28 Tips On How To Stop Ingrown Toenails From Coming Back

how to stop ingrown toenails from hurting

Ingrown toenails or athlete’s foot is absolutely a hurtful disease that gives you pain and uncomforting feeling. In fact, you can fix this condition. Today, VKool page will provide you with a new writing about how to stop ingrown toenails from coming back and hurting. All information about this writing is collected from many reliable sources. Read the following tips to know how to stop ingrown toenails from hurting and coming back.

Top 28 Tips On How To Stop Ingrown Toenails From Coming Back

I. The Facts Of Ingrown Toenails/Athlete’s Foot

the facts of ingrown toenails athletes foot

First of all, get clear all about the facts of ingrown toenails or athlete’s foot, then you will know you are suffering from it or not and solve it for good.

An athlete’s foot is a more common condition seen in big toenails. Commonly, athletes suffer from this foot condition. Improper trimming, a hereditary or an inherited condition can contribute to main causes of an ingrown toenail. Besides, toe injuries and improper shoe gear are associated with athlete’s foot. It is easy for ingrown toenails to recur. Some conservative treatments should be applied such as elevation, soaks, plus good foot hygiene. Actually, medical treatment is not required. In addition, oral antibiotics can be required as a treatment. Sometimes toenail surgery can be required, too.

II. How To Stop Ingrown Toenails – Symptoms & Signs

symptoms & signs of ingrown toenails

The pressure from a nail edge into toe skin can be cause of your ingrown toenail. Once the nail edge breaks through your skin, it will produce inflammation, give you minor discomfort, progress into a skin infection and become a re-occurring skin problem. Athlete’s foot or ingrown toenails commonly affect big toes. Medically, an ingrown toenail is referred to onychocryptosis.

Clear signs of ingrown toenails include pain, swelling and redness. Sometimes, there is yellowish drainage if it is infected. Occasionally, this condition can be treated without special treatment. Especially, with persistent, painful and recurring ingrown toenails, the patients should meet a podiatrist to fix it as fast as possible.

III. Basic Rules To Fix Ingrown Toenails: Dos & Don’t

basic rules to fix ingrown toenails dos dont

Ingrown Toenail Dos & Don’t

  • Do wear fitting shoes that wiggle the whole feet and toes
  • Do avoid repeated trauma and pressure to the feet and toenails
  • Do wear sport-specific types of shoes, if possible
  • Do practice daily good foot hygiene
  • Do trim the toenails straight across and properly
  • Don’t trim the toenails too short
  • Don’t cut down the toenail corners too short
  • Don’t wear fitting shoes improperly
  • Don’t avoid toenail treatment if your toenail symptoms persist
  • Don’t do toenail surgery by yourself

IV. Practical Tips To Stop Ingrown Toenails

1. Soak The Feet Into Warm Water

how to stop ingrown toenails - soak the feet into warm water

The first way on how to stop ingrown toenails is to apply warm water. To relieve pain, soreness caused by ingrown toenails, soak your feet into warm water. If possible, mix it with one or two of tablespoons of Epsom salt. Then, soak your toes within 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat it once or twice/day.

Epsom salt is scientifically called as magnesium sulfate, which is very useful for curing ingrown toenails. Besides, Epsom salt also aids in softening your affected skin area, thus making it more easily to draw out your ingrown nail. Besides, it also helps you to remove the inflammation.

Some podiatrist and doctors recommend ingrown toenail patients using a product, called “Domeboro Astringent Solution” with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You can buy it at almost drugstores without a prescription. Simply dip the feet in the “Domeboro Astringent Solution” for 20 – 30 minutes every night that helps you ease inflammation and allows your toenails to grow out easily and naturally. Also, you can soak your sore toenails into warm water without Epsom salt or “Domeboro Astringent Solution” or other solutions. Make sure that the water is hygienic, and the soak will still work for you, anyway.

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2. Vicks VapoRub

how to stop ingrown toenails - vicks vaporub

This is one of the effective ways on how to stop ingrown toenails. Vicks vapor is produced to aid in treating coughs and colds. Besides, it is also beneficial in providing you with a relief from ingrown toenails because Vicks vapor can soften your toenails so that you can get rid of it in the next day. In addition, Vicks vapor also contains an antiseptic helping a lot to remove the infection.

How to use:

  • You can apply this menthol-based ointment directly on your ingrown toenails to help reduce the pain.
  • You should use a cloth to keep Vicks vapor in place for overnight.
  • You trim your ingrown toenails in the next morning when they become softer.

