Top 17 Cancer Causing Foods To Avoid That You Might Eat Everyday

In fact, learning about cancer causing foods is very important. In order to use your diet as a strategic “weapon” against cancer, one of the simplest things you could do is to make sure the following foods are not a basic part of your daily diet. Below, uncovers the biggest culprits of cancer that you might Cancer is a complex illness caused by a variety of factors. Some, like those related to genetics, are out of the human control but many can be under our control. Your diet is one such factor which you could tweak to help alleviate the risk of developing cancer. In reality, the statement “everything causes cancer” has become a popular hyperbole, and one that some people use as rhetorical fodder to excuse their own dietary and lifestyle failures, especially as they pertain to cancer risk.

cancer causing foods

However, the truth of the problem is that many common food items have been scientifically shown to enhance the risk of cancer, and some of them substantially. Keep track of the foods which prevent – or cause- cancer could get confusing. So, in order to lower the risk of cancer, what you should avoid? You have probably already heard the advice to consume plenty of fruits and veggies, or at least 5 servings each day, to help defeat chronic ailments like cancer. However, just as important as knowing which foods to consume in order to prevent cancer, is to know which foods to avoid.

In order to use your diet as a strategic “weapon” against cancer, one of the simplest things you could do is to make sure the following foods are not a basic part of your daily diet. Below, uncovers the biggest culprits of cancer that you might eat every day. Discover top cancer causing foods that you should try to avoid at all cost!

Top 17 Cancer Causing Foods To Avoid – Plan An Anti-Cancer Diet By Yourself

1. Soda Pop

cancer causing foods - soda pop

This is the very first one out on the list of cancer causing foods that people should watch out!

Have you ever heard about the recent research that was published in the American Journal of Nutrition in May? It discovered that people who consumed over 1 serving of soda per day had greater risks of stroke than those did not drink this beverage.

Very rich in sugar, soda is an empty source of calories that can cause weight gain and contribute to the epidemic of obesity all over the world. Consuming large amounts of this quickly digested sugar can lead our blood sugar to spike which could cause both insulin and inflammation resistance. Soda is usually the root trigger of gastro-esophageal reflux condition, which is when the contents of the stomach leak into the esophagus, leading to not only pain but also an esophagus’ actual burning from stomach acid.

Although soda is not a direct trigger factor of ulcers, it is known to irritate and make those with ulcer suffer from more pain. Soda also contains food chemicals and artificial colorings, such as derivative 4-methylimidazole (4-MI); no wonder soda pops have been discovered to trigger cancers.

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Soda is among the worst cancer causing foods that people should stay away, so be careful!

2. Diet Anything

cancer causing foods - diet anything

Diet foods, such as frozen foods, or prepackaged foods labeled as “low fat” or “diet”, such as diet sodas, generally have aspartame, which is also an artificial sweetener, a chemical that is totally not good for human beings. There are a lot of researches revealing that aspartame can lead to several conditions and sicknesses like heart problems, birth defects, and cancers.

All “diet” foods are processed chemically and made from excess sodium levels, super refined ingredients, and artificial colors as well as flavors that make it delicious. Do not ever forget that artificial is really not a food! Although the FDA said that all these additional chemicals are fine to eat, people might would like to take their advice with a salt grain. After all, don’t they also tell you that vegetable oils and sugar are secure to eat? (Not to mention fast food and GMO’s!)

There have been a lot of researches that show that, for some people, these additives could actually be addicting. These foods similar to cocaine, will feed the “feel good” part inside our brain! Well, that really makes sense as if people become addicted to these food items, the companies which make them are certain to score huge amounts of money, are not they?

Be smart and consume nature’s own, natural “diet” foods vegetable and fruit! (of course the organic types)

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3. Red Meat

cancer causing foods - red meat

For those loving T-bone steak, calm down. There is evidence showing that red meat is exactly a good thing to add into the daily diet, in infrequent, small amounts, grass fed beef has conjugated linoleic acid which can really fight against some types of cancer.

Nevertheless, in a research done within more than 10 years, consuming red meat on a daily basis, even small amounts, such as 1/4 pound hamburger people usually want to consume for lunch, could increase a man’s dying risks due to cancers by 22% and a woman’s risk by 20%. Another study has discovered that consuming red meat with high amounts in a regular period could increase the risks of colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer.

When talking about colon cancer, red meat seems especially dangerous. A research conducted in the United States followed almost 150,000 people from 50 to 74 years of age. This research showed that consuming red meat on a regular basis in a long term could significantly increase the amount of colon cancer cells found in the subjects researched. On the other hand, the long term intake of poultry and fish appeared to be protective in nature.

Enjoy this type of foods, but not every night, maybe not even every week. Save those steaks for a once while treating and make sure that you are taking organic beef, grass fed to get the best health condition.

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4. Alcohol

cancer causing foods - alcohol

This is also one of the worst cancer causing foods that everyone should avoid at all cost!

