Some Facts & Differences Between Your First Vs. Second Pregnancy

differences between your first vs. second pregnancy


Talk to any experienced mom, and you’ll soon discover that there are quite a few differences between your first and second pregnancies – and any additional pregnancies, too. Every pregnancy has its special moments, plus its ups and downs. What makes the difference? For the most part, it’s the fact that you’re more experienced the second time around. Continue reading the article on VKool to discover these truths about your first vs. second pregnancy.

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Some Facts & Differences Between Your First Vs. Second Pregnancy

Some Things Change

your first vs. second pregnancy - some things change

As it is, there are a few interesting differences between your first vs. second pregnancy. For example, you might wonder when you’ll start to show. According to Mayo Clinic, your first pregnancy may have stretched your abdominal muscles enough that you feel like you’re showing earlier during your second pregnancy than you did with your first one – maybe even as early as week 11. That’s not all: you might also feel your little one moving earlier, too. This could be because you know what those first little flutters feel like, so they register as tiny baby motions.

As for your breasts, they’re likely to be tenderer and show a greater size increase during your first pregnancy. There are changes in the timing of Braxton Hicks contractions, too – these practice contractions might happen a bit earlier in second pregnancies.

All pregnancies share common signs of labor including “lightening” or the baby dropping into the birth canal, the “bloody show” or passing of the mucus plug, and of course, contractions. The good news is that labor might be a bit shorter for women in their second pregnancies.

During your first pregnancy, you notice every new sensation and wonder what’s happening. During your second pregnancy, you’re familiar with many of the feelings – including round ligament pains, back pain, and more. While the discomfort will probably feel similar, the familiarity may reduce feelings of anxiety. You know what to expect, and you have a finger on the pulse of what’s normal for your body.

Strangely enough, you couldn’t stop throwing up morning sickness during your first trimester of your first pregnancy; however, you may barely have any morning sickness with your second pregnancy.

With your second pregnancy, the reaction from your family and friends will certainly feel less enthusiastic than the first one because it is no longer the element of shock or surprise.

With the first pregnancy, you tend to make time for proper sleep or naps when you need. When having a baby in the house, sound sleep gets a difficult thing.

During the first pregnancy, you may make time to pamper yourself. However, now you have to take care of your first little baby, there is no time for this.

With the first baby, you know shopping lists of items and you want your child to have the best items on the market. However, with your second one, you know that you waste much money to buy these items in the first one.

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Some Things Stay The Same

your first vs. second pregnancy - some things stay the same

Once you make it to the last few weeks of your first trimester, you’ll probably find yourself experiencing some common symptoms including morning sickness and mood swings, which tend to happen with first and second pregnancies alike.

Besides pregnancy symptoms, your second pregnancy will happen at the same pace as your first one. You’ll follow the same timeline for your little one’s development, and you’ll still want to take great care of your body.

You May Not Need As Many Baby Supplies

Once you’ve had your first child, there are a few things you may not need to purchase again – for example, you’ll probably have a crib and changing table on hand, along with a few other big-ticket essentials. Of course, you’ll probably want to treat your new baby to an adorable wardrobe – especially if his or her gender is different than that of your first child. New bedding and baby towels might be in order, too, since these have a tendency to exhibit wear and stains over time.

Whether you’re expecting your first or second child, it’s a great feeling to know that you’ll soon be meeting a new family member face to face – no matter what the differences are! Leave your comment below this writing on the differences between your first vs. second pregnancy or other relationship topics to let us know your thoughts. We will feedback soon.

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