3. Cotton Wedge Under Your Toenails

how to stop ingrown toenails - cotton wedge under your toenails

After soaking your feet in lukewarm water, you can put a cotton wedge under the ingrown toenail to aid it in growing above your skin. This, in turn, reduces pain and also stimulates the treatment process. You can apply this natural tip on how to stop ingrown toenails by following some steps below:

How to use:

  • Firstly, you soak the feet in lukewarm water for a while and then let them dry thoroughly.
  • Next, you use a blunt tweezer pair to lift the affected toenail.
  • Now, you put a small rolled cotton piece between your skin and the toenail and let it stay on there.
  • Do not forget to replace another cotton piece whenever you soak the feet to keep infection at bay.

Note: You firstly may suffer from pain, however, this feeling will reduce quickly. Do not push the cotton farther than your swollen skin area.

4. White Flower Oil

how to stop ingrown toenails - white flower oil

White flower oil is actually not originated from a white flower. However, it is made from a mixture of many herbal oils such as peppermint oil, eucalyptus, and lavender. Applying some drops of white flower oil directly on your ingrown toenail will help to inhibit its growth and gradually remove it.

Note: You have to avoid ingesting and allowing it to contact with your eyes, nose, and mouth because this oil is a natural toxic. Experts recommend that you should not apply it directly to your affected area, just apply it around the wound.

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5. Hydrogen Peroxide

how to stop ingrown toenails - hydrogen peroxide

This is another way on how to stop ingrown toenails you can try applying. Hydrogen peroxide, in fact, is a great disinfectant which is very beneficial in reducing the chance of having an infection and also relieving inflammation and pain caused due to an ingrown toenail.

How to use:

  • You simply take half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and then add it in a small tub filled with lukewarm water.
  • Now, you soak your feet in this solution and relax for 17 to 20 minutes.
  • To get the expected result, you should apply this 1 or 2 times daily.

6. Oregano Essential Oil

how to stop ingrown toenails - oregano essential oil

Oregano essential oil is an herbal essential oil that can help you to stop ingrown toenails. Known as a palliative, antibacterial, and antiseptic agent, oregano oil will quickly provide you a relief from pain when you are suffering from ingrown toenails. Besides, you applying regularly, oregano will inhibit the growth of ingrown toenails, thus making them slowly disappear.

How to use:

  • You simply mix the oregano oil together with another type of carrier oils such as olive oil and coconut oil.
  • Then you apply this oil mixture on your ingrown toenails thrice per day.
  • Apart from applying it externally, adults can also add some drops of oregano oil in a cup of water or fruit juice and consume or simply put 1 or 2 drops of this oil under your tongue.

Notes: If you want to use oregano oil as a natural way on how to stop ingrown toenails, you have to take some notes below:

  • Avoid using oregano oil if you are a woman during pregnancy.
  • You do not use oregano oil children below five years old.
  • This oil can decrease the iron absorption. Hence, you should use oregano oil after or before 2 hours of taking any iron supplement internally.
  • Do not apply this treatment if you have an allergy to sage, marjoram, mint, thyme, hyssop, and basil.
  • Taking oregano oil internally can cause rashes, vomiting, and skin irritation. Therefore, you should be cautious while consuming it.

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7. Apple Cider Vinegar

how to stop ingrown toenails - apple cider vinegar

You can also use apple cider vinegar as a helpful way on how to stop ingrown toenails. Apple cider vinegar is loaded with natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties can be able to reduce the symptoms of ingrown toenails. Besides, the natural mild acidic content in this vinegar also keep infection at bay and prevent the growth of ingrown toenails. Here are two natural ways on how to stop ingrown toenails with apple cider vinegar. You can follow either of two these ways 2 or 3 times on a daily basis until you have your expected result.

  • At first, you mix unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar together with lukewarm water and then soak your affected toenail directly in this apple cider vinegar water. You wait for about 27 to 30 minutes and take your feet out of the solution. Finally, you dry the feet thoroughly.
  • Another choice for you is to dip a clean cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar. Then you put the dipped cotton ball on your affected toenail. Use a bandage to keep it in place for about 2 hours and remove it.

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8. Potassium Permanganate

how to stop ingrown toenails - potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganate is considered as a disinfectant in nature. Potassium permanganate is comprised of powerful antiseptic properties. People often use it to sanitize food and treat many health problems such as fungal infections, cankers or sores. In addition, potassium permanganate is a common home treatment for problems related to feet.

To apply potassium permanganate for stopping ingrown toenails, you simply put a 0.04% potassium permanganate solution in water and then allow your feet to soak for 17 to 20 minutes, once per day. It can make your feet marginally turn tan but will aid in keeping your nails and toes astoundingly clean.