An research conducted in America discovered that studied more than 200,000 women following the lifestyles and diet for almost 14 years discovered that postmenopausal females who drank 1 or less than 1 drink per day had an almost 30% increase in the rates of breast cancer, compared to those did not drink alcohol.
Alcohol use, right behind tobacco use, is the 2nd leading trigger of cancer. While a low or moderate intake of alcohol could be healthy and can bring about a reduced risk of heart disease, excess drinking is well-known as a trigger factor of sudden death, stroke, and heart failure. In 2024, professionals working for the International Agency Of World Health Organizations for Research on Cancer looked at the scientific evidence regarding alcohol use and cancer from 27 different researches. They discovered some sufficient evidence to state that excess alcohol use (alcohol abuse) is the major trigger of rectum, mouth, colon, liver, esophagus, mouth, and breast cancers in females.

Do not fret! People can still enjoy a glass of wine for dinner, but, for the health’s sake, do not opt for more than a single glass!

5. Non-Organic Fruits

cancer causing foods - non-organic fruits

Non-organic fruits are contaminated with some extremely harmful pesticides, including high nitrogen, organophosphates, thiodicarb, as well as atrazine fertilizers.

Atrazine is banned in European nations. Nevertheless, it is still used here. It is actually a weed killer that can cause serious issues in human beings, particularly in your reproductive capabilities.

A research conducted in 2024 discovered that when pregnant moms drank water contaminated with atrazine, their infants had lower body weights. Have you known that the sewage from urbans and towns in the USA (nicely known as “bio solids’) is used in farms’ fields in the USA the same way with fertilizers? You would never find organic foods being cultivated in human’s composted sewage waste!

Conventional food items are also subjected to a huge amount of these types’ hormones as well as chemicals, to make the fruits and vegetables grow quicker and greater. Maybe apple is the worst offenders with pesticides showing on over 98% of all apples tested. Fruits with a 90% positive rate of pesticide residue included grapes, strawberries, and oranges.

Washing fruit can not remove 100% of the residues. Pesticides are toxic chemicals to human beings like every type of insect. In brief, this is among the worst cancer causing foods that you should consume regularly.

6. Refined White Flour

cancer causing foods - refined white flour

Refined white flour is a widely used ingredient in processed foods. Refined flour has excessive amounts of carbohydrates that are very harmful for human beings with chlorine gas, a highly toxic substance for our body.

Actually, researches have shown that excessive intake of carbohydrate can increase the risks of breast cancer in females. Moreover, white flour has a high-glycemic rate that can raise blood sugar levels rapidly. A rapid increase in blood sugar levels can promote cancer cell spreading and growth.

Instead of making use of refined white flour, you can opt for some other healthy food items, such as barley flour, quinoa, almond, or whole-wheat. You can add these flours to your baked foods or bread.

7. Microwave Popcorn

cancer causing foods

Of course, it is easy to pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave when you want a tasty and quick snack, yet it is actually not worth risking yourself for liver, pancreatic and testicular cancer. The microwave popcorn bags you have in your cabinet are lined with carcinogenic chemicals and so is the chemical in popcorn itself that creates the artificial butter flavor. If you could not give up the popcorn snack, then it is time for you to make popcorn by using the old-fashioned method.

8. Potato Chips 

cancer causing foods

Aside from trans fats, potato chips and other junk foods include carbohydrates, preservatives, salt, and artificial colors and flavors. Foods cooked in high temperatures lead to the formation of carcinogens like acrylamide, which is connected to different cases of cancer among Americans. Though there are potato chips with decreased trans fats, they might also include acrylamide.

9. Canned Tomatoes 

cancer causing foods

Though the nutrient Lycopene in tomatoes can lower the risk of cancers, yet that benefit is entirely cancelled out when the linging of canned tomatoes include chemicals which disrupt the hormonal activity within the human body. Because tomatoes are acidic, the chemical BPA will actually leech from the lining into tomatoes. And, this chemical is linked to various types of cancer, heart disease and reproductive issues. The next time you are going to make a nice red sauce, you should go with a glass jar or stew tomatoes by yourself.

10. Processed Meats 

cancer causing foods

So, what exactly are the processed meats? This is a long list that contains, yet is not limited to, hot dogs, sausages, bacon and most lunch meats such as bologna or pimento loaf. It is shown that the excessive salt as well as chemicals used when making processed meats are ruining your health. The majority of processed meats include a lot of chemicals as well as preservatives, containing sodium nitrates, which make them, look fresh and appealing yet are well known carcinogens – the same thing found in cigarette smoke.

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11. Farm-Raised Salmon 

cancer causing foods

Though fish sounds like one of the most nutritious and healthiest foods possible in the planet, farmed salmon is one of the cancer causing foods you should avoid.

It is estimated that more than 60 percent of the salmon in the USA is farm raised. Those fish are fed with unnatural diets and are contaminated with antibiotics, chemicals, pesticides, and other known carcinogens. The fish live in crowded conditions, resulting in these fish having up to 30 times the number of sea lice than the wild salmon. Also, because of the unnatural diets, they might have less of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids which we think we are getting upon consuming fish. Studies have shown that the farmed salmon include high levels of mercury, PCB’s and cancer causing dioxins. You should avoid farmed salmon and purchase it canned or look for the labels in the market which state that the fish is wild sockeye salmon.

