How to cure bronchitis naturally without antibiotics – 8 tips

Bronchitis is respiratory disease which affects the bronchial tube.  This disease can be caused by inflammation and swelling in bronchial passage due to mucous. Bronchitis has two main forms including acute disease and chronic disease. Duration of acute disease is about one or three weeks while it takes from three months to two years with chronic bronchitis. Acute bronchitis can be treated with natural techniques and home remedies. However if you get diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, it is important to have special medical treatments. The possible reason may be that bronchitis is the serious long-term infection. It is time for me to introduce to you some effective techniques and home remedies on how to cure bronchitis naturally without antibiotics in order to help you find the relief immediately.

How To Cure Bronchitis Naturally Without Antibiotics – The Effective Ways And Home Remedies That Work

Bronchitis is inflammation and swelling of bronchial passages which lead to the lung. The patients with bronchitis have discolored and thickened mucus when they cough. If the patients suffer from other respiratory infection or a cold, you will have more risks of developing bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is common while chronic bronchitis is more serious. Chronic bronchitis may be caused by smoking. When you have chronic bronchitis, it can be treated naturally after lasting for few weeks. The chronic bronchitis will need special treatment of doctors. There are many signs or symptoms which help you recognize that you develop bronchitis. These symptoms include fatigue, cough, discolored mucus, shortness of breath, fever and chest discomfort. Acute bronchitis is often accompanied with nagging cough. However, it only lasts for few weeks before the problems are resolved naturally. Chronic bronchitis develops with a productive cough during the first few weeks and the bouts reoccur. If you see the symptoms of bronchitis get worse, for example longer duration, difficulty in sleeping, higher fever, blood production, it is time for you to see the doctors. Acute bronchitis is often caused by viruses which are similar to viruses of the flu and cold. Moreover, smoking, air production and toxic gases are other factors of this disease. In this article on, I would like to emphasize the effective simple techniques and home remedies on how to cure bronchitis naturally without antibiotics in order to help you get rid of acute bronchitis.

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1. Get Enough Rest And Relaxation: 

how to cure bronchitis-get enough rest and relaxation

This is the first tip on how to cure bronchitis without antibiotics you should know.  Suffering from bronchitis, rest and relaxation are important to heal health problems. Because bronchitis is the inflammation of the lung, it will make you feel tired.

Therefore, it is needed to listen to your body and have a day off.

When you feel tired and your lung is heavy, it is time for the lung to heal. Therefore, in order to treat bronchitis, when the infection begins, you should take a few days off and stay at home. You should rest in your bed or on the couch. You should avoid exercise as much as possible because it can worsen the symptoms of bronchitis. Exercises including biking, running and swimming will make the lung heavy and lead to difficulty in breathing.

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

how to cure bronchitis-keep yourself hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is the important tip on how to cure bronchitis in order to help your body fight against infection and bacteria. Moreover, you should drink warm fluids because the warm temperature will soothe the pain on throat and make the thickened mucus loose. Trying a warm fluid can help you overcome the bronchitis problem. In order to cure bronchitis with warm fluids, there are a variety of choices you can make. For example, you can drink warm water with lemon and honey. Add the lemon juice and honey into the warm water. The honey will soothe your sore throat and lemon will provide vitamin C to help you boost immune system. Children or garlic soup is the alternative solution on how to cure bronchitis by easing the cough and throat pain.

3. Apply A Hot Compress On Chest: 

how to cure bronchitis-apply a hot compress on chest

If you want to look for the ways on how to cure bronchitis naturally, I would like to recommend hot compress for you. The possible reason why you frequently cough may be that bronchitis will make your chest painful and heavy. There are a lot of ways for you to make a hot compress. You can lay a bottle of hot water on your chest or cover your chest with electric blanket. Alternatively, a heating pad can be applied on your chest.However, if you use the hot compress method to treat bronchitis, it is important to make sure that your clothes are thick enough for the heating not to burn your skin.

4. Use Humidifier In Your Room:

how to cure bronchitis-use humidifier in your room

If you suffer from bronchitis, breathing in the moist, warm air will help you ease the irritated throat and soothe the bronchial tubes. Using humidifier in your room is one of the ways to add the moisture to your room. Humidifier is available in every drugstore. Another way you can try is placing the boiling water in your room. The steam of boiling water can increase humidity in your room. Alternatively, taking a steamy shower or bath also helps you ease the symptoms of bronchitis. However, before taking a shower or bath, it is important to make sure that the bath door is closed in order for you to get the satisfactory results.

5. Avoid Smoking:

how to cure bronchitis-avoid smoking

As we know smoking will attribute to bronchitis. Therefore, for the way on how to cure bronchitis, you should avoid smoking and other irritants that can trigger bronchitis and lung problems.
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Smoking cigarettes will make you cough hard and make it difficult for the lung to heal the problems. In addition, other causing irritants including air pollution, high traffic volume or chemical smells in salons, gas stations and factories should be also avoided.

6. Cough Is Not Always Bad:

how to cure bronchitis-cough is not always bad

Cough will make you feel uncomfortable; however, it is not always bad. The possible reason may be that cough will help to expel the infections and bacteria from your lung. Therefore, cough is considered as healing process. It is better to let you cough. However, if the symptoms are severe, you should see the doctor to get diagnosed. Some severe conditions which have the similar symptoms as bronchitis should be treated soon and carefully. It is important for you not to take any medications and drugs without doctor’s permission.

7. Drink Orange Juice: 

how to cure bronchitis-drink orange juice

If you ask me for the home remedies on how to cure bronchitis naturally, I would like to recommend orange juice. Orange juice is the great source of vitamin C which boosts the immune system. Furthermore, orange juice has other nutrients that can soothe the symptoms of bronchitis such as inflamed throat. It is better to drink orange juice at night.

8. Turmeric:

how to cure bronchitis-turmeric

Another home remedy I would like to introduce is turmeric. Because of anti-inflammation properties, turmeric can help expel the mucus out of the throat and immediately give you a relief.
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To do this treatment, you should add a teaspoon of turmeric into a glass of milk. Stir and boil it for a few minutes. It is ideal to drink turmeric milk when you have an empty stomach.

These are 8 tips and home remedies on how to cure bronchitis naturally without antibiotics. I hope you will find this information effective and helpful. However, I want to note that this article is only for informational purpose. If you have any experience to share, please leave your feedback bellow. Thank you for contribution.

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