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9. Tea Tree Oil

how to stop ingrown toenails - tea tree oil

The natural antiseptic property content in tea tree oil can be capable of relieving pain and decreasing the chance of having an infection caused by an ingrown toenail. Here is one of the great ways on how to stop ingrown toenails with tea tree oil, which you can follow:

How to use:

  • Like oregano oil, you just mix the tea tree oil with any carrier oil (olive oil or coconut oil) at a ratio of 2:1.
  • Then you dab this oil mixture on your ingrown toenail and use a bandage to cover it.
  • You should do this 3 times daily every day until you feel happy with the result.

Note: Immediately stop applying this remedy if you have irritation after applying any type of essential oils.

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10. Lemon

how to stop ingrown toenails - lemon

Lemon is an effective way on how to stop ingrown toenails. This fruit, in fact, is loaded with anti-pathogenic properties. The acidity content in lemon has the ability to treat the infection while the warmth property is able to reduce pain as well as softens the affected area.

How to use:

  • Now, you cut a fresh lemon into slices and then soak them in the lukewarm water.
  • Next, you soak this warm lemon water to soak your feet 1 or 2 times every day.
  • You may also prepare a wedge of lemon and then apply it directly to the ingrown toenail. Then you use gauze to keep it in place for overnight.

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11. Castor Oil And Baking Soda

how to stop ingrown toenails - castor oil and baking soda

Castor oil is very effective for caring skin and treating muscle infections and spasms. This oil is very thick and you must heat before using to your affected toenail. The warm castor oil will give you a relief from pain, soften the ingrown toenail area, treat infections, and slow down the growth of your ingrown toenail.

How to use:

You can make a fine paste out by mixing castor oil with enough baking soda and then apply this paste to your affected area with the help of a gauze or cotton.

Note: Avoid continuing this process if this paste causes irritation.

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12. Turmeric

how to stop ingrown toenails - turmeric

If you are finding an effective way on how to stop ingrown toenails, turmeric is a suitable choice for you. Turmeric can aid in removing discomforts such as inflammation, pain, and swelling when you suffer from ingrown toenails. Curcumin is a powerful compound contained in turmeric, which is comprised of pain-relieving, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory ability.

How to use:

  • You mix half a teaspoon of powdered turmeric with a bit of mustard oil. Then you dab this paste on your affected toenails and use a bandage to cover your toe. Remember to do this again for two or thrice times every day withing a few days.
  • Or you can take a bit of antibiotic cream which is comprised of curcumin and then apply it on your ingrown toenail and keep it in place with the help of a bandage. Do not forget to apply this several times daily.
  • Another choice for you is to put 1 teaspoon of powdered turmeric in 1 glass of milk and then boil this. You consume this turmeric milk mixture twice per day to decrease pain as well as inhibit the growth of the affected toenail.

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13.  Baby Oil

how to stop ingrown toenails - baby oil

Baby oil is very helpful if your toenail does not grow too deep into the toe. Baby oil is known as the least harmful product that you may easily find at your house and is useful for softening and nourishing your skin.

You simply massage your infected toe with a bit of baby oil every day to help the tender and hardened skin around your ingrown toenail softer.

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14. Indian Lilac
how to stop ingrown toenails - indian lilac

Also called as neem, Indian lilac possesses pain-suppressing and inflammation-reducing properties which can decrease pain, swelling, and inflammation caused by your ingrown toenail. Moreover, this herb is able to reduce the chance of having an infection as well as accelerate the healing process.

How to use:

  • Firstly, take a handful of Indian lilac leaves and then boil it with four cups of water.
  • After the water boils, you remove it from the heat and strain the Indian lilac water.
  • Let it cool down and soak your affected area in this water for 12 to 15 minutes.
  • Keep doing this twice daily.

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15. Apply Ointment

apply ointment

Next to simple tips on how to stop ingrown toenails, you can apply ointment. If possible, cover topical anti-biotic ointment on your damaged foot skin to reduce the risk of infection. There are different types of anti-biotic dressing in the drugstores. Choose one that works to prevent opened wound such as Neosporin.

16. Don’t Play Surgeon

don't play surgeon

Don’t try to perform a toe surgery unless you are a podiatrist. As you are not an expert in this field so that you may give your toenails some infections caused by bacteria. It’s also necessary to know that if your nails have grown under the skin deeply, your skin is easily to get infected. So, be careful to check out your skin and toenail condition gradually.

17. Trim Nails Properly

trim nails properly

Just trim to cut long toenail? No, you are wrong! You must learn the tips and techniques to cut toenails, especially curved toenails. It’s easy for you to cut your toenails straight across. In fact, if the nail corners are too sharp, you can use a file to fix them.

When standing up, your body weight places pressure on the feet. The pressure pushes up your skin in top toenails. So, if you trim your nails too short, they may dig into your skin when they grow. Keep in mind that trim your nails in order that they are flush with the front ends of toes. This is a very important tip on how to stop ingrown toenails, which you should remember.