12. Hydrogenated Oils 

cancer causing foods

Let’s begin from the point that all hydrogenated oils are vegetable oils. In fact, vegetable oils could not be extracted naturally like butter is, vegetable oils must be chemically eliminated from their source, and then they are modified to be more acceptable to consumers. They are regularly deodorized and then colored in order to look appealing.

All vegetable oils include high levels of omegar-6 fatty acids. The over intake amount of omega-6 fatty acids can result in healthy issues, like heart disease, and enhance in different cancers, particularly sin cancer. You need a good balance of both omega 6 and omega 3. Thus, you should get plenty of omega-3 daily. You could get this in the form of supplements as well as grass fed meats, also fatty fish like mackerel and salmon are a good source of omega 3.

In reality, hydrogenated oils are often used to preserve those processed foods and keep them looking appealing for as long as possible. The hydrogenated oils affect the human cell membranes’ structure and flexibility that is linked to some types of cancer.

13. Foods Which Are Highly Pickled, Salted, Or Smoked 

cancer causing foods

The foods which are cured by the use of nitrates or nitrites can act as preservatives and adding eye-catching color to the meat. Though nitrates do not lead to cancer in and of themselves, in fact, under some conditions, those chemicals change into N-nitroso composites. It is this N-nitroso which is associated with a greater increase of the risk of suffering from cancers.

The smoking food like meat or nuts makes those food items to absorb a large amount of the tar which smoke produces. Tar is known as carcinogen as mentioned before in this article of cancer causing foods. Meats like sausage, bacon, bologna and salami are rich in salt and fat. Those pickled foods are also rich in salts.

In reality, it is proven that consuming these kinds of foods will increase the risk of colorectal cancer and stomach cancer.

14. Foods Which Are Highly Processed White Flours

cancer causing foods

Oprah famously reduced a lot of weight by cutting out anything white, particularly the big-culprit – white flour. White flour is not good, yet most of you have no idea just how bad it is for the human health. Also, white flour includes a high glycemic rate that might increase blood sugar as well as insulin levels and could directly lead to diabetes. Actually, cancerous tumors take sugar within the bloodstream as their food, so by not adding refined grains such as process white flour, you can starve the cancerous tumors and avoid the risk of developing cancer.

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15. GMO’s

cancer causing foods

GMO’s are genetically modified organisms, which are the foods that have been changed by chemicals and grown with chemicals. The foreign genes presenting in GM food transform into the DNA in the bacteria within the digestive systems. Unfortunately, most grains, including wheat, soybeans, and corn are grown through GMO’s.

GMO’s might not have to be listed on the food labels, so you should read carefully and look for those labels which state the food is GMO free.

16. Refined Sugars

cancer causing foods

Refined sugars are not just known to increase insulin levels, but also the risk of developing cancer. Fructose-rich sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, and refined sugar, such as high-fructose corn syrups, are very unhealthy for human beings. These items tend to spike insulin levels rapidly and feed the development of cancer cells.

According to a research published in the American Society for Clinical Nutrition journal in 2006, high consumption of sugar-sweetened foods and sugar can increase the risks of pancreatic cancer.

Instead of using artificial sweeteners or refined sugar, people could try alternatives, such as maple syrup, blackstrap molasses, jaggery, honey, or the herb stevia to give every dish the taste of sweetness.

Because pies, cakes, sodas, cookies, juices, sauces, cereals and many other common, mostly processed foods are loaded with refined sugars, so this helps in explaining why cancer rates increase these recent days.

17. Artificial Sweeteners

cancer causing foods

Most people use artificial sweeteners to either reduce weight. Yet, it is shown that people who consume artificial sweeteners on their regular basis, like soda, or coffee sweeteners, in fact gain weight.

Artificial sweeteners actually make it more difficult to take control of the blood sugar levels and worsen conditions which are related to diabetes like cataracts and gastro paresis. Artificial sweeteners not only can inhibit the ability of the human body to monitor the calorie consumption but also make the body crave more sweets.

Cancer is currently the second most popular cause of death in the US, accounting for nearly one of every four deaths. Whilst it might be impossible to eradicate the risk of growing cancer completely, cutting back on or removing these cancer causing foods above from your current diet is one simple and easy way to stay healthy and keep the risk of developing cancer as low as possible.

Another thing that I want all of my readers to do after reading the entire list of cancer causing foods is to read another interesting article that reveals some of the best tips and techniques helping people overcome and lower the risks of cancers – the Outsmart Your Cancer PDF Review article. This is actually an interesting article and it is also very useful for those living with cancer or having high risks of this disease. Everything revealed in this article is based on nature so that people should not worry about it. Everything you need to do is just make use of this article as soon as possible along with the article today.

This is the list of 17 most common cancer causing foods which everyone should avoid or eat in moderation. In fact, these foods have already been proven by science, so readers of should not doubt about their negative effects but just stay away from them for good.

Share your thought with us below this post if you have any idea about cancer causing foods. We will feedback soon!

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