be happier. This is actually one of the clearest reasons to get married young. For you, sex may be a way to start a love or start a marriage, but never negate the importance of sex in marriage, couples!

In a research from the Harvard University, couples who married in the 20s had more sex than couples marrying later. In another research, a 4-year increase at marriage is related to having sex 1-time less each month. Hence, the sooner you get married, the greater time you can spending between your partner.

5. Women Getting Married Young Have Higher Fertility

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Going hand-in-hand with sex, this is baby. Unfortunately the fertility in women start dropping when they are 27. After the 30s, their fertility rates decrease dramatically. So, this is a reason why you should get married soon. The best time to have a baby is in the 20s as both women and men have their high libido or fertility at that time. And as you know, fertility is responsible for the rate of having a baby. Even in the morden life, young people have many problems with fertility that are caused by enviromental polution, chemical use, toxic foods. So, when you are young, when you are strong, when you have high fertility, get married to increase the chance of having a baby and become younger parents.

6. Women Having Babies Younger Are Better For Society

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Next to good reasons to get married young in your 20s, think about its benefits for our society. Physically, the good years to have a baby are in your 20s. But few people are ready for their marriage today because they have their extended adolescence.

Now our society changes, physically, we don’t. As I mentioned above, fertility rates in both the 2 sexes drop, and this issue does not have good influence on our society. In concrete, getting marriage late can cause imbalance in males and females, reduced birth giving, old generation, old labors, divorce and a lot more.

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7. Women Getting Marriage Younger Have More Energy To Raise Their Kids

women getting marriage younger have more energy to raise their kids download

Women have their special mission that is to giving birth. If pregnant womens are weak, they will have unhealthy babies and other related diseases and conditions.

According to the data from March of Dimes on the risks of Down syndrome linked to the age of mother:

  • At the age of 25, the risk of having babies with the Down syndrome may be 1/1,250.
    • At the age of 30, the risk is about 1/1,000
    • At the age of 35, the risk is about 1/400
    • At the age of 40, the risk is about 1/100
    • At the age of 45, the risk is about 1/30

In the 20s, women are the strongest to giving healthy babies, so don’t hesitate to think about a good man, a happy marriage, a romantic honeymoon and a healthy baby at this period of time.

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8. Getting Married Early To Avoid Heartache

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Yes! next to good reasons to get married young, do it to avoid heartache. It sounds funny, but it’s so true. If you find a good man and decide to reach to a marriage, start it, instead of being broken heart after several love affairs. As you know, love is painful and borkenheart just make you become older and tired. If you can’t get over some pain of love, you definitely get heartache. The problem is that if you find your soulmate, keep his heart and heal your broken heart. What are you waiting for to improve your life with love like this?

9. No Money???? No Problem!

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Next to various reasons to get married young, we should not forget finance. Finance is a main factor to maintain a marriage. There is no money, we can’t solve with foods, bills, clothes, children’s study and so on. But get back to  our topic on good reasons to get married young, should you think about a marriage with no money? If you dont have much money, what can replace it to build up a happy marry? Think twice, when you are poor in finance, learn to be rich in soul and work hard. This will be a hard time to test your love and strengthen your marriage longer. Especially, this is a chance for men to show their efforts to be a good husband and a good young father.

10. Couples Marrying Young Have More Energy To Balance Parenthood & Career

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Right! Look at married couples and you will see. When they start their marriage life, they have to learn to balance their parenthood and career. It’s not easy for young people to do that. But they naturally learnt the rules and lessons of survive to maintain their marriage. Some couples cannot save their marriage because of thousands reasons.

Yet, an only reason that can defeat all problems of a marriage is the youth’s energy. As young people are energetic, have strong passion in love and life so they will overcome difficults in their marriage more easily than people in their 30s, for instance.

11. You Will Drink Less

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According to a study in 2024 reported in the Journal of Health & Social Behavior, engaged and married young adults had more reduced frequency of drunkenness than people who were not in serious relationships. Engagement and marriage carry with their sense of obligation and responsibility. Besides, the reductions of social activies after their marriages may lead to less drunkenness among them, according to the report. As you know, quitting  alcohol shows a lot of health benefits such as better sleep, lower risks of cancers, better skin, weight loss and it can save your early marriage, too. In short, drinking less can contribute to good reasons to get married young.

Here come the last lines of the article on 11 good reasons to get married young in your 20s. Hope that married couples would feel good when reading it and single ones would be excited to start your marriage life soon. Comment on the writing or share it!

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