How to treat scabies naturally at home – 6 tips

Scabies is the common skin problems which is difficult to treat. Scabies result from mites which burrow deeply under skin, causing itching sensation. This disease may be contagious when you have skin-to-skin contact with patients who get diagnosed with scabies. When you suffer from scabies, red patches and blisters will appear on your skin where each mite exists. As a result of reaction, the affected skin areas will turn red and itchy. Although this disease is highly persistent and contagious, you can kill scabies and control its symptoms.

How To Treat Scabies Naturally At Home – Effective Remedies & Natural Solution You Should Know

As I mentioned before, scabies is caused by mites, which burrow and live under your skin. It is contagious and persistent skin problem which takes time to treat completely. When the patients experience the scabies, your affected skin areas will turn red and itchy. On the areas where the mites burrow, there are skin rashes, blisters and red patches. Sarcoptes scabies are the other name of scabies mites. They burrow into the outer layer of your skin by using their front legs and mouth. When they go to your skin, they will lay egg. The egg will hatch to become baby mites called larvae after four or five days. The baby mites grow into the adults when they go to the surface of your skin. Scabies prefer the warm environment like skin folds; therefore, they often hide between the fingers, under your finger nails, in breast creases or around the buttock. Moreover, they also hide under your ring, bracelets or watches. The scabies will spread from person to person when you have skin-to-skin contact with affected patients or have sexual contact with them. However, it is rare but possible for scabies to spread when the healthy people share towels, clothing or bedding with infected people. Incubation period will last eight weeks before the symptoms of scabies appear clearly. Scabies often occur in areas which has concentration of population is high. It is said that this disease is the most common in subtropical and tropical areas. Scabies outbreaks may happen in places where people cannot access to medical care. If you suspect that scabies attack you, it is important to see the doctors. When you suffer from scabies, you should avoid having sex or body contacts with your partner until you treat scabies completely. Although it is not dangerous disease, it still needs to be treated soon before it becomes outbreak. Using malathion lotion or permethrin cream is the most common treatment for scabies. However, beside these treatments, there are many alternative solutions and home remedies on how to treat scabies naturally at home I would like to introduce to you in this article on If you concern, please read the article bellow to know more.

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1. Good Hair And Skin Care Routine: 

how to treat scabies-good hair and skin care routine

It is the first tip on how to treat scabies naturally you should know. The reason may be that keeping skin and hair moisturized is important to prevent scabies outbreak. For hair, you should keep your hair oily as possible as you can by applying sulfur or vinegar on hair daily. Another effective solution for hair is using hot oil treatments. In order to keep your skin moisturized, the best way I would like to recommend coca butter lotions or petroleum jelly for you. You can apply these treatments on your skin and leave for a few minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

2. Clean Your House: 

how to treat scabies-clean your house

In order to prevent the scabies from occurring against, it is important for you to clean your house regularly, such as bedding or other surfaces which you have contact with. The possible reason may be that scabies mites can exist in the outside environment for one or two days. Cleaning or washing will make the remaining mites killed. It is needed to vacuum carpets, floors and rug daily. Moreover, get rid of the trash and garbage stored in your house as soon as possible. Tea tree oil is the effective solution for cleaner. It is also vital to change the furnace filters once a week.

3. Wash Hand Before Preparing Meals: 

how to treat scabies-wash hand before preparing meals

The third tip on how to treat scabies naturally at home is washing hands before cooking. This tip will ensure that the scabies living under your finger nails or between fingers cannot transfer to your foods. Moreover, it is important to heat the foods carefully before eating in order to make sure that the remaining scabies are killed completely.

4. Try Home Remedy Garlic: 

how to treat scabies-try home remedy garlic

(Garlic is an excellent remedy on how to treat scabies because it contains antibacterial properties). It not only removes the mites that hide on your skin and warm places but also prevent further infection. By applying garlic paste on the skin, you will prevent the microscopic mites from coming under your skin. Moreover, beside application of garlic paste, you can also consume 3-4 cloves of garlic per day for internal treatment. However, if you choose the garlic application, you need to make sure that you apply this treatment for 3 days and let your skin relax for the following two days. Continuous application of garlic paste may make your skin burning.

5. Try Home Remedy Onion:

how to treat scabies-try home remedy onion

Because onion has quercetin that can soothe the infected skin areas, onion is considered as the excellent home remedy on how to treat scabies. Onion contains not only quercetin but also sulphur compounds which can eradicate the microscopic scabies, sites and prevent this infection from spreading. In order to take this treatment, all things you need to do are taking an onion and grating it in the mixer. After that, apply the garlic juice on the skin and leave for a day. It is needed to repeat the treatment for several times if you want to get the best result.

6. Try Home Remedy Aloe Vera:

how to treat scabies-try home remedy aloe vera

Aloe vera contains antibacterial properties, which helps to cool and heal the skin. Moreover, it also removes mites from the surface of the skin. You need to take the aloe gel from the aloe vera and apply it on your face. Leave it for a few minutes after washing it off with warm water.

These are 6 tips and home remedies on how to treat scabies naturally at home. I hope that you will find these tips helpful and effective. If you have any questions to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comment bellow. I will answer as soon as I can.

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