How to beat depression naturally without medication

Everyone needs to fight the negative intrusive thoughts and emotions that attack your brain whenever you open your eyes in the morning. They need to send the prefrontal cortex in order to have the logical thoughts and make the right decisions. Before the panic and fear come out and attack you, it is important to achieve the good health and have the proper lifestyle in any aspect of your life such as the work, family and marriage.

By knowing the meaning of everything which exists around you, you will maintain the stable emotion. Nothing will make it easy to fight against the sanity. However, there is a list of several effective techniques on how to beat depression naturally without medication that help you to avoid negative intrusive emotions and thoughts

How To Beat Depression Naturally Without Medication – Effective Techniques And Solutions That You Should Not Ignore

Depression is mood disorder which makes you feel sad and unhappy. It can cause loss of interest. Depression is also called clinical depression or depressive disorder. Patients with depression will think, feel and behave negatively. If not treated soon and carefully, it will lead to physical and emotional problems and conditions. The sufferer of depression will face the difficulties in daily activities and sometimes, they do not feel the life is worthy living. However, in order to know whether you suffer from depression, it is important to understand the signs and symptoms of this disorder. Firstly, when you have depression attack, you may have the feeling of tearfulness, hopelessness, sadness and emptiness. You will have panic attack. The patients with depression easily become angry even with the small matters. They do not have any pleasure or interest in small activities, including hobbies, sports or sex. Depression will make you lack of sleep or sleep too much. You may be always tired all time and do not have any energy to do every activity even the small tasks. Some people will lose weight and reduce appetite while others will increasingly crave for foods and gain weight. Depression will lead to slowed movements, speaking and thinking. Some patients with depression said that they cannot concentrate, make the right decisions and remember anything. For the long term, this depressive disorder will give you suicidal thoughts. Although we do not know what is the exact causes of depression, some factors including physical changes in the brain, changes of neurotransmitter’s function, hormone increase or decrease. Sometime this disease results from inherited traits. Serious depression needs long-term treatments including psychological counseling, and medication. However, you can avoid or keep this disorder at bay with effective techniques and solutions on how to beat depression at home without medications. If you concern, please read this article on

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1. Swim: 

how to beat depression-swim

If you want to know the ways on how to beat depression, swimming is the good choice. Some people find that driving into the cold water filled with chlorine make them comfortable and relax. Besides swimming, you can do a variety of exercises in order to get rid of negative emotions and thoughts. Exercise is the powerful tool that helps you to keep the depression and panic at bay. It is proven that the people who regularly do exercise are happier than others who do not. Without exercise, the thoughts will become dark and patients with depression feel panic, fear and hopelessness. The possible reason may be that exercise will help you to release endorphins while blocking the stress hormone and boost the serotonin. All aerobics exercises are helpful for your mental health. However, swimming has the best benefits because it combines breathing, stroke mechanics and repetitiveness. A study carried out by James A. Blumenthal, PhD who is a professor at Duke University in Durham found out that among 202 people assigned to taking various treatments, such as aerobics workouts, swimming or taking medications. It is said that doing aerobics exercises or swimming has the same benefits as taking daily doses of Zoloft.

2. Accomplishment: 

how to beat depression-accomplishment

In the modern life, it is easy to have depression and panic attacks especially when you become overwhelming with your works and tasks. When we compare ourselves with others who have career achievements, it will lead to worthlessness feeling. You can not write an essay, sing a song or write a small piece of writing.  However, according to Dan Baker, an expert of happiness and positive psychologists, the effective way on how to beat depression is starting small accomplishments and trying to build confidence and strength. Some patients can get out of depression by writing the list of accomplishments they achieve such as writing your parent a loving letter, reading a book chapter, picking up the children from the school. Moreover, you should write in the list how many times you laugh, how many times you relax. It is important to fill in the list small but important tasks that you often ignore, for example helping your friend solve the difficult questions.

3. Meditate: 

how to beat depression-meditate

Meditating and relaxing is the important tip that keeps many physical problems at bay including nausea, headache, pimples, and constipation. However, it is considered as the effective techniques on how to beat depression naturally. Some studies carried out found out that some practices of meditation will help you to reduce the risk of developing depression in some people who suffered from depression and anxiety several times in their life. Meditation has the same benefits as taking antidepressant meditations. However, taking these meditations can lead to some unwanted side effects. It is recommended doing meditation at least 20 minutes daily. Although mediation cannot get rid of all the symptoms of depression, it will block the conditions and environments that lead to depression.

4. Laugh: 

how to beat depression-laugh

Some studies found out that people who often laugh have the less risk of developing depression than others who do not. Moreover, they also showed that people can heal many diseases and problems when they know how to laugh. Therefore, laughing is considered as the effective techniques on how to beat depression without medication. A study asked the volunteers to watch a humorous video. Surprisingly, two hormones, including human growth hormone and beta-endorphins, increased by about 27 percents and 87 percents. Laughing is the easy way for you to have the good healthy mental conditions.

5. Enjoy The Joys:

how to beat depression-enjoy the joys

A wise person should let the negative thoughts out of your minds. You should not concentrate on answering the overwhelming questions such as why you have depression, when you overcome it. These thoughts will make you tired and worried. Instead, you should enjoy and feel happy with any joys that can happen throughout your day. You should allow the unsuspecting and delighting moments help you to get out of depression. Therefore, you should record the list of joys, for example, a warm dinner, proud sensation, a deep sleep, or a long swim. You should do this exercise before going to bed. This exercise will help you to focus on the little joys, collect them and have more good attitudes and appreciation. According to Sonja Lyubomirsky, the psychologist at the University of California Riverside, enjoying the joys and having the good attitude about the good moments will increase your energy and alleviate fatigue and pain.

6. Taking DHA And Vitamins:

how to beat depression-taking dha and vitamins

DHA and vitamins play the important role in beating depression and keeping this disease at bay. It is said that when you provide the brain enough nutrients, you will reduce the risk of developing negative thoughts and depression. It is recommended taking 2,000 milligrams of DHA. Taking vitamins, including vitamin B12 and vitamin D as well as vitamin C, iron, vitamin K2, magnesium, and calcium will also help you to reduce the fatigue and pain caused by depression.

7. Avoid Sugar: 

how to beat depression-avoid sugar

It is said that sugar will worsen the symptom of this disease. Therefore, if you want to know the effective ways on how to beat depression, you should avoid sugar in your diet. Sugar and gluten will lead to inflammation and worsen the conditions related to anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. Some scientists found the relation between the certain kinds of foods we eat with our mood. Some studies showed that a diet which is high in fat and low in carbohydrates will alleviate the symptoms of depression.

These are 7 ways and techniques on how to beat depression naturally without medication. I hope that you will find these tips helpful and effective.

If you have any questions to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comments bellow. I will answer as soon as I can.

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