18. Choose & wear the right socks

choose & wear the right socks

Among different tips on how to stop ingrown toenails, don’t forget to choose and wear the right socks. According to experts, you should choose safe socks with white color. As colors for dye include toxic chemicals causing cancer and skin problems such as allergies. In addition, lighter dyed colors are safer than darker ones.

When you suffer from ingrown toenails, your skin condition is weak and damaged, avoid using darker-colored socks is good for you to take action right away.

Plus, cotton socks are friendly with your skin. As you know, cotton is softer and more absorbent than other ingredients such as synthetic fabrics. By wearing cotton socks, you can keep your feet being moisturized, breathable, controllable from sweat and get rid of athlete’s foot naturally.

19. Buy New Shoes

buy new shoes

Besides choosing the right shoes and wearing them properly, change it in the right time and shop for new ones that do not pitch your toes. For women, avoid wearing high heel shoes so often. Try lower heel shoes about 1 inch high for relieving pressure on toes.

If you want to get more information about how to stop ingrown toenails, stay with us for our next post!

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20. Wear Breathable Shoes

wear breathable shoes

Moreover, try shoes, which are easy for your toe to breathe. For instance, you can take advantage of soft fabrics shoes for your wide toes. Also, choose shoes which are made of all natural materials such as cotton canvas, or leather that allow the feet to breathe, too.

21. Get Some Couples Of Open-Toed Sandals

get some couples of open-toed sandals

Why not? Just choose a more comfortable solution for your little toes. Open-toed sandals benefit you with more space to breathe. Imagine that your toes need a fresh room as people with sickness want to get rid of hot and damp room. By getting a couple of comfortable sandals, you are preventing your toenails from their illness or from staying in a prison.

If possible, wear shower sandals, plastic or rubber sandals at home as it’s simply a way to get rid of pressure in toes while getting relaxed.

22. Choose The Place To Walk

choose the place to walk

Find out the reason of your ingrown toenails to stop it fast. In fact, walking can be associated with this condition. For instance, you can pad around with a couple of sandals. However, you should not wear sandals in a city as your ingrown toenails may get infected with bacteria on the sidewalks, on the ground. In other words, pay attention to where you want to go for keeping your damaged toes safe and clean.

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23. Ignore “old wives’ tales”

ignore old wives tales

There is a tale about nail cutting telling that by cutting V-shaped nails, all pressure in your life will be relieved. Do you think about this old wives tale? Hope that you say “No”.  Doctors indicate that human nails develop from the toe base, so this folk remedy makes no sense. In another example, some people suffering from ingrown toenails rub coal oil into their affected skin areas while there is no medical proof support this treatment for ingrown toenails. Hence, ignoring “old wives’ tales” is an essential tip on how to stop ingrown toenails for you.

24. Pass On A Pedicure

pass on a pedicure

Having a pedicure can work for you. But make sure that the performer doesn’t use metallic tools to remove your dead skin; instead, you can use pumice stones. Additionally, be sure all of the tools to have pedicures are sterilized before they are used on you.

25. Dry The Feet

dry the feet

Next to quick tips on how to stop ingrown toenails, dry your feet after they get wet in the rain, after having bath or swimming. Water can be a good living environment for bacteria. So, dry your feet as quick as possible to prevent infection and prevent more serious problems on your ingrown toenails.

26. Use Foot Powder & Take Pain-Relieving Pills

use foot powder & take pain-relieving pills

Beside simple ways to care for your ingrown toenails, you can use foot powder that aids in keeping the feet dry. Just go to a drugstore or supermarket and ask for foot powder. Choose one with simple ingredients and with less smell because the more chemicals the more smell they are, the higher risk of other skin problems you may get, including skin cancer.

In addition, you can take advantage of some pain-relieving drugs and pills such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. They aid in easing your inflammation, rashes and pain.

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27. Do Gentle Care For Your Sore Toes

do gentle care for your sore toes

To ease your pain, you can cover the sore toes and affected area with bandages. They help you achieve extra protection and padding. Remember to check out your symptoms and signs of sore toes gradually, including increased pain, drainage of pus, redness and swelling.

28.  Meet A Podiatrist 

meet a podiatrist

Last but not least, when you can treat and care for your ingrown toenails on your own, don’t hesitate to meet a podiatrist and treat your condition as soon as possible. Ingrown toenails seem to be a normal skin problem, but foremost you should take control of your condition to prevent the worst situation with the help of a professional.

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I’ve presented totally general knowledge of ingrown toenails or athlete’s foot and top 28 tips on how to stop ingrown toenails from hurting and coming back. Hope that you can make use of all the tips. Besides, if you want to find more tips on how to treat other health conditions, please access our main How to page. Thanks for reading and see you